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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  A Letter from President Obama
3.)  Hilarion's Weekly Message: October 23-30, 2011
4.)  Communication with the Federation Of Light
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  Oceans of Love

Isis' Message of the Day -
"The Supreme state is uncaused, independent, unrelated, undivided, uncomposed, unshakeable, unquestionable, unreachable by effort. Every possible definition is from memory and thoughts inapplicable. And yet this Supreme state is actual and therefore possible, realizable, attainable."  
~Nisargadatta Maharaj~
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Do you see yourself standing in the light? Can you feel rays of light streaming down upon you? Go outside and stand in the sun. Feel the sun’s rays upon your skin. This reminds you of what it is like to stand in the light of God/Creator/All That Is. Be the light. Be at peace. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  * www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   *      

  Good evening,
I'm writing to tell you that all US troops will return home from Iraq by the end of December. After nearly nine years, the American war in Iraq will end. Our servicemen and women will be with their families for the holidays.
The war in Iraq came with tremendous cost. More than a million Americans served in Iraq, and nearly 4,500 gave their lives in service to the rest of us. Today, as always, we honor these patriots.
When I came into office, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end. As Commander in Chief, I ended our combat mission last year and pledged to keep our commitment to remove all our troops by the end of 2011. To date, we’ve removed more than 100,000 troops from Iraq.
This is a significant moment in our history. For more information, including video, please visit WhiteHouse.gov/BringingTroopsHome.
The end of the war in Iraq reflects a larger trend. The wars of the past decade are drawing to a close.
As we have removed troops from Iraq, we have refocused our fight against al Qaeda and secured major victories in taking out its leadership–including Osama bin Laden. And we’ve begun a transition in Afghanistan.
On the first day of my Administration, roughly 180,000 troops were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. By the end of this year that number will be cut in half, and we’ll continue to draw it down.
As we welcome home our newest veterans, we’ll enlist their talents in meeting our greatest challenges as a nation—restoring our economic strength at home. Because after a decade of war, the nation that we need to build is our own.
Today the United States moves forward, from a position of strength.
Thank you,
President Barack Obama
The White House • 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW • Washington, DC 20500 • 202-456-1111*      

Hilarion's Weekly Message: October 23-30, 2011
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Ones, 
As the Cosmic energies keep building in intensity, many people on the Planet are beginning to awaken from their sleep and for many, it is a very uncomfortable process. It is not easy, as each of you all know, to face the true reality of life upon Earth that has been passing as life, and coming to the realization of how much one did not know before. As this continues to occur, there will at first be feelings of anger which in turn galvanizes many into taking action to change the World into a better home for all. 
The protests continue to grow in every town across the face of the Planet. The good people of Earth are standing up for their rights as citizens of the World and in the Universe. As our team members of the Family of Light brigade, you are asked to maintain calm and peace in your every thought, word and deed. We understand that each of you are going through the final stages of cleansing and purifying and that there will be moments when you purge all that no longer aligns with your higher Self and your higher good. 
We see, Dear Ones, that a lot of you carry a tenseness within your solar plexus, and this is the weight of the human consciousness grid that is manifesting at this time. It is difficult to completely transmute this collective energy at any given time because it is always in a state of flux. As you seek to maintain calm, it helps to create this in outer expression. You are each Radiant Ones and your ability to reach further from your home in ever widening circles is helping to keep a balance of the composite energies that are building. 
Simply put, love is the answer to every challenge that you face. It is the bottom line in every situation you are challenged with in your daily lives. This always requires a conscious choice on your part, for choosing love is an empowering action and intention that has a wide reach in its effect. To love another when they hurt you is empowering not only for the one who chooses love, but to everyone around them and this radiates out into the collective consciousness field to heal and bless all Humanity. 
Such is the power of your Beings and how you affect your World around you and your Planet Earth, so you are asked to maintain your highest resolve and forgive yourselves for any momentary relapse as you clear all that no longer serves you. A greater Light now encompasses and envelopes the Earth and your World is filled with Light, if you could but see it. The Earth’s energy field is growing and expanding as we work in synergy with Her to safely ascend into the higher dimensions with all her inhabitants upon Her. 
Have faith and believe in your power to continue to make a positive difference in the progression of all towards embodying greater amounts of Light. Slowly, gradually this Light has expanded until now this Light supports every Being upon your World. Every day more miracles take place within the hearts of Humanity and within all the kingdoms of the Earth so that there is a greater cooperation and empathy between you. This feeling will continue to grow as Humanity begins to carry more Light within their physical bodies. The more Light that is absorbed within all cells in the physical form, the less density is manifested. 
It is important to affirm the Light each day and align to your own highest and greatest good and to the source of All That Is. Keep walking your Path in determination, resolve and feelings of joy, for truly the miracles abound! 
Until next week…. 
I AM Hilarion
©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


Communication with the Federation Of Light
Received by Blossom Goodchild
Good morning to you. I am so looking forward to connecting with you today. I am ready to begin whenever you are.

We are ready to go ahead also. In Light of what is transpiring upon your planet , it is safe to say that illuminations are being prepared. The everyday assistance from where you stand is uplifting that which must be in place in order for certain objectives to be obtained. The essence of that which you are now recognizing is therefore allowing a Light to shine from within you and broadcast it throughout to many who have been sleeping in the shadows.
We are showing you of bells ringing, of celebration, of jubilance. These most exciting times are proving to be just that! So many of you now are accepting the changes. So many of you are insisting upon "Truth" becoming the mainstream message. All that is transpiring upon your Earth at this time is bringing into fruition that which has been attested to. You have gently persuaded yourselves to come and join the party. You are considering matters which were once disagreeable to you, yet now you find yourselves in the throng and engaging upon missions of which your heart has asked of you.
Each individual is being drawn towards their seeking and led to pathways which pronounce for them that which they are to follow. Their hearts "Know" of this and through choice are duty bound.
In the days to come dearest ones, many of you will "Feel" so at home in all that your heart is asking of you. You will not question for the "Knowing" of its call does not bring in doubt. As each new day dawns it brings with it the next phase of your journey. You are "Becoming" the beacons of Light that you "Know" you are. You are insisting that you are heard and respected. You are emerging from the depths and allowing secrets to be displayed in their full glory.
"Now is the Time Warriors of Light" ... when your marching as One shall be recognized.
"Feel" the strength in you that has been gifted to you as this Highest energy infiltrates into your ethers. Take note of how you are "Feeling" as an individual and "Know" that this is magnified throughout your planet ... as ALL warriors are "Feeling" the same.
"WE Are One." You on Earth are no different in "Truth" from where we are. You are accepting this as a reality now and your souls are preparing for the great wonders that are to transpire in the coming months.
I have to say, it will be a delight to witness these wonders for indeed the wait has seemed long and arduous at times, and yet once again there seems to be excitement in the air, probably due to nearing dates that offer 'hope' and without doubt so much is coming to Light now, being proven through destroyed underground basis of 'ill repute,' and the gathering of "Armies of Light" in cities all over the world, pronouncing "We have had enough of the old way." It really is all happening is it not?
It would seem impractical to assume that dates impending should be anything other than constructive in form. We would suggest that preparation of the self would be most winning in terms of readiness to accept the incoming/ongoing streams of Higher vibration that are now filling your space. Many of you are being "touched" by this heightened playground and we offer assistance to you as you become more resolute in the new stance in which you are subjecting yourselves too.
Is this really it then? Is this the point where there is no turning back? When we "Know" through what is being presented in so many aspects, is that which we have been talking about for so long? Is this the time when we no longer need to "Know" just from within (which hasn't always been easy let's face it), that what is happening in our reality, in front of our eyes, is absolute proof of all that we have "hoped for?"
We would ask not that you surmise that these events on your planet are "walking the talk," but that you 'Know' it. And you do, do you not? Because "You Can Feel It." We have insisted throughout conversations with you that you "Feel" from the depths of your souls that which you "Know" to be Truth." You have as you stated Blossom, found it hard at times to hold on to that Truth, for it seemed that everything around you was telling you otherwise. Yet "Now here it is." Not just One moment of Truth, but Many. So much will now come to the 'front page news' for if it does not, people of your Earth would question why. Matters that have been 'kept in the dark' can no longer be so. For YOU as Light Pillars have seen to that.
It is You, You who have remained steadfast to your souls Knowing that have brought these days of Light out into the open. This is why You were chosen. Do you 'Get it ' now? Do you fully understand why you are here and what you came to do?
You speak of gateways opening, yet realize too that it is You who are opening the gates. These portals of Light could not "enter in" if You were not of the correct vibration to receive them and utilize them for their correct purpose.
How Strong You Are Now! You Can Feel It! We Know You Can!
It is in these future days also that more and more souls shall begin their "new journey." May it be remembered that for many of you, that which is so familiar will be "Startling" to so many and it is your offering of understanding that shall allow those that are "Feeling" so ill at ease to be softened into their hearts Truth and all within and without shall be well.
There is so much ahead. There is so much to do. Long have you sat around twiddling your thumbs awaiting your Knowing to be put into action. You have done all that was necessary. If you had not, we could not be at this juncture. This Divine Juncture! Yet now, yes we say to you, "Hold On To Your Hats!!!!! How so many of you will laugh when you fully accept the True meaning of why we give you this statement.
It will be interesting. I Know you have spoken of it many times before, yet when you said it just now, Whoop! Out the tears flowed. I am assuming it is the energy carried within them this time that effected me?
The energy carried within so much is effecting ALL. It is Felt on a Higher level of the self. It is not just because IT is a Higher frequency, it is because "You are now of a Higher degree" in order to meet up and merge with this Higher force of Love.
The Love that you are, that you have always been you are now becoming. There can be of no denial when you ask your heart who you are. Ask it now? Ask your heart "Who am I." It did not reply by giving you your name did it? Of course not. For you are not your name. How did it respond? It answered "I AM LOVE." We know it did!
Doesn't take a rocket scientist these days!!! I am on such a high right now. What a pleasure to chat with you on this frequency.
And do you fully appreciate what a joy it is for us to do the same? For as you, Blossom, are not just talking to one of us, but a collective, we too are doing the same . A win, win situation is it not?
I reckon so. I have to say I AM full to the brim with Love right now. So much love in my heart its flowing through my eyes!! No wonder when White Cloud speaks of water, he always speaks of Love!!! We can Feel this change within us. We can make this change in our world, and it looks like we are. We all have our roles to play as you have said. Can you share with us what to expect from here on?
And spoil the excitement? We are assuming that you have now understood that we consider it more polite to allow yourselves to reveal to one another that which is transpiring on the Highest level of movement. If we were to tell, you would always be expecting. We have found it necessary and of misunderstood importance to "tap into" certain revelations, for they shall be given their rightful position in justice at the correct and most appropriate time. These "astounding's" were part of the Divine plan. Yet, what is to come is of your own creation as we combine efforts and show to those who knew of us not, that we are here along side you to construct a New World. One of ALL that is pure. One that is of Light where nothing that can scar or maim can enter in.
Your New World lies ahead. You are walking into it with every step you take. "You are Leading the way into the Light." Your souls guidance takes you there and there shall be not one that is left behind. The pathway shall not be removed. It is there and shall remain there for each one in their own given choice of understanding to make the journey within their own pace. Yet not one shall be turned away. For it is by the participating in the journey, as they take each step that their soul is preparing itself for what lies ahead. "It is the Journey" that each one of you chose to embark upon that allows the individual to "enter in." To walk through the gate. One can not reach the gate unless they have "walked the path" so there can be no 'turning away.' It is a "God given right to enter in" once one has reached the gate. This is the way it is and not one thing can alter this.
That is lovely to hear as many Feel afraid of leaving loved ones behind. As White Cloud says, we all get to the same destination, it just depends on which bus route we choose to take!
And of course he is correct. Such wisely words that are given and all one need do is ask the soul to hear them on the level in which they are offered ... that of Truth.
You are beginning to recognize now on a Higher level that "Knowing of Truth." You are able to understand that which has been shared and we would say to you, "Knowing now this Feeling" .... "This level of Truth".... "Feeling it" ... Can you see why sometimes we have found it hard to be understood through words? This "Feeling" you are "Feeling," try to explain it in words to another. Not so easy is it? "Trust in this Feeling" for it is the way forward. No words needed to BE IT. But just by "Feeling it" you are doing what you came here to do, you came here to "Be it," and by "Feeling it" at this Higher frequency you are doing just that, "Being it."
Indeedy!!! It just gets better does it not? The more we shed the old skin, the more the New can be revealed.
Thanks so much. The teas brewing!
In Love and thanks,

Blossom Goodchild
Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. *  www.blossomgoodchild.com/  *      

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, it is not for you to know another’s purpose, timing, or choice. It is only for you to love them. That takes a great weight off the shoulders. You are not responsible for another one. You cannot be responsible for another one, because each and every one of you is a master.
Visit our website: www.Oakbridge.org  *    

HEAVEN #3985
Oceans of Love
October 23, 2011
God said:
All you want is love. That is a fact. That is across the board. All you want is love.
All the song lyrics are right. All you want is love. And you will accept all semblance of love as love, even when you know it isn't. You want love so much you will even accept imitations. You know better, and yet, you crave love so much, you will accept anything. You will do almost anything in order to grab the love your heart longs for.
You feel that there is a hole so deep in your heart that you will accept anything to fill it. How threadbare you feel your heart is. How longing your heart is for love that you will even accept crumbs.
The thing is that no one can fill your heart for you. You can kid yourself about this, yet the kidding lasts only so long. Eventually, when you tip your heart, you find it is still empty.
It is incumbent upon you to fill your heart with love. It is your love to fill your heart with. It is My love to fill your heart with. And then you will give away all that love. And when you tip your heart, you will find that it is still full. It is brimming with love. It is overflowing. Only that which you give do you keep. That's how it is.
Love in your heart wants to get going. It doesn't want to feel stuck in one place. Unless your heart is flowing love, your heart is like a car going down a one-way street the wrong way. There is only one way for love to surface, and that is flowing from your heart. How important is the preposition - from. From, not to. If you think love has to come to you, you have it wrong. The love you have is yours to give. Love flows out. This is the ebbing of the tide of love. It washes through you. Yes, you fill your heart by emptying it. The well of love to drink from is your own.
I say that with the understanding that all love is Mine. It is from Me. That is how My heart is filled with love. I give it away. I do not count. I do not measure. I give. I give constantly. I give without reservation. I give to all. I give to all all the love in My heart. My love has a good time. I never cut it off. I give an ocean-stream of love. One bucket cannot fill My heart of love. Ocean after ocean fills My heart so that I can pour Mine into yours. My love flows through your heart. There is no love but Mine. And that is your love to give.
You who are waiting for love to come to you have been given it. You have to notice. I have pumped love into your heart without cease. Start emptying your heart of love, and you will begin to see how full of love your heart is. You cannot dam your heart up. You have to open the dikes and let all that love through.
Love people. Love what you do. Love, love, love. Get that love flowing.
You are not to be a hoarder of love. The more you hoard love, the less you have. It evaporates. There is no silo for love. There are only hearts. Hearts are passed from one to another, from one generation to another. If your heart is a deck of cards, you must deal. You don't wait for someone else to deal. You are the dealer of love, and you must deal love out.
Let love emanate from you. Spoken or unspoken, emanate love.
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