Finding The Truth

Finding the truth

          “These are the times spoken of in your Bible referring to false prophets and leaders; today there are many of them trying to make a name for themselves, lining their pockets with money and their egos with power.

          The rapid evolution of your cellular structures demands of the mind that a deeper conscious understanding of your world, the universe, and your own spiritual reality is an important challenge not to be ignored.  The inner, urgent need to find out all you can, learn all you can, is utmost in the lives of many of you.  This fact is not going unnoticed by the multitude of spiritual beings that feast upon the consciousness of the living, be they servants and messengers of the Creator, or the earth-bound spirits of those who have chosen to try and live in some way through the living consciousness of human beings.  There are, in fact, many alien species of matter who have been monitoring the human race for centuries, and those who have arrived in the last century, mentally contacting humans whose awareness allows that contact.  For the most part, their thoughts are informational and helpful, imparting knowledge of the universe and its functions.  This has also not gone unnoticed by spiritual beings who have jumped on the band wagon and announce to their contactees that they are wonderful beings from outer space who are part of universal organizations and now promote the listener to what amounts to high military status of some kind.  They prey on egos and the need to take part in comic book adventures in space.  It is exciting and a great game to those who find life boring or too difficult to manage. But, in the meantime, spiritual knowledge and wisdom that the inner being is trying to import to the physical consciousness is being shut out and ignored.  Dear Hearts, if you must play these games, be realistic enough to recognize them for what they are!

           How to tell the difference?  Content.  Earth-bound spirits or well-meaning spiritual beings participate by sending reams of words, going on and on, that generally say nothing of great importance, over and over again.  After reading all of this, think on it and see if there is any real lesson being given, anything to be learned for your benefit.  The beautiful, flowing language often lulls the reader into feeling calm and satisfied, but that is as far as it goes.  We have cautioned our readers many times to use extreme discernment when either receiving mental communication or written material from any source.  The tremendous amount of spiritual writing coming through the mails and the internet are enough to make anyone’s head spin from trying to make sense of it all!  Try this:  Instead of trying to read everything, make a point of scanning the material paragraph by paragraph.  Are the same “love and light” words repeated constantly?  Are there fancy or ridiculous names of so-called Angels or off-world beings being introduced?  Is there anything in the content that you are not already aware of?  If not, put it aside and look for something more informational.  Spiritual Teachers from the Higher Realms don’t waste their time or yours by such obvious tactics.

                 The increasing awareness of natural methods of treating the body for illnesses and structural difficulties is changing the way humanity is starting to look at healing treatments.  Greed-ridden medical societies and drug cartels are feeling very threatened as the percentage of patients using what is called “alternative medicine” today is rising all the time.  This old knowledge coming to the foreground again has given many people the incentive to help others with their pain and problems by using the old ways and experimenting with many new treatments aided by technology, dedicating their lives to helping others.  Body workers, as some are called, learn different massage techniques; ancient energy-moving techniques are now being taught world-wide.  There are other people, however, who are dedicated to lining their pockets by advertising services, including psychic services, that are filled with fancy words, fancy machines, and treatments that do nothing.  Again how on earth does one find natural treatments that will heal the pressing problems and diseases of today?   The best advice we can give is to ignore the expensive TV ads, the colorful magazine ads and claims, and go back to the old way of person-to-person recommendations.  There are enough illnesses and problems in the world that someone you know who has worked with doctors and healers can give you the run-down on their own experiences.

               There are very talented psychics who are able to sense physical abnormalities in the body and either give that information and/or can actually promote physical healing.  Again, go by the results and the information given.  If all that is given by a psychic is only what you already know, you have wasted your money.  A psychic or fortune-teller can only see the future as a possibility, the result of actions or thoughts of today.  If those change to any extent, the future is changed.  You should all know that by now.  The future is largely your own creation.

              The “holy” men or gurus from India, and increasingly many other places in the world, have been commanding the devotion and money of thousands of people for years.  Please realize that the ability to have achieved a very high conscious awareness of reality does not have to be limited to those who serve God.  Many of these so-called “holy” men or women have achieved feats that are called spiritual mastery.  They can project their images to other places, perform feats of creating matter, etc.  That does not mean they are actually servants of God.  Many of them use their abilities to gain power and money, while at the same time using their followers for their own sexual or egotistic needs.  You have heard of this – it is not a great secret, but the faithful will not listen.  Do they teach their followers how to find their own inner Truth, the secrets of universal energy, how to communicate with the eternal wisdom?  No.  They teach them to do whatever they say, give whatever they want, and worship them as an earthly god.  Please do not be drawn into this dangerous trap! 

              It has been said many times by many teachers, including ourselves, that Truth is what you feel is right.  This is correct, if, and a BIG IF, your minds and thoughts have not been led to think in ways other than your own!  The very thin barrier between “right” and “wrong” wavers and winds through countless areas of thought, cultural teachings, religious teachings, and the constant chatter you are exposed to all the time.  Children of today are being pounded into thinking that the way to take care of a problem is to hit someone or even to kill!  It is a constant seen all the time; the concept of revenge is a television staple!  Where is the concept of forgiveness?  It is there, but you have to hunt for it.  In order to find the inner, real, Spiritual Truth, it is essential that all of these concepts be realized for what they are, and put aside.  This is a part of meditation, of course, and very difficult to do today. 

              May we suggest a simple way to start?  Forget trying to find “universal truth” as an entire part of your being.  You will never succeed.  Being a spiritual being in a human casing means that the universality of knowledge is limited to the needs of this lifetime.  The urgency of learning is always focused on the purpose for which you came into this world.  The Truth you are really seeking is that which will aid you on your path, and that Truth is vital to your physical and mental well-being.  It is necessary to know that you are not alone; you are part of a cosmic creation far beyond your understanding.  Your Higher Self (your spiritual being) constantly communicates with every particle of knowledge and wisdom in creation.  When any sentient being reaches out for knowledge or for help, this entire cosmic creation reacts.  This Truth becomes a reality for every human being when they come to the point of accepting that fact and listen with their minds and hearts.  That is the most important Truth!      

               The Truth of the changes the Earth is undergoing is very important to humankind now.  Television, the internet, newspapers and magazines, and the writings of expert opinions of scientists and psychics are closely examined every day by readers all over the world.  Theories are made, discussed, and dismissed, every few days or months.  Those who are receiving pertinent data from the outer reaches of your atmosphere have a hard time convincing the closed minds of some investigators that what is happening is not in the range of normal cycles.  The reality is that the Earth and Solar system are undergoing drastic modifications.  Even the changes in the Sun’s magnetics have had to be acknowledged.  Your planet is moving and shifting its huge continents, resulting in earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions.  The atmosphere is reacting from strong energy bombs exploding from your Sun, causing climate changes and unusual storm conditions all over the world.  You know that; you are witnessing it every day now.  The exact place and time of each separate event is almost impossible to predict.  The Truth of the matter is that you must be aware of what is happening around you, what can happen, or what could happen during the years to come.  This is your responsibility, for you have the ability to concentrate your awareness on the unusual feelings caused by air currents and/or vibrational variations around you.  Don’t run to every piece of sensationalized reading matter you see to find out what’s happening or what someone else thinks will happen!  If you live on the side or near a volcano that is smoking and sending out clusters of earthquakes, get out of there!  Don’t build on top of a known quake fault in California!  Don’t buy property on the banks of a river known to be flood-prone!  Truth here is truly what you make it.  It’s called common sense!

          Millions of dollars and the life spans of many people are spent in the investigations of past civilizations, from examining long-dead corpses to the writings and ruins of buried cities.  Knowledge of the past has always been a help to understand the present; that’s why history has always held such a prominent place in your educational processes.  From our point of view, however, it has taken on the atmosphere of a dramatic source of escapism; a way of ignoring the present and failing to plan for the future.  Of course there were highly-civilized and developed ancient civilizations that even your highly-technical explorations will never be able to detect!  If they could, society and science today could learn a lot from them.  That has nothing to do with what you are learning today.  It is a different time, and even a different species of humanity.  How much better to spend the time and money finding how to bring all of the races of humankind together in mutual understanding!  Today’s communication sources have been, and are being, a strong start toward this goal.

          Truth is learning how to love each other with honesty and caring empathy.  That is the entire meaning of the word.  Find your way in the clearest Truth you can, with our blessings.”