Give Joy Rather Than Lessons {Channeled}


1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: Many Highly Evolved Souls Are Already on Earth
3.)  Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith: Perceiving Your Energy
4.)  Give Joy Rather Than Lessons
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  What Is It Worth?

Isis' Message of the Day -
Elohim: A highly evolved group of Ascended Light Beings who assist Earth.
Directive: A decree issued by a higher authority for Earth
HAARP: An official government project called High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project.
Parallel universes: Different realities created by thought energy. Applies to our individual lives and the life of the Earth. The one given the most energy is the one we live.
The Law of Attraction. A Universal Law whereby our thoughts act like a boomerang and return to us in a solid manifested form.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light 

Today's Angel Message
Dear ones, we wish to talk about time. We hear many of you talk about their not being enough time. You plan your days by time. You count the minutes as they slowly pass by, especially when it is something you are not wanting to do. When it is something you enjoy, how quickly the time flies. Have you ever experienced those times when time literally stood still. Those moments are generally filled with awe. We would like you to start having those awe moments. How do you do this you say? Start noticing the sunrises and sunsets. At least one of them each day. Don’t just glance out your window. Take the time to truly notice its magnificence. As you fill with the awe from the beauty, we wish you to maintain a state of gratitude and realize how lucky you were to be there at that specific moment to truly see that magnificent sunset. That is just an infinitesimal example of the magnificence of god/creator/all that is. Soak in the beauty. Soak in the awe. Feel it wash over you. Then feel the peace. Blessings to you all.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *       

SaLuSa: Many Highly Evolved Souls Are Already on Earth
June 15, 2011
When viewing the whole picture, we see a most promising advancement that suggests a major event is drawing near. Beyond that we cannot say more and are obliged to keep our plan to ourselves, to prevent interference from those who would delay it. Their presence is more of a nuisance rather than a serious threat, as we know their ways and what they are up to. When it is our time to go ahead, regardless of the opposition we shall commence our plan knowing that it will succeed. We have had to make allowances for the karma of the Human Race, but in these end times it will become less and less. Having experienced the depths of darkness, you are now rapidly on the way up and have been clearing the lower energies that were holding you back. The Light is now firmly established upon Earth, and continues to grow at a great speed. It is your protection and it is powerful, and the dark Ones fear the consequences. No longer do they hold sway over you, as you have become aware of their covert plans to put you under their complete control. Many of you have become fearless and carry the Light as your banner of freedom. In great numbers you now oppose the dark Ones, and they know their game is up, and that it is their time to surrender. We are working on that now, and one way or another they must relinquish their power to Beings of Light.
Many highly evolved souls have already joined you, and purposely incarnated for this immediate period to step forward and lead you onwards to Ascension. Some are well known for their activities, and stand by to fill positions of authority that are to be vacated very soon. Our allies have us behind them, and the higher spiritual councils who oversee all operations of Light. The changes will therefore go ahead, as we require to establish a working set up that can quickly instigate the divine plan that will take over. Hitherto your lives have been ordered and controlled to keep you away from knowledge of the coming Ascension. Your awakening is seen by the dark Ones as a massive blow to their ego, their ambitions and intent to defeat the Light. It has failed miserably and they hit out like a wounded animal as their life force ebbs away. You have yet to appreciate how magnificent your achievements are, but they will become apparent as our plan unfolds.
As individuals you can only see a very small part of the picture, but with the Internet there is a wonderful exchange of information. You are better informed than you have ever been previously.Beware of course of deliberate attempts to interfere with the truth, and if something does not feel right leave it alone. You will not experience such problems once we can openly work with you, as we shall take great care to ensure that you are fully informed as to what is taking place. There will be no secrets the way we work, and some of you will become involved with us and we shall form teams. We shall enable the release of those workers who have been trapped and virtually imprisoned by the dark Ones, and have been held in secret locations where they have been cut off from your society. They will have much to offer and be pleased to work with the Light for the best good of all.
There is clearly nothing wrong with working for self, as you should not ignore your own needs, but anyone can contribute to the whole. It can be done by compassionately helping to alleviate the needs of those have less than the basic requirements to exist day to day. You have a world of plenty yet so many souls suffer from a lack of food, water and medicine. Fortunately you have a number of charitable societies that provide aid, and even a small contribution helps. The conditions on Earth are a continual challenge to those attempting to survive on meager rations and no health care. In a caring society they would be cared for regardless of color or creed. These problems will be overcome when we can help you, but meantime the suffering goes on and needs attention. Help if you can, and you will be raising the mass consciousness levels and eventually the problems would cease to exist. Lessons are being learnt all of the time, and indeed if you wish to evolve quickly the Earth is the place to come.
The cycle may be drawing to a close, but it offers endless opportunities to show how much you have learnt from your many incarnations. Life is hectic and stressful because it has hit the wrong note, and the dark Ones are largely responsible for that but it is quickly changing. Your natural loving self is manifesting as more of the Light is absorbed into your body. It is raising your consciousness levels and you are becoming more your Godself. It is also changing aspects of yourself more associated with the lower vibrations, as they no longer satisfy you. Many of you will know what I mean, as your “taste” has changed in many different ways. Music is a typical example as you respond more to the pure tones and find classical music more fulfilling. It is a fact that in this time more people are turning to it, and find it resonates better with their own energies and is often very relaxing. In certain instances it can also be healing and as some of you are aware sound is color, and both are known for their healing qualities. As your vibrations rise it is only natural that you seek corresponding upliftment in many other facets of your life.
We are all in this wonderful period of change together, and by helping each other the sooner we will become One. The dark Ones have perpetuated the idea of separation, but it can no longer apply as the Light is drawing people together. They are beginning to see the Light in others, rather than concentrate on the physical aspects. They understand that we all come from the same Source, and that our physical form is the disguise we use to experience in specific Races. Beliefs may be different but underneath there is a Godspark keeping the Light glowing, just waiting to be awoken to the truth. The veil is lifting and we also have a part to play in enlightening you. We speak to you through our messages, but very soon we shall speak to you directly and you will know for certain whom you really are.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and soon another stage of the Galactic Federation’s work will commence. Like you we have been waiting for the time of re-union with you all. We shall celebrate with you, as it will truly be a great occasion.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *            

Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith: Perceiving Your Energy
Channelled through Natalie Glasson 13/06/11
Energies on the Earth are changing and developing all the time whether it is the energy around you or within you. As lightworkers on the Earth you may be sending healing energies from your being to individuals or to humanity as a whole. Your good work of expressing and anchoring light through your being and body into the physical dimensions is extremely important but you must also think of your safety at this time. Many people hold the devotion to be of service to humanity and will willingly help others to raise their energy vibration, discover new abilities or to aid their journey along their spiritual path. I wish to make you aware that the expression of your light is a beautiful process but there is a need for you to be aware when this is appropriate or not in an individual's reality, as each person has life lessons to overcome and sometimes your assistance can cause greater harm than good. It is always important to be guided by your intuition in everything that you do as well as asking for the will of the Creator to guide you accordingly.
Did you know that you can call upon the will of the Creator as an energy source to envelop you, accepting the consciousness but also beginning a conversation with the will of the Creator? When you speak to the will of the Creator you are speaking directly to the Creator, you are receiving guidance that is appropriate for the present moment and guided by the mind, heart and soul of the Creator. As you have conversations in your mind or during meditation with your guides so you can converse with the will of the Creator, this will ensure that you are always following the correct path for you. With practice and by building a connection with the will consciousness of the Creator you may begin to feel the will of the Creator like a magnetic pull in your life guiding you with each step that you take. It is essential that as individuals begin to clear their karmic energies that they work intensely with the will consciousness of the Creator. If ever you are unsure of what to do or which decision to make for the best call upon the will consciousness of the Creator to surround you and seep into your being, energy and consciousness. Then begin to converse with the will consciousness of the Creator to receive the guidance that is needed at the present time in your reality. It is also essential to remember that as energy is vibrating at a quicker speed the possibilities in your reality and for your future are increasing and developing.  Guidance that you gain may be different to guidance that you gain a little later or a few days later, because your energy has changed circumstances in your reality during this short period of time and energy exchange.
With the will consciousness of the Creator present in your reality you will always understand when it is appropriate for you to be of service as a beacon of light, wisdom or love for others. It is important to then realise that sometimes when we have assisted another person that we can become unbalanced or drained of energy. As energies new and old are entering into the Earth and are being removed it can be confusing as to where energies are coming from and what energies are most needed to aid an individual's personal growth. When you give healing, love or light to another person this builds a connection between you it is as if links or bonds are being made to allow for the transference or activation of energy. This is natural and normal. Maybe you guide the person in words that must be said or energies that must be called upon to aid their spiritual growth. The connection of energy is very interesting here because the person will naturally attach the energy given, the growth made or wisdom expressed with you. Each time they think about your exchange of energy it will activate the exchange once more and allow energies to flow between you. This is fine if you are strong in your own energies and able to maintain a high balanced vibration of light at all times but it can lead to the person expressing their light or wisdom feeling drained of energy or unbalanced. This can be a difficult subject to explain because the desire of our soul and the Creator is that we all become one in energy working together in unity and love. This you would believe would signify the need to share and exchange energies or constantly be connected to the light of the Creator as well as each other, but when spiritual growth is taking place this is not always appropriate.
It is essential at this time for individuals to understand their own energy, to relate with the energies of others but to focus upon maintaining a balanced energy field for themselves holding their own power and love, recognising this energy as their own. It is only when you truly understand how your own energy works and how it feels, being aware of it daily that you can then begin to unite your energies with others.
It is essential that as a light worker upon the energy that you always focus upon maintaining your own energy, balance, power and love, understanding your energy thoroughly so that you can comprehend when changes are occurring. Sometimes there is a need to cut cords or links that have been made during a healing process or an expression of love, if you are guided by the will of the Creator to do so, as this will allow the other person to understand their own energy and fully benefit from the healing or love expression that has been given. If you imagine that you have given healing to a person which makes them feel better, your energy has willingly blended with another person. Now this person at a later date may think of the healing session and without realising draws on your energies once more and so they feel better again. This may continue to occur even for many years, both of you are unaware but you as the healer as loosing energy and may not be replacing it while the other person is taking energy without it being willingly given and therefore may be creating karma for themselves. It could also be that you are going through a period of experiencing negativity and the person may be drawing this negativity into their life also.  If you were to cut energetic cords after your healing session then the healing energy would remain with the person and they would actually feel more secure and whole in their energies. If they thought of the healing they wouldn't be able to draw energy from you but would activate it from within them, therefore strengthening their own energy and aiding in the healing process, allowing for a complete and strong energy field. 
You can call upon our energy, Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith, to assist with this process, Archangel Michael will cut the cords between you created by your expression while Archangel Faith will heal the cords and dissolve them completely. It only needs to be a thought in order for it to take place and then you can call upon the angels of healing to surround you and allow for any further healing to take place. You may also ask for the angels of healing to surround the other person and for us, Archangel Faith and Archangel Michael, to work appropriately with the other person involved.
Energy exchange and expression is always essential, allowing for a flow of energy from your soul to others and vice a versa but only when it is willingly given. This means that it is given with your consent or more importantly it is given guided by the will of the Creator. We do not wish for you to become cold hearted keeping your energies to yourself but to simply be aware that sometimes cords between you and another need to be broken in order for further growth and energetic development. Sometimes when we are drawing energy from another person we are creating a reality that signifies that we are deprived of energy, do not have enough of our own energy or power and need the support or even validation of others. It is important that as we enter into the energy of 2012 that we are able to recognise and understand our own energy, realising when new energies manifest and when certain energies need to be cleared. This creates a strong energy field and inner strength that allows us to become more aware of the Creator's light within and around us. For too long humanity hasn't held their own energy but has been guided by others without consulting the truth within or the will of the Creator. Now is the time for personal strength to grow developing through the essence of love as everything needs to be born from love at this time because love is the truth that is anchoring into the Earth as the presence of the Creator. You can express true and deeply compassionate love from your being to all times when you are strong and secure in your own energy, acting as a greater beacon of love on the Earth. It is important to realise that you can love a being with your whole heart and body without energetic cords connecting you together, this means that you hold your own energy but are able to express your energy without losing it as such. In some ways it could be seen as not being so energetically involved with other people. Sometimes we need to take a step back in our experiences and situation to ask what is appropriate for me to do at this time. We often want to help as much as we can but sometimes just a thought or expressing our love without expectations or attachments is needed. It is the same for guides upon the inner planes, we would wish to assist you as humans on the Earth as much as we can but we cannot allow you to become reliant on us as you are a powerful soul and must discover your own energy. Sometimes we have to step back and simply hold you in light and love.
It is important to take a look at your reality and relationships with others, asking to discover how you energetically interact with people. You can ask for your guides to make you aware of this throughout your day or simply allow your attention to be on your energy flow and expression during your day, especially as you are connecting with someone, expressing energy or thinking of someone. Allow yourself to discover what is occurring to your energy in these occasions and whether it is appropriate at this time. The will of the Creator will guide you in this matter.
Often we feel as if cutting cords to people we care about is a harsh and unloving thing to do, but it doesn't mean that you dismiss them from your life or that you love them any less but it simply means that there is less of an attachment between you which means that your love expression can flow more fully and you can experience love more fully. In some way it is like setting people free, the relationships you create actually strengthen.  Often people become so entangled in the energies of others that they forget to look after their own energy or are unable to recognise their own energy because of the presence of other people's anxieties, lessons and fears. It is a very powerful process that can alter your reality dramatically so please follow the will of the Creator at all times but there may be some areas in your life that you have been trying to move on from but keep being drawn back because of attachments and bonds, you may find that in these circumstances that calling upon our assistance may be of benefit. The cutting of cords is a very healing process and allows for deep cleansing as well as loving self empowerment. We feel that this may be something that is needed now at the time of humanity's growth but we ask that you are always guided by the will of the Creator.
With love as always,
Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith
May you walk in the love and light always,
Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her  she shares the channeled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channeled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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HEAVEN #3855
Give Joy Rather Than Lessons
June 15, 2011
God said:
It is true that you are everyone’s teacher. Everyone has the opportunity to learn from interchange with you. And you learn from everyone else as well. Everyone is everyone’s teacher, and everyone has something to learn from others -- undoubtedly, a lot to learn.
Everyone can learn from your misbehavior as well as from your generosity. The fact that people will learn from you regardless of your actions is no excuse for misbehavior, however. There are limits in the world, and many of them are in your best interest. There is good behavior, and there is poor behavior. Rudeness, it is safe to say, is not good behavior. Instead of saying behavior, it may be more helpful for Me to say idea. Some things are clearly not good ideas. I would say following the 10 Commandments is a good idea. Certainly, it’s not a good idea to convince yourself that breaking them is a good idea.
Jumping on tables is usually frowned upon. If you jump on a table to get across a crowded room, what blessing is there? What lesson are you giving when you jump on tables? Perhaps you are showing disrespect. It is not for you to set out to teach people lessons. Did I give you a free pass? Because you choose to do something, does that make it virtuous?
Now, in musicals, it is allowable to jump on a table in order to perform a stellar dance. The dancer who jumps on a table in a musical is not giving lessons, not even dance lessons. He is giving joy.
Think about giving joy, not lessons. Spread joy, and no one will need lessons. Joy fosters good ideas.
With all your might, forego giving lessons. Sure, teach someone to ride a horse or drive a car. Offer such tried and true lessons, and let people ask you for them.
Of course, people are responsible for their reactions to you. You are not responsible for how others respond to you. You are responsible for what you do. You are responsible to see that what you do gives people peace and not pain. What are you giving?
Are you perhaps trying to prove that you are smarter than everyone else? No one is smarter than everyone else. Smartness is singularly overrated anyway.
You don’t even want to prove that you are kinder than everyone else. You have nothing to prove.
If you are one who generally thinks of yourself as meant to stir things up and teach lessons, then you have lessons to learn. Better to grace people with your presence than to upset them. Create peace rather than clamor. When you consistently incite clamor, you have a lot to learn.
So long as you know everything, you are not open to learning. The first thing is to open your heart and not close others’ hearts. If you feel your role is to roil other people, you are discounting yourself. Arrogance comes from your lack of belief in yourself. Otherwise, you would respect yourself more.
Those who commit crimes are generally called criminals. They write their own rules. They write: “It is okay for me to steal. It is all right for me to kill. It is all right for me to cheat.” At least they are honest criminals. They don’t convince themselves they are virtuous. They admit they are doing it for their own ends. They do not say that they are criminals in order to enlighten others. They do not kid themselves that they are creating havoc for the betterment of others.
If you are really here on Earth to teach others lessons, then teach them happiness, and teach yourself as well.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, even the ones who seem to be serving the dark are serving the Light, because the Light and the dark make contrast, bring into clarity. That is what is happening now upon the face of our holy Mother, the Earth. There is coming more and more clarity as to what is loving and what is not loving; what is respectful, what is appreciating the diversity of all of the expressions of divinity, of life.
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What Is It Worth?
by Jennifer Hoffman
I love to shop on eBay and my buying strategy is to place an initial and a maximum bid and wait to see whether I obtain the item. My maximum bid represents what the item is worth to me and how much I am willing to pay for it. If I lose the bidding, the item went for more than I was willing to pay. Recently, I did not win an item that I wanted and noticed that the final price was actually far more than the person bidding against me would have paid retail. Was the item worth that much to them or was there something else involved? Why was winning that item so important that they were willing to pay far more than it was worth? 
We are always faced with choices that challenge us to decide what an opportunity is worth to us. And the value is not always monetary. Sometimes it is our peace of mind, personal integrity, comfort, joy, self-esteem, pride or even our identity. We have all been in relationships, for example, where we had to determine whether the relationship was worth the effort it took because there was so much pain and drama involved. Or we have had jobs that challenged our integrity or self-esteem and had to decide whether we would stay there. When we are in these situations we have to decide whether it is worth the price to stay there or move on and recognize that the price was more than we were willing to pay or took more than we were willing to give. 
On the other hand, we have also had situations where we were willing to give whatever it took to make something work, even if it took all we had. Why is it so important, in these circumstances, for us to 'win at all costs'? When do we stop putting a value on what our time, energy, emotions and integrity are worth and decide that because something eludes us we must simply try harder to have it? What happens if we let it go, is it worth less to us, do we give up, does that reflect on some aspect of us personally or do we hope that by being willing to let go someone will step in and remind us of how worthy, powerful and valuable we are? 
We know that when things become too hard, it's a sign for us to stop and regain our perspective. Pushing harder creates more drama for us and we forget that life is supposed to flow effortlessly. The benchmark for what something is worth to us should be our peace of mind and joy. If things are too hard, they become worth-less, not worth more. It is not in trying harder that we will force peace and joy into our lives. Quite the opposite. When we can learn to set our boundaries for what things are worth to us, we can invite things that have great value, such as peace, joy, abundance and unconditional love, into our lives and not have to pay, in terms of pain, drama, chaos and emotional uncertainty, more than they are worth.
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