From The Sound That Arose - Channeled


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Heavenletter #4159 From the Sound That Arose , April 14, 2012
God said:
God spoke. God uttered a sound, and from the sound that arose from His throat, the world arose. By God's Voice, the world came into being. God was before Being became strung out from a note from His throat. The world was unmanifest until the world arose and formed horizons to see over and seas to admire and to swim in and mountains to climb and see from. The world was sounded, and hustle bustle arose, and lights called stars went on. Human beings came out of the ether, and animals came out of the woods and found human companionship.
From that initial sound like an Ah that ushered from the joy of God, a Universe burst forth, formed and yet malleable and furling and unfurling and capable of making forms to place upon the world. It was like fast photography where you see the blossoming of a flower in a few seconds, and so, out of Eternity, space and time were born as twins. From the nothingness of everythingness, space and time were written down, and there were trails and there were moments long and short.
All this was perfectly formed. The world did not come from chaos. The world came from peace and a burst of sound. Birds were singing, all kinds of birds, with infinite sounds, and the birds had picked up God's tunes. Although mish-mash, seemingly hodge-podge, everything was God's Voice singing or humming, if you will. God proclaimed Himself. He shouted joy. He shouted, "I AM."
And there you were, spilled upon the Earth, starting from scratch, so it seemed. And so you wandered, looking for a semblance of yourself, and wondering where you are and what you were doing there. How did you get there in this amazing place misnamed a wilderness?
You were like a bird who knew only treetops, and then found yourself digging on the ground. Once swift of wing, gravity came into force, and you could not lift off. You discovered all your appointed senses. Bound to Earth, you were bound to the physical. You forgot you were bound to God's heart. You forgot. The physical became your God. You discovered fire and food. And yet you also discovered art and music. These were great clues for you.
Love made an outcry and seemed to simmer from the depths of Earth, and, yet, love had been poured from Heaven like rainfall, and you started to look up. The sky was a mirror of yourself. It was like you could swim in the sky. It was like you were an acrobat who could go to any heights and swing and sing and get beyond everydayness into extraordinariness. You carried extraordinariness with you. You didn't always know you had carried it with you. Sometimes you thought you had left it behind to fend for itself. You were sad without the heights. You knew something was missing.
It was yourself who was missing. You had lost where you had come from and all that you brought with you.
And so misery appeared and trudged along, and, yet, misery was fallacy, and joy was Truth. You are digging out from fallacy now. You are reaching the ropes of Heaven that will pull you up to Reality. You will so well remember. Truth will no longer be laid by the wayside. You will know the true colors of life, life on Earth, or life anywhere. You will know where you came from, and you will know what you brought, and you will know Who you are, and you will recognize Me as the mirror of the seas that you look into and the sun you look into and the Heart of God you look into and come to accept as your own.