Full Of Grace

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4.)  The Solstice Reconnection Completion
5.)  Full of Grace
6.)  The Inspiration of Humanity

Isis' Message of the Day -
Merkabah is defined as: “The divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of limitations. Your soul dear ones is an unlimited being. It lives in the realms of the eternal and pours a tiny piece of itself into this reality you call space and time upon the earth. It lives in this vehicle you call your body, and dances in the collective creation of so many other souls with whom you journey and learn.
There are times when you - your soul - decides to experience limitations in your physical reality in order to force growth, much as the pressure put upon a butterfly as it emerges from the cocoon strengthens its wings, and the shell of a seed provides the pressure upon which the plant presses to burst forth into the light.
There are times when you will experience limitations in different areas of your life - financial limitation, dietary limitation, limited mobility or transportation, limited time, limited energy, etc. We hear your prayers and we know that many of you perceive these limitations in a negative way, yet, we also know that these are the times you are creating amazing grace and incredible growth.
When you are limited in your outer world, you begin to find what is unlimited in your inner world.
For example, when you experience financial limitation you begin to re-evaluate your priorities. You discern more easily what is of true value in your life. You begin to set your sights upon enjoying what is eternal - family, friends, the sunrise, and the sky. You begin valuing your relationships more than your stuff. You develop greater faith because you must. You cultivate greater appreciation for what you already have because it is not so easily replacable. You learn to manage your money according to deeper priorities. And so, when the limitations are lifted, you have developed new habits of viewing money as a tool for your true happiness, rather than a substitute for the very same.
Suppose you experience limited mobility - you have a car for example that is not working well. Now you must become resourceful, combine errands, ask for help, find joyful things to do closer to home, or perhaps choose to bike or walk, and therefore strengthen your physical body and assist the environment as well. In a sense, being slightly "grounded" helps you find the joy that is all around you now, so when you do have greater ability to travel you will not forget the pleasures to be found at home.
Suppose you have dietary limitations. You want to lose weight or become healthy. Instead of viewing these as restrictions, consider the fact that you are now going to have to get very creative to satisfy your taste buds. You can explore new flavors and menu options you never thought possible. You can enjoy new ethnic foods - for a great portion of the world already eats as you wish you could, and enjoys flavorful meals you can only imagine. And in this exploration, you open yourself up the world around you, explore new cultures, cultivate a desire for travel and variety in your life. Meanwhile you lose your weight or achieve your goals in health. And so what was once limitation, opens up the world for you.
Dear ones, when you feel limited in your outer world, dig deep in your inner world. Get creative. Cultivate possiblity by using your creativity. Embrace deeper faith. Evaluate priorities. And in these times of so-called limitation you will find a wealth of joy, a renewed sense of flavor in life, more energy, faith, connection, and the rest of the qualities that make your life worth living.
Limitation is only the shell from which the chick hatches, the seed from which the flower bursts forth, and the forces which make you feel confined until you too find the strength, beauty, and God-spark within as you too burst into the light of full blossoming.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
With much love,
Ann Albers
Author, lecturer, angel communicator.  Visit her site at:  www.visionsofheaven.com/ *
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Djwhal Khul and Sai Baba: Consciousness of Love
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 21/06/10
We connect with your energies now from the purest source of love of our greater and more expansive existence rather than our Ascended Master or Avatar form. We are connecting with you from the central energy of our essence and truth; our love consciousness and energy. It is important that this is understood because the energy and truth that we share with you is free from attachments to any form of reality or characteristics but is a simple energy that extends more purely from the Creator’s soul. We use our extended self names as a guide for your connection with us. With a great unity between our consciousness, energy and thought creations we bring forth our communication to you with the greatest respect and reverence. We understand that we are not enlightening your soul but reminding you of the wealth of magic and knowledge that you hold and exist as.
When we speak of the consciousness of love we are referring to love that is pure within the soul of the Creator, present within all forms and in many ways is aware of itself as love; a love that is alert, active responsive, energetic and eternally present. The love of the Creator can be seen, expressed, experienced and sensed, in many ways the consciousness of love or the vibration of love exists in abundance around and within all. It can be experienced intensely within the soul of the Creator and expansive Creator universe but even within the physical energy vibration of the Earth the active love of the Creator is present, a simple realisation or attunement to this energy is needed.
It can be difficult to describe the energy of love from the Creator’s soul to another, it is as if you are describing a person that you have never seen but have felt their touch on your arm. Even then to explain the sensation of the touch in a logical way that another would understand and are able to relate to can be impossible. It is the same when trying to decipher and describe the love of the Creator, we can use adjectives such as bliss, joy, security or harmony but we are unable to state the level or volume of these energies that we experience. It is important to understand that the love of the Creator is everything that we imagine it to be and so much more, when we are thinking from a mind that embodies love. Again we are using the word love to describe a state of mind when the mind, maybe even at several stages of our continued growth, cannot truly comprehend the love energy and alertness of the Creator. When we begin to decipher the Creator’s energy of love we can confuse ourselves wondering if and when we are holding the love of the Creator or are entering into a reality of delusion. We believe that it is essential to discover the meaning  of the Creator’s love for you, how it feels, in which way it influence your being and how you may express it to others, therefore allowing yourself to exist as the love consciousness or vibration of the Creator. The way to achieve this experience of oneness with the Creator’s love is through the process of acceptance, which we believe is the greatest key of all when wishing to progress spiritually. When we speak of acceptance we are referring to an acceptance of your Creator self rather than an acceptance of your lower physically focused self which can lead to laziness or stagnation, as a passion and drive is not evident when one accepts that their physical life is all that is available to them. It is essential to point out that one must accept their self on all forms of energy and understanding, as an acceptance allows for realisation and therefore further revealing of the truth.
Through acceptance and openness with the love of the Creator we are able to realise our own unique connection, expression and vibration of the consciousness of Creator love. During this process of realisation and embodiment we are able to shed the layers of fear and illusion to realise our own truth which is the love that we hold, this is the ultimate goal and journey to unity with the soul of the Creator. When people speak of expressing their truth and enacting their divine purpose on the Earth, they are referring to the sacred embodiment and expression of the love vibration that they hold. The energy of the Creator’s love is so fast and expansive, each soul on the Earth and the inner planes will connect with the Creator’s love in different ways and link into diverse vibrations as each person’s path is unique. We on the inner planes gaze in awe as we see the many manifestations and expressions of love, the numerous understandings and consciousness of love. These will gradually become one consciousness of love but we fondly refer to the Earth as a playground for the Creator’s love; it is a place where one can experiment or creatively express their truth or love in diverse ways, therefore discovering their unique connection and expression of the God energies. All through your existence on the Earth you are realising the path that you wish to take when you ascend from the Earth and enter into the inner planes. With this realisation everything in your life has meaning and purpose, aligning you more fully with and creating your ascension to the soul of the Creator.
Every soul on the Earth holds the consciousness of love; it is the exploration and existence as love that is the journey now. With acceptance and honour we must respect the love that pours from all souls on the Earth and the inner planes, seeing it as the magnificent creative truth or love of the Creator.
Let us assist you in beginning, reaffirming or strengthening your alignment with the Creator’s love in order to encourage your divine journey of love on the Earth.
We ask that you sit in a state of peace, let you mind create or remind you of a place that holds the energy of stillness. Allow yourself to feel a connection with this place and its energy and then allow the vision to flow away leaving only a state of serenity.
Allow yourself to say out loud with courage and passion,
‘From the truth of love within my being I ask to be aligned as one with the truth of love within the soul of the Creator. I ask overseen by my soul that every aspect of my physical body and energy bodies opens now in acceptance and reverence to the love consciousness of the Creator. Let the energy of love flow in abundance into my being, let the energy of love activate from my being bathing my reality and the Earth in a love that is purity in itself. I now bathe in the love of the Creator, beginning my own journey and realisation of the truth of love. I am the consciousness of love.’
Please sit and allow yourself to experience in your own special way. Through the experience of love you will gain the awareness and understanding of love, therefore accepting the consciousness of love into all aspects of your being and reality on the Earth. Let love be your truth at all times, let love be your reality.
‘Love is my truth, love is my reality.’
Master Djwhal Khul and Avatar Sai Baba
May you walk in the love and light always,
Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website www.wisdomofthelight.com  she shares the channelled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
When a woman gives birth, she is in labor and there is some pain. But what happens afterwards is not a remembrance of the pain and the labor. What happens afterwards is a feeling of joy, a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of welcome to the new life. And the pain, although in a certain moment of the labor might have been intense, it is forgotten.
That is how it is when you release the body and you go into your own light. There is a knowing that, yes, there was labor in that lifetime. There was challenge, there was pain, there was belief in separation and loss, there was anxiety, there were worries, decisions, challenges, but that doesn’t matter. You are in the expanded state of light; expansiveness. 
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The Solstice Reconnection Completion
by Lauren Gorgo
June 19, 2010
It has recently been brought to my attention by the Pleiadian High Council that as of the 3d week of May, the bulldozer brigade (aka path-pavers) have been undergoing an intense reconnection of their 12th strand of DNA.
I am told that the reconnection of the twelfth strand corresponds to both cosmic consciousness and earthly grounding...resulting in the full spiritual human template...and is a process of being pulled at both ends...intensely purifying on the highest and lowest levels of our dimensional existence in preparation for the next phase.
Say what?

As I understand it, each of the 12 strands of DNA represents one of the twelve aspects of multi-dimensional consciousness.
Three strands represent and govern the physical body, another three govern the emotional body, another three govern the mental body and the remaining three govern the spiritual body.
All these aspects are represented in our bodies as new neural pathways to the brain and are connected to our endocrine system and glands. These glands work in collaboration with our chakras and when all neural pathways are open and flowing in alignment with our energy system, they provide the pathway or conduit to the higher realms, resulting in our experience of multi-dimensional consciousness.
As we undergo the entire biological reconnection process, we slowly begin to notice the effects of becoming fully conscious or multi-dimensional... and when our 12 strands of DNA have finally been reconnected and activated, we are able to experience life within the consciousness of multidimensionality.
In other words... we exist in the third dimension of physical reality while retaining our connection and relationships with higher level beings/energy/consciousness and we operate consistently from a state of heart-centered love (Christed consciousness).
The 12th Strand

From the information I am receiving, many way-showers are currently in the midst of, or finishing up, the reconnection of the 12th strand helix, which is the multidimensional self in physical form...the cosmic gateway or portal to living in full harmony with the soul. This is a time-encoded galactic/solar activation fired when a soul has reached the light quotient necessary to transcend the lower 3 dimensions of polarized time and space. So really...its all math and geometry.
Apparently, what happens after the reconnection of this strand is the reuniting of God-flow... and on a biological level I hear that the "body will be washed of any remaining toxins (incurred through 3d dimensional existence) through the alimentary canal as the soul's consciousness is carried to the upper echelons of spiritual/physical existence." (This apparently accounts for all that lower intestinal distress since May)
I am also told that this process takes about 4-6 weeks for the physical body to integrate and mutate to align with this new level consciousness. This particular reconnection started around the 3d week of May which brings us to right around the June Solstice for completion and activation (give or take).  As always, we will be-lie-ve it when we feel it....
Here's what the Pleiadians had to say with regard to our growing cynicism....
"We've said to you many times before that what is arriving is what you've all been waiting for, but we realize that only your direct experience will ensure your full understanding.
Because of this, we patiently wait by the sidelines to watch you experience the full lifting of the veil.
It will be a timed moment, consisting of 3 powerful solar-galactic gateways by which those who are on this side of the veil will merge energetically with those of you participating with the 12 dimensions of physical creation.
This moment is nigh, and all those theories that you have surmised in your thinking of what it could & will be like, will be washed away in the flood of actual living the Christed experience.
The storms are passing. A resurrection is imminent.
All who are participating on this timeline consciously or not, will experience the shift into love. This will be a moment of great magnitude for all way-showers, yet this moment of breakthrough also marks the beginning of another cycle of downfalls for even greater structures of influence... a bitter-sweet experience in global terms.
Stay tuned to your inner light, disregard the dismantling world, and remain steadfast in the inner workings of your 12th dimensional reconnection."
What next?

Next up for all you pioneering star-people out there: the rewire of the 13th strand of DNA...which I am told is the biological reformatting phase.
The reconnection and activation of this strand of DNA will allow for the intent of consciousness to restructure the human body.
I will have more to report on this in the upcoming days... and I don't want to you to blow a circuit while trying to wrap your brain around these concepts... but I will say that we are coming up on the ability to alter our human genomes (The human genome (the genetic material of an organism) is arranged into 12 dimensionalized mathematical programs, each of which set the blueprint for one Double-Helix chemical DNA Strand) to the point that we will be able to communicate and direct our cells to mutate, regenerate or alter in a way that will be beneficial to the whole organism of our physical biology.
Happy Solstice!
In gratitude,
Lauren C. Gorgo is an Interdimensional Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor and Healer, Conscious Creativity Coach, MultiDimensional Mentor, Advanced Integrated Energy Practitioner and Author of 12 Essential Steps to Discovering Your Divine Blueprint: A guidebook for the soul. Well known for her ability to cut through extraneous esoteric details, Lauren is adept at communicating complex spiritual ideas and concepts in a grounded, easy-to-understand and articulate way. For more information, free articles, channeled messages and e-courses visit: http://thinkwithyourheart.net/  *
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HEAVEN #3499
Full of Grace
June 24, 2010
God said:
A sprout from a mung bean will grow to become a mung bean.
What can a child of Mine become but what I AM? This is your true destiny, to be as I AM, which is what you truly are. True, you have your peculiarities, but what does that matter? Whether you are a redhead or a blonde, what does that have to do with anything? Whether you are tall or short, you are My child. What does it matters what country you come from? Whatever your individuality entails, you are still My child. So be it.
A child of Mine is full of grace. Whatever day you were born on, you are full of grace.
What if you had known this all your life? What if you know this now and accept it as the truth of you? Is it so hard to say: "I am a child of God, and I know this in my heart. I know My Source, and, therefore, I know myself. I know my heritage, and I know My path and My destiny. A child serves his Father. I serve my Father according to my consciousness. I serve freely. That is my choice as well as any other. I choose to serve."
It is not always clear to My children what My Will is, yet you know My Will enough that you know in general what My Will is not. When you are in a difficult situation and you have choices to make, you may not know which exact choice I want you to make. I want you to choose from your own free will. You are not a robot to whom I give precise directions. Would I ask more of you than to choose as best you can? When you are two years old you choose one way. When you are twenty-two and so on, you choose another.
As a child of God, you forage for yourself. So what if you climb the wrong tree? Climb back down, move on, climb another tree. You had to make a decision, and you made it. Congratulate yourself that you made a decision. The fact is that you are making decisions every moment. You are accountable for your choices, but that does not mean you are to stew or grieve about them. Even when you make a choice you later regret, you cannot be sure your choice was wrong. It may be wrong in everyone's eyes, yet who can say with finality that it wasn't, in the myriad of life decisions, the right choice at the moment. The wonderful thing about all the choices you have to make is that you can make new ones.
No one said that a child of God is a perfect chooser. If you had to be perfect in the eyes of the world, that is, you might bite your fingernails and make no choice at all for fear of making the wrong one. I am not so hard a taskmaster to ask you to always make perfect choices. I say to make fine choices to as best you are able.
Do not mix up choices with what you might like. You might like the snazzy car you see on the corner, and, no matter how much you may want it, you know it is not in your best interest to take the car away from its rightful owner. That is not a dilemma, beloveds. You do know better than to put your wants before your honor and integrity. You do know better than to steal a car. Honor yourself enough to be a credit to yourself.
Whatever you have done in the past, now you rise to the summit of life.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  * 
www.godwriting.org/world-peace/freedom-illegal-aliens.htm  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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The Inspiration of Humanity
by Owen Waters

The universe is designed to be reflective. Whatever you put out comes back to you. This is called the Law of Action and Reaction, the Law of Karma, or is simply referred to using the phrase, “What goes around comes around.”
However, in spiritual work, there is a way to increase what comes around. What goes around can actually come back as more than you gave, and this involves a paradox.
In your spiritual practices, you can generate a deep feeling of peace and inspiration; one which brings a wonderful sense of spiritual upliftment. For example, in your meditations, you may become inspired with a vision of a future world filled with peace and freedom for all.
You may see, in your mind’s eye, a future world where everyone on the planet is safe, and where you can journey to anywhere on the planet with ease. In this future, you see that everyone is consciously aware of their heart’s connection to the hearts of each and every other human being on the planet. In this supportive environment, everyone has complete freedom to express their unique creativity as their contribution to a loving society.
As you breathe deeply of the clean, fresh air in that vision of the future, you feel your connection to the Mother Earth and to the life-giving Sun which shines ceaselessly upon our world. Then, you send your love and gratitude to the Earth and the Sun, and wait in quiet anticipation as those great, conscious beings send their love and inspiration to you in return.
While in that state of deep inspiration, it occurs to you that most of humanity desperately needs this type of upliftment; that most souls on this planet today are starving in a self-created, spiritual wilderness. This brings you to the realization that you have the opportunity to be of service to humanity through an act of self-sacrifice; through an act of giving up that which you have in order to help others who would not otherwise be helped.
While in this state, the sense of unconditional love that you have for humanity virtually begs you to help those who are not yet equipped to do this for themselves. If you now give that state, that energy, that feeling of inspiration away to the group consciousness of humanity, then you have created a vacuum within yourself.
By the law of action and reaction, that vacuum must be filled. However, an act of self-sacrifice in service to others has a side-effect: It raises the frequency of your consciousness higher than it was before. So, when the vacuum becomes filled with inspiration and upliftment from the universe, it is filled with an even higher frequency of consciousness than before.
Because of that, you will have become more inspired and more uplifted than ever before. By the act of sacrificing that which you had, you will actually gain more than you had before. Such is the paradox of love in action.
It is also the basis of the ancient path of Karma Yoga – the pathway to God through action and service.
By giving spiritual energy to humankind, you tread a pathway of spiritual action. This powerful pathway of giving what you have, in order to inspire others, is one that leads you to continually higher states of inspiration along your own spiritual path.
Now Available: Love, Light, Laughter * by Owen Waters  *
The New Spirituality is available now in paperback and as a downloadable e-book at: http://www.infinitebeing.com/ebooks/love.htm   *  Paper Back at: Amazon.com book link:  www.amazon.com/dp/1932336281   *   

About the author:
Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has presented his insights into the New Reality to hundreds of thousands of seekers. In 1963, while growing up in a mystical part of Britain, he encountered his first spiritual awakening. The surprise of this mystical experience was such that his life became focused upon a continuous search for spiritual answers.
Almost forty years of study and research followed, along with the development of his inner vision. By the year 2002, like many of the spiritual teachers who are coming forward for The Shift, his realizations began to unfold rapidly. Today, as Editor and cofounder of Infinite Being LLC, he helps people find inspiration, love and creativity through heart-powered consciousness. http://www.infinitebeing.com/  *  

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