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Isis' Message of the Day -

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real

I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~
Today's Angel Message
Dear ones. Behold. We are here for you. Do you feel us as we wrap our wings around you? Do you feel our comfort? Imagine if we were to rock you how you would feel? This is what we wish you to experience, the feeling of peace, love, and acceptance. Change what you see and experience, and you change your life. Be at peace. Bless your hearts.

Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *     
Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, the moment that you realize that you are not bounded by time at all, then time will no longer exist. You are already moving towards that place, because I have heard so many of you say, “I am running out of time.”
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The Story of the Fall of Consciousness - Part 1
Through Jim Self
In 2002 I asked an archangel what I thought was a simple question. I expected a simple answer. What I got was not a simple answer, but instead the story of “The Fall of Consciousness.” The answer is still not complete and the wonderful conversation continues.
How did the Fall of Consciousness occur? What was it? Who was involved, and how has it continued to unfold to this day? The story is told by Archangels Uriel, Zadkiel, Michael and Metatron.
Uriel starts by explaining…There was no war. There were no bad guys. There was no angel that betrayed Creator and ran off with all the knowledge. It didn't happen that way.
Let’s keep it simple... A long, long time ago the Creator wished to know itself more fully. So Creator reached into itself and created many new aspects of Itself. Aspects that you know as the Holy Spirit, the I AM Presence, the Christed Light and much, much more. Creator also reached into Itself and created an infinite number of beings known as creator gods. Creator sent them out to explore and create new possibilities. To assist with their creation, Creator developed and provided a blueprint or schematic and gave it to the creator gods to use. Thrilled, the creator gods created.
Using this blueprint they created magnificent creations with the Light of the Creator. They created universes, new aspects of consciousness and realms of thought and wonderment, all new and all very exciting. This went on for a very long time, although time as we know it did not exist.
At some point in the process something unexpected occurred. Somewhere in All-That-Is, a creator god did something new and unintentional. Instead of following the blueprint, which said put blocks one, two, three and four together, this creator god stacked the blocks differently. They were stacked three, one, two and four instead. At first no one really noticed this change and this new pattern became more widely used. At some point this new way of creating was indeed noticed. This discovery caused tremendous excitement within the creator gods. This was a brand new experience, something that had never been present before. All became very excited.
The creator gods went back to Creator and asked for even more ability to create even bigger and grander things. Creator agreed and gave them a new blueprint, one that was much more full, containing many, many more aspects of the Creator’s consciousness. This became known as the “Will” of the Creator; the first Ray of Creation. This Ray contained the intention of the Creator. It contained everything in total alignment with the Creator’s intention. This first Ray was very vast. One of the new components it contained excited the creator gods very much. It was called free will. Up until that point, free will was not available. The creator gods had always followed the original blueprint.
Equipped with these new tools, the creator gods went out and created in the most amazing ways. That was their job and they loved their job. The Creator also created another creation—the Archangels and the angelic realm. The Archangelic realm, according to Uriel, had a very specific purpose. It was created to be, in simple terms, the spectators, participants, and audience of the great creations of the creator gods. Their job was to go to the great theaters, in a manner of speaking, and enjoy the performances. They did their job well and they loved their job.
The creations continued, and continued. The creator gods not only created more, they also created more creator gods. They had all the capacity to do that. And those first creator gods created more creator gods ,and those creator gods created more creator gods, and the process continued.
The creator gods loved their creations and although all created within the Light of the Creator, some of the creators gods began to use more of their own light to create with, rather than the pure Light of Creator. As these creator gods continued to create, and create new creators gods, this experience of creating with their own light was passed on. As this was all still within the Light brought forth by the Creator this was not noticed at first.
But with this unfolding, small ripples and wobbles began to appear in the creations. This began to be noticed by many of the original creator gods and the Creator. These newer creator gods didn't have the same level of wisdom, knowledge and experience as the creator gods before them. Many of those younger creator gods were very enamored with their creations. Within their free will, they began to use more of their individual light and not the pure, balanced Light of the Creator. Their creations contained less and less of the Creator’s Light. They contained less of the intention of the Creator and much more of their own unique intention. These creator gods were very excited and they were having so much fun with their new abilities, they didn’t really concern themselves with this.
This continued to be noticed by Creator, as there were growing numbers of these creations made without the full, original Light. To bring about a correction and assist these creator gods to return to the use of the original blueprint, two new Rays of Creation were given to all of the creator gods. Because there was free will, it was only suggested they be used. These Rays provided opportunities to expand All-That-Is.
The second Ray of Creation was drawn from the first Ray. This Ray holds all color. Color, until then, had never been experienced. The second Ray also held the capacity to step energy up and step energy down, much like a transformer. This brought about many more possibilities of creating in larger and smaller ways.
The third Ray holds frequencies and sub-frequencies in many different configurations and arrangements. Energetics, they are called. These are enormous building blocks of constructive energy, which hold all possibilities. The first, second and third Rays were used during all steps of the creative process.
These three Rays were developed to uplift the distorted creations, raising them back to higher levels of Light. Creator wanted these distorted creations and the creator gods themselves to return to using the original blueprint that was in greater alignment with All-That-Is.
Other Rays were also offered freely by the Creator with the intention to bring all back into the original Light. Because of free will, creations cannot be taken back or erased.
A point was soon reached when many of the newer creator gods were using very little of the original blueprint to create with. Uriel explained that at this point, there was a line drawn and Creator said something very simple, “If you wish to create with the Creator’s Light all is available to you on this side of the line but if you are going to create with your own light, then you no longer have access to the Light of the Creator.”
Many understood the importance of what was being offered and they returned to create solely with the Creator’s Light and the Rays of Creation, but many did not. Those who did not return loved their creations. They were enamored with their creations, and they continued to create with their own light.
But you see, by this time the distortions and mutations had the capacity to replicate and regenerate on their own. The distortions self-organized and did not follow patterns of Light held within the Rays. They had a mind of their own, in a manner of speaking, mutating into expanded distortions with even less Light. These distortions began to have a great impact on not only creations but also all creator gods.
The more they created outside of the Creator’s Light, the more distortions and mutations were in their creations. More wobbles and ripples appeared. This continued to be of concern to Creator and all those using Creator’s Light. Creator saw the potential of this pattern spiraling out into darkness. Therefore, more Rays were offered, with the continuing purpose to bring back all who were creating outside of the pureness of the original Light, as well as add to the expansion of possibilities within each creation itself. With every new Ray that was created, it worked really quite well...
Until it didn't.
Story of the Fall of Consciousness - Part 2
The mutations and distortions had a life of their own and the distortions began to interact with each other and weave together. The mutations and distortions began to create and spin off more distortions and more mutations, and more distortions and more mutations. Distortions and mutations have no consciousness. They are like a virus or a machine that continues to duplicate and replicate. In the third dimension, mutations and distortions are vibrations that you know as anger, jealousy, resentment and rudeness; deceit, domination and control; incest, rape and “isms,” as in sexism and racism, etc. All of those ugly feelings and all of those ugly thoughts are the distortions that play within all of our spaces today. They are all wrapped in Fear.
This process has gone on for a very, very long time. There are many places in All-That-Is that have no Light in them at all. I once said to Uriel, “Won’t it be a challenge for this darkness to be brought back into the Light?” I could feel the smile within Uriel. Uriel said, “Those dark patterns and beings who are without Light are not the challenging ones. They will be easy to work with when the appointed time comes. The ones that are most challenging are you. You see, you have free will and you have choice. You hold the single spark of the Creator’s Light within you. You have choice and we will not interfere with your choices. You must choose for yourself. The dark beings have no free will or choice.”
Much was now occurring. As the second Ray was being used, it was discovered that Light could be stepped down and compressed into density. This opened up a completely new realm of creation. The great beings of Light, the Avatars and Elohim, could experience themselves in form. This was both new and a joy. They began to experience themselves in all manner of form, such as rocks, water, air, flowers, and much more.
As creation continued to expand, another remarkable creation came about. Twelve living centers of consciousness were drawn from the Christed aspect of Creator and placed throughout All-That-Is. Each of these centers held the Love of the Creator. The purpose of each of these centers was to reflect this love and the Christed Light back to the beings who inhabited or visited those centers. Consequently, the many new beings in the Archangelic realms, the Avatars, the Elohim, and all the great beings of Light enjoyed these centers of Christed Light. The earth is one of these very special centers of Light. In the course of this Fall of Consciousness, there were many creator gods, and others, that came to this Christed center. Many of these were very consumed with, and focused upon those contaminated, distorted creations. They no longer held much Light of the Creator. The physical creations that were being made on Planet Earth began to hold more distortions and less of Creator’s Love.
Because of this long and intense infiltration of mutations and distortions, Earth could no longer continue to reflect the Christed Consciousness back to those upon her surface. Her inhabitants no longer received her Light and Earth fell from that Christed Consciousness. She fell from the unified field of love into greater and greater density, becoming physical. The Earth fell. One Light center out of the 12 fell. This event created an enormous ripple throughout All-That-Is. Earth had been, until this fall, a very significant passageway available to all.
At that point in time the Archangels, the Elohim, the Lords of Light, and many other great beings, petitioned the Creator to create a floor or limit; a point to stop the fall. If the earth was to fall past that line it would not recover. This creation is known as Metatron’s Cube. It was a very intricate geometric construction of consciousness, light and sound. It created a point where the earth could fall no further. The result was known as “the third dimension.” It was rigid, structured, and very dense. There was no flexibility at the time it was created. It had very specific limitations and could sustain and support very little Light and yet there was consciousness that lived within this Earth. The Earth existed in this state for a very long time.
Because this great Fall of Consciousness overwhelmed so many of the great Beings of Light, Avatars, Archangels, and many, many others, the Archangelic realm petitioned Creator to change their purpose. They asked that instead of simply watching the creator gods create, it become their primary function to stop the Fall of Consciousness. Their purpose was to reverse the damage caused by the mutations and distortions, and free all who had been affected. The Creator granted their request. Eventually, and over a very long period of time, the remaining consciousness of Earth was able to create enough of a stabilization that the cube structure was removed from the earth. The possibility of the earth falling further into darkness no longer existed.
Long after the cube was removed, the inhabitants begin to create new considerations and new thoughts that were outside of the previous limitations. Where before there was only rigidness and no flexibility, now there began to be possibility. This unfolded very slowly over billions of years and there began to be more awareness and flexibility. Opportunities and different levels of consciousness returned onto the planet. But, the possibility of returning to a Christed Light center was not available to Planet Earth
More aspects of consciousness came to the planet and were able to remain and became anchored. Eventually the possibility of seeding a new species on the planet began to be entertained. This is the point where most of us have an understanding of a “beginning.” This new consciousness was called Lemurian. In the early aspects of Lemuria there were no physical bodies. The inhabitants were simple beings that held Light. Light consciousness began to live more fully on the dense planet Earth. The Lemurians had Light consciousness but they were not you. They were the first aspect of the great experiment.
All through this unfolding, the Rays of Creation continued to be offered, however, the mutations and distortions continued to expand and grow also. With each new Ray, great creative possibilities unfolded, but they were not successful in permanently stopping the
distortions. This continued for many tens of thousands of years.
To be continued:
In part 3: Why and how everything changed in 2003 and the new possibilities that are now unfolding.
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Love Lightand Clarity
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
July 9.2012

All of the universe is watching with bated breathe admiring that which they are seeing and applauding all that you are doing in the name of love, of light and in the name of a dawning clarity. There is an air of apprehension and admiration as your footsteps are seen kicking up the star dust that is beginning to layer on the ground, likened to countless adamantine particles, springing into the air seemingly at each and every step that is taken. You have now quite a name to live up to as your prowess patience and perseverance has all surrounding space and or off planet friends, in appealing and pleasing ambience to taste and behold. Gone are the days of old when all was perhaps en-cloaked in mystique and mystery and the next steps were ever illusive and difficult to perceive. There is now upon your planet an aura of 'well being' and positivity and purpose, that to the multitudes of light visitors in and around planet earth, leaves them breathless or lost for words. For your continual flowing destination deems to be at a most deep and profound inner level, like a magnet to your very heart /soul.
Complementary to your courage and endeavor are the otherworldly energies from near/far star systems and federations whose continuing focus of love/light energies enjoins with you reinforcing all a thousand fold. Planet earth is now becoming saturated with vibrant Christed energies that are indeed caressing and blessing all and everything without exception. Hang on in there beloved friends on Terra, for you are further down the road than you might think. You are your own best teacher and your ways are ever pre-scanned by your inner prompting, inner knowing, that is fast enhancing the clarity as to the most rightful direction to be taking, The time is drawing ever closer to a fruition of the grand reawakening as the 'tipping point' is near to being realized in totality.
There is nought but excitement or expectation in the ethers, for the bridges have been incredibly well built as indeed have true foundations for All That Is! Salutations to you all, beloved friends and masters on Mother Earth. Gaea is pregnant with the pure seed of life eternal and the 'Garden of Eden' is being exceedingly well redefined. All those in places of responsibility and all those in governing or controlling factors are each and every one being faced with their own personal Armageddon. You are totally well aware of this fact for you are seeing many of these disclosures from a far closer vantage point. Do not be in any doubt or anxiety that any will be overlooked or unseen, these are indeed the greatest of any planets unlawful unraveling ever to be actioned or witnessed, on any planet at any time and in any star system or universe.
These indeed are the "end times" that have for so long been pre-empted by many a prophet's worthy hand or voice of clarity. There is nought that will be left unseen and not one stone or pebble that will remain unturned. It may seem an age for you in-situ on planet earth, but we are blessed to be ever in a position of greater vision, seeing all from a clearer stand-off advantage point, unsullied by disruptive or negative releases from ones that have surely, "erred and strayed like lost sheep!" Hold fast your temptations to be too readily judgmental; it is known how immensely difficult in these situations it is to hold back on your own natural desire to see justice to be done! It is undoubtedly difficult to curtail your anger at times when there is gross malpractice with the younger souls whom have left the planet by the gross actions incurred by mere 'whims of men.'
Be assured that each and every child will be embraced and engulfed with purest love and impending immense joy of recompense as each and every one will undoubtedly realize special dispensations will be and are sanctioned by the very heart of God and All That Is. Remember, as well as you can, that 'judgment is mine said the Lord,' and there will in truth be greater opportunities for all whom have instigated such distress to repent, relearn, repay. In the grander picture will all be reborn into pure spirit where each heart and soul is tenderly embraced in the loving caress of many beautiful angel and cherub, for God is love. Love Is.
Honoring self now is by far the greatest gift that you can give, to the planet and each other, for each day are there opportunities to allow the discrepancies that are welling up within you to be jettisoned up into the fiery violet flame of transformation or freedom, hosted by Portia and Germain, Amazon and Zadkiel. So many times is this utilized with an ever diminishing necessity or need as those 'old energy based traits' are lessening and diminishing as we all move along the ascension pathway as a group, in unity and a oneness. So, again beloved friends and fellow travelers on planet earth, hosted as ever by beloved Lady Gaia and Lady Sophia in close attention, let us simply 'hold the light' each and every day, honoring selves as always, allowing those few remaining bits of emotional debris to finally clear away and the myriad atoms of adamantine particles or manna form heaven to flow forth in abundance and plenty. Let us drink in that elixir of life from the golden chalice held lovingly to our lips, by our angelic friends.
Shalom, Selemat Jahin.

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Light Streamings
by Carol Fitzpatrick
July 6, 2012
Our inherent nature is to seek freedom, freedom to choose what and how we wish to learn from the manifestations birthed into being by the choices we make. Our creations are built on the foundation of love, pure-hearted love. This feeling is rooted in knowing that we are inherently grand light beings and are loved beyond our human comprehension. 
It's our human nature that finds us choosing to play small or not, choosing to love openly and freely or not, choosing to expand our awareness fearlessly or not. The common denominator in the rainbow  vibration of love expressing through us is awareness.
Regardless of how we look upon our lives here in the physical, making choice is centered on learning how to amplify our light. This kind of choice-making is ours to make alone.
You and I have come to the point in our time here on earth that our higher awareness is to take the lead. We are no longer to allow fear-based beliefs to push our awareness into reactionary or contracted relationships.
Our creations mirror our understanding of our heritage where all beings are honored for who they are. In the new earth grid of consciousness, we are divining our way through life. Decisions are sewn into the fabric of our vibrational environments and are seen and felt as extensions of our imagination.
There is no need to react or hide from our higher dimensional self. Self is bright, open and expansive.  Self loves to bask in delight. Thoughts may become manifest only when the heart of who we are is engaged. Without soul-level awareness guiding us through life, nothing of significance is accomplished. Without purity of heart fueling our creations, freedom becomes an illusive idea rather than the momentum that transforms the human heart.
Choice made consciously sets forth waves upon waves of high frequencies of light and creates a field of vibration that pulses energy. Like a generator that emanates a constant flow of current, so too does focused intention set a constant flow of choice into motion. The heart, once fully aligned with the vibrational resonance of the soul, opens to receive light and radiates love spontaneously. Love acts as a radiant field of light that eventually gets mirrored back to the self as a culmination of the intentions (both conscious and unconscious) long set into motion.
Gaining higher awareness is essential for navigating in the new earth grid. Once you are connected to the feeling that guides your life path, clarity of your intention brings forth a feeling of peace and joyousness. Without this knowing, it's easy to become disoriented or confused. Making choice from soul-level awareness creates a flow in life with ease and grace.
By honoring the alignment of your heart to the feeling of your soul, you will be able to identify the manifestation right away because you will feel the peace and joyousness. With the energies of the planetary grid amplifying so quickly, getting mired in the density of chaos is not an option.
When presented with a choice, any choice, just ask yourself, how does the feeling of X (opportunity, relationship, job offer, etc) match the feeling of Y (the feeling of your higher awareness).
Just remember that everything you're experiencing in present moment was created months, years or even lifetimes ago. But with the new earth frequencies in the mix, as you put soul-level awareness into practice, your manifestations are instantaneous.
Part of this is because many of us figured out that time is not a linear progression of thoughts but a dimensional realm we can, at any given time, shift at the source of the original intention. By infusing any disturbing or unsettled feeling with peace and witnessing with our higher awareness,  we change the outcome just as quickly as you realize where your life choices are out of alignment.
Here a some questions that may help you get more focused on what you most desire: What do you most want to create and why? How happy are you with your current creations? What are you choosing to experience today?
If an adjustment is needed, just look at the creation with soft compassionate eyes and an open heart, and say with meaning, "I see you. I see me in you. I love you, honor you, and now I say goodbye [to the dishonoring of self, fear, lack, etc, etc].
We are sovereign beings of light, and like our light brothers and sisters in the higher dimensional realms, the reflections of distortion that play out in this 3D reality are merely a way of learning how to create life here on earth fearlessly and claim the freedom to build a new earth grid of consciousness where all beings are honored, where choice provides us with an opportunity to learn, grow in wisdom and amplify pure source love as we live joyously.
In gratitude,
Carol Fitzpatrick

Carol Fitzpatrick
Carol Fitzpatrick is an avid spiriitual activist. She uses her gift to help others understand what is beyond the fives senses; to help people to see clearer pictures of their lives, and to understand what role they have chosen to play in service to humanity at this critical time. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. It is her role as a translator for the Guides, angels and other light beings who are here to share their wisdom that brings her the greatest joy in service to others.
Carol resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is the mother of two grown children.

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Sustainable Oneness: Universal Code
This earth plane is filled with a sea of possibilities. Once clear and conscious choice-making is mastered, anything that you so desire is possible. That is the message of the new humanity: Imagine. Create. Honor.
These three actions comprise the covenant (code of conduct) for all light beings in the nonphysical and physical dimensional realms.
In the physical there is just one addition to that universal code of conduct: Non Interference. All are to honor choice. In this age as the new earth grid of consciousness is forming, choice made by a soul in a human body is to be honored whether or not the choice was made on the conscious or unconscious level.
Over the next few years, as dramatic changes continue to take place on every level of life here on earth, we shall see this code of honoring choice play out as we work and play in the building of the new earth grid. As we do, we shall know that all is well because we shall feel it as the very fabric of life here on earth.
It's important to remember that the code of conduct is the same for all beings everywhere. Our energetic teachers and helpers act as our cheerleaders and guides. They follow the same code as we do.
In any given life situation, if ever you feel less than honored by others, check your frame of reference. Are you most honoring of yourself?
So many times we look to the other to validate our self worth or choice. But in fact, the other is merely acting as a mirror to what we had set into motion. Most of us forget about the choices we have made long before they manifest as our physical, mental and emotional creations. We then act surprised or shocked, delight or horrified by what we have created as they are mirrored back to us.
What do we need to know right now? What is the most significant factor in today's world? How can we be of highest service?
There are many who shall tell you that as you are awakening to the determining factors of your life that it will be your higher awareness and the subtle life force that guides you through these next few months. You are to pay close attention to how you are reacting to the forces that try to shape your choices into a pattern that will only serve to bind you. If you are in a relationship with your life that has you placed in a marching order of wait, then you must determine if that is the right feeling for you at this time.
Many of you are being asked to move toward key ley lines that are about to be activated. The early to mid-fall will signal a great wave of sadness across your western land. Not because there is anything wrong but because your races of light will have stepped back and allowed for reconciliation of the races. This single act alone will cause a wave of mass ascension. There is no one to blame. Everyone is right aligned given the choices they have made (whether it appears that way to you or not) and all will feel the wave of light through their second chakra of your human form.
Some of you will experience the landing of light through your outer auric field. It is necessary now that you begin building a biospheric energy body around your third and fourth chakras. These areas are particularly sensitive to earth based chemicals that are sprayed in the air on commercially grown foods. These chemicals travel on the air currents, seep into the water supply and coat the food that is then ingested into your body.
By building a biospheriic protection around you, you will release the affects of radiation that will activate when the solar return of the sun emanates from behind the center of the universe. Leave time aside to early fall to secure your houses, your families and your children. As the families and children go, so goes the human race.
We are here to help as you so desire.
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Galactic Federation of Light Messages
July 10, 2012
Justice is being served throughout your world as you read these words today. Arrests are taking place and beings who have committed crimes against the people of Earth are being taken into custody one by one throughout corners of your entire globe. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are monitoring these situations and we are noting the progress that the men and women who are on the front lines are making, and we are very happy to report that they are making good progress, steady progress, and that we see this momentum not fading away but growing in intensity as more of those who have conspired against humanity are brought to the justice that has always been for them inevitable.

We would like to see this momentum fortified by the sharing of this and all relevant information pertaining to these arrests, what they are all about, and the enormous benefits that await humanity as soon as a sufficient number of these arrests are put ‘on the books,’ as you say. We would like to see more of you, our Lightworkers, sharing and discussing this information and informing your brothers and sisters who do not yet know of these proceedings as well as everyone who has been anticipating these arrests but who does not yet know that they have indeed commenced. We wish to make it clear that these arrests are in fact taking place and we cannot be any clearer on this matter, no matter if there are reports to the contrary, as we have a greatly expanded field of vision and we clearly see what is transpiring on your front lines, and what is taking place are arrest after arrest of the members and associates of the faction known loosely as your criminal cabal.

We would like to see momentum pick up, and we feel this momentum will pick up when the news of this event begins to build like a wave driving all throughout your Internet communities. This is your job at this time. We wish to see you help build this wave of information, and we wish again to say you will not be left ‘holding the bag,’ as it were, as we are not in the business of supplying you with false, misleading or inaccurate information. We, it could be said, are in the information business. We are here in your world to help shine light, and light is information. You are Lightworkers, so you may say you are information workers. This is what you are and this is what you do, and all of you do it very well. If you did not, you would not have been chosen to be here, and this goes for each and every one of you that read and resonate with these and other like messages.

You are Lightworkers. You may not realize this or have found a way to believe this, but if you are following these words and you are resonating with them, then you are a Lightworker and are here in service to your Creator and to our mission to help shine the light of information through the darkened corridors of this world. There will come a day, and it now is very evident it will come sooner than later, that all of you will once again understand fully who it is you truly are. We will not spoil your surprise party as we see this as a very exciting climax to your journey here, a journey that has taken you through an amnestic state where you have locked away safely all the memories of who you are, who all your friends and family are, and all your past experiences. This has been a remarkable endeavor and one that is not very commonly experienced here in this universe, and we wish for you, our loved ones, to enjoy every moment of this experience to its fullest and we will do everything that we can, just as we promised you before you departed many years ago, to allow you to enjoy to its fullest everything you possibly can from this rare treat.
One of the enjoyments that are in store for you are the moments when bits and pieces of your true identity and of your past are being shared with you and you indeed receive them, recognizing them and fitting the beautiful puzzle pieces together. We are helping you with this part of our project by telepathically, and in some cases non-telepathically, sharing hints and clues with you. We enjoy this part of our mission possibly as much as any other portion of our mission, simply because it is so fun to choose a clue to send our loved ones and to see that you not only received it, but have recognized it and in many cases have experienced great joy in the receiving of this gift. We are also so happy to have received many ‘thank yous’ from you in return for these presents and we appreciate that greatly, and it makes us feel wonderful and reminds us why we love you so much and how much we miss you.

We will all be together again soon; there can be no denying this now. Our mission together with you is now gathering momentum and will reach full speed; there is no stopping this now. The arrests of the members of your criminal cabal and their underlings is just a small piece of this enormous operation, but it is the central piece. It is the triggering domino which will allow a series of hundreds and even thousands of dominoes to fall neatly in place and in its proper and perfect timing. We will keep you fully abreast and updated as to these proceedings, as we feel this is perhaps at this time the most important information to share with you and we do not wish to deny this matter justice by speaking with you on a daily basis about so many other matters. We do wish for you at this time to focus on these arrests and just for now forsake some of your other duties as Lightworkers such as sharing the video evidence of our presence, as we do not wish for one moment to allow this incredible event to go unnoticed by so many of your people.
At this time, we have not received confirmation that your major and even minor media outlets are willing to participate and cover these events that are taking place throughout media jurisdictions all over your world. This will change; you can be assured of this. One of the greatest obstacles to the media coverage of these events is fear, as threats have been levied against heads of departments and many men and women of rank-and-file throughout some of your media outlets. We wish at this time to say that we are also offering protection to those men and women who choose to stand firm and tall in the face of fear and do what it is that they fully understand is right, is just, and is so very much needed here in this world to help free your people and your planet once and for all from the grip of these tyrannical rulers who have oppressed the defenseless for far too long now.

We are monitoring these situations and we tell you we will do all that we can to protect you and not let any harm come to you. We have very proven and advanced methods of security and protection, and we have rolled out entire infantries to watch over you, the men and women of your worldwide media, and protect you from any harm that anyone may wish to cause you. We will do all that we can in the offering of this safety and protection and tell you that we have in the past offered just this kind of protection for members of other worlds in similar situations and we have fully succeeded in safeguarding each and every being involved in many different operations. We will leave no stone left unturned to assist you in this way if you choose to do what it is you know has to be done to allow freedom to once again reign in this world.

We are your protectors, we are your friends and we are your higher dimensional family, and we will do all that we can to protect and safeguard our beloved family.
Star DNA
Genetic auditors are seamless processors of DNA and related materials that harbor genetic infusions of the materials that will construct and create a living organism such as the human vessel. Each of you has these genetic markers within your DNA strands, and it is these markers that will decide for you the mold which your body will take shape within. These genetic traits differ, of course, from individual to individual, and these genetic markers are passed down not only through the generations of ancestral family, but are also passed down from the higher realms above you in some cases. These genetic precursors for some of you have been gifted of you from beings of the higher realms. Not all your DNA that you possess at this time has been inherited by you from your human birth parents. Some of the DNA that some of you possess has been infused into your human DNA to give you traits, abilities and a personality of something more, something greater if you will, than what you would have possessed without this interaction and infusion.

We would like at this time to begin programs where we will reintroduce, if you will, your real birth parents to you. Many of you have parents that exist within the higher realms, and it is these parents that have bestowed upon you some of this star DNA that you possess within your human strands of DNA. Your scientists of your world have identified these, what for them, are unidentifiable strands of coded messages and have concluded that it is unidentifiable and they have labeled it ‘junk’ DNA, although junk is not nearly what this valuable resource is to you. What they have labeled as junk is a treasure beyond measure. It is you your past, your memories of your past, the being that you truly are and the genetic markers of your universal heritage and ancestry. This code that runs deep within you is incredibly valuable to you at this time, as it is what is leading you back to who it is you truly are and where it is you come from.

The study of human DNA has bona fide virtue, successes, breakthroughs, and has achieved certain levels of understanding for your people, your scientists and your researchers, but we wish to say to you that your level of understanding of DNA and all its powers, abilities and processes are far beyond the current understandings of even your greatest, sharpest and most visionary minds of the human species on your planet. We would like to begin to roll out educational programs where those of you who wish to take the next steps and learn so much more of these sciences that they have studied can do so under the tutelage of some of our top scientific minds and teachers in these fields. The knowledge that is available through these programs is unlimited, and those of you who wish to participate in these programs and lectures can do so. There are no minimum requirements and naturally, there is never a monetary fee. Each and all of you who are interested in any of the programs that we offer are free to enjoy them, to learn from them and to share this information with others if they find it enlightening, interesting, knowledgeable, and worth their time and effort.

Your DNA is one of the fields of science that we feel is a very good place to begin your higher dimensional studies, as so much can be explained to you once you have a firm foundation of understanding of this science and its related sciences and fields of study. One of the attributes of DNA that you may not currently understand is that DNA pulses at a rate that is sometimes beyond your frequency level of your current 3rd dimension. To understand this would be to imagine that some of your DNA exists beyond the measure of your current dimension and some of it exists within your current dimension. It is as if some of your DNA traveling down a strand will disappear from your reality and then again reappear at another section of your DNA strands. This has had your scientists and researchers baffled for many years now and would continue to confuse and stifle their research if not explained to them in some detail of what is the cause of this confusion.

We at this time do not feel this is the arena or the medium to share and discuss in great detail this subject matter, but we will say to you that as some of your DNA exists in a higher dimension, cannot some of you also exist in a higher dimension? Would this not make sense of why some of your DNA contained within your physical vessel disappears and reappears at altering time signatures and frequencies? This is a key to unlocking greater understandings of your realities. We wish you to think about this and think about how many alternate realities you as an individual being may exist within at this very time as you take your next breath. The being that you are is multidimensional in nature. This means you exist in multiple dimensions, not throughout different time periods or intervals, but at one moment in what you understand as time, which we understand as only one moment, the Now moment. You have many lives, many identities and many personas. You have many friends and many family, you have many different experiences, careers, loves, friends, dreams, homes, starship cruisers, everything and anything that a being is or experiences you possess on many different levels and even times of existence, as timelines are also a very integral part of understanding this whole.

We will at the appropriate time when we can speak personally with you explain in great detail all you would wish to learn and understand about this DNA and how you exist within multiple dimensions, time frames and places throughout this entire universe. For today, we will say that we know you far greater than you may believe. We may on one level be standing with you as we speak to you through our channel today. This is what we would like you to think about. We would like you to think about how you can be there and you can be here at the same moment, and we would like you to think about just what this reunion between our people and your people and the merging of our two dimensions really means for you in the greater sense, in the brighter and clearer picture. We look so forward for this day for many reasons and we feel this reconnection is one of the most important and essential outcomes to our entire mission here, and we wish for you to have clear insight into what we mean when we say this will truly be a reunion on many more levels than may be evident for you at this time.

Until we meet again, let us say being apart from you has been as if a part of us has been missing for a very long time. We are your higher dimensional friends and family. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

Received by Greg Giles
I am a Starseed, incarnate of the Indigo Ray and channel for the Galactic Federation and my Star Family from the Ashtar Command, an 11th dimensional Osequeq collective from the Star System Tauri C; Amanda, Arisa, Rona, Jella, Morgana, Sophia, Germana, Capella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron, Thomas. I have incarnated at this time on assignment to advance my education and assist this planet and its people in their time of ascension to a higher dimensional existence.  *  

Celestial White Beings: Crystals of Atlantis
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 09-07-12
We, are the Celestial White Beings, we are beings of pure white light and consciousness that exist from the ninth dimension right through to the twelve dimension. We exist as a soul group on the inner planes in the multi-universal and cosmic levels of the Creator's universe. It is our purpose to be at one with all the Creator manifests as. Our energy vibration and intentions assisted and supported the original manifestation of the Earth and its purpose; we are here to support humanity and souls on the Earth as well as the souls on the inner planes. We hold tremendous love for you and have collected much wisdom as we exist through and observe the many different shifts of the Earth and the Creator's universe. We, the Celestial White Beings are drawing close to you at this moment to share our support and our unconditional love.
So many wonderful and miraculous things are occurring on the Earth now, most shifts and manifestations are occurring on an energetic level and so you may not be completely aware of the situations that are taking place. Of course you do not have to be aware of all shifts that occur on the Earth and the inner planes. It is most appropriate that you are aware of the shifts occurring within you. If you take a moment to acknowledge all the alterations and shifts that you personally have experienced within your being and reality, magnifying this a hundred times you will come close to understanding the energy alterations that are occurring on the Earth and for Mother Earth. It is impossible for you to be aware of all the energetic shifts stirring on the Earth, so your guides alert you to those of most importance. We wish to alert you to energies which are rising and you may wish to connect with at this time to further your understanding of yourself and the Earth.
We wish to make you aware that during the time of Atlantis many large and powerful crystals where placed into the Earth, not only into the land of Atlantis but also into other areas of the Earth. These were known as the Atlantean Knowledge Crystals. The Atlanteans themselves anchored these twelve crystals from the inner planes transforming them into semi physical large crystals holding tremendously high energy vibrations. These crystals were large boulder like crystals that could only be moved with the power of the mind. Each crystal had its own unique colour and sacred geometry shape. We, the Celestial White Beings assisted in the manifestation and anchoring of these twelve crystals of light. We, and the Atlanteans who anchored the crystals, understood that the crystals would have meaning and purpose in future civilisations becoming of great significance when a larger number of the Creator's souls inhabited the Earth.
A crystal was planted into the south and the north of Atlantis.  At this time the Atlanteans were thriving well but many among the civilisation could see negative times drawing close. They planted these twelve crystals in a bid to dissolve the chaos that they felt was looming. The crystal anchored in the south of Atlantis was of a masculine vibration while the crystal in the north of Atlantis held a feminine vibration. The Atlanteans believed that by anchoring a pure crystal consciousness of masculine and feminine energy that it would manifest greater peace while inspiring a greater unity of the masculine and feminine energy within their civilisation and within their beings. The crystals were seen as twin crystals, meaning that the masculine and feminine crystal needed the existence of each other to cause balance. This was the same for the other ten crystals that were anchored all around the world. TheAtlanteans sometimes placed both crystals in the same country or they linked countries and land together by placing the masculine crystal in one and the feminine crystal in another. They assessed the land, its history and future to discover where it was appropriate to anchor the semi physical crystals. Other sets of crystals were anchored into the United States of America and into Egypt. A feminine crystal was anchored into the United Kingdom while the masculine anchored into Ireland. The last four crystals were anchored into separate areas of the Earth to bring forth greater peace.
The Atlanteans of appropriate skill took time to ensure that all the crystals were embedded into the Earth; this caused a drastic increase in the Earth's vibration. The Atlanteans chose to programme the semi physical crystals with the purpose of collecting wisdom and knowledge from future civilisations and also so that they may filter their own understandings as a foundation into each of the twelve crystals. In truth those high vibrational minds of some of the Atlaneans understood that Atlantis was slowly falling from its high vibration into chaos, they also understood that they would be given a chance to return to the Earth in other lifetimes to complete their purpose of existence on Atlantis. They prepared the crystals to offer them support and stability for their current existence and future lifetimes. They also placed the crystals as energetic central points, due to many people on Atlantis foreseeing a move of the people from Atlantis to other areas of the Earth. The crystals were placed akin to magnetic points that they would be able to focus upon and travel to with tremendous ease through dimensions of light, if it was necessary.
Unfortunately, during the fall of Atlantis many of the six twin crystals where damaged energetically or were moved from their alignment, some were cast from the solid structure of the Earth into the sea, in some cases even into another area of the Earth. It was the two semi physical crystals that were anchored into Atlantis that suffered the most damage and were filled with negative magic and energy. The twelve crystals only continue to pulsate at a very slow vibration and light, they shifted from semi physical to completely physical crystals embedded within the Earth where they lay almost dormant. The crystals achieved their purpose of allowing many Atlanteans to move from Atlantis to other areas of the Earth but the Atlanteans were unable to save the crystals after this use.
Due to the transition of the crystals into physical form many Atlanteans when returning to the Earth in different lifetimes forgot their Atlantean lifetimes and wisdom, even the existence of the twelve Atlantean crystals, which if they had remained in place would have allowed them to access their wisdom on returning to the Earth.
It is important to remember that the divine will of the Creator influences all things and the growth that has occurred on the Earth and within souls without the strong presence of these crystals was more beneficial.
As the vibration of the Earth has continued to rise at a steady and constant pace many light beings on the inner planes have been working to cleanse, heal and restore the crystals to their original existence and positions. The purpose of our communication with you today is to make you aware that the Atlantean crystals are rising, this means that their energy vibration is increasing and the crystals are moving from physical to semi physical once more, which is where they hold their greater power. You may begin to notice that wisdom from your Atlantean lifetimes may evolve and integrate into your understanding more fully. Memories may seep into your mind, abilities, skills and healing techniques from your Atlantean lifetime. This is appropriate timing as the purpose of this period on the Earth is to collect your wisdom from the past and the future, uniting your energies with all that is the Creator. Atlantis had a very powerful impact on the realities that unfolded after the fall of Atlantis and even today many are overcoming challenges in their current reality which stem from their time in Atlantis.
Our purpose of making you aware of the twelve Atlantean crystals and their constant increase in energy vibration back to their original manifestation was for a number of reason. Firstly, we wish for you to send your love and blessings to the crystals to assist in their vibrational increase as well as ensuring their protection and security. Secondly, we wish to make you aware that you will have a shift in the perspective of your mind as new wisdom held within the crystals will flow into the consciousness of many on the Earth as a wave of awakening to greater enlightenment. We are extremely delighted to be able to share this wisdom as it is such a magnificent achievement. Many people have spoken in the past about the rise of Atlantis, this doesn't necessary mean that the land will rise but the crystals and the wisdom of Atlantis will flow into the minds and hearts of humanity, therefore indicating the rise of Atlantis as more people understand the truth of that time.
Please send your love, healing and protection to the crystals; in return you may feel a connection with one of the crystals being restored which will allow for you to accept the wisdom held within the crystal.
We, the Celestial White Beings are always here to be of service.
In celestial light,
The Celestial White Beings
May you walk in the love and light always,


Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website she shares the channeled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channeled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies. *    
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