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3.)  Giving Thanks
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5.)  Consider That You Are a Tour Guide
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Isis' Message of the Day -
"Thanksgiving is based on the premise that living a life of appreciation and gratefulness leads to having more to be thankful for. We have the ability to create blessings in our lives through the power of our minds and the choices we make."
 ~ Sir John Templeton ~
"Whoever willingly thanks God becomes rich himself."
~ Albert Schweitzer ~
During this Thanksgiving Season let us all give thanks for the loved ones in our lives. And for those who are giving of themselves to help us on our path to ascension. I give thanks for each and every one of you who have chosen to join me on this journey.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones, We of the Angelic realm greet you. We have been around for eons. We have been communicating with the human realm for a long time. Our main message has stayed the same. Love. Loving unconditionally. How would it feel to “Know” that you can truly be “Your Self” and be loved for “Who You Are?" Would it feel freeing to you? To know that you do not have to be an ideal, but just be “You.” You are “Enough.” Everyone around you is “Enough.” Each one of you is a Child of God/Creator/Source. We Believe in You. We Love You Unconditionally just for Being and Bless Your Hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *   

Mayan Message: Gateway to Paradise
As Received by Theresa Crabtree
Day 47
I Am Manik, Keeper of the Gateway to Paradise. It is through me that you can seek assistance and passage from one Realm to another. By this, we mean any realm, whether they are Dimensions outside the Earth plane, leaving behind a behavior that no longer serves you or releasing relationships that lead you off your Path. When you come to the realization that something in your life is not working and you make the conscious intention to make the necessary changes to become more in balance, call on me and your Spirit Guides for assistance.
It is a Universal Law that when you ask for Spirit Guidance, you will be supported. There are myriads of us on this side patiently and excitedly waiting for you to make the call. Once the call is made, immediately we set into motion events to support your intended desire.
Your job is to state your intention clearly and to be passionate about what you want. As a human, your mind is endlessly filled with scattered thoughts and the majority of your words are endless chatter. We do not monitor all this gibberish. What we do monitor is the feelings, the emotions and the passion behind your requests.
You have heard stories about people in emergencies who are able to do unheard of things. Many times, this is a natural phenomenon due to the releasing of adrenaline into the body. However, how do you explain the things that are out of the natural realm? Those are times when you can see us in action.
There are many stories of people seeing Angels or a deceased loved one during times of emergency. It was the passionate pleas for help or heightened emotions that were heard and answered. This assistance is available to you anytime, not  just in emergency situations.
Simply let us know, with clarity, what you want to experience. One major pitfall is the wavering of thoughts after setting an intention. “I want a mate. I don’t want a mate; that sets me up for more pain. I am lonely today; I want a mate. I am having so much fun with my friends that a mate would mess things up. I don’t need a mate. I am sick today; I wish I had a mate to care for me. I feel so healthy and vibrant today and am enjoying what I am doing; I’m glad I don’t have a mate because I’d probably be doing what my mate wants instead.” It is this bantering back and forth between what you state you want that gives us etheric headaches!
The prayers that get answered are those that are stated clearly. For added fuel, express love and gratitude toward the unseen Helpers who are putting your prayers into motion. To receive what you wish to create, stay aware and look for clues.
Many times what you pray for doesn’t show up in the time frame or parameters you expect. The steps to delivering what you intend can be very complicated. Some factors to consider are your ability to keep a clear vision of what you wish to experience, your expectations of the outcome (We have a bigger picture and may choose higher options for you), fears or blocks to receiving the gift fully, missing the clues along the way, choosing different options, the number of people involved in the process, etc.
The more conscious you are and the more conscious all the other players are, the easier it is for us to set up the scenarios for you to co-create the experience. Be assured that this is a co-creation process. Like any business transaction, when all players are of high integrity and working as a team to reach one goal, the goal is likely to come easier and faster, many times with a better outcome than was expected. We will talk at later times about the exponential power of creating in groups and how your desired experiences can be greater when you dream higher and release fears.
Let us look at what happens when you have set a clear intention and the experience is at hand. Perhaps this experience brings you to a higher vibration of love as you change a behavior to a higher frequency. For example, instead of gossiping, you are more respectful toward others. Perhaps you choose to leave behind a relationship that has kept you in lower frequencies, such as an abusive lover.
Those who intend to create a higher vibration of love have the opportunity to enter the Gateway to Paradise . This is like entering the gate to a beautiful garden. Once you enter the Gateway, you will notice there are many Paths leading to various areas in Paradise . Each time you release fear, forgive others and move closer to unconditional love, you are able to walk a different Path.
There will come a time when you will leave the human Realm and spend all of your time in true Paradise . That is the ultimate goal. However, I wish to warn you that walking the Path is the reason for Paradise . Enjoy the journey along the Way. Many want to “be there now” and do not realize you came to Earth to experience this Realm. Not one of you came to this Earth with a mission to be somewhere else. It is the Beauty Walk that is the purpose for your existence here.
Each one of you came from Paradise and will return to Paradise. You originally came from a place of love, energetic love, where nothing else existed. Each one of you chose to experience Not-Love or wanted to various facets of love: forgiveness, physicality, adventure, etc.
We encourage you to enjoy the walk in the garden, smell the roses, greet the sun, meet the fairies and be kind to others. Enjoy the variety of emotions. Enjoy the taste of food. Enjoy physical sensations, for you will take back all these memories and share them with all others for eternity.
When you return to Paradise, you take with you all things you experienced on Earth. These memories are stored in the Akashic Records, which is similar to going to the library and checking out a book or movie. However, this is high tech stuff. In the Akashic Records, you can view all of the experiences and you can feel all of the emotions. It is like walking into the actual historical experience or you can view them as an observer to gain the knowledge you are seeking.
Without your experiences on Earth and other Realms, there would be no Akashic Records. Know for certainty that whatever you experience during each moment of your life is being recorded. Know that when you have an experience, others can experience it through you. That is how important and significant each and every one of you are.
There is no judgment associated with these records. There is no hell, fire or damnation unless you choose it for yourself. These records are for the curious, the interested and for yourself. You will review these records once you leave the Earth plane and when that time comes, you will re-experience all your deeds. Know that you will feel what others felt as a result of your interaction with them. The purpose of this reflection is to assist you in making decisions about what you wish to experience with the next segment of your life, whether it be on Earth or elsewhere.
We invite you to choose experiences of high integrity, those that bring you closer to unconditional love so you may join us for strolls in the Garden of Paradise .
I Am Manik, on this day of Tone 8, Selamet!
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Many blessings,
Theresa Crabtree

Giving Thanks
by Owen Waters

In America, the Thanksgiving holiday is approaching. Each year, it serves as a reminder of how the early pilgrim settlers wanted to celebrate by giving thanks for their very survival in a strange, new land.
Today, we face, not a new land, but a new consciousness. Everyone in the world is a pioneer - an early pilgrim – stepping into a New Reality.
The bounty that is ours today is not food for survival, but food for our spiritual hearts, as we have entered a new world where heart-centered consciousness is coming clearly into focus.
The love that springs from heart-centered consciousness is the saving grace of all of humanity. It is the source of compassion. It is the energy of caring for others. It is the binding force which holds together the entire universe, and it flows through you whenever you simply allow it.
Love is the gateway to spiritual consciousness.
Giving thanks from the heart is an expression of gratitude, and gratitude is an expression of love which has enormous power. It is invoked when you mentally send love to those whom you appreciate. It becomes especially powerful when you send your gratitude to your concept of God the Creator for all the good things in your life and for life itself, because God will reciprocate with uplifting energies. That one step you take towards God really does bring a reaction of two steps towards you.
When you allow your heart to open to the universe’s flow of love, gratitude comes with that flow. Gratitude for the people that you love, and for those who share your life. Gratitude for the Creation of the beautiful Earth as our home in this great cosmos. Gratitude for the Sun that gives us life. Gratitude for being alive, for just existing, for being in the flow of the wonder of life.
Gratitude flows unimpeded from an open heart. When you allow it, gratitude will flow as freely as the sunshine, unobstructed by judgments or conditions.
Use the following affirmation from my latest book, Spirituality Made Simple, and see what happens. The more you use it, the better it works. Try it now:
I am grateful for life
And all that I love
I am grateful for the Earth
And the Sun up above
I am grateful for my spirit
And my inner being
For the One that I express
And the joy of this feeling

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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, this reality believes in duality, believes in the possibility of separation from the Father, and believes that you have to pray a certain way or go to the right church or have the right instruction or the right incense in order to have the Father’s ear. That is not true. You always have the Father’s ear and the whole body, because you are the Father in extension. You are life, creative life, come forth as an expression in this reality. Take that very deeply into your meditation. 
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HEAVEN #3651
Consider That You Are a Tour Guide
November 23, 2010
God said:
A penny for your thoughts! A hundred dollars for your thoughts. A million dollars for your thoughts. Your thoughts are worth a great deal. Your thoughts are powerful, so powerful that they can build new cities, so powerful that they can topple tall buildings. Your thoughts are powerful.
What are you thinking about? And what do you want to think about?
I would say that you have had enough thoughts of doom. Good thoughts bring good living. Good thoughts are those that remind you of happiness.
Beloved Ones, you are living in a world! Think of it. You are living in a world! It is a great thing your living on Earth. You live in the Garden of Eden and know it not. You look at wilted flowers. You point them out. All the while, the sun shines, and new flowers grow.
Tend to My Garden for Me, will you? Will you take good care of this world I have given you from the fullness of My heart? I have given you something wonderful to take care of. Love the ground you walk on. Look how it supports you. Look how it grows food for you and flowers. Look at all that the world houses and all that the world has given to you out of its love for you. Know what you have received.
Make no mistake about it, I gave you a great gift when I gave you Earth. And you are a great gift I positioned on Earth. Remember that you are to bless the Earth. Bless every gift given to you. Raise the world’s flag high.
Be a proponent of the world. Do not belittle it. Do not worship it, yet give it credit for what it gives to you. Tip your hat to the world. Acknowledge its greatness. Thank the world for its blessings, and bless back.
The world is like a cafeteria. It offers great selections. Choose what you choose. You have chosen. Keep choosing. All the treats are there. All fresh. All yours for the choosing. Pass by what you do not favor. No reason to stay in one place deciding what you don’t like and why you don’t. Don’t make a campaign of it. Simply pass it by. Do not count the items you do not favor. Favor what you favor, and be done.
Point out the sights you like. There is no good reason to point out that which you don’t like. Consider that you are a tour guide. What are you going to show the people you guide? More people follow you than you know. Perhaps you have been considering yourself more than the people who follow in your steps.
Be considerate of the world and those who inhabit it with you. Look where you’re going. Look where your thoughts are taking you. You have infinite choices of thoughts. Thoughts are yours for the asking. And I am asking you to think of thoughts that seed the Earth with love. I am asking you to plant a new crop of thoughts. Be more than the farmer who plants the same old crop every year.
Be a pioneer. Be a Johnny Appleseed who has vision and the thoughts to make his visions come true. Thoughts are the wherewithal you need. All thoughts are at your disposal. None are out of your range.
Come into My store, and pick out the thoughts that serve you and the Universe well. Search the crevices of your heart, and you will find thoughts fit for a King, or a Queen. You will find thoughts you didn’t know you could have, and you can have them. They are yours.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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As Seeds Are Issued Forth
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
November 21, 2010
Days of pristine enlightenment, followed then by days of questioning, as all that occurs may not necessarily be as we would personally like or expect it so to be. There are to be those times of testing and being ever in our hearts truth, not with turmoil perhaps by incessant doubt and questioning of an over active ego mental mind that places systematic logic and personal desires or wants before all else.That time of doubting is losing foothold in all whom listen with divine greater intent within the place that only god knows, that only you know. More than ever is there a need to be open to the light parcel that are in plenty during these times of accelerated growth and enlightenment.
Baring one's soul, so to speak, is at times an uncomfortable place to be as the pain of delusions struggle within as the 'new light within the new mind' are the forebearers and directives of all that is to ensue. In magical momentum and elegant poise are all the energies meticulously hand picked to issue forth in the divine right moment of time where one and all will be the recipients of that which is indeed par for the day, unparalleled and without compare.The soul barometer is ever within your heart space and as ever needs to be listened to as directions open out before you.Thus, going with the flow is relevant  to you and to your inevitable destiny that you have invested in here, as you came from the stars many moons ago. It was that clarion call heralding all as it rang out, reverberating  throughout the heavens.
You were brave and beautiful rainbow warriors of light and this love that was, and still is, in your mighty hearts tendered your readiness to become a true planetary consort to the Lady Gaia, on behalf of the Universal Godhead that issued forth your 'energy tone' that you recognised as the trumpet sounded!  Starseed or Lighted Ones such as you came forth en-masse as the divinity within each of  you 'knew and felt'  that this indeed was for your calling. There were then mighty celebrations by all manner of the Lighted Beings from the realms of Illumined truth. Your presence here on beloved Mother Earth was prepared, and the incoming tide of radiant ones, you, entered into the earthly sojourn of numerous experience and you thus became widely, lovingly known as the beloved Lightworkers!
Movements on and off planet are the keyword for this period of awakening as yet more and more energy is perfectly projected forth from Central Sun, onto and into our readily ascending planet. Hu-man kind, upon incarnating into the lives of numerous experiential journeys were reduced to but a 2 strand double helix as our DNA was greatly reduced, incurring even more the forgetfulness that beset Human kind. It drew the veils of separation closed tight to ensure the connection to whom you truly were be completely hidden from view and the then illusive reality.You were and are experiencing all manner of valuable trials and tribulations, working through old patterning and scenarios that have and had need to be expelled from progressive humanities karmic debtors. 
Many wondered at what reason could there possibly be to be living out these rather aged and discouraging experiences, which involved lots of pain, and a lot of soul searching. All such experiences have a need to be relived, blessed and then let go, for the quantity of negative and darker energies were colossal and must indeed be worked through once again with a 'new brush sweeping clean.' This is what you and many are doing, by your own bequest and desire to redress and exempt those old patterns thereby nullifying or negating them. In the case of wanton energies that were difficult to appease then became the need, in conjunction with beloved Lady Gaia and her consorts' unconditional loving grace - would they be expelled in the manner of planetary upheavals, quakes, floods and storms etc. These options are saddening to the Lady Gaia.
All is coming to the boil as the worlds great big cooking pot is fast bringing to the surface all those things that are ready to be dealt with and atoned. These will continue only if or when more releasing is deemed necessary. And it is with the utmost loving embrace that the many souls who left behind their third density lifestyles that such situations are option that may, at times, have to be observed. There is ever a joyous acceptance, that they have left an area so distorted in misaligned energies, that their leaving is NOT IN VAIN. For they expel with them the gross mal alignment so affording a cleansing of that area. Their reception as they pass through the veils, is one of love and purity and of assured grace or recompense for the continuance of each respective pathway.

Preparation and perseverance, powerful and peace-loving invocations to tune into the music of the spheres, to bathe in its magical harmony of blessedness. As illusory time moves ever onwards, yet also inwards, then there becomes the expansion of Hu-man kind and those who work fastidiously and diligently will find their DNA beginning to raise or extend. We know that the beloved planet is raising her energy levels and it will only be a short while to when she glides into her fifth density plus star status. You, as Lightworkers and the stars ON the planet, will realise an increase to around the 12 strand DNA so to ascend easily with the planet in the climes of the forthcoming ascension. It is not envisaged that there will be any souls who, if they so choose, may not easily attune to that DNA level. This is the requisite level of progressiveness and expansion that those with a loving heart and purpose will easily obtain.
Many levels of DNA will be obvious and it is not something that you need to give undue thought to, for this is perhaps merely a tit-bit for you to hear and to observe. There may well be those Lightworkers or the like who attain the level of around 22/24 Strand DNA, and this will obviously portray another facet that would require a little more expansion. Many crystalline facets of the pulsing, vibratory molecular prism of crystal consciousness,so to speak. Crystal pure multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, magnificent manna from heaven! So be it!  
Observing all that is happening upon this mighty and so loved planet, is and   will give rise to happy hearts and fuller promise for the future of Hu-man kind as he/she wends the way back into those epochs and era's of earthly times! There is ever and always a divine plan that issues forth that which is truly so meticulous and magically master-minded? Whom sows the seeds that will be nurtured into progressive unity consciousness? Whose guarantees has one in these roller coaster days of enlightenment and so expressive movement? What crystalline perfect Being has the authority and  the presence to issue forth of delectable manna and bread of heaven, that flows forth from the stars, blessing and caressing each and every God Being now walking planet earth? You know whom and why this shall so be, for it is YOU who collectively, with fellow travellers walk tirelessly on your pathways with you. You do know that it is God, and you do know that God is ever in the heart of YOU, as YOU are ever in the heart of God. So beloved Gods, go forth and multiply!  
Namaste ...Selamet Cojan
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