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Heavenletter #4214 God's Love for You, June 8, 2012 

God said: 

You cannot dictate what others must do or ought to do. That is not your province. It is for you to dictate only what you will do.

Your values are for you to uphold. Uphold your values, and allow others to live their lives as they see fit. Your values are not to be foisted on others. No one has to come up to your standards. Half the time you don't even come up to your own standards. Half the time you don't really know what your standards are, yet it is easy for you to pick at what someone else does or doesn't do. When you do, beloveds, it is like you are gossiping. And so you become involved in small matters that are not really your business. Because you see a failing in another does not mean that your value is heightened. Not at all.

Watch out for being self-righteous, self-pleased, self-honoring, for then you are full of judgment.

Judgment is to be avoided like the plague. Why? Because it is not good for you, and it is not good for the object of your tut-tutting. Judgment is like having a gavel in your hand and bopping another child of God on the head. Whether the ones you criticize are within hearing distance or not is irrelevant. Your negativity reaches them. Your thoughts are heard. They are heard around the world, and, yes, one way or another, they come back to haunt you.

How many times have you said with satisfaction: "I would never do that." And, then, at some point, you find yourself doing that very thing.

You will not find Me gossiping. You will not find Me judgmental. Do you think I am judgmental now? When do you express judgment, and when love? Take a look. You may think that judgment is in the interests of the person you judge, and I am saying to take your hands off others' lives and take care of your own.

I do not talk behind your back, beloveds. I judge you not. Judgment is a condemnation. It matters that you uplift the world. Nothing interferes with My love for you. My love for you is My love for you. In summer and in winter, My love for you is intact. My love for you is My love for you. I do not withhold it.

I gave you free will. That is not the same as to say: "Anything goes." I do not say that anything goes. I am telling you now squarely that negativity in all its shapes and sizes is to leave your consciousness. You are not to keep negativity. You are not to harbor it in any way, not by a glance, not by any way.

You make a mistake, and I love you just the same. I do not whisper about you behind My hand. Because you make a mistake, I don't decide you are scandalous.

I talk to you. I seat you on My lap, and I speak to you. I ask you to be a lover rather than a census-taker, for it is not for you to censure others.

Lead by example. There is nothing else for you to do. Come from love and not from self-aggrandizement. Be wary of your ego that you do not inflate it at someone else's expense. Care for others more than your own ego. Be a person of consideration. Be considerate. Take care of what you say and how you say it. Be greater and not lesser. Be great. Be the Greatness I made you. Be it.