"Feel grateful! Search for causes to be grateful, and you will find infinite causes. In the morning the sun rises and there is enough cause, more than enough, to dance and sing. God has risen in the sun. And by the evening when the sun is setting, sing and dance! Soon the night is coming with its beautiful darkness and all those stars. Soon the mystery will surround you, the mystery of darkness and the coolness of darkness and the silence of darkness and its infinite music.
Just go on looking for reasons to celebrate, and you will become religious. And, slowly slowly, each gratitude felt deeply transforms you. Desires never transform, only gratitude transforms - and they are diametrically opposite. Desire means: "Give me more! I am complaining. I am demanding." Gratitude says: "You have given me so much that I never deserved in the first place. I am grateful, I am thanking."
See the point. Desire says: "Give me more!" Gratitude says: "You have given already so much! Nothing more is needed. It is enough for me to live with it for eternity." Desire takes you into the future. Gratitude makes you still, in the present. Gratitude is meditation. It is being silently here now…and the whole opens up. And thousands of lotuses bloom in your being."

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