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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Freeing Yourself From The Worry Programs - Part 2
3.)  Yours, Mine and Ours
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Council of 12 Message:
      Accessing the Blessings of Wesak - A Thinning of the Veils
6.)  Desire Enlightenment as a Gift You Give to the World

Isis' Message of the Day -
Share Your Light! Practice a Random Act of Kindness.
There is a destiny that makes us as One. No one goes this way alone. All that we send out into the lives of others comes back into our own.

Promote peace in the world, respect all life and the empowerment of each person to fulfill his or her highest potential.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Allow us to give you a few important key points to assist you in integrating the wisdom necessary to become a full-fledged spiritual aspirant on the path of en-Lighten-ment:

•   The Emotional Body is a reflector. It responds to external stimulation, such as other people, events, emotional attachments and addictions. 
•   Tread the path of life gently and reverently.  Speak softly with discernment.  See that your actions reflect the purity of your God Self and leave footprints of Light for others to follow. 
•   There is an ebb and flow to the cycles of the Soul just as there is throughout the Cosmos. 
•   The Soul draws forth the Essence of life from its I AM Presence in preparation for a new life cycle of experience.  At the end of that cycle, the life Essence is slowly withdrawn and the physical death process results; however, the real You in Spirit form remains, for you are immortal. 
•   The Soul’s impulses and influence are much stronger in a Being who has stepped onto the path of awareness than there are in an unawakened person who is still caught up in the illusion of a third- / fourth-dimensional existence. 
•   You must strive to maintain an ever-expanding state of Soul-consciousness in order to progress on the upward spiral of ascension. It is time for those who will be among the new World Servers to become aware of each other. 
•   Criticism is a faculty of the ego and the lower mind.  Criticizing or finding fault with yourself or others is detrimental to the extreme.  You add energy to that which you focus your attention on; therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you look for the good in everyone and everything. 
•   Constructive criticism is sometimes necessary.  However, it should only be used to assist someone to correct harmful behavior, take the right action, or find the appropriate direction. 
•  You Can Only Fail If You Quit Trying.  You may lose time; however, you should gain some knowledge with each failure.  Growth and wisdom come from learning what not to do and in perfecting the skills that will help you become proficient in your chosen field of endeavor. 
•   Lower vibrational energy creates discordant frequencies within your Soul Song.  The vibrations of discord cause discomfort within the area where it originated or where it is focused within the physical vessel. If the negative energy patterns are strong enough, they can create disease and will eventually contaminate the entire body. 
•   You must tame and gain control of your emotional body via your Higher Self, guides and  angelic helpers in order to become receptive to the refined frequencies of Cosmic truth.  You must clear the mind of distorted, negative, defeating thoughts. Only a clear vessel can receive and transmit the wisdom teachings of the cosmic libraries of God-consciousness. 
•   A spiritual seeker refuses to pay attention to public opinion, judgment or failure. Aspirants are recognized by their vibrational frequencies or Light quotient, not by their knowledge or their deeds.
~ I AM Archangel Michael ~
Transmitted through Ronna Herman * *   

Freeing Yourself From The Worry Programs - Part 2
by Jill Renee
April 4, 2011
When I shared part 1 of this message, a beautiful soul commented that she couldn't resonate with it given the victims in Japan's Earthquake.  She recalled the experience of an 80 year old Japanese woman whose family was lost in the earthquake rubble.
Her response allowed me to express more.  Understanding my perspective is not mainstream, I welcome the opportunity to provide more context for my message. . . . 
I send a special message of love and blessings to all who were personally affected by any of the recent natural disasters be it the Earthquakes, Cyclones, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Wildfires or any other tumultuous event we’ve seen so much of in recent days. 
At a certain energetic frequency the Japanese Earthquake and the individual situations of loss, pain and devastation is tragic, heart wrenching and makes me want to vomit or curl up in a ball wondering what next tragedy could impact me or my loved ones in this terrible way.  But we have more choices in how to respond.  These other choices don’t come naturally to humans as we have been so well trained to operate within the third dimension.  Through experiencing more of our multidimensional selves we can see the broader set of choices. 
I view each human as a Co-Creator, acknowledged or not.  We are each making choices, all the time, and part of our contract before selecting the journey we are now having includes knowing the potentials, including “dying” in an Earthquake.  Do I “like” this part of the Earthly experience?  No.  But I honor it as part of the experience here, knowing that what we call “death” means going home, what some call heaven.  Over 8,000 beautiful souls transitioned home because of the Japanese Earthquakes.  I am so happy those souls were here, that they helped share the human experience at this magical time on this gorgeous planet.  I am choosing to celebrate their experiences here as well as their decision to return home.  Is this a mainstream view of death and devastation like the Japanese Earthquake?  No, which is  why I felt so compelled to share it.  Part of the game here is to take it seriously enough that it feels real enough to be all there is.   But the game is changing, dramatically. . .
With the current evolutionary cycles underway, we have more choices.  We have the options of seeing, experiencing and be-ing more than our limited third dimensionality offered.  Some are choosing that expansion.  Some are not.  And all of it is “ok.”
Life on Earth is a treasure.  The vast majority of us jumped into line to be here at this magical time.  Many of us are here again, after many, many lifetimes on Earth, some of which we “died” due to natural causes, to natural disasters, or even murder, disease, childhood “accident”, etc.  Yet, here we are, again, good as new possibly.  We take our current journey so seriously, and I understand that approach to life.  But there is so much more going on and we now have the opportunity to experience the vastness of the Soul while in physical form, no longer locked into the former 3D game. 
For me, the best way to honor those whose experience has concluded is for me to savor each moment here by choosing joy, love and inner peace, choosing to shine my light as brightly as I am currently able.  For me, a response of mourning or feeling loss and woe for the “dead” and/or the tragedy in Japan would dim my inner light, denying my God-self and lower my vibrational frequency while not serving those who transitioned at all.  Knowing and feeling that we are all One, it feels best to hold my light as brightly as possible, no matter what, but especially because others are facing turmoil and uncertainty.  Another’s turmoil is part of their journey, not part of my direct path at this time and may not even be in my contract for this whole journey.  When/If it is part of my path, I hope my brothers and sisters in humanity are shining their light as brightly for themselves as possible, helping maintain or raise the collective vibration, not letting their frequency dip or dive because they are so concerned about my circumstances, my path.
Our transition into the expanded aspects of ourselves as Souls while remaining in the physical reality of Earth offers significant shifts in everything; our planet, our physical bodies, our way of be-ing including our beliefs of good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, life vs. death.  I hope this article offers another perspective for consideration.  Given the pace of Earth changes, we will have many opportunities to hone our response into whatever feels best for each of us. 
Namaste to all,
Jill Renee
About Jill
I discovered my psychic/intuitive abilities as recently as February 2009 and have been sharing them and expanding them ever since.  The intense energies on Earth at this time allow for very rapid expansion and somehow I feel like everything is right on schedule for me; waking up amidst the "New Energies" . . . 
By May 2009, I began to access my gifts as a conscious channel, starting as communication with my spirit guides and higher self.  Also, I soon began accessing wisdom and teachings from other high dimensional beings including Mother Mary, Jesus, Thoth, Gaia, Pleiadian and Arcuturian-based energies, and other higher dimensional beings including the Angelic realms.  The shared information has a high level of relevance, insight and, of course love.  I share their insights in articles, videos, group readings and speaking engagements as well as private sessions.
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Yours, Mine and Ours
by Jennifer Hoffman
Since we can't see the energy around us we are completely unaware of its presence and never even think about it until we feel we don't have any. Then we scramble, trying to find the power we need to change our life and know that the energy is flowing again. Sometimes we can find this connection from within and at other times we look for it from others. Who does energy belong to and where is the dividing line between what is ours and someone else's? What part of the energy belongs to everyone?
Our energetic connection exists at many different levels, ego, heart and soul, and each level has its own needs and lessons. The feelings of powerlessness and disconnection are our signal that we have created a break in our energy connection. And this happens for different reasons -- we are finished with a certain level of learning, we need to transform a particular life experience, it's time for us to shift our thinking or we have to learn to find our own power. While it's tempting to look for the most powerful person or situation to renew our energy, the only place we will find a lasting connection is within us, even if we don't think it is there. 
We each have a unique energetic connection to an unlimited supply that is at the vibration and level we need. So we can't ever take what belongs to someone else and whatever we need is always available to us. The challenge is to remember to go within when we feel stuck or powerless, instead of trying to find someone to help us out of our situation. This doesn't mean that we can't ask for help. It means that the assistance will be effective when it points us back to our own energetic resources and connection. 
Trying to use energy that doesn't belong to us won't work and the connection will not last. Eventually we will feel frustrated and stuck and what we do next is important. We can be angry with the person or situation for not meeting our needs, or realize that this energy is not 'ours' and go within to find our own connection. When we look to others for energy we have neglected our own source. There is always enough for everyone, including us, because no one has the same energetic needs or connection. And when we learn to live through our own energy we become powerful manifestors who can live abundantly, joyfully and with all of the love, power and energy we need because we have found our own unlimited supply that is always there when we need it.
Article Copyright ©2011 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   * Enlightening Life  *  email: *    

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, any time when the outward appearances of things look to be threatening, look to be as loss or abandonment or rejection, go quickly to the temple of the sun within yourself. You will always be taken care of in the temple, in the sun of your own sun within. That is what it means when we speak of the Christ of you. It is your own sun within you, the brilliance, the divine radiance of the Christ of you.
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Council of 12 Message:
Accessing the Blessings of Wesak - A Thinning of the Veils
Channeled by Selacia
April, 5 2011

Note from Selacia - "This is a special pre-Wesak message from The Council of 12, provided as our annual Wesak season begins. During the next several weeks leading up to May 14 - the date we celebrate Wesak with a global meditation - you can begin tapping into the auspicious Wesak blessings they speak about here. The Wesak is celebrated on different days, depending upon your culture. In Japan, for example, Buddha's birthday is typically April 8. This year we will have a post-Wesak too, offered on July 9 at the tail-end of the season - helping with the anchoring of energies we receive between now and then. As you read their words now, The Council of 12 will provide you with insights and potent energy that can help you to take advantage of our Wesak season. Remember that the Wesak is a celebration of the enlightened ones who came before us - such as the Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin. It is also a celebration of our own enlightenment potential - each one of us has that very potential. We are here to realize that on an individual level and to help our planet shift into one of light and love."

Elders of diverse cultures over the ages knew about the times of great change you now face. They also knew about the dimensional shift and thinning of veils between realities. Enlightened masters like Buddha and Kuan Yin brought wisdom about a new type of path to walk-the path of love and the heart.
During Wesak season each year it's easier to access the energies and blessings of these great ones. That season is now.
For several weeks in the window of Wesak you have greater access to spiritual energies and wisdom emanating from the higher dimensions. Leading up to Wesak and for a number of weeks afterward there is an energetic doorway available to you. If you choose to focus on it and invite in the blessings of this season, you will access beneficial spiritual fuel for your journey. That energy is a potent remedy for the challenges you face, the fear you experience, and the hatred you witness in the world.
The Buddha and Wesak
The Buddha - whose birthday and enlightenment is celebrated at Wesak - did not come to create a religion or to be placed on a pedestal. He and other enlightened beings like Kuan Yin gave you a path to follow for your own liberation. As their nonphysical forms interact with humanity today, they provide a vehicle for radical transformation of consciousness.
Do not give your power away to anyone or anything. Remember your own power as a divine changemaker-your own ability to receive the goodness from the universe and to create a light-filled world. You then become a creator of the goodness you desire to see expressed. You then attract more goodness. And your light shines ever more brightly.
Why You Are Here
Your challenge in this cycle is to remain aware of why you are here. There will be many distractions, much disturbing news to process, and many nagging thoughts of self-doubt. There will be a tendency to get caught up in the minutia of outer world happenstance. Knowing that these things are probable, you will find it easier to step back and invite in the big picture view. When you consistently do this, your inner wisdom will remind you of your higher purpose and why this life is so precious. 
Most likely you already have some sense about your path and aspirations. During this Wesak window, however, you can access a deeper knowing of your true self and how you are meant to express it in the world. Invite in this deeper knowing and a more expansive wisdom than you have so far realized.
Prepare to let go of long-held ideas about what your purpose is. Most likely, some of them related to a past self you have now moved beyond. Some of them may have come from ideas others gave you about your future. Now is the time to re-evaluate all things and find deeper meanings. 
Crucial Time Frame
Of all the time frames you could focus on these things, these next few years are crucial. You may feel that you are not prepared for the kind of path the Buddha and other enlightened beings modeled. You may feel that you don't have enough training or that you don't have enough time.  These feelings, if you have them, are coming from your fear and doubt. They come from a false sense of inadequacy and from conditioning that tells you that you are not enough. 
This is the time to set aside such false notions about who you are. It is the time to embrace your divine nature and your true path. Trust that as you do this you are fully supported. Know that you are loved beyond measure.
As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.
Copyright 2011 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12, * All Rights Reserved *  *  *
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Selacia: A channel for The Council of 12, is internationally known for her work in the inspirational/ transformation field. In her forthcoming 2012 book, readers will receive an understanding of their options during Earth’s pivotal years.  Selacia provides private sessions by phone to clients worldwide, helping them to navigate the 2012 window changes and to move into more clarity, joy, and empowerment. Known throughout the world for her work with The Council of 12, Selacia in 2000 brought the Council of 12's wisdom to the UNSRC's Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations. She offers ongoing writings and teachings focused on healing and spiritual transformation. A gifted intuitive and pioneer in DNA intuitive healing, she offers regular seminars, DNA workshops, teleclasses and group channelings. Join Selacia’s mailing list at her website to be informed of seminars, worldwide call-in teleclasses, and global Council of 12 channeling events including the annual Wesak. To schedule a private session with Selacia:  Tel: 310.915.2884, E-mail: Web site:    *       

HEAVEN #3786
Desire Enlightenment as a Gift You Give to the World
April 7, 2011
God said:
We are interchangeable. You would rather I be much more than you. I am you, yet I am God fulfilled. You are still in the making. You are in the making of your own awareness. All that is lacking is awareness. I do not mean thoughts. I mean awareness.
Thoughts are a dime a dozen. Thoughts grow on trees. Thoughts come fast, one after the other, hand over fist. Your awareness seems to come in bits and snatches. Your awareness withdraws, comes again, withdraws. You will become aware for keeps.
Become aware because I ask you to. Become aware so that you can lift the world higher. Desire awareness as a gift you wish to give to the world.
Anything you wish for yourself specifically lags behind awareness. Enlightenment desired for yourself is not enlightenment. And when you become aware, you are aware. Do not say you are awakened. No one has to know you are but you. Awareness is not for you alone, and yet you don’t announce that you are awakened or enlightened or any of the words you use. This you keep to yourself.
When you have the awareness of enlightenment, there is no need to announce it. There is no need to think about it.
Of course, there is the sense in which everyone is enlightened, only they don’t know it. Not knowing that you are enlightened is like sleeping through a movie. You were in the theater. The movie played, and yet you were not awake. You do not have to declare that you slept anymore than you need declare that you were awake during the whole movie.
Enlightenment is not an ending, as you do seem to think of it. It is not a conclusion. It is not an assessment for you to make. Enlightenment is not a door prize. It is not an attainment. It is not something for you to take credit for. It is not a medal. It is simply where you are.
As you drive along in your car, you do not say: “I am at the corner of State and Main. I am at the corner of Jefferson and 2nd Street. I am at the corner of this street or that.” In the world, you are always somewhere.
Just as there is no need for you to proclaim your perceived lacks, there is no need to proclaim your perceived advances.
Once you were in second grade, and now you are in third, or fourth, or tenth, or graduated. It is a gradation. It is gradual. Or the sought-after breakthrough may seemingly come all at once.
There is no arrival. There is always arriving. You are always getting closer. And yet you do not pass Go. Or, when you pass Go, it is natural and nothing need be said about it.
Even if you are the most enlightened person in the whole world, there is no reason to announce that you are. There is no need to say: “Look at me. I won!”
Pride does not enter into the field of enlightenment. The joy is enlightenment, not the saying you have reached it.
When you were a child and learned long division, it was important to you to tell someone what you have learned, yet long division is not in the telling.
There is no need to advertise your state of consciousness. There is need to be it. There is need for you to emanate it. That’s all you have to do. And nothing can stop your emanation. Whatever your state of consciousness, you are emanating it.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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