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Thoughts You Would Not Have

Heavenletter {Channeled}

God said:

When you know you are an unlimited Being of unlimited resources, on what occasion would you stint? What of yourself would you not give generously? It wouldn't occur to you to stint. It wouldn't even occur to you to be generous. Generous is simply where you would be without calling it generous or good or anything at all.
What would be generous about giving of yourself when giving can only make more of yourself? What would you withhold when it would never occur to you to withhold? You would not be making yourself generous, you would not be making yourself share, you would be giving because you would have no thought not to. You would not bar yourself from giving. You would not hold back your natural desire to give. You would have no impulse to withhold the bounty of love in your heart, nor would it occur to you to want to take back what you have given. You would not have second thoughts. You wouldn't have first thoughts either.
Beloveds, that you give yourself without limits doesn't mean you give unlimited access to you. You are not up for grabs. You are not a grab bag at the mercy of anyone.
When you would give, you would have given. You would not know regret. You would not think of yourself in terms of stupid or foolish or wise or wonderful. All this would not be a consideration for you any more than selfishness would be a consideration.
Beloveds, you would give from your abundance. You would be a natural giver. You would know what you have been given, and, therefore, you would give. You would not be wonderful; you would just give.
You would share because you want to, although it would not be a choice for you. It would be hard for you not to give. You would not want to punish yourself with selfishness. You would reward yourself with giving and the ease it gives. Giving gives you ease. You would give in the way that you would catch a ball and toss it back. It would be your natural reaction. That you throw the ball straight or throw it amiss wouldn't matter, for you would just throw the ball back.
You would never regret that you gave. You would not think that you were owed something in return. You wouldn't have to receive acknowledgement or appreciation. You would not think of a return on your money, so to speak. You wouldn't think about it one way or another, for you would be a person who gives from a true base of giving. You would know that your giving is a gift to you and a gift to Me, even though you wouldn't think about it. You would give so simply and so naturally from your heart of love.
Why do you breathe? There are many reasons, yet you do not think of the reasons before you breathe, or during, or after. You do not think that you are saving your life by breathing. You don't think about the repercussions of not breathing. You simply breathe. You don't measure the air you breathe. You know it's your birthright to breathe, yet you know this without giving a thought to it. You are simply a Living Being who breathes.
One day you will also be a Living Being who gives. You will give without measurement, and you will give gladly without proud thoughts of your giving any more than you have proud thoughts that you can breathe. When you think about it, you are glad you can breathe, and you are glad that you can give when you think about it, but mostly you don't think about it. What else can you be but glad? What else can you do but breathe and give, breathe and give, breathe and give?
Only if there is alertness and presence of mind can your life improve. For this, you need to cultivate the habit of listening. Most of us are not good listeners. When you are listening to somebody, the speaker's very first sentence triggers some conversation within you. You are constantly agreeing or disagreeing with the speaker. Have you ever wondered whether you can listen without any thoughts or pre-conceived notions? To cultivate the habit of listening, you have to "go" to a place where everything is beautiful.
Where is the place? That most beautiful place is within you! When you come to this place, then any place is beautiful. Then, wherever you go, you add beauty there.
Book yourself on a trip to this most beautiful place in the universe. Then you find that every day is a vacation and a celebration!.