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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: A Series of Great Events Are About to be Unleashed Upon You
3.)  Renewing Faith In Godself
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Being Love
6.)  Message from The Arcturians
Isis' Message of the Day -
From your first cry to the last breath of your extraordinary life; I am with you, in you, of you, experiencing what you experience. Each of your moments from start to finish is a miracle! When you finally realize this Ultimate Truth, a great thing will happen; you will see yourself as I see you . . . perfect!
~ Creator ~
How everything and everyone is connected. See this!
* *
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones, We are around you. We watch over you. We know when you are in pain. We know when you are in joy. We comfort you with a touch, a smell, and a memory. We send you feelings of love and joy. We care for you. We love you. Each and every one of you is important and matter. Be the light that you are. Let go of your past pains and stand in the love. Be the peace. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *   
SaLuSa: A Series of Great Events Are About to be Unleashed Upon You
Through Mike Quinsey
May 21, 2012
Can you feel the changes around you as the energies continue to rise up, and will continue all the way to Ascension. They are bringing a peace to Earth and your civilization, one that will see many more souls lifting up into the Light. It will have the affect of calming situations that are leading to an aggressive response. Indeed, there are many trouble spots that need it to bring about a cessation of disputes and fighting, and you will see them being turned around. When sufficient people have found the power within to bring a peaceful solution to such problems, they will no longer be a threat to peace. By our reckoning there has not been such a period in your past, when the people have risen up to successfully achieve peace. Naturally there are still Leaders and Dictators that talk of war, and those of the last cabal are still desirous of spreading misery and death. However, talking is all they will be allowed to do, as we can support you in your quest for peace and put a stop to any attempt to do otherwise.
We are quite active just now, as a number of events are being staged for your benefit. They will be fronted by our allies, and we will so to say, stay in the shadows and ensure all manifests as intended. When the need has arisen we have been outgoing, and it no longer matters if you witness our actions as we have no reason to hide them. It will not be long anyway before we will find ourselves free from the attention of the dark Ones, and able to mix with you. We have provisionally sought assistance from some Leaders who work with the Light, so that at last Disclosure can be announced. We desire to tie it in with our intent to give a display of our craft, as a way of celebrating our re-union. As we have often remarked, there are many of you who are directly related to us and the other members of the Galactic Federation. So please bear with us as the weeks pass by, as our promises have not been forgotten. We are true to our word and a series of great events are about to be unleashed upon you.
It is very remarkable how you have suddenly awakened to your true selves, and identify with the latent powers that you have. You can achieve anything you set your minds upon, and when of a like mind you come together your power increases ten-fold. You are re-shaping your reality and creating the new paradigm, whilst at the same time transmuting the lower energies. It is you the people who are showing your power to mold your future, and as long as you hold it in focus it will continue to appear in your lives. Not everyone is ready for the changes, and for some they are too much to handle. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone, and we have no reason to change it for them. However, ultimately things must move on in accordance with the completion of this Cycle of Duality, and your present Earth will cease to exist as it is now known. A new Earth awaits those who have chosen to ascend, and will be the uplifted version minus all aspects of the old Earth that have no place in the higher dimensions. For others there is another place prepared for them.
By now most of you who are to ascend will know who you are, and there will be no doubts in your minds. It will feel right to you, and as time passes you will find that less and less of the old Earth gives you satisfaction. It has nevertheless served you well and only reflected the conditions set up by Man. Clearly these have not always been beneficial to Mother Earth, and today you see around you the result of the worst aspects of Man's indifference to the needs of others. Not only that, he has taken the Earth for granted and shown little respect or love for such a great entity. It is why the Earth is to be restored to her pristine condition, and it will be your way of thanking Mother Earth for all she has done for you.
What is about to happen in all of your lives, is way beyond most peoples expectations. There will be some upheaval and inconvenience, but it will be quickly seen that the purpose is for your benefit. We are to ensure that you take a great leap forward, and are to have the technological advancements that will take you into the New Age. In the greater scheme of things they are shared between all civilizations, as it is seen that by doing so all are lifted up. It is only on Earth that greed and control keep you in a state of need, and that is not how it was intended to be. Already some technologies that have been hidden are about to be released. They will solve your current problems, that arise from your methods of providing energy for the various needs you have.
There is in fact an abundance of all of the essentials you need to live comfortably. There is free energy all around you, and it requires little in the way of equipment to tap into it for your daily needs. On a larger scale the Universe abounds with energy, and your scientists have long known that it is the source that powers our Space Craft. Indeed they have learnt how to do it, and you have your own craft powered in that very manner. They are by our reasoning somewhat primitive, but the fact remains they are powered by free energy. It could easily replace your combustion engines, and instead give you pollution free methods of travel. That will happen in due course and take you a step nearer to becoming a Galactic Civilization which is your destiny.
By taking a quantum leap forward in relatively short time, so much will have changed that a visitor from the past would not recognize your civilization. Also because of those of you who have ascended, it will comprise of souls who have reached a level, where they have moved beyond the thoughts or actions that have typified the lower vibrations. In other words criminal activities will have been overcome, and you will have societies where people are trustworthy, and work with each other in Love and Light. The attractions of the lower vibrational energies will no longer exist, as they cannot be taken into the higher ones. Furthermore, you will have risen to such a level of consciousness, that you would not in any event entertain such thoughts.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel sure that you are beginning to understand what we of the Galactic Federation are bringing to you. We are One, and you are to lift up to our level of being and quite rightly take your place along side of us. At heart you are all loving Beings of Light, and that is how we see you all.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *    

Renewing Faith In Godself
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
May 19, 2012
"Let laughter fill your heart and soul as times of change continue in somewhat gay abandon! Let gratefulness be your keyword as an abundance of Cosmic Christed energies increases and extends out into this greater world and thankfulness too demands a notice for attention! A time span of vibrant energies - of such intensities - is building high around us all as hearts and minds are jostling far more for closer attention. These days are blessed indeed yet the rising powers that be are surely testing all with faith and consternation and the tides abound with crashing waves of breaking down of old and wayward directions. Time indeed is vastly overtaking all that was envisaged for soon perhaps we'll see the days of 'twilight duration.' Hold fast onto those inner strengths that heighten surely your courage, power and intention, remembering once again that chosen we were for these times of present soul direction.
These present times are indeed not suitable for those who faint of heart are, as no more is the journey homewards to be questioned, for the stepping stones are certainly not made of sawdust, sand or plaster! This journey's based on building blocks of substance, on rocks of solidity with walkways built by Hu-man's sure endeavor with fist of oak and hearts of steel. What greater need we have to let go those things that hamper us and cramp our styles for now indeed is the now time of all that is, was, and will ever surely be. We have a duty unto self and a promise that we've made on a soul level, deep, deep within this body beautiful that we call human. Our higher ideal's are begging for recognition as we pander to the old 3D that dies a shallow death seeking respite only in those days of past, struggling in these now moments, and with no place in days to come, our future now selves! So much that we have to share, so little have we now to let go of as we marry then what salvageable is into a now time of progressive light, laughter, and love!"
We venture now through fields that appear to barren be, yet we know deep within, that these now moments or now times are important, necessary and indeed vital for our collective and personal expansion and redemption. Now are the end times as we seek to honor true that inner pledge, to step forwards and ascend into lighter, grander climes, where old ghosts of yesteryear invade the space we now prepare so fastidiously, for our higher brighter future of now time. We are all invited once again to renew that choice, the choice of moving ever onwards into our ascending realities. We have surely already made that pledge within our heart and beings, seemingly now so long ago. For now it is our walking of the talk and the walking of the chosen path that leads us ever onwards into that ascending reality of being. Now it is the testing times when we persevere the trials and tests that maybe beset us as we search yet again for that zest and power that carries us onwards with pace and more momentum.
The choices were made, the journey now is in full flow and the end times parry us with doubt and tiredness, leading a one to question indeed the chosen path that he or she follows - that once before was stirring strongly in one's breast and causing hearts to tremble with joy filled expectation, certainty and forward searching for one's sacred Holy Grail. And now what see we now? We see the tired limbs, the sunken eyes, the lack of foresightedness and the ever niggling doubts of the 'lower selves' that raise their earthy heads and barter dark moments in the minds of many tiring journeying souls. So now, what now, beloved fellow travelers on the road of light and love to reality? Now is the time, when we all re-evaluate those choices so readily made with sincerest and purest of highest intent. We have the need to study well this path we've chosen and see it in it's clarity and in the stillness and coolness of a moonlit night so to say. See it all with the stars dancing and glimmering in the heavens, and review.
Having looked long and hard, with open heart and mind then re-assess that inner vow you so gladly made seemingly eons of ages ago! You know that this pathway that you are walking is the only one that your hearts and souls rejoice within. You deeply know that it is the only pathway for you to travel, despite the seeming hardship in these transition stages that we are all going through at this now time. You know that this is the only way forwards into a preparation and co-creating of a wonderful new golden age, here on beloved planet earth, and here in this mighty solar and universal structure of vibrant love and light. Know! So now we remake the self same vow, beloved friends and fellow travelers, as that is your inner want and resolve! So be it! It is now again the time to 'take five,' in these really power filled times, knowing now somewhat of the powers that be.
Beloveds, as you now resolve to reformulate and recharge your inner you, then understand that this pathway is really and truly for those whose hearts and souls are heaven bent, so to speak. This pathway is really and truly for the lighted elite whose fortitude and faith in self is renewed and reborn, in the knowing that there will be pebbles or stones upon the road and there will be winds and storms raging at times. The choice you have made is indeed far, far stronger than all those obsolete misadventures that clutter the way a little at times, yet you are mightier than those tribulations, far mightier indeed. The walking of this pathway again is open to you and your pure inner resolve and choice to talk your walk and to walk your talk. You are aware now that there is a great need to watch with care and dutiful intent as the way at times grows drear and the path unclear. You now know what it takes and you have what it takes, and deep down you truly know it!  It's all about "staying power!"
So go forth and truly multiply for this ascension is not about a five minute wonder, no way, it's about true grit and utmost dedication and perseverance. You are the way showers, you are the light workers, you are the light-beams that shine forth around the world, you are indeed the ones that were handpicked and chosen for this mission. You are the army of lighted beings that walk your talk in the light and love of Christ upon this beautiful planet. December 21st 2012 is merely another day and date; it will come and it will go. It will bring with it another mini boost or avenue for more souls to pick up on their roles and move more onto a lighter path, a lighter way. It will not be an almighty landslide but it will enable others to pick up on their divinity.
Remember always that the ascension process is not only about a few dates on an earthly calendar; it is about the progression of 'time' and the ever continuing awakening of souls over many, many years of earthly years. Remember that many things will be coming available to Hu-man kind and it will all be for the better and the lighter. I wish to embrace you all in the flesh of your Human ness, I seek to stir in your hearts that lighted sacred spark that glows so brightly in the darkest of night. I am here to offer you our unending help and assistance - I would remind you only that you simply need to ask, and it shall be done. We are here in bountiful force and we are indeed blessed to walk by your sides, as your light with ours beside you, lightens up the heavens and the skies in a sacred wonderment of power and of glory.
Namaste. Selemat Jahin
(c)2012 Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom. May 19.2012   Please copy and share as you will, affording due credit to the source. *   

 Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
When one releases the specific focus on the body and is in a place of the expanded awareness of Light that one is, one knows that you can be anywhere you want to be. It is much like you tune your radio or television set to the different stations. You can do that when there is no longer the need to be specifically limited to the body and to the physical eyes and the physical hearing.
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Heavenletter #4196
Being Love
May 21, 2012
God said:
Established in being, be. Established in love, love. Being and love are the two steps of your life. As you take a step of love, you are also taking a step of Being. In Being, in actuality, you take no steps. Being just is, and yet We can say for practical purposes that you are made of two steps, Being and Love. Even as Being stays still, We can call it a step. Or We can say that you hop on one foot called Love while We can say that Being is the Road You Travel On or the Porch You Sit In.
You can't be without Being. Impossible. You would not be unless you were Being. Nor can you exist without Love. I speak of the love within you, the love that is at your service any time you call it to you. Love is your faithful servant, yet you may tend to feel that love is like a baseball thrown to you, and you catch it. Catch love in your heart, beloveds. That's where I place My love for you to extend. Be solid with love. Be a juggler of love in that you can always throw the ball of love up and never miss catching it. It is inevitable. It is inevitable that love is, and it is inevitable that you will catch on to love. You have a great right arm for throwing love to the stars, and a great two arms to catch the reflection of your love in an embrace as it bounces its way back to you.
Love and Being are never lost. They are the two constants in the world.
You perk up your ears and say, "How can that be? God, what are You saying? Love is constant? Not in my life. Love, the kind of love I want, has been an intermittent visitor, arriving I know not when, fleeing I also know not when. Love in my life, God, has been fickle, my love as well as others' love. Love constant? Nope, not at all."
Nevertheless, I repeat, Love is a constant. You will grant, won't you, that love can be pulled out or it bursts out seemingly on its own. Where would love burst out from or be pulled out from except from within you where love has been at attention, ready to serve all along.
Love, contrary to how it may seem to you, is not a stranger. It is a loyal soldier eager to be called to the front, not a front of skirmishes, but more like a front porch where love can sit down and enjoy being love.
Love is simple. Love simply enjoys. Love can sit on the front porch and love everyone and everything that goes by, and still love sits on the front porch and just enjoys Being. Yes, love is constant. It just may be that you jump around. In that case, it's you, not love, that plays hide-go-seek.
You may have turned love into a game, Catch Me If You Can. And you have chased love, eager to spot love from another, eager to bask in another's love, until one of you turns your back on it. Love is not intended to be a sometime thing, a fractured thing. Love is meant to be sitting on the front porch and happy to sit there and be love and love all, love for love's sake.
We could say that Being is the front porch where Love sits and rocks. Being and Love, two partners, Being the basis, and love the expression. Who would want to express anything in the world but love?
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 Message from The Arcturians
Channeled by Marilyn Raffaelle
May 21, 2012
Dear ones, we come again to remind you of the many changes you are about to see and are now seeing upon your planet. Changes are now taking place within the hearts of many who before this time seemed oblivious, allowing them for the first time, to experience the light of truth. These are the dear ones that you will soon find yourselves helping as you explain to them what is taking place on the earth and in their lives at this time. Awakening humanity is making this shift happen, dear ones. Your light is manifesting in the outer as the higher forms that you interpret as change-- higher levels of truth and understanding within all peoples and all facets of every day living.
Many are rapidly becoming aware of the literal stupidity of war. In truth, all life is in and of the One Life. Therefore to treat each other as enemies and evil; killing, torturing, and maiming is simply the continuation of a very unevolved and now obsolete facet of duality and separation. Soon there will be outcries from more of the masses as is already happening in many countries regarding the end of war which lines the pockets of the powerful, and depletes the life force of all the rest.
It is time to embrace means of interaction that honor the differences between cultures, Means that reflects an awareness of all life as Divine and valuable. You say that war is necessary for many do not respect the rights of others and wish harm upon us, but we say to you that war is a very unevolved tool presented to you by those who benefit by war. Much of what you have been told about your security is simply false, made up to keep the masses locked into fear, served on a platter of courage and rights. We also remind you that that which you do to another whether personally or through your support, you do to yourselves for there is only "One Life."
Many of you still carry in cellular memory, warrior energy from lifetimes of the past and still feel its resonance. There is an excitement and a comradery in war that still resonates with many but if you wish to ascend, then it is time to release this now, and experience excitement and comradery on higher levels. That period of the evolutionary journey is finished for any choosing the Light of Truth.
Give permission and intention within yourselves to release all that is old and finished, for much that you are ready to move beyond can seem very true and real as you experience energies still active within cellular memory. Many of you are experiencing aches and pains, rashes, and mysterious physical issues that seem to come from no where. Most of these are temporary; the clearing of old physical, emotional, and mental energy with the accompanying integration of the new, the release of blocked energy streams (blocks can occur through surgeries or injury), and the opening of energy portals within the physical body. Remember this, and simply allow the process, for most of it soon fades and is gone. However, we are not saying that if fear enters in, and you have health concerns you cannot consult your doctor, we do say that it is important to remember that much of what you are experiencing at this time is in and of necessary physical preparation for ascension.
You are in the process of a giant evolutionary process. Nothing is the same as it has been nor will it be again, so as the unawakened keep promoting the pushing of more cards into the many third dimensional houses of cards, there will be disappointment and frustration because the energy is no longer there to support or manifest that which is finished. It is extremely important that you recognize and accept that truth if you have chosen to move forward.
This can for the newly awakened be a difficult time because an unawakened society continues to promote all that which is old and finished through your news, TV, magazines, film, etc. Day after day you are bombarded from all sides with beliefs and concepts that have worked in the past. You may begin to question as to whether or not this whole shift business may simply be another giant hoax being once again played upon the world for the benefit of those who would keep you in bondage.
Not giant hoax dear ones. Gaia, who is a living soul has chosen to ascend and all have been given the choice of going with her or not. Take this within your hearts, those of you who may question, for in your Center you will feel the rightness of it. Always go within for your answers and should you choose ascend with her, you will, but know that you cannot carry suitcases full of the past with you.
All are all feeling the new and increasingly intense energies. It is bringing up all past and present issues needing to be looked at. Many of you are experiencing a sense of failure as you see parts of your life suddenly fall apart. This is not failure but is a graduation, dear ones. Rejoice in what the unawakened world may see as failure, for you are moving beyond the old and finished concepts and beliefs regarding facets of your lives. Know that if these things are to be a part of your experience, they will reform in higher and better ways because consciousness is the substance of all form. You are moving to the next rung of the ladder and doing it bravely and lovingly.
Begin to trust your intuition for this is how you are directed by your Higher self and your guides. It is fine to consult others who may have more information about what you are concerned with, however make sure that the bottom line of any decision you make comes from you. This is the taking of your power back from those it has been given to--organized religions, government, experts, family, friends etc.
The world is experiencing an integration of the Divine feminine (receptive, intuitive) and the Divine masculine (active, be-er, do-er). Divine Consciousness embodies both qualities in perfect balance and harmony and therefore all living things also have both qualities. This is causing problems and resistance with those who benefit from a patriarchal society. There must be the balance for each quality compliments the other, and in this balance is empowerment. A female does not need a male to give her the masculine energy, it is already within. A man does not need a female to give him the feminine energy, he already embodies it. This realization can cause problems in an established relationship if only one partner understands that he is whole and complete with or without the other. The realization of the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine as being two halves of a perfect whole can and will disrupt all facets of life that heretofore have thrived on the imbalance created through the promotion of the masculine as being more perfect than the feminine.
Be aware that like it or not, change is here dear ones, embrace it and sing with joy the songs of new and higher experience.
As always, we are with love, the Arcturian Group.
Marilyn Raffaelle
I live in  beautiful  northern Michigan close to  Sleeping Bear National Park and have been on a spiritual journey my entire life.
I began  meditating and searching more deeply in the late 60s. and after many side journeys was led to and  began working with the mystical principles presented in Joel S. Goldsmith's "Infinite Way"  material.  These deeply mystical teachings moved  me into  an increasingly intense desire to more deeply understand and bring together in practice the many  world teachings, modalities of healing, and myths.  This in turn led to a series of intense inner shifts (not all so pleasant) and an  ability to  communicate with my guides and other Teachers  of Light.
I have studied many healing modalities and work as a channel for personal readings but my main interest and focus is to help others awaken into a deeper realization of their innate perfection and reasons for being here.
I was asked by the Arcturians who are my guides, to start a web site which would allow them get their messages of Love and Light out  to the world at this very important time.
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