U-R GOD'S Dream Pie ...

A Dream Pie of God's
December 27, 2009
God said:
Why would you contradict what I say? Surely you don't think you know more than I do? I tell you that you are My beautiful child, and you say you're not. You may even say you are awful. You may call yourself names.
Beloved, what prompts you to put yourself down? I have just said that you are a child of Mine. You are a divine child of Mine. Why would you say, "No, God, I'm not divine." Why would you insist that you are not divine? Why would you deign to take away the validity of what I say?
It is not humble to undercut yourself. Be without ego, and you will not feel it is necessary to lower yourself. For Heaven's sakes, you are a child of God! You are My child, and I modeled you after Me. If you cannot accept your Divinity, then at least keep quiet about it. At the very least, you do not have to contradict Me. Of course, it is Truth that you contradict.
Try out the premise that you are indeed a divine child of Mine. Tell Me what it feels like to consider that you are divine. Yes, you are human with all the fallacies that human beings indulge in. So what? You are Divinity at the core, and it is time you took that into consideration. You are love, divine love, walking around in a human body. Erase the body aspect of you for a moment, and what is there but your Divinity, My Divinity, that is?
If you are a piece of pie, We can say that 99% of you is Divinity. That is a close guess. You are a great pie of Divinity with a thin crust. Stop looking at the crust so much. Underlying is the actuality of the pie that you are. I will call you a Dream Pie of Mine. I baked you, and I baked you just right.
Is the tortoise his shell? He carries his shell on his back, yet the shell is just something he carries around with him. The truth of the tortoise is not his shell. A tortoise is much more than his shell, no matter how beautiful or otherwise it may be.
When you wear ragged clothes, you are not the clothes you wear. Nor are you a beautiful ball gown when you wear it.
Now I tell you to feel good in whatever body you wear.
Good morning, beloveds. Your body gets itself out of bed. Although your body was sleeping, you were awake with Me. We partied together. We danced. We sang. We explored the shores of Heaven, and We mined for gold and caught the stars in Our hands. Before the sun rises over the crust of the Earth, you pull the covers up. You yawn and think you spent the whole night in bed.
You are like the twelve dancing princesses who seemingly went to bed, and then got up right away and danced all night with twelve handsome princes. In your case, you dance with Me, and your shoes do not wear out, and you are refreshed. Your body slept while you were drinking in all My love.
You might as well know that you visit with Me often, and I love Our visits, and I love you no matter what pajamas you wear. No matter what you think of yourself, you are the apple of My eye. Do you find fault with My vision? I think it's time you accept what I say at full value. You are Mine. You are the One I love. So be it.