Great Changes In Your World

Great Change In Your World {Channeled}
CHRIST MICHAEL:  This is Christ Michael; some of you know me as Sananda.  This place in which we speak and in which you are here, this all-faith chapel of religion is a most desirable place to be with you, as this represents the oneness of God’s efforts to share his message with you.  In the beginning, there was only one; in the end there is only one.  In the middle, are many interpretations by mankind of the God that they think they see and believe in.  It is their interpretations of their experience of God.  So the experiences you will receive today and tomorrow, and have received in the past, relating directly to the Divine, the God presence within you, brings you back to the oneness of all time, of all eternity.  It is in this oneness-experience that you come to know the validation of all beliefs — that, with the Spirit of Truth, you become much more wise and discerning of what is true and what is not, and in the end oneness is what works in the universe.  The pragmatic spirituality that you have been hearing about is real, it is necessary, and this is how the universe functions.  Religions represent the various attempts to achieve oneness from the interpretation, usually from the experience of the founding individual, and this becomes more diluted over time. It is now time for you to experience that oneness that wholeness, personally.  We do not seek to have you become mystics hiding in a hermitic cave somewhere, but to become active mystics in the reality of your world, as social entrepreneurs of this spirituality.
This is an era of tremendous change in your world.  The earth, the planet, is a living organism that now is shrugging, moving, shedding an old skin, and taking on a new skin.  You will see many changes in many places.  These activities were set into motion millions of years ago with the birth of this planet; billions of years ago with the birth of the sun.  Yes, these were caused by God, but only as the originator, the creator of this world.  From then the natural laws take force, take occurrence.  Yes, our energy managers can delay these activities, and halt them temporarily, but the eventuality is that these cannot be halted permanently, without killing the planet.  Therefore, you will experience earthquakes, tremendous tectonic changes that result in tsunamis and shattering of the earth’s crust.  Because of the changes in the earth, you are experiencing new thermodynamics that could have an impact on the weather on the planet. This has tremendous influence on what occurs and does not occur.  Where there is now good farmland, there may be droughts or floods, and so the energy of the earth must come back into balance, to have consistently good weather and allow the production of good crops throughout the new regions.  This too was set into motion long, long ago, by the natural laws, the physical laws of the universe and of this planet.  The travesties and tragedies you experience are not immediately caused personally by God, or myself, or any of my subordinates.  It is simply the consequences of living on an evolutionary world.  Adjust to it, please. 
The principles of this class that you are learning is to be in contact with the One, and in the One there are all the subordinate associates of light.  You call them angels, Midwayers and guides, bodhisattvas and others. They are real; they are here to help you.  When you are open and willing to be guided, you will be.  And you always are, except when you do not listen.  Whether you hear words or you are urged by an intuitive feeling in your gut to move, to change, to see something, to experience something, this is all part of “hearing”.  Some of you “see,” some of you don’t see with your inner eye, and you know something is changing.  Heed that; pay attention to that.  Do not be so intellectually westernized and materialized that you forget who you truly are: You are sons of God.  The “I am Presence” lives within you.  How much of it do you accept?  How much of it do you want to identify with?  How much of it do you want to emulate in your life.  It is important that you do so.
This is a new era of social change as well.  This is a new era of energy.  This is a major turning point in the course of all civilizations, for all times forward.  The prior was the masculine era which required strong minds and strong backs and a strong will to accomplish the taming of nature.  You will move into a new era of the feminine, an era in which you must be in union and harmony with the natural elements.  You know how to work with those elements naturally, supplely, kindly, gently, and still produce the same results.  You will learn not to force the feeding of your plants, but to nurture the feeding of your plants through natural means.  This will not occur overnight. The grand masculine era of many, many tens of millennia carries forward a tremendous inertia, both in the consciousness of mankind, and all of humankind, as well.
All God-centered religions are under a tremendous necessity to change or die.  They have been supported by the church angels and the guardians of righteousness and truth.  It is like force feeding plants.  Now it is time to assist those churches, those belief systems that are in harmony with the new humanity that is coming about, both in consciousness of the adults and through the new consciousness of children.  Churches will no longer be simply the depositories and transmitters of old beliefs, suitable for children, but beliefs which are enacted in practicality in the world.  You will see a necessity for the cessation of proselytism and evangelism,of marketing your religions, but to adapt your religions and belief systems to enact pragmatic, spiritualized, social action.  This will bring an authentic, genuine, committed new appearance to your belief systems, because they will see the authenticity of your beliefs as they are capable of being used in the community. There will be no argumentation about who has the best religion.  It will be very evident to see which belief systems work and those which do not.  What you are learning in this educational setting this weekend is non-denominational, non-religious.  It is a pragmatic spiritual outlook applied to the mechanics of social action.  It begins by being spiritualized yourself.  It begins with the evolution and elevation in your spirituality, as you seek the Center Within.  This spirituality has an infinite practicality to your ascendant program.  It has a very definite moral value to your lives as you apply its practicalities to your social civilization.  Religions must evolve or die.  My efforts to assist the continuation of this civilization are intrinsic to my very being.
When I come back, I will not come back to a hovel; I will not come back to a disordered civilization but one that has become more whole, complete, one which has evolved.  And I have sent my emissaries to assist in this process.  It is not so much that you see them or hear them, or that they live in your house and have coffee with you, but that you believe that they are here and that you act on this centeredness without thembeing present.  Yes, you are the last agondonters [and] your children, perhaps. Yours is a most difficult generation, for you have come from your traditional roots, you are living through this tremendous transition, you will live through the terrors of the cataclysms, and you will come out on the other side rebuilding your societies to become sustainable.  Most of you have chosen to be here during this era, and I cannot explain that mechanism to you thoroughly enough.  It does involve your Thought Adjuster and your soul as you came here to prepare for the life that you live.  This requires people to become flexible.  For parents and grandparents who lived in a very static and crystallized belief system, you must be flexible; you must be adaptable; you must be able to move quickly in your thoughts and beliefs, to that which is consistent with Source.  It is practical in your world.  The old beliefs are no longer sufficient to explain or guard against the travesties of the world.  You must move into belief and beyond belief into trust through the gateway of knowing, experiencing the Divine within you.  Some of you will know this today, have known it in the past, and will know it in the future.  Those who do not, perhaps, strive too hard.  It requires a great liberalism, a sense of liberty in yourself to let yourself be One with the source within you.  The Source already desires to be one with you.  There is no question in that.  Let this presence overcome you, and you will have the capacity then to become all that you wish to be.
You are the early beginners of this new movement, this new era.  It is co-creatively through you that we will bring about this new era to its completion in the eventuality of time.  You will see very rapid changes in your societies in the coming months and years.  You will all see tremendous influences of spirit on your world, if you are open to receive it.  It is to you that we look for the guidance of the governments of your societies, of your families, and communities.  It begins with you, the individual.  
Know that I have a personal relationship with each of you, as does God.  I know you!  Come — know me. Thank you for your dedication, your resolve to see this through.  Thank you for your commitment to see it through to the completion of your life.  I will remain here with you, as I have been here through this day, though you may have been unaware of me.   I withdraw now and let others speak to you today and tomorrow. I love you. Good Day.