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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  The Network Of Light Across Your Planet Is Strengthening
3.)  SaLuSa: You Are Moving from the Unreal to the Real
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Be God’s Stand-in Today
6.)  The Masters of Light: State of World-wide Governments

Isis' Message of the Day -
"What is right for one soul may not be right for another. It may mean having to stand on your own and do something strange in the eyes of others. But do not be daunted. Do whatever it is because you know within it is right for you." ~ Eileen Caddy ~
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
The Law of the Circle insures that the vibrational patterns you send forth will be returned to you along with an accumulated measure of similarly-qualified energy (or vibrations of the same frequency patterns).  You are the center of an energy vortex that is made up of a circle/loop of vibrational patterns that you have projected from you via your Solar Power Center.  Your solar plexus is aptly named; for just as the Earth receives cosmic energy from the Sun of your solar system, so do each of you radiate life force energy from your own Solar Power Center. For a moment, envision yourself as the central focus of your world.  You are the power source and your thoughts, actions and intentions radiate forth from you  in a loop of energy that connects with like energy.  That energy magnifies and manifests in the world of cause and effect and then returns to you, reinforcing your picture of reality.  Your body absorbs a portion of that energy, creating pain and suffering or joy and blessings, depending on the frequencies.  The remainder flows out behind you, creating the other loop of your Infinity pattern, while the residual gradually flows into your personal wheel of creation.  You are constantly adding to your personal prison of energy or your vehicle of Light and your personal reality on Earth.  Have we not told you that you came to Earth as co-creators with the God Force?
~ I AM Archangel Michael  ~
Transmitted through Ronna Herman  * *    

The Network Of Light Across Your Planet Is Strengthening
Received from Helios through Mercedes Kirkel July 11, 2011

I am here. I have always been here. But you have not been ready, for the most part, to receive me. And this is changing. The earth is changing, and you are aware of this. The beings, the people on the earth, are changing. Many of you feel this within yourself, and it is so. But much more than that is changing.

This is a monumental change, the shift that is underway. And yes, the sun is changing. Your whole galaxy is changing. But the earth is playing a pivotal role, a central role. And you beings on the earth are very important to this. You should know this. You should be aware of this. And you should make use of this time.
A great energy has been released. There are many, many reasons for this. There are planetary reasons, there are reasons amongst the galaxy and the stars, and there are also reasons amongst all of you humans, because many of you are awakening. Many of you are lifting yourself into a higher frequency, and this is making a difference. Do not doubt this. It is absolutely real. Some of you can feel it. Some of you are very aware of the changes in yourself. Some of you can see it in the earth. Some of you can see it in your societies, in your social structures. Sometimes it looks like things breaking down and chaos, but that is simply the beginning of change. For you know so well that for something to change, the old must give way before the new can come in.

So you are aware of this change. There is also much that you cannot see yet. The seeds have been laid, it is an embryonic form, it is happening. But you may not be noticing the effects yet. Because enough of you are committed to this process, are engaged in this process, and are making this transformation, you are changing the frequency on the earth, amongst the people of the earth, and around the earth, around your whole solar system, around the sun. This is pivotal, and it is necessary. 

Your work is necessary, and it is bigger than you. You may have a sense of this, and it is accurate. It is so important, the work that you are all doing, and necessary – for yourselves, but for much more than you. This is connected to a much larger, grander event than you may be able to realize. And I am here to thank you and to ask you to continue, to be dedicated to this process, to do your part in the process. It is different for each one of you, and yet most of you know what your part is.

You may not know the whole picture. You may not know where it is leading. But you know the steps in front of you right now. You know what it is in your physical, your emotional, your mental, your etheric or energy, in your spiritual. You know what it is that needs attending. You know what is the next step in front of you that will uplevel you another step on the ladder. You know what you are doing that is already working, and what you can continue to do, strengthen, do it more consistently, do it more continuously. This is what I come to ask of you, because you are not alone. This is an entire web, an entire frequency of humans, of beings in other dimensions, beings from other planets, other stars who are working together to hold this field. It is like a vast net, or you might say network. You might see it as a grid of shimmering stars, each one of you being a star, that is holding this grid, creating it. As you do your work, your star becomes brighter. You release the coverings, the veils, the cloakings around yourself that are dimming your light, your love. And you become stronger and stronger.

This is, as I say, not only for yourself. But it begins with you. You begin to do this, and as you get strong yourself, and as you get strong as a network across your entire planet, you will attract more and more people to join you in this. They may not even understand, they may not even know what they are attracted to. But they are attracted to the light, to the love, which is inherently attractive to everyone. As more and more people are attracted, you will become more of a leader. You will help others who are newer to the process, through your own experience. You do not necessarily need to try to teach anyone. Just be yourself. Those who you are to help will come to you. They will ask you questions, and you can respond. Just by being yourself, just by holding your frequency and raising it more and more, you serve all. Know that that is always your greatest work.

The sun’s frequency is changing. There is a practice that one of your people who bring through messages from other dimensions, other beings, has brought forth from the Hathors. It is a practice for utilizing the higher frequency energies of the sun, which are available to you now, which have been activated around the sun to raise your frequency, to come into harmonic resonance between your etheric body and the sun’s etheric body. This is a wonderful practice that you can engage to harmonize, to become stronger and more elevated, in your frequency. The sun is a pure form of light, especially in your third-dimensional world. Make use of it. It is here to support you.
There are so many beings here to support you, so many of us in different forms. Use your discernment. You can tell who is here for your highest good. But there are many, many who are here in the light and love to support you. This is a wondrous time. Congratulations on being here. Congratulations on choosing to be here. And congratulations on your most wonderful work that is shifting everything.
Know that one of the biggest traps, one of the biggest obstructions to this process, is doubt and negativity – to think with your mind that this is not possible, that you cannot do this, whatever it is that’s telling you that you can’t have the light, you can’t have the love. This is one of the greatest barriers there is. Purity of mind is called for. It is a kind of discipline. Some of the forms of this darkness in the mind are subtle and insidious. Some of the forms are promoted by those who do not want you to grow in light and love, some of the forms of drawing your mind into negativity, into darkness, into fear, into thoughts of mistrust, distrust, violence, whatever it is – discipline your mind. Do not give your mind randomly to this kind of darkness. You are in choice. Bring your mind to the light. Stay in the light and do what is required for you to keep your mind in the light. This is one of the most important things for yourself, for your planet, for all beings, that is part of your work to do.
So be aware of your mind. Be aware of your speech. If it is going down the stream of darkness, change it. Do what you need to do to return to the light, and maintain that. This is my strong recommendation.
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SaLuSa: You Are Moving from the Unreal to the Real
August 5, 2011
You are moving from the unreal to the real, as the Earth was molded by you as an environment where you could test your powers of creation. Originally it took many thousands of years to seed it, with all that was likely to be required for your soul experience. Once you arrived you lived in harmony with it and led an idyllic existence, Mother Earth and you were living in the perfection of a planet of absolute beauty unsurpassed anywhere else in the Universe. You have to remember that it was manifested in a higher dimension than what you are in now. However, as many of you are aware, in time you allowed your curiosity and desire to experience through the lower vibrations. Slowly over time you dropped even further into them, and in consequence the conditions around you changed. Eventually you became more physical rather than ethereal, and the Light that you brought with you became subdued. Finally you lost touch with your true self and it became difficult to live by your Light.
Now we can bring you up to the present day, and you have just begun to raise your vibrational levels once more and move back into the Light. Whether or not you could do so was the whole point of your time in duality. Dear Ones, you did not let yourselves down, and there is no blame to be laid upon any of you who touched the depths of darkness, as you learnt much from your experiences. It was foreseen that you would move through all of the lower dimensions, and bear in mind that between lives some of you have moved through the lowest of the low in the astral levels. Your experiences have been completed and you are all on your way up again, and that even applies to those who are seemingly still stuck in the present dimension. You cannot travel through a cycle of duality without evolving further than when you first commenced it.
So why is there so much emphasis upon making sure that you realize your physical Earth was prepared as your home purely for the duration of the experience you chose to take? It is because it is only a surface impression of where you originally came from in the higher dimensions. Yes, it would have seemed familiar particularly when you first arrived on Earth, because the beauty that you had left behind was reflected back by nature. However, it is all nevertheless an illusion provided holographically for your use and enjoyment. What you have around you now, is an indication of the extent to which you have brought about changes from the original blueprint. Both you and Mother Earth are recovering, and as you do so are rapidly returning to a higher manifestation of your full potential.
Therefore as sad as it seems to be losing that which is so familiar to you, it is but a passing phase in your evolution. We think you will agree and understand that if you want a clean sheet, then all that is of the old times will have to be cleared away. It may seem strange to stay with Mother Earth whilst the cleansing takes place, but as a civilization you are an integral part of her and your help is needed to see her through the process. It is by way of showing your love for Mother Earth, and appreciation for all that she has done for you. You shall continue your travels together through Ascension, and on to the next stage of utter beauty, happiness and contentment. Each time you ascend to another level, the beauty and harmony becomes indescribable and words become inadequate.
Naturally as you move into the higher dimensions you will meet other souls also of the Light, and you will marvel at the seemingly endless existence of intelligent life. The age of believing that the Earth was at the centre of the Universe, and that you were the only evolved Beings in it are well over. As you are beginning to understand, in some ways you are amongst the least advanced life forms. But that is of course changing right now, and it is why you will have a lot to learn from those advanced Beings heading for Earth. We in turn are amongst them and are where you will soon be yourselves. We Are All One, and at the level where we see all life as part of us, and we will do for others as we would do for ourselves. There is great joy and satisfaction in serving, and it all adds to your experience and progress as a Spiritual Being.
Everything is moving so quickly now, and even as we leave our message we see the opportunity for financial change becoming more certain. The hole now is so big you can no longer close it up, and it is impossible to maintain the existing system for much longer. Your leaders and the banking families are aware of it, and realize that their days are rapidly coming to a close. Money is power, and they no longer have the means to sustain their program for world government. So we feel your excitement and belief that your salvation is near, and yet also the despair of those who only register the chaos and breakdown being unaware of your diversion to another path that brings success and victory over the dark Ones. It will take time before it is complete or a fete accompli, but you will be uplifted when you see the signs positive changes.
What we have all wanted to see has taken a long time coming, but we would judge it has been well worth it. It is, was and still is a massive undertaking to shift a whole population onto a new path, while at the same time “moving house” as you might say. Not an easy ride by any means but you have us by your side ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible. Be assured that you will all be in the right place for the end times, and follow your prompting if you feel a strong urge to re-locate yourself. At such times it is quite likely that you will feel a desire to be close to your family, and if so follow it through if you can. Many families will ascend together although it will not apply to everyone, as there must be allowance made for each souls freewill choice. Bear in mind we are referring to groups of different souls, that come together for the purpose of furthering their evolution. There will always be comings and goings within them, and very few souls will stay permanently for life after life. Be pleased for all those contacts you have made whether they were brief or otherwise, as they were intended as part of your experience, and each valuable in their own way.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can assure that we share your excitement, at how near events of world importance are likely to happen.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *            

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, it is because of past judgment that there is a certain leaning towards habitual judgment, but you can easily get past that, because you are now the awakened Christ, and the awakened Christ has no need to judge. The awakened Christ takes that deep breath and says, “It’s okay. Whatever comes, I know that it serves the at-One-ment. I know that I am One with my Christ self. I know that every time I put my foot forward, I walk as the Christ.” And it feels different, does it not? It feels joyful. It feels free.
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HEAVEN #3906
Be God’s Stand-in Today
August 5, 2011
God said:
Hello. Howdy. How are you today? How are you looking at the world today? What are you making of it? You are influencing the world. You are making something of it.
You are making today what it is. I know that sometimes you can only think a day is thrown at you the way a clown receives a pie in his face. You are sure you are innocent of this day and have nothing to do with it. And, yet, somewhere down the line, you contributed to it, or you asked for it or voted for it.
On the other hand, it could have been someone else’s order, and yet you received it.
It is not a question of deserve. You deserve only the very best. Accept a down day the same way as you accept a lucky day. It came to you. It is yours. And now it matters what you do with it. It matters how you treat your day.
If it is a heavy day, you do not have to compound it. The solution is to carry on with as light a step as you possibly can. Even as with a most joyous day, you do not want to be carried away with it. A day is a day. It is only a day. You have had thousands of them, and where are they now?
Where are you, beloved?
Wherever you are, you sit at My doorstep. Enter. Come in. Sit beside Me. All is well.
And life is life, and life is what you make of it. This day will never come again. This is your one chance to get this day right. And what does right mean? It means to tread lightly, and to go on from here. One day leads to another, and each day is like someone passing in a crowd.
Even if today cannot be a day meant for you, it came to you, and so it is your guest, and it is for you to be hospitable. If this is not an auspicious day for you, it is still your day, and it is for you to treat it right. A day has gone to the trouble to come to you. A day did not come to assail you. It is not always up to the day what it will bring. The day is simply like the postman who brings you the mail. He has so many people all over the world to deliver mail to. Have some consideration for the mailman.
Ask him to sit down a while and take off his shoes and rest. Treat this day as you would wish to be treated. It may not be your best day, and, yet, still, you can be at your best. You do not yet know what your best is. Regardless of the day, be higher today than you were yesterday. You are not yet a rose in full bloom. You are, indeed, a rose.
You may not have had an immediate say in the day that came to you, and yet you are a rose, and you can do as roses do.
You can be an emblem of Me. Why not? Why not speak for Me and do for Me and serve the world on My behalf? Why not be My emissary? Why be at the mercy of the winds of the day when you can be an exponent of God and brighten your life and the lives of others? Why can’t you? Why don’t you? Will you?
Let Me see you reflect the light of the Sun today. Be My stand-in today.
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The Masters of Light: State of World-wide Governments
As Received by Ruth Ryden
August 2011
Question: From a reader in France, who is concerned with the state of world-wide inconsistencies in governments and political turmoil. Are the governments in the U.S.and Europe going down the drain? How is this affecting their influence in the Middle East? What is happening to societies all over the world that there is such a lack of cooperation and understanding? Is there a light at the end of the road, or at least this year?
Masters: Humanity must eventually realize that what is happening to planet earth as it goes through this cyclic change also affects the mentality of every living human being, as well as all life on Earth. Each human being, whether a carpenter, street-sweeper, engineer, religious leader, governmental officer, etc., is undergoing shifting in their way of thinking, of feeling, of reacting to all kinds of stimulus around them. The inability to cooperate with someone else to find a suitable middle ground is becoming extremely difficult to overcome. When there is tremendous pressure and responsibility on the shoulders of elected officials or business leaders, the difficulty of seeing or understanding the concepts of other frames of mind becomes almost insurmountable. Societies that have been ruled by kings and dictators for centuries are waking up to the fact that this is no longer acceptable and the uprisings become unstoppable. Ruling or elected parties find followers of ideals that seem to fit their current needs or ideas without intelligent study into their actual realities. This is, indeed, a time of emotions ruling the thoughts and minds, rather than a quiet, deep-thinking attitude of working out the problems. The high frequencies being experienced by all humankind affect nervous systems and electrical circuits of the brains, resulting in confusion and extreme anxiety, especially in those who have to make important decisions for themselves and those they serve. The world seems to have turned upside-down in these times, and it is a frightening thing to have lost the constant way of life that you have been used to.
When will things calm down and return to normal? Each year for the next three or four years, will see many changes in the way humanity thinks and progresses regarding how money is handled and laws are made. For centuries, the so-called upper classes have had the best of everything, while those who worked for them had little to look forward to. This is already changing as humanity is saying, “No more!” The complete confusion you are now experiencing is the mixture of all of the wrongs mixing up with the rights in a royal battle. We see it as a mixture that has to be beaten until each ingredient or faction blends into each other to become a satisfactory resolution for all humanity. This will come about, not this year or next, but after that there will be tremendous positive changes that will take your world into a state of being that has been longed for and predicted since the beginning of your time.

All of the fright and yapping about the year 2012 meaning the end of the world, is but the turning of the tide, so to speak, of the mentality of humanity and finally the time of growth of a planet that is finally reaching its graduation into universal consciousness. For each of you reading this, realize that you are part of an educational process of your world, difficult as it may be. Before making decisions, look at all sides of a problem, discuss the questions with those with knowledge of the problem; beware of those who set themselves up as leaders, but who are only following their own need for power. The suffering of millions of people all over the world will come to an end as the planet re-enters its rightful orbit and the frequencies settle down to match the needs of life upon it. Difficulties breed strength for those who determine to do what is necessary and right for themselves and others. That is the message for now.
Ruth Ryden
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