GOD is Speaking 2-U {Channeled}

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God is always bringing us closer to Him.
Heavenletter #4201 God Is Speaking to You , May 26, 2012
God said:
The thing with Heavenletters is that there are millions of them. They are endless. At any moment everyone in the world could pick up one for themselves. No matter the language, Heavenletters (by whatever name they are called) are lined up waiting to be heard.
We can put it another way. I am vibrating at every moment, and the hum of My vibration is accessible to you. Of course, it is. Why would that be surprising? I want you to hear Me. That you come to know that We are One in your experience is My deep longing. It has ever been so.
Just as you like to be heard and understood, so do I. For Eternity, I have wanted you to hear My very Being. How I want to burst through the reservations you have about hearing Me directly.
I want to tell you that hearing Me is a piece of cake! I will further tell you that you do hear Me directly, only you don't quite take it in. You don't quite take in the idea that you can hear Me, are hearing Me, and so, subtly, you cast hearing Me aside. You do this in allegiance to the world. You may well believe in Me, yet you do not yet believe in yourself. Believe in yourself, and you will know a direct route to My Heart and all the love that vibrates herein.
It is love that keeps you afloat. What else but My love could do that?
Now, those of you who are already hearing the beat of My heart and hear it instantly translated into your language, whatever language it may be, are questioning what I say about believing in yourself. Dear Ones, I did not say that you have to believe in yourself in order to hear Me. I am saying that it is a very good way, and it is My desire, deep and long, that you, no matter who you are, believe in yourself. Once you believe in yourself, We can dispense with baby steps.
It is not that you object to believing in yourself. How you would love to. How you would love to and dispense with doubt and misgivings and all the uncertain thoughts that plague you. How you would love to be done with all that keeps you back from your full awareness of God.
I know you are waiting for some great initiation into My fold when you are already here. You are waiting for something spectacular to happen. You want to be taken to a Great Hall of Silence. You want to be picked out from the masses. Beloveds, you and all the masses have already been picked out. You have yet to pick yourself out as worthy of hearing Me speak to you. Climb up here yourself then.
If you have to, convince yourself that even the unworthy can hear Me. I say there are no unworthy, and, yet, if you need to hear, in your mind, that even the unworthy can hear God, then know it. Tell yourself that even those who consider themselves unworthy can hear God's Voice, and can hear it well, can hear it in the recesses of their mind, in their ears, in their hearts, in their bloodstream, in their memories, in their desires, in their calling. Even in the halls of noise can I be heard. What could possibly keep Me from being heard but you? My desire to be heard is so great.
It is like you have a hearing aid, yet you turned it off long ago. You protest you haven't heard, and then I remind you to turn on your hearing aid.
Thump on your chest, beloveds. I am speaking to you. I am speaking to you at every moment. I speak to you at every moment, and I want to be heard. I want you to hear Me. It's no big deal. Just listen in. I am speaking to you.