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30 Days of Guidance: Day Eighteen, Going Inward

Posted: 29 Apr 2010 08:22 PM PDT

[Blog (Non-channeled) April 2010]

1215599_untitled_copyI’ve been receiving clear messages that things are about to change for me in a number of ways. Some of this is overt, tangible, and most definitely physical plane oriented. But to a larger degree the change will be about what’s going on inside me — my process, and even more important, how I move with all the physical plane changes.

It’s very clear, then, that there will soon be a period of going inward for me. Introspection. Focusing on my Self and my body. Feeling what it is to be Me.

I am welcoming this time as renewal. It’s an opportunity to be with myself in a way I haven’t done before, even when I was meditating 10 hours a day. In a way it feels like a welcome respite.

I talked the other day about True Rest. There is something so very restful about simply being with oneself, no further demands other than to be in THIS moment, now. You can do this anywhere — airports, parks, conferences. Even amongst busyness and energetic chatter you can nest inside the quiet space that is You.

And that’s my intention for what’s likely to be several days next week. I’m excited and a little frightened. I don’t yet quite know what I’ll find. But I feel absolutely supported in the process, both in listening to guidance and with the wider community around me.

So what is going inward?

1185531_meditation_2I channeled a guided meditation once called “Connecting With Your Body.” It’s a powerful meditation in which you can truly connect with and embrace your body. I am imagining that my going inward will be a journey inside my body to greet the billions of cells inside it and swim with them, allowing my own fluids to support me, wrapping me in their watery embrace. I am imagining spending time in True Rest, watching shadows playing over surfaces. I am imagining meditating on the sounds around me. And I am imagining just feeling the familiar weight of my body resting on the surface that supports me.

The other night in the bath, I lay there while the water drained out. Feeling my own weight again after buoyancy was a surprise. I could feel the water slipping away from around me, sliding over my hips and legs like long soft snakes. Finally I could feel my entire weight resting on the hard surface of the bathtub. I wondered why I had never noticed those sensations before, and appreciated them for being part of my experience.

That’s going inward. Just being present with What Is.