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The Masters of Light: Friendships
As Received by Ruth Ryden
February 1, 2011
Many of you will be purchasing Valentine cards to send to loved ones and friends, some of whom may be just acquaintances, business clients, etc. The old custom is a delightful one when it expresses the feelings one person has for another. The question then arises, who are really your friends, and just what does that term really mean?

A friend is a person who, hopefully, is your mate or children. Friendship denotes a bond of loving consciousness between one person and another – someone that is trusted and who will be on your side, no matter what. In a close family relationship, such a bond is taken for granted, although today family relationships become strained as everyone goes in different directions. A child needs to know that they will always be loved, and they need to be told that over and over. A child needs to know their secrets will be honored so they can feel free to talk to mom and dad, and the parents need to know that their kids like to be with them and enjoy a close companionship.

A marriage does not really come together unless man and wife are truly friends, truly enjoy each other’s company and have complete trust in each other’s actions and decisions regarding the relationship. Outside the family, many people become part of your lives, starting in school, then the workplace or any other place where you come into contact with men and women from many walks of life. It is the custom today to consider anyone you know, even slightly, as a friend. That is a nice thing to say, but is very seldom true.

What draws people together and keeps them coming back for more? You are all aware that many of the people in your lives have been there many times before in past lives, being drawn together again to continue a relationship, work again on some challenge or project, or needing to work out difficulties that were never resolved in times past. There are deep needs here to be together again, sometimes presenting rather puzzling situations. It needs to be said that although people are drawn together by this past-life bonding, you are not required by any law of the universe to stay in that relationship. Sometimes the person you are drawn to has no real common interests with you in this lifetime, someone you would not ordinarily go out of your way to get acquainted with and do not particularly like. It is a matter then of carefully assessing that person and deciding whether or not you really want to get close. If not, acknowledge that  this may have been a relationship in a past life, but not one that needs to be continued now. Bless them and pass them by. On the other hand, a real communion may develop that has very deep beginnings and will provide both of you with a lifetime bonding that will strengthen your spiritual purposes.

Feeling attracted to a complete stranger usually has nothing to do with past lives, but their own auric vibrations reveal that you have something in common. Meeting, talking and spending time together getting to know each other becomes a revelation of joy, as you find someone who honestly likes you for who you are - someone who will listen to you, for a change, and not cut you off in mid-sentence to tell you about themselves. (Sound familiar?) Friendship is a relationship that does not happen suddenly. “Love at First Sight” is usually a strong sexual attraction and has nothing to do with friendship. Two people have to spend time together, exploring the many facets of each other’s personalities, letting a feeling of trust build up gradually as they see each other responding in many different ways. We see people continuing a friendship that started in grade school, keeping in touch over the years, even though being separated by many miles. They know there is someone there who really wants to hear from them and remains interested in their lives. As people move from place to place, dragging their children in and out of schools, that kind of lifelong friendship is getting to be rather rare.

You might think of the word “friendship” as being composed of several other words that are powerful tools in the creation of a relationship. Trust. Respect. Truth, Appreciation, Consideration, are only a few. You might pull out a piece of paper and see how many more you would like to add to that list as being a valuable asset in a friend.

Should you look for a friend only in the confines of your own religious beliefs, your own color of skin, your own culture? Surely, it is easier to do so, but think of the enormous benefits of finding a person who has been brought up very differently and sees the world and the universe in many diverse ways. There is no better opportunity to explore your planet and the people who dwell upon it than to form a close friendship with someone you really might consider “strange”. Years ago it was the thing to do to have a “pen pal” from another place, as a way to learn about other countries and ways of living. That concept has fallen into disuse, but now with the advent of e-mail and free access to the entire world, what an opportunity to create a new international friendship! It takes a long time to get to know someone this way, but at least no one can interrupt you when you’re talking!

Rule: Accept who and what the other person is, without trying to change them to your way of thinking or hammering on them to accept your ideas of spirituality or anything else. A friend accepts, enjoys, and understands the ideas and beliefs of the other. In the process both of them open a window to concepts fresh and new.

Rule: Friendship cannot be purchased. Children who need friendships very badly will often buy candy or toys to give to those they wish to impress. They find out too soon that as the supply gives out, the new “friends” also soon disappear. Greed is still alive and well, don’t forget. A new acquaintance who is showered with gifts or treated constantly to lunches may act as though he/she is simply fascinated with you and all you represent to them as being you. But, in the long run when you really need them, they will not be available; when you trust them with your secrets, you may find your innermost confidences spread al around town. In a real friendship, there is an equal give and take. Confidences are given with the knowledge they will go no farther. If one person cannot treat the other financially, ways are found that make up the difference in personal services or surprises. Friends love doing things for
 each other.

Rule: Real friends do not hurt each other. To put someone down in order to build up personal ego is a sure way to destroy a friendship. A friend will do everything he/she can to bolster their friend’s self-confidence and self-image. A friend will always be on hand to listen and give advice if it is asked for. A friend will want to keep in touch a much as possible to see what is happening in the life of the other.

Rule: A friendship cannot be forced into being. It often seems that someone you are really attracted to does not feel the same way. Should you give up? Not necessarily. As we’ve said, a really solid friendship builds gradually. Should you pursue that person, pushing yourself into their company? No, but you can try to be in places where they are, touching in with them occasionally, letting them get to know you a little at a time. If you have a common acquaintance, it might help to ask them about the person and ask to be introduced, if that is appropriate. If there is still complete resistance, give it up and keep open to someone who will share the attraction.

Now, the old saying was invented for a reason, i.e. “to get a friend, you must be a friend!” All of the things pertinent to a friendship go double for the person who is looking for a confidante, a companion. If one goes around drooping in sadness or depression, showing little interest in the world or complaining about their station in life he/she is not going to attract someone they can admire and relate to. Instead, the admired person will probably turn and run for their life! You must be someone another person would be glad to meet and become acquainted with. If you are lonely and can’t seem to find friends, it’s time to take a good look in the mirror. Does your image reflect someone who takes care of him/herself, is clean and well-groomed? Is there a welcoming smile to those with whom you come into contact? Do you sit by the TV, bemoaning your loneliness, instead of being where people congregate and do things? You can’t find a friend if you make no effort to do so. Determine what you really like to do or projects you might be interested in and find groups of like interest. There are people out there who need a friend just as much as you do! Talk to people in a general way, but don’t latch onto them or gush as to how wonderful they are! Let them come half way, if they wish.

If you are older or a shut-in who cannot get out and around, use the internet if you can, or the telephone, or even resort to writing letters! In this age of communication, there is no excuse for not reaching out for what you need.

Using the want ads or meeting services is rather risky today. There are plenty of con men and women using this method to meet lonely, sometimes desperate, people, who will do anything that is suggested by the conning fake friends, including giving the new acquaintances their money. Instead, if you are able, volunteer your services to organizations who are serving those in need of help. There is no better way to bring a feeling of accomplishment and joy into your lives. The people you will meet in such organizations will be much above the average in their unselfishness and giving ways. They’re probably looking for friends, too.

Rule: If you make a promise, make sure it is one you can keep, and then keep it! If you say you are going to be somewhere, be there on time! Being dependable is a big step to keeping someone’s interest as a good friend. If there are circumstances that make the promise impossible to keep, get on the phone and let your new or old friend know why. Never keep anyone waiting or stood up if you can possibly help it.

Rule: Touch your friend. Hold hands when talking seriously – the personal frequencies flowing together make it easier to talk honestly and sincerely. Holding hands in public is looked at with suspicion when two women or two men want to be close, and that is a sad thing. It is still acceptable to put a hand on someone’s shoulder. Touching physically is a powerful emotional bonding (and we’re not talking about sex). This is what the custom of shaking hands is all about, regardless of how it originally began. One can immediately tell a lot about a person when grasping their hand, by using their inner sensing.
Can a man and a woman be just friends? Yes, of course. An agreement to the effect is helpful, if and when other emotions come into play. Professional friendships can be a life-long advantage that provides support and needed information or introduction to new opportunities, as well as a warm feeling of comradeship. If a time comes when you must go separate ways, be grateful for the joy you have shared.

The ability to generate a lasting friendship is a Gift from the Creator.
Ruth Ryden
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