Christmas: From the Angeles

Oh Holy Night


The Angeles
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
In this season of light, look around you. There is light everywhere in your world. Instead of looking for what is wrong, search for what is right. Instead of looking at the doom and the gloom around you, find the simplest things to celebrate. For within the simple pleasures and joys of life - in the simplest gestures of kindness and love - it is there that you discover and share the most magnificent expressions of God's love for all of you.
This season celebrates the birth of a humble child, the burning of a humble lamp, and the humble expressions of God's love rising up
from within your hearts and burning brightly for all the world to see.
It is not the presents you buy but the your presence in the world that ultimately is your greatest gift to friends, family, and ultimately back to God. It is your attentive presence in a conversation that gives the gift of healing. It is the presence of a joyful smile that brightens a stranger's day. It is your presence with a child, doing a humble craft, or sharing a humble story that will be one of their brightest memories in times to come. It is the presence of your hand upon another that offers comfort, compassion, and care. Dear ones, the material gifts are wonderful and fun and of course you are all encouraged to share what you feel motivated to do so, but more so, share your hearts, your love, your kindness, your compassion, your gifts and talents, a listening ear, an uplifting word... Share of yourselves, not just during the holiday season but all throughout the year. You all want magic in your lives. Know that you are the the magical presence of love. You are the gifts that you seek. You are the light reaching out and reassuring a weary and waiting world.
Dear ones, unplug your spirits from the bondage of judgment so you can share your love without fear. Untie your hands from the fears
of misunderstanding so you can hug a person in need. Release your fears of lack and share from the abundance of love that you feel
within your own hearts! Allow your heart the present of an unprecedented level of freedom from fear, and a new sense of joy during this holiday season. Tell others how much they mean to you. Share with them what you see inside of them even if they do not yet see it themselves. Hug as if you mean it. Don't hold back your love for it truly is within giving that you receive, and in receiving that you give.
You are the light that lit the lamp. You are the manger in which the Christ light is given birth. You are the PRESENCE of God in this world and the very great gift to the same. This season let your love shine brightly and allow yourselves to truly treasure the gift and the presence of those around you, for each and every one of you is a bright and beautiful gift to this world. Each and every one of you is a manifestation of God's love. And how, knowing this, could you do anything other than give thanks for the gift of your own PRESENCE here upon the earth.
We love and treasure each and every one of you, for you are a gift unto us as well.

-- The Angels
With much love,
Channeled by Ann Albers


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Heavenletter #4769 Free Will for All , December 15, 2013 

God said: 

The peace of non-resistance. You are not strong to fuss and fume. Did you think you were? It is not strength to protest. It is not strength to huff and puff. It is not strength to judge. From peace comes strength.
Outrage is not strength. Superiority is not strength. Self-righteous anger is not strength. Rising above is strength.
Quietude is strength. What is it really that you have to defend and protect?
If you would like to live in a peaceful world, then peace must abound.
Who can walk over your emotions without your consent? If others seem to make you dance to their tune, who has acquiesced? Who has given permission? Who has gone along with someone else’s say-so?
Again, I say, what do you have to defend?
Defending is not peace nor is it defense. It is conciliation. Having to defend is a form of weakness, not strength, beloveds.
You know you make errors in your interpretation. You interpret that someone insults you. Even if someone does, you don’t have to bow to their insult. You are not insulted when it rains or there is a hurricane, even when you wanted sunshine and blue skies.
Because others have difficulties, you don’t have to make their difficulties yours.
Look, here’s the thing. Life does not have to be orchestrated the way you would like, nor does any other person have to be as you would like him to be. Everyone has free will. You can despair of another’s proclivities all you want, but to what purpose? Save your breath. You are not the orchestrator of the world. You are the orchestrator of yourself. You are the diviner of yourself. It is not up to you to decide the cards that other people play. Somehow you may have thought you are the dealer.
Give an inch, beloveds. This does not make you less. It makes you more. Who is the rich man? The one who is irate or the one who stays on an even keel? It is not your business to set everyone straight. You are not the governor of other people. Everyone has every right to live his life as he chooses. And so do you. And so do you. It isn’t an accomplishment for you to be affronted. Anyone can do that. Anyone can erupt.
It is a huge event when you come to the place where you do not have to take offense. This is indeed accomplishing something. Not taking offense doesn’t mean you are letting yourself be walked on. It means that you take responsibility for yourself. It means you stride across the Universe. It means you are the opposite of being taken advantage of. You are beneficent to yourself and, therefore, to another.
No one has rights over you, nor do you have rights over others. If you are to teach anyone a lesson, it is yourself. If you must set anyone straight, it is yourself. You are your own business. You are not to dance to another’s tune, nor are others to dance to yours.
Because someone may yell at you doesn’t mean you are obligated to yell back. Because someone is angry with you doesn’t mean you have to keep up in your anger. Life does not have to be even.
You may like to think of yourself as cool. Then be cool rather than hot under the collar.
According to the world, no one is perfect. And, yet, time and time again, you expect perfection from others and deny your own strength and your own free will.


This is the ultimate relationship: When you can relate to your Self 100%. Then any face you look at, there is love, there is charm, there is beauty.
- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar