Friday the 13th

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Friday the 13th: Reclaim the power of the 13!
3.)  SaLuSa: You Are One Mighty Group Soul
4.)  New Guides: Listen to the Song of Your Soul
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  Reveal the Glory of God

Isis' Message of the Day -
Think of appreciation.  Feel appreciation. Think of something you appreciate in your life, something, someone. Feel that feeling of appreciation right now.  Give thanks for everything you want to create in your life as if it has already manifested. Then sit back and watch it appear.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. We are here. We are nearby in times of need. We hear you. We offer you comfort. We offer you love. Open your heart to receive what we have for you. It is our great pleasure to meet with you and converse with you. We interact with you in many ways. Open you’re your senses and you will know us. When you feel love in your heart and "no one" is around, we are there. You know we are around when you catch glimpses of us out of the corner of your eye. We bring comforting thoughts to you in times of need. You open to the love God has for you, when you open to the love we have for you. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"   * 

Friday the 13th: Reclaim the power of the 13!
by Dana Mrkich
August 13, 2010
Today is Friday the 13th, a day that lots of people associate with 'bad luck'. But did you ever stop to think why '13' is known as an unlucky number?
We need to go back to a time when the Divine Feminine was honoured through Earth-based 'Mother Goddess' religions, a time when people followed a natural 13 moon Lunar Calendar, celebrated the changing seasons of the Earth, and followed the movements of the Cosmos.  The number 13 was also very important to the Mayans who calculated one of their many calendar cycles from the Birth of Venus on 13 August 3114 BC (ooh spooky, today is 13 August!), with 13 x 144, 000 days taking us to the end of the cycle on 21 December 2012.  22 December 2012 starts a new cycle 13:00:00, a cycle heralded by many as The Return of the Divine Feminine, when Feminine energy will once again be respected and honoured on this planet.
If you follow the Mayan Calendar, you'll notice a 'year' is made up of 13 x 20 days.
In the old days women would all menstruate in sync with the new moon, entering their sacred time every 28 days, 13 times a year. To this day women who spend a lot of time together find that their menstruation moon cycles start synchronising to match each other.  Women, in the native tradition, still today call their sacred time 'moontime'. Women, instead of saying 'I have my period', how would it feel to you to say "I'm on my moon". Say it and see what it does to your cells. Instead of feeling you are experiencing something burdensome, get in touch with the specialness of it. It is the time when your intuition and creativity is heightened. It is a time to go within, to rest, to meditate and seek inner visions and guidance.
Around the time of the Roman conquest, humanity were subjected to the man-made Julian and then Gregorian calendars, which eventually took people out of sync with natural time. At the same time, Earth-based 'pagan' religions were vilified, and people who used natural herbs or healing abilities to help others were labelled 'witches' and burned at the stake.  In their pursuit of power, the Roman conquerors had to find a way to make that which threatened their power 'wrong' or 'bad'. Thus the Goddess and the Creator were replaced by an angry, Churchy mad-made version of God, healers and psychics were ridiculed or killed, and the number '13' was cast a role of 'unlucky'.  The Spanish did the same kind of thing to the Mayans, whose holy books were burned, and holy priests killed.
I read today that "Friday the 13th is traditionally a day when the ancients would take the day off to make love in honour of Freya's Day (the Norse Venus) & the 13 moons of the lunar calendar. It was the Romans who 'demonized' this day to instill duty to the state rather than one's heart.... Be radical on this day: love yourself & those around you to honour this time old tradition."
Today on Friday the 13th, reclaim the power of the 13.  Reclaim your connection to the natural cycles, to the cycles of the moon, the cycles of the earth and the cycles of the cosmos. As you reconnect to the natural cycles, you reconnect to your natural energy, to your authentic connection to your higher self and Source Energy. You reconnect to your intuition and innate inner sacred knowledge. Reclaim the power of the 13 today!
(c) Dana Mrkich 2010
Energy Intuitive and Author of A New Chapter Dana Mrkich is an inspiring Writer, Speaker & Teacher with a passion for reminding others of their innate truth and essence. Holding the vision of a new reality from a young age guided by her star elders, Dana’s life focus has been to help people remember who they really are so that together we can create the best possible reality for ourselves and the planet.  
Dana offers her empowering Soul Sessions via email (written downloads approx 7 pages), phone and Skype to clients all around the world, and in-person in Sydney, Australia, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need as you step further into your true self and new reality. Dana is the creator of Daily Om e-Course Create a Life you Love, and has contributed to numerous publications including Body + Soul, Woman's Day, Empower Magazine, Diva Village, Conscious Living, PlanetLightworker and Living Now. A passionate advocate for truth-based, empowering media, Dana is the former host of radio shows TruthSeeker and Visioning the Dream Awake. A dynamic speaker, she spoke at the 2010 Star Knowledge Conference in New Mexico, was a panellist at the 2005 World Peace Congress in Italy with her talk titled Creating our New Reality, holds regular talks and workshops in Australia and the US, and is a popular radio guest on shows in many countries.
Dana is committed to humanity’s conscious evolution, and the merging of consciousness with action, in all aspects of social and global life.  She has travelled to over 35 countries, visiting sacred sites all over the world, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications majoring in Social Inquiry & Media Production and Journalism.  *   *     

SaLuSa: You Are One Mighty Group Soul
August 13, 2010
We refer to Ascension often, because it is the most important issue that you will have to decide. We have mentioned that once you decide to ascend, you are creating a pathway to it. The point we wish to emphasize is that many paths lead to it, so you need not be concerned if others follow one different to yours. You will find that they all lead to a moment in time, when there are great changes involving Mother Earth. Where you go from there depends on whether your vibrations are such that you can be lifted up. If they are not at a level where you can, then clearly you will continue at the same one as before. That means you were not ready for Ascension, and indeed the higher vibrations would not suit you and would make you feel uncomfortable. Fortunately you cannot but advance to a level until you are ready, and that is Universal Law.
Some people have such a rigid mindset that although they find greater truths around them, they find it very difficult to move on. They have become bound by the chains of their beliefs, they will be amongst those who will continue to experience in this existing dimension. Fear plays a part and they cannot contemplate that they are in a state of denial, yet they invariably have their personal doubts in connection with their beliefs. As we do where all souls are concerned, we place the truth in front of them and it is up to them how they deal with it. When you have found the true path, there is no conflict within as you are at peace with all life. Your understanding also allows for the acceptance of all souls, because you see them as an equally important part of the whole. You are one mighty group soul, and all contribute to the mass consciousness. Due to the efforts of the Lightworkers, it is continually expanding and is helping bring others out of the darkness that engulfs them.
Levels of consciousness have reached a point, where further upliftment is going to occur at an even quicker rate. Almost every month there are configurations of some kind that are bringing it about. It is extremely good news as the higher you can take your consciousness, it will help manifest the new paradigm. You cannot have a vacuum, and as soon as the old is removed the new is waiting to take its place. The Divine Plan for your release from duality is well established, and all stands in readiness for the first time conditions allow it to proceed. Our allies make steady progress, and have established a strong front against any attempts to prevent the ultimate changes from going ahead. It is not a question of whether they will, they MUST- to fulfill the needs of the people. Also the cleansing must take place to enable the Earth to be restored, and these are all stepping-stones on the path to Ascension.
We of the Galactic Federation have long ago learnt to curb our desires to rush matters, as we are moved by our strong love for other souls who are suffering. We would dearly love to appear on Earth now, and put a stop to all of the actions being taken that are not in your interests. However, as you surely know by now, we obey the higher principles of Universal Law that prevents us from doing so. What is wonderful is to see is your own response as more of you reach a greater state of awareness. You are putting your energies into use and are taking your own action, and believe us it is having a positive affect.
So much more is known about us and other Space Beings in general. The subject is increasingly becoming spoken of in public, and no longer is there any stigma attached to having a belief in our existence. The proof of our existence is no longer a matter for speculation, and only the most skeptic amongst you could deny it. It allows us to be bolder in our presence around you in your skies, and also on your Earth. So much is known about us, it will almost be just a formality when Disclosure is announced. However, what it will do is allow the hidden truth to come out about our long-standing relationship with you. You will also learn about our many operations on your behalf, to prevent the dark Ones from destroying you and Mother Earth. After the destruction of Maldek in your Solar System, God decreed that such an act would never be allowed again, and we are charged with ensuring that it is observed. If allowed, such an act would have seriously put back your evolution, and would have also interfered with other civilizations. That could not be tolerated, as this particular cycle was planned eons of time ago to end with Ascension.
Now you stand in the midst of the chaos, that is a sure sign that the old is breaking up. For some it is an extra painful experience, but understand you are all where you are supposed to be for the end times. The nightmare is real enough, but you have the power to change it through your power of thought. You are creating the way the final days work out, and it can be joyful and exciting or fearful and depressing depending on how you view it. Lightworkers know that it is best to stay calm and centered at all times, and not allow fear to creep in. All life is infinite and whatever happens you will be looked after by Beings of a high vibration, that have the power to bring you Love and Light. We count ourselves amongst them, and our actions are never ones to cause you harm. Even when we have to deal with the dark Ones, we do it from a position of loving all souls. Whatever levels they are at their Light cannot be extinguished, and we bless them for being part of the great experiment that you all agreed to take part in. We are not here to judge anyone, and we know that every soul will one day fully return to the Light.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope that you can stay focused on the bright future that will take you out of duality. To be in the higher dimensions will be dreamlike compared to what you are experiencing now. There is absolutely no comparison and that is why words are so inadequate. To be in an energy that is all embracing and is so peaceful and joyful is your right, and for too long you have been held back by those who have lost their ability to love themselves, let alone others. They are souls who have become so separated from God, they have lost their compassion and love for all other souls. It is the Light and Love that will eventually lift them up, and in their own way they need it more than those who have already become aware of their Godself.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

New Guides: Listen to the Song of Your Soul
Laugh when you feel like laughing, cry when you feel like crying, write when you feel like writing, sing when you feel like singing. Do you know how important it is to listen to those nudges at your shoulder, to listen to the inspiration you get and to express it in one of the wonderful ways humans can express themselves? You choose every moment of every day how you express yourself and it's awesome to see. This planet, the planet of free choice is so awesome we are building a party here and putting on garlands cause we can stand beside you. And here we are dancing with you, holding you, blowing wind through your hair and making your dresses and shirts move. Most of all we are clearing the energy in your energy field cause you gave us that role by a conscious choice. We love that, to act like our sole purpose is to step into the role you gave us.
You have got so much power, so much creation power, simply cause you are a human on the planet of free choice. You don't always feel you have a choice. Especially as children you can feel so powerless, often when you are conscious of your free choice later in life. And even then events happen that seems to be so unfair as if you didn't ask for it. You did dear one, you did. Your soul doesn't want to experience anything else than it does experience. You are often not conscious of the desire of your soul. And it's okay dear ones, please know it's okay. It's part of the game here on earth. You cannot remove the entire veil even when you want to. Even the ones you call enlightened in a human body can't see the whole picture and we applaud the universe for creating the space in where this is possible. It defines the game here on earth, it gives you the space to experience your life fully. We laugh when people say they "have seen the whole picture." You haven't dear ones, you really haven't and that is perfectly okay. The universe is doing it's job very, very well and we are extremely happy by that. Your souls are very happy by that too. Even the energy you call soul you cannot grasp totally while being in a human body and we feel that rocks big time!

All you know is that you actually don't know and the things you think you know may be very different from another higher perspective. Feel dear ones, feel and you begin to grasp a spark of home. That's all that matters. All that matters is listening to the song of your soul purpose, all that matters is that you are stepping into action right now and act like your soul purpose. Listen to yourself, to the song that your heart sings and express yourself. This is not a time of waiting, this is a time of expressing, of singing and of realizing you don't know a thing. You will get very proud at not knowing a thing.
We wrap you in our wings dear one, as we always do when you choose so.
Elleke Verhoeckx * *   *   

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, as you share things with a friend, they are multiplied as they flow through you, and you are then the receiver who has ten-fold of what you are giving out to another one, and you become aware, even more aware of what you already are and have, because you are able to give it.
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HEAVEN #3549
Reveal the Glory of God
August 13, 2010
God said:
I sanctioned you, and I sanctioned your entrance into the world. I okayed you. I made you holy, for I made you of Myself. And, so, you are My holy child, but holy unbeknownst to yourself. You may even think you are unholy. In that case, you have veered off from the truth of you. You have adapted a false identity, and you have come to believe your own misguidance. Unless you accept Our connection, unless you value yourself highly, unless you love yourself and the humanity on Earth, you are a fraud.
It is not your intention to perpetrate a fraud, and yet your self-appraisal falls far from the mark.
Here you are a child of God, and you have strayed from awareness of yourself. You entered a forest, and you can’t see yourself in the dark, and so you conclude that you are not lighted. You tell yourself that if you were lighted, you would be able to see beyond your nose. And so you rationalize that you are less than I made you. At every little scrimmage, you think you lose another yard, until you conclude that you are nothing. You may conclude that everything is nothing.
In one sense, you are correct. All the relative world is a simulation, a decoy, as it were. Life in the world seems to be a campaign to detract you from all that is true. There are layers of deceivership. And yet no longer are you to accept false images of yourself. I am not false, and you were made in My image. Image means likeness.
You may try to escape all the good that you are, yet, try as you may, you cannot. You can never escape from your merit, your value to the world, yourself and Me. Oh, yes, you can waste time, yet time is a non-reality, an accepted non-reality. The real reality is you and how you serve My vision of you, and, therefore, yourself.
The closer you are to My vision of you, the closer you are to your Self. The closer you are to your Self, the closer you are to My version of you, for you are My vision, not your flailing discounting of your True Self.
You can’t believe you are holy. You are certain that I make mistakes and perhaps My eyesight is failing. But, no, it is you with the eyes that cannot see, and the ears that cannot hear. My vision is true.
You will know this again. When you depart Earth, you will become familiar once again with your blessed lighted Self, yet you can do it now. You can go down the straight road without detours. Why delay what you are going to come to anyway? Why defray your Self-recognition? You are a beauty, and you hang back, and you say, “No, I am not beautiful at all.”
Of course, you are what I say you are. You are not what you say you are.
You are a mighty Being swimming in an ocean of life, and you believe you are mired on shore.
If one of Us, of one of this seeming two, is mistaken, who is it? Is it you or I? I bet you anything that it is you. But, of course, I do not bet. I know. Cast your bets on the water, and dive deep into My heart. Dive deep into your own heart. Give up your fallacies.
What I say is so, and now I ask you to cast off your disguises, and reveal to yourself who you are and what you are here for and reveal the glory of God to all on Earth.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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