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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  May The Force Be Within You
3.)  Communication with the Federation Of Light
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Be Gracious
6.)  Lord Melchizedek Part II: Going Beyond Needing To Fix Things

Isis' Message of the Day -
"If you make me your authority, said the Master to a starry-eyed disciple, "you harm yourself because you refuse to see things for yourself."

And, after a pause, he added gently, "You harm me too, because you refuse to see me as I am."

~ Anthony de Mello, S.J. ~
How everything and everyone is connected. See this series!
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. We love you. We honor you. You are such divine creators/creatures. (This was the Angels and then an Indian Spirit came in for the rest of the message). You are made in his image. He is the creator of all things, the 2 leggeds, the 4 leggeds, those that crawl, the plants, the trees, the rivers, the lakes, the ground, the rocks. He created all things, and he can be found in all things. We honor all his creations by giving thanks and blessing all things he has created. Because the Creator formed all things, when you look at a rock or a stream or a buffalo, feel the Creator’s spirit move through them and be in gratitude when you feel that connection. The more people who honor and appreciate everything the Creator made, the more harmonious life will be, and the calmer the storms will be. We thank you and are in gratitude for the opportunity to spread our message. (I heard some Indian words). Then, the Angels, be at peace and bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  * www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   *      

May The Force Be Within You
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
April 4. 2012
“Levelling the horizons so that all directions have a view and a vision, and none or no thing is omitted from the collective perception of the whole. There will always be a choice in new directions to tread, albeit warily within, until greater clarification issues forth into one's heart space, yes indeed, clarity! That nigh silent whisper within which utters maybe just a sigh, may be the true guidance that is sought from the searching heart and questing soul. So be still and know that all is well in and whatever you do choose is indeed the right choice that has been chosen and the knowing is surely in the experiencing, in the doing, yes, so indeed!
There have been times of multi-purpose channelings and with ever greater aplomb has the doorway been opened further, and ever surer held wide for all to see, to touch, to listen, and to inwardly digest, and therefore so to be more discerning and 'choosy' of all one hears or sees. In the spoken word and written prose do lay many truths and earnest possibilities, for as one transforms the words in trusty open-mindedness, there becomes much to select and detect, for the chosen words can greatly add or lessen the finer points may be hidden there within. How great it is to angle rightly that which written is, so a nucleus of the message is totally perceived and placed in truth by the sincere scribe and trusty channel of same.”
Having been 'blessed' to be a channel over these latter years of this millennium do I wish to hold aloft my hand to gesture true that all that 'I' have written, spoken, shared or channeled has too been an assortment of many and mighty "off planet energies." They have sought the one's that are open to these blessed ways of working, surely as a gift from God sent from the heavens above, so to say! From deva's, elemental’s, angels, cetaceans and masters too, do the words of love and light shine through. With lords and ladies, beings so bright who offer so much in the ways of light. With the Galactic's, star beings, Elohim, and Mother Father God, the Universal Directors, Supreme Creator, and on. We're blessed indeed to share with life's dream as we honour, and accept our Ultimate Being! 
We are all in one way or another connected to, or with, the various space commands that in the high heavens, so to speak, do patrol and monitor keenly and lovingly our 'space' for any infiltration by any lesser one's of darker intent. We know deep down in our hearts that there is the Light brigade, most benevolent, bright and protective .Then, also is there a lesser light brigade whose intent is most questionably dark both on and off the planet. Over these past decades or so have they been systematically rebuffed by the Light forces of good and the air space is clearer and the heavens are full of multi-various space or star commands that are only of the "Light and Love." They have, we are aware, along with our ascended masters and Light Brotherhoods, been assisting us in multi-various-ways within and with-on our beautiful planet, Mother Earth, as the many changes and shifting have taken a precedence over all for much help has been seemingly actioned on our behalf, unseen by human eye maybe... 
Over decades of time have these connections and communications been most majestically received by the channels incarnate here on mother earth. For over many decades have the communications been received, in good faith, by many an aspiring earthly channel with all very similar messages that sounded oh so grand and welcomed by searching and seeking souls here incarnate. They were aiming to follow their missions and to spread and share the words of truth that were being imparted by 'this or that' Space Command and/or Star Commander and the prime similarity that was to become ‘universally heard,’ here on Terra, when asked when these mighty realisations were to take place, came the reply ... so soon. This was then updated to very soon ... then very soon ... and then very, very, very soon ... etc ... etc ad-infinitum, Amen! 
There was ever a promise of 'very soon' happenings and this went on for decades with many an eager light-worker losing the validity of some of these communications, and most understandably so. Too many promises from too many 'Flight Commands' over too many earth decades led a huge number of the planet’s Light working fraternity to place aside those questionable messages and looking elsewhere for more acceptable communications. There was a massive dent and a hole in the morale of the Light-workers and star-seeds, caused by these over/ever promising flight command messages that were only befuddling good souls and causing the faith, trust and positivity to ebb away. An alarming confusing state of affairs created by over zealous ones whose expertise in those times was questionable. It's taken the Light-workers, star-seeds, and way-showers and would be Lighted-beings to now approach very carefully when current information is coming into the planet and the world’s networking fraternities to once more "Find Valid Faith" in these messages that are now being issued forth in these very serious and most special times we are entering into right now. 
Allow 'we' the Lighted beings now on planet earth to regroup with these new inputs of rather wondrous and welcome messages, that are again being issued forth by some self same off planet space and star beings in their might as Light Commands. We have now a time of re-trusting these messages, and with haste I would add, for the time is now and we need to be assured that whom we are dealing with off-planet, are truly the benevolent and the wondrous loving beings that we think they are! We need to now know this to be truth, we need now to be assured that you are the Light as we are the Light, and that the two will always be as One There are deep scars to be healed over those former ‘discrepancies,’ and fast is the need to heal! 
So, beloved Light-workers world wide, beloved Light beings around, in and on planet, beloved fellow light travellers, let us be assured that our love for each other is of mutual benefit, in truth! I too have been with and from The Ashtar Command, I am very aware of Commanders Ashtar and Athena, and am also very aware that they, as I, as you, are here at this now time to be at-one-ment and in love and Light filled partnership, for we are all here for the same and ever only one divine purpose, and the bond is Love!
Let us open wide our hearts as a Oneness and hail all beings of loving intent and lighted salutations to re-unite and to re-entrust. Let us all realise and accept that the old and totally obsolete energies of yesteryear have been dissipated and that the new is here and now, and no man nor woman shall be put asunder for we are all now reunited in the Light, in the Love. Let us move together, let there be light and never more greyness. Let us realise that we are One and the same and the God is in the centre of each and every one of us. So be it. Namaste..
Salut..Selemat Ja. 
(c)2012 Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdom of light and love. Be still and know that the voice we hear from the heavens is the reflection of our voice! Copy and share, print and forward, giving sure respect to the source of these messages. Be still; and know that your 'God' goes ever within you for you are indeed so loved. So be it. * 
gabbitas1@aol.com  *      

Communication with the Federation Of Light
Received by Blossom Goodchild
April 3rd, 2012
Q: Hello there. Me here. I have a question in mind, which I may have asked before. It is to do with all the discrepancies between different channellings and different information that is offered to us. I Know you have said ‘to follow your hearts Truth’ but can you explain why it is that there is such vast differences? Each of the people bringing these messages through seem to be of good intention, and coming from their heart so why is this? It causes great alarm for many. Can you enlighten us on this matter if you would be so kind?
A: What we would choose to offer regarding such discrepancies is that some of which is passed on is misinterpreted through force of will. In other words there maybe those who appear to be willing to bring forth Truth and yet those energies that are relaying a message to an Earthly soul have not the best intentions at heart.
Q: Yes, I can understand this. Many have said this about us! It would be insulting to say this to one who feels that those that they channel are of Light and Truth. To me, we can’t all be right because so much is different. I really feel this situation needs to be cleared up. Many folk put themselves on the line in Trust to ‘give out’ information they receive. So, how is one to Know that which to follow and which not?
A: Again we would say ‘which puts you in a place of fear and which puts you in a place of Love?" That is all there is to know.
So basically you are saying that all that puts you in a place of Love is True and that which makes you fearful is untrue?
That is what we are saying exactly. When you follow the path of Love there is nothing to fear. We do not come to you with messages of ‘Beware you are doomed.’ To us there would be little sense in doing so. We come as we have said before to assist you in recognizing who you are and why you are here . We come to help you find You.
You Are Love and from Love and only Love. No matter what takes place there is absolutely Nothing to fear. Those that fear have not yet found the depth of Love that resides within them.
Q: I get what you are saying on that count but it still doesn’t change the fact that channeled messages differ. Surely if they are coming from the source of Love they would all say the same?
A: The fact being that what is to come will come. You will experience it when it does. The messages coming through are doing so to help prepare you.
Q: Got to interupt sorry.  How can we be sure which scenario to prepare for?
A: In ALL scenarios there is no finer preparation for the soul than Love and joy At This Time Now. That should be the main message. There is only "Now." So many of you are planning for a future that is not Now. We come to ask you to Live in the Moment of Now.
Q: And yet You also tell us of a time when we shall join together again as a family in the time ahead, which is not Now. Which can only have us thinking about the future that you speculate. I am not purposefully being awkward, I just feel these matters need sorting from our Earthy perspective.
A: We understand of your plight . We expect there to be questions for we cannot be in control of all that is sent through from others to others.
Q: Yet why the differences in the story of what lies ahead?. Is it like the movie ‘sliding doors,’ where a split second can change how things pan out, perhaps in a parallel life? Struth Blossom!!! Why don’t you make it more complicated!
A: No, this is not the case.
Q: Then what is?? If you are following a Divine Plan, then what is the Truth about what is in store for us within this year?
A: We have given you the Truth as we see it. We cannot be responsible for how others see it and choose to behave because of it.
Dearest Lady, We appreciate the fact that your task is not an easy one. We appreciate also that we are not of Earth and therefore do not always see things from an ‘earthlings’ perspective. We understand that you are speaking for many and needing questions answered. We understand that many of you are confused. We accept that for all those living in a place of fear within themselves, they are unable to ‘let go’ of Everything!
Have you thought that although what you see and hear maybe of conflicting views that it allows you also to Think for Yourselves? If you were to blindly follow all that was said would you run off the edge of a cliff if you were asked? If you were told that in future days a Light Vessel would come and hover over the edge of a cliff and ask you to leap off that cliff and you would be caught in its beam and lifted up … Would you just do it without asking your heart if this was a sensible thing to do? We ask for your answer Blossom.
Q: Nope. I wouldn’t, not without a parachute anyway!! But then what about Trusting?
A: Trusting in Whom? Unless you Trust yourselves, Your inner knowing, how could you expect to Trust an outside source? What would be the point of Trusting Us if you didn’t first of all Trust yourself? This to Us would seem of a ridiculous procedure having everything back to front.
You are asking Us for answers to questions that need to be answered by Trusting Yourself!
Q: What if we can’t find the answer or simply don’t know?
A: Then you do not Trust yourself. So why would you Trust anything you hear or read that comes from another?
Q: So, from your perspective, how would you suggest we further Trust ourselves?
A: By following your heart. It is interesting to us that this seems a little difficult for you. When you Feel joyous and full of Love and you are happy with the way your day is going would you not agree that you Trust yourself in your decisions, because look how you are Feeling? This is how you learn to Trust yourself.
Q: What if one is feeling ‘off track,’ that can’t be that we don’t Trust ourselves?
A: Why not?
Q: Because we haven’t necessarily misplaced Trust, we just maybe having a bad day .
A: Yet all that is required there is to change attitude. No matter what is transpiring. If you Trust in the fact that no matter what, an outcome is for your Highest good then you put the Trust in yourself that ‘to Trust yourself and your Feelings is the requirement of the day. All days.
If you feel uncomfortable about that which another is saying then why would you Trust it? How can you Trust it? You are being told by You not to trust it,  because of how it makes you feel! Feelings! Feelings! Feelings!
Q: Ok, Lets go further. I recently watched a documentary about chemtrails. I have known for quite a while about this. This documentary is of Truth for me. I Trust it. Yet it did not make me Feel good. Do you see what I am trying to say?
A: Yes we accept this premise. Yet, was there not a large part of you that was filled with courage that the Truth is now being told? Did you not feel stronger in a united front that the souls who have followed their Truth, to make this Truth available to many have done what they did? You have known for a long time about such matters now you are happy that something is being done. Did it scare you? No. Because your heart tells you that such an atrocity shall not prevail. It cannot prevail. You Trust your instinct on this. Because it is Truth.
Q: Yep. Good answer.
A: We ask you to Know Yourselves. That is all you need do. If any one of you were to stop reading and gathering information from those of us that are not residing upon your planet at this time …. Do you think this would make a difference to how you may react when those of us from ‘elsewhere’ communicate in an undeniable fashion for all to witness?
What if your communication systems were to fail today and not be revived? Would you survive? Of course you would! What if in three months time we were to remain in your skies for all to see? Would you run inside and hide? Of course not! You would Trust that which your heart and Feelings are speaking to you of at that given moment of time. You would Trust in that feeling for there would be no networking from others to tell you or suggest to you how to feel in that moment.
You Would Have No Choice but to Trust Yourself. This is what you must come to realize. This Is All about You. It is not about Us and who we are and what we stand for.  It is about You and Who You Are and What You Stand for. 
Stand up and Be Counted! Let yourselves see who you are. Look around you Now and notice the changes that are taking place. You are the strong ones. You are breaking Free! All By Yourselves. You are waking up to the fact that You, and Only You can do this.
How Strong! How Brave! You are marching forth and you are a force of Love that cannot be defeated!! You understand this Now! You ‘Get This’ Now. You came here to do this, to change your planet into its former glory. You! You! You! And you are doing it. Look around. You are doing it.
We will happily assist in ways that will benefit greatly by means of advanced technology, yet as is happening, it is You that is allowing the position to be opened in order for us to do so.
Be Alive in Your Conquest! Be Aware of Your Powers! Use Them Brothers and Sisters of Light and Shine Your Way into Your New Kingdom. Our Trust is within ourselves to Trust in you to do so!
We shall. We are! Thanking you as always. From all of us down here, to all of you space bunnies up there, Happy Easter.
Blossom Goodchild
Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. *  www.blossomgoodchild.com/  *       
**The Galactic Federation of Light, The Federation Of Light or The Galactic Federation is all One and the same, some channelers may use a different name, and  was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this Galaxy. *    

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, the One that you are, the voice of the Brotherhood, of the Council of One, the voice is calling out to you more and more loudly to take a moment to listen; to take a moment and to breathe in deeply the inspiration of divine being; the possibility that that which has seemed to be dense—the body, our holy Mother Earth, relationships that seem to be dense—are in truth very malleable, changeable, and you can change.
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Heavenletter #4150
Be Gracious
April 5, 2012
God said:
What you call obstacles are interruptions. Obstacles are not permanent. When your car runs out of gas, you get upset. When you cannot connect to the internet, you get upset. When milk spills or you drop an egg, you are upset. These are not conditions that are to undermine your life. They are little contentions. Little contentions do not last long. They are not out to get you. They are not thinking about you at all. A dropped egg is not Humpty Dumpty. Or we can say that there are other Humpty Dumpties. Another egg will arise. A new glass of milk will be filled. A gallon of gas will turn up. Suddenly, the internet connection will come on, and life will become animated again. Let not your reactions grow big. Nothing has to stymie you. Your good nature is not dependent upon electricity or gas or eggs or milk. Inconvenience is inconvenient. Why would you make inconvenience into more than that? Why would you make something small big?
Of course, how you would like everything to be available to you all the time. You want all the apples to be ripe for picking right now. You want what you want when you want it. Be less adamant. Understand that what you may consider rights are privileges.
Must these lapses in service get to you? Must you be perturbed? Sometimes I wonder if you think these inconveniences are attacks on you or some kind of declarations of war. You are not powerless. You can let go of your insistence on life going on as you would like.
Be more amiable. Consider all the times your car has a full tank, all the times milk does not spill, and eggs do not drop. Consider all the times that the internet connection is on, even when you are not using it! Why would you allow these little contentions thwart you, take over your day and your mood? A pesky fly is no more than a pesky fly. A fly is not a giant. Invest your life in something greater than inconvenience.
Where there is frustration, let there be good nature.
Learn to laugh at your urgency. You do not need to be a puppet of time. That is what is going on, isn't it? You would shake your gas tank, if you could, kick the spilled milk and punch the dropped egg, scream at the internet. One way or another, you will learn patience. You have learned impatience, and now you can unlearn it.
Maybe life is telling you to slow down, so, slow down. What a wonderful opportunity to face your attachments and let go of them. The gas tank is not at fault. You are at fault.
An empty gas tank is not the end of the world. Nothing is the end of the world. The end of time can only be the end of illusion. Time is not. Take a rest from time for a while. Find something else to fill your day. Get down from your high horse.
Instead of being perturbed, remind yourself of all that you do have right now in your life. You have a floor under you and shoes on your feet. You have the ability to walk. You even have the ability to wail about dropped stitches in life and moan about this and that. Have the ability to moan, and yet don't moan. Woe is not upon you.
Be gracious to inconveniences, and be gracious to yourself.
When your car runs out of gas, have a picnic. Rather than grumble, use the time. Wield time rather than protesting it. Consider that life is always on time. Perhaps you are late in realizing this. There is no running out of time. This is a world gauntlet that you are really too big for. Accommodate lapses. Don't take them so to heart.
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Lord Melchizedek Part II: Going Beyond Needing To Fix Things
Received through Mercedes Kirkel on February 15, 2012
April 5, 2012
Question: How do we maintain a sense of compassion, not just for those we perceive as being downtrodden by the present system of politics, economics, and so on, but to have compassion for those who are the movers and shakers of the present system, and realize that they, too, deserve our compassion because we’re all part of the same process of change? 
Lord Melchizedek: There are different levels of realizing this compassion. Ultimately you will realize that not only are you all part of the same process—you are all the same being. So really you are asking, “How do I have compassion for myself?” because these others are not different from you. If you are not having compassion for these beings, it is because you are not having compassion and love for those similar parts of yourself. 
That is the most direct way—to connect with the parts of yourself that others are simply a mirror for. What is the part of yourself that is controlling you, that is not listening to you, not allowing you or supporting you to be the best that you can be? What part of yourself is saying, “I’m in charge and I’m telling you it has to be this way or that way,” (or perhaps saying even worse things). Connect with the parts of yourself that are dominating, are greedy, are using power to control, are belittling and harming other parts of yourself. That is the place to start. 
That is one approach, and it is a very valuable approach. But it is not always the most accessible approach, so there are other ways. It is not always easy to see yourself in all these myriad forms. It is a protection device to not see yourself in ways that you do not like, or perhaps that you judge as harmful, as not supportive, as not evolved, etc. You may not have direct access to these parts of yourself, so there are other techniques, other avenues. It is always a possibility to pray for your heart to open in compassion to all—those you sympathize with and those you don’t, those you can relate to and those you have a harder time relating to. You can pray for your true heart, your true compassion, your true love to open up to these. 
It can also help to understand where others are coming from. That often helps to make the bridge of compassion. It can help to understand that if they are causing pain, they themselves are in pain. They also are learning lessons, just as you are learning lessons.
The ultimate lesson is that it is not necessary to be involved with others you perceive as acting negatively. It is not necessary to even be concerned about what they're doing. That is not the same thing as being glib or non-compassionate. At some point, even in the midst of being compassionate, you are just carried elsewhere and what they're doing does not become your concern anymore. You trust this process as completely of God. You trust that it is all God and you do not even need to fix it or change it. There is a fundamental release that happens at that point. 
You might realize that these are all parts of yourself, and suddenly you don’t need to do that anymore. Or you might realize that these aspects that seem to be other than you are learning their divine lessons and are no more separate from God than you are. You don’t need to do anything to reconnect them to God, because all is in God. But it is not an idea. It is a total realization. At that point, the reality of God becomes so strong, so bright, that it becomes your reality—the light, the brightness. It is not yours anymore to try to change, to try to be compassionate even. That is a different reality that somehow recedes, and your new reality takes its place of simply being the light and manifesting in whatever form is given to you in any moment. 
Question: I hear you saying, “You don’t have to fix it.” Is that something I need to learn, to just let it be, to accept it and love it. Am I trying to fix it? 
Lord Melchizedek: It is like a Zen koan, in a way. As long as you have the consciousness where it appears that you have to fix it, then that is your work to do. But at some point you will realize there is no need to fix anything. At that point you will be relieved of that impulse, even of the thought that it needs fixing, and you will be moving beyond it. 
What is presenting for you in the moment is always the perfect thing for you. If it is presenting for you to be engaged and to serve with your energy—your physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual bodies, in whatever way—that is what will support you the most in your growth. 
Ultimately it is all a game of growth. Do you remember that game from your childhood called “Chutes and Ladders,” where sometimes you took ladders and then you went down slides, all to get to the goal? You had to be on the track you were on, but ultimately it doesn’t matter what track you’re on. When you get to the next level of consciousness, you will see it as a game or a non-necessity. But as long as it appears to be a necessity, so it is. 
The things that can help you to grow in this expanding consciousness is to meditate, to listen to your guidance, and to stay in your heart as much as you can. Those three things are the three biggest things that support you and move the process forward more directly. 
As you continue in this path of transformation into a higher level of consciousness, you will most likely notice that your questions become fewer, with more space between them. You will have less of a need to understand from the mind. This especially correlates with the process of trusting your own guidance. More and more you will trust the process, and you will trust your connection to the process. That will be sufficient. You will not need to ask or answer all the questions in your mind. Indeed, they will not arise in the way they have in the past. Your mind will become more and more at peace and at rest as a general state of being, as its ongoing, default position. When called upon, your mind will spring to action and will support you. But it will not be necessary for you to be engaging it continually. This will be a help in freeing up your attention and energy to do the real work of transformation. 
If there are no other questions, I leave you at this time, but I do not simply leave you. I leave you with my blessing, which is an activation at the heart to strengthen you, to support this process, to have it quickened at the perfect rate for each one of you, and to allow you, in the most benign and the highest way for each and for all, to continue your transformation. Know that the Order of Melchizedek is blessing you, holding you in light and love, supporting you in all the ways that we do, and thanking you for your choice to do this, to make this transformation at this time, in this way. 
And so I go in love and blessing and gratitude. To the highest good of all, I AM Lord Melchizedek.
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