Thank and Bless

Heavenletter {Channelled}

God said:

The whole wide world that seems to exist outside really exists inside, for what is the difference? Everything that happens, you are absorbing it. You are the perceiver and interpreter of it. Everything that happens affects you. And, yet, you are happening. You, who are Being, are happening.
There are parallel universes going on, the same way a street is lined with elms on both sides of it. You lead your sentient life, and you lead your spiritual life, and yet, as impossible as it may seem, you lead and weave them together. No matter how oblivious you may be, you are walking down both sides of the street at once. You are One who walks yourself down two sides of the street. You coincide with yourself.
There is much to notice in life, and there is much to learn. Do not think of life as lessons. Nevertheless, there is learning, and you are a learner. Each day, you are enriched. You are a learner, yet you are not only a learner. You are much more than a learner. You also interact, and your heart reaches other hearts. Love loves love.
Here is something I would like you to learn today, and that is to say Thank you. As you walk down two sides of the street, say thank you. Say it from your heart.
You who may be quick to complain may not be quick to say thank you. Say thank you for the gift of life. Say thank you.
When the sun is shining, by all means, enjoy it, and remember to say thank you. It's true that the sunshine is meant for you. It is a given, yet it is still a privilege, and you are to say thank you.
Even when you don't want it to rain, still say thank you for how the rain, although perhaps inconvenient for you, nourishes the very Earth you walk on.
If you do not find the goods you want in a store, still say Thank you that you could walk through the store.
If you play in someone's yard, and you don't like their rules, still say Thank you for the privilege of playing there.
The thank you does not have to be verbal, you understand. You can close your mouth and open your heart. We are talking about your heart. Make sure your heart appreciates Heaven and Earth. Your heart is meant to be a boon to the world and to you. When your heart is saying thank you, it is not finding fault. Let it be as easy to say thank you as it is to find fault. Be consummate in your thanks, and thank even yourself for being.
Feel thank you. Feel the essence of thank you welling up in your heart. Bless the flowers, and bless the weeds. Bless all that is. Be glad for all that is. One who blesses is a blessing.
When it comes to troubles of the world, bless them so they may leave. Give them a good send-off.
Bless all your comrades on Earth for their caring. They may be up in arms on opposite sides of the fence, and yet they are caring with all their hearts. Be also one who cares, and care for peace. Believe in it fervently. Care about peace fervently, and smoke a peace pipe in the lounge of your heart.
Bless those who may not bless you. Make them blessed. Give them the gift of thanks. Even an intruder has come to visit you on the piece of Earth that you occupy. Even one who would steal from you is wanting something of you to take with him. The whole world is on your doorstep, beloveds. And you are the host of the Universe.