From The Alfa Starship

Greetings from Alfa Starship!
Channeler: Cristian
Perhaps some of you will never get to see us physically. We know that there is great expectation on your part to want to know how we look like physically, to go aboard one of our spaceships and go for a ride around the Earth's surface, and some of you even wish to travel on board our spaceships to some far away planet or a distant star.We have understanding for this, for we would wish the same if we were in your situation.
Nevertheless, we must tell you that you must make an effort to let go of the sensationalistic wish to witness something new just to have an experience that would provide you with an adrenaline kick. We would like your intention to be one of greater spiritual maturity and for you to leave behind the desire to obtain exciting impressions, concentrating instead on the peremptory help that your world needs at this time. We would like to know we can count on you so that we are able to carry on with our project but in order to do that, you must first forget about searching for experiences that are purely exciting.
We come to your rescue out of love for you, and we would like you to know that we will never leave this beautiful blue planet until we have done everything we can to help you release all that is false and erroneous and to recuperate all that is true and correct. "When will this change come about?" And we say, "When would you like this change to happen?" Because it does not depend so much on us, rather, on your desire, the desire of all inhabitants of planet Earth for this change to happen now, not in some distant future. The change will come about when and as you are ready for this change because it does not depend solely on the brothers from space visiting you, nor on those who inhabit the inner crust of the planet. This change will come about when a sufficient number of terrestrials with a desire to have a world different from the one they have known reaches a critical mass, and that is when there is a minimum number of humans who are ready to be active in some way (and not be passive) in order to transform what is not right in their world into a different reality, where everyone sees one another as brothers and as cells with equal rights on the same Mother Earth.
We love you very much, you do not know how much, and rather than seeing you disintegrate in a nuclear conflict or succumbing as a species in a moribund planet due to the pollutants that you yourselves release into the atmosphere, the terrestrial surface and the ocean beds, we are ready to sacrifice our lives for you. That, my dear little brothers, is what a being is ready to do for a truly loved one. There is no bigger sacrifice than offering one's own life to save another's; and this sacrifice is not possible unless the being lives in the most sublime love.
Then, the change that all our readers of the communications we send through our broadcasting channels are waiting for will take place when a minimum number of inhabitants of this planet actively work to bring about this change. When we say "actively work," we do not mean that they should put on a soldier uniform and go out to the battle field, nor do they have to become activists in some fight against the system made sluggish by the opposing dark forces, nor write a book, become monks or nuns and live isolated from the rest of society if that is not what they themselves innerly feel they should do.
What we are trying to do is, invite you to close your eyes and visualize, see how easy it is, all you have to do is visualize the world you would like to have! Not enough has been said about the power of the mind and about what you can move and transmute by the power of your intention. You must desire, dear ones, this change you are waiting for but you must strongly desire it, with all your inner strength, desire a better world to blossom and be manifested on the surface of the Earth, imagine it full of beauty, harmony, rectitude, nobleness and justice. If we had the required minimum number of persons desiring a new world and a more divine way of living, then we could help you shape that world in the reality plane of existence. And it would be an authentic world, palpable and true, not a utopia of a life of fantasy and imagination.
This is Alfa Starship's Commander, serving unconditionally each and every being inhabiting your world.
Peace and Love.
CRISTIAN was born in the Island of Mallorca (Spain) in the Mediterranean Sea in 1961, where he currently resides. He got the gift of channeling when he was 21 years old, while he belonged to a spiritual group in Palma de Mallorca. He has traveled to countries with ancient cultures of undeniable spiritual influence such as India, Mexico and Egypt. In 1985 he personally met the Indian Master Sathya Sai Baba. His teachings and guidance influenced his life profoundly, so he dedicated himself to translating a great deal of Sathya Sai Baba's teachings to Spanish during the last 10 years. By late 2009, he joined our group of translators and began to translate other channelers' messages. Shortly after that, Alpha Starship began to dictate him their first messages.
How does the process of channeling work for him?
"The channeling process by which our Elder Brothers from Alfa Starship communicate with me has been refined and strengthened as the channelings have occurred. First of all, I receive a telepathic message from Them, wherever I am (sometimes at work), where they tell me to be ready at a certain time to do the channeling. That allows me to get ready in advance, not to eat anything before the information transfer in order to be more receptive, and also to drink a lot of water to facilitate the telepathic process.
When sitting in front of my computer at the specified time, I repeat a mantra that I've chosen for this purpose and mentally call to contact with our Brothers from Alfa Starship. Almost instantly I mentally feel their answer: “We are ready!” - and thus, I start the process of writing in my computer what They are suggesting me in the form of ideas and that I must transform in words, carefully trying to select the ones that best define the thinking that is coming to me, phrase after phrase and paragraph after paragraph. Sometimes I know what they are going to say even before it is transmitted – it's difficult to explain – and others I don't know what they are going to say until the “thought – idea” arrives to my mind.
I can also perceive the feelings of the person I am channeling, for instance, if he is happy, smiling, relaxed, worried, anxious, etc. And I feel like, as time goes on, my tunning with the Mother Ship will become increasingly faster, more accurate and detailed, which will benefit everyone."