Freedom Exercise {Channeled}


St.Germain's Freedom Exercise
Given through Susan Leland
February 8, 2011
We are asked to send this to you with a request that you join in doing this Exercise.  Tomorrow (Friday, 2-11-11) it is expected that the biggest crowd yet of freedom-seeking protestors will be in *Tahrir Square, Cairo.  Let's send them our Lovelight in support of their cause, along with Peace to all of Egypt and the World beyond!  Thank you and Namaste!
St.Germain - February 8, 2010 Teleconference

Good Evening Beloved Family!  It is I, St. Germain, and I come before you in the Light of the Violet Ray.  And here stands with me Archangel Michael, in the Light of the Blue Ray of Truth, and we tell you this is a most important, and significant, and joyful time, as it flows upon Planet Earth.  Never have so many come together in consciousness, whether they are standing in that square* in their physicalities, or not.  The World stands there. We stand there with these people.
We have, in previous times upon Planet Earth, been the inspiration for others in the World to call for Freedom. And restoring Freedom to the World is a great part of our mission. And it is our mission, yours and ours, to come together, to keep the flame burning. It has never gone out, but it has been very dim at times.
Keep that flame of Freedom lit, and keep lighting it up more and more. We light the way for others to come, to be inspired to join in this great Oneness that we are. We call upon everyone Worldwide, to connect with their hearts, their minds, and their Spirit-selves, to feel this Freedom, which is so precious, and has been so elusive for so many for so long. This is the very hour to strengthen the call, and in so doing to strengthen the coming of this precious Freedom to all, because all deserve it. It is the birthright of all. It is sacred. It is Divine!
Oh, we know Planet Earth is a Planet of free will, but sometimes the will of one has been unjustly imposed upon the many. This is the hour for reversal of that. This is the hour for all, all of the humans to cast off the chains which have bound people through all these eons of time. This is the time for all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia to come together in support, and rejoicing, that this is happening -finally!
This is the time for the veil to loosen so much that everyone feels the Freedom of Love and Joy coming into the energy fields of all in the human bodies and uplifting, uplifting all who choose to receive this energy, so that you know, you know you are sovereign.
You know that you are Divine. And so that you know that you are free to express yourselves as you are without the need of any 'disguisements,' or camouflages, that you can reach out to your brothers and sisters, and that they will feel and see the Love you are, and this will help to free them in turn.
And so our exercise tonight is for all, below, on, and above, Planet Earth, and we shall take ourselves to a most special place. So, we ask that you just relax and breathe. And I St. Germaine invite you to come up onto the New Jerusalem now. You may come via your crystal elevator, or you may hold your Angel's hands and soar, but bring your consciousness onto the New Jerusalem, the great Mother Ship. Captain Ashtar is at the controls, and I AM here on this ship to welcome you with Sananda, and yes, with Archangel Michael.
We have the ability to visit each other's ships. And this is a momentous occasion, because you are coming. Your Guides are here preparing the way for you. And as you come in, you literally light up the ship even more. Take a moment for hugs, and greetings, and recognitions of each other, and find your comfortable place in the control room. There's room for all, and we welcome you and your Guides and your Angels to come aboard to assist and facilitate this most important mission that we have.
Now that you're all here, Captain Ashtar will take us to our destination. You will recognize it. You will feel the energy rising up from it. Notice that we fly over Jerusalem on our way, and we come to the ancient city of Cairo. And there is that square,* and we are hovering above it. We are so close that you can see the faces of the men, and the women, and the children there in that square. You can see their tents, their blankets, their flags, their colorful display of garments.
Now, look down into that crowd, each and every one of you, and see a face there. This is your brother, or your sister, who stands there so fearlessly, or who might be sleeping. Look into the face of the one that you see, and see yourself there, one with that wondrous person. It may even be a child brought there to bear witness and to lend the Lovelight that the children bring. It may be someone with a camera, a newsperson. It may be a soldier. It may even be one of the demonstrators against Freedom. It matters not who you see as you.
We're all in this together. We all stand as One. Let yourself bathe in the radiance of the Light that emanates from the energy fields of these wondrous people altogether there in such sacred mission.
And now, Beloved Ones, prepare your message, prepare the message that you have to say to them. Let it go forth on your wings of Love, accompanied by the Violet Ray, for further transformation, further accomplishment of what these people are there to do. They are transmuting, transforming, a dictatorship into a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. And to this, Beloved Ones, as we have done before, they have pledged their lives, and their fortunes, and their sacred honors, as much as those who signed the Declaration of Independence.
These ones are standing there facing what could be horrible attacks. They stand there courageously shouting their Truth. And while they have singled out a particular one, this Mubarak, what they are really calling for is the kind of government that is of the Light, that is enlightened, that is their birthright as much as it is anyone's on the Planet. So send them your support, your Love, and let us together beam them with the waves of Love never ending, infinite empowerment for them to continue and to triumph.
This is the moment for the Light to prevail, and though it might be yet another day, or days, it is so strong, it is so strong, with you, Beloved Ones, leading the way for the World to empower it, by sending your own Lovelight to these blessed ones, who stand for you, and now you stand with. This is sacred, Beloved Ones. This is 'mission accomplished,' and this is gift to the entire World.
You have heard Ashtar say many times, 'We are here from the highest realms of Light and Love to facilitate and assist in the Ascension of Planet Earth. Well you, Beloved Ones, are assisting Planet Earth to be free to do so, to make this great Ascension. It's never been done before, and it must have Freedom to support this incredible, and yet true, transformation.
So breathe! Breathe in the Love and the Gratitude of those in that square. Feel the Oneness now of all of us, those on the ground and those of us here on the New Jerusalem, shining forth our Love, our support, and our oneness, as we stand together united in this great cry, this outpouring of calling forth Freedom.
So just bask in these waves of Love. When you're ready with final hugs and farewells, feel the Love. Feel the Joy. Take these people, their energies of Love and Courage into your hearts, and give them the ongoing legacy of your Love, and your encouragement. And with final farewell and hugs among all of us here, when you are ready, return from the New Jerusalem, empowered even more - by Love and this loving experience, this exchange of energies of Love, and Courage, and Freedom.
You are most honored for your participation. And the next time you see the people in this square, remember, remember, Beloved Ones, we are there, all of us, all of us together with them. And so it is! Namaste!


Sekhmet: I really like being able to come in after the exercise, because I'm flying! Thank you so much, Beloved Family, for giving of your attention, and your great Love, and your great Courage. Today's wondrous ones, they are all representatives of us. We are all ambassadors to them. It make no difference what language is spoken. It makes no difference what religion anyone is. It makes no difference what each one's individual beliefs and desires are. We are together in solidarity as One. And so we thank you for being a part of this gathering, and for giving so freely of your energies for this endeavor. It is most worthy indeed!

And Freedom, or we should say the Light of Freedom has been increased exponentially by all of you coming to be in this great company. And so it is!
Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, February 8, 2011   Ashtar On The Road Publications 2011.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.  *   


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