1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Lady Nada: Keeper of the Soul Keys - Part 4
3.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
4.)  Overcoming the Fear of Death
5.)  A Golden Chariot of Thought

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Isis' Message of the Day -
The universe is a mathematical one conceived in divine geometry and played out in angles and configurations. All That Is is the sum of its parts and it is the whole; it is the absolute and the absolute is perfection.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. You are a Divine Being of Light. You are not limited by the rules in which you believe you operate. Believe in your self. Take off the glasses of limiting beliefs. See the truth. You are creating the limits that are placed on you. Remove these limiting beliefs and see you life soar. God or Source resides in each of you the same as Source resides in everything, no acceptions. Let God or Source be your guidepost. Open to the guidance that is available to you. Be at peace. Teach only love. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"
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Was Oil Spill and Possible Disclosure in the Pyramid Timeline?
http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/davids-blog/836-oilspillpyramidtimeline *   

Lady Nada: Keeper of the Soul Keys - Part 4
Channelled through Natalie Glasson
With a focus on expression and anchoring of your soul’s energy and consciousness into your reality so you begin to realise and acknowledge the presence of your soul and its influence within your reality. Your soul naturally instigates lessons of growth and attracts to you people, situations and experiences to aid or develop your understanding of yourself and connection with the Creator. Your soul is naturally and constantly at work within your reality guiding and leading you forward, it achieves this on a smaller scale when you are not in acknowledgement of your soul, but your thoughts and emotions can sometimes distract you for realising this. When you allow yourself to focus upon your soul then its influence will be more dominate, you may see its golden ribbons weaving through your life and reality to guide you forward. When you hold the ability to recognise your soul and its influence within your everyday life then you begin to realise the immense power that it holds, how it is in greater manifestation within your life than you realised and that by through your acknowledgement of your soul’s influence you are drawing it deeper into embodiment.
Expressing your soul as described in my previous communication, symbolises that you are surrendering to your soul, awakening to its energy and allowing it the freedom to be of impact within every aspect of your manifestation on the Earth. Being appreciative or thankful for the creations of your soul within your reality will assist in manifesting a greater oneness between your soul and your physical aspect or personality. It will build your faith and trust in your soul as you comprehend that you are always supported and guided by the will of your soul and the Creator. When you recognise and acknowledge the presence of your soul then you are becoming acquainted with yourself and your truth which is immensely important to aid your alignment with the Creator.
It can be difficult to distinguish in your reality the experiences that have been projected from your mind and thoughts and those that have been projected from your soul and truth. When you become accustomed to your soul’s energy then you may feel a similar sensation at certain times throughout your day, making you aware that what you are experiencing is a creation of your soul. You can then contemplate the situation to discover what your soul wishes you to learn or achieve and how to move through the experience. Through this practice you will begin to realise patterns or a path that your soul is leading you along and may even begin to understand the lessons that you must gain even before your soul presents them to you. If this can be developed more fully then the soul has no need to create lessons of growth within your physical reality as you will be able to understand and accept them with ease within your being. You will be grasping the lesson or insight, integrating or overcoming it before it is projected into your reality, therefore your reality will remain peaceful, joyous and pure allowing you to experience and discover the expansiveness, beauty and love of your soul within your reality, rather than the negative influence of your thoughts and emotions. This is a contrast to how many live now on the Earth; although growth and alignment with the Creator occurs within your being, mind and emotions, all realisations usually develop within you from circumstances within your reality. It is as if your reality is a large television screen before you which is directing you to realise new insights about yourself. There will come a time when this is not needed and so because of your oneness with your soul and ability to overcome issues or growth process within you, your reality will manifest into a heaven for you to exist within, with all that you desire and need to remain healthy and happy. This is a wonderful thought that can be your reality on the Earth if you allow yourself to acknowledge and encourage the influence of your soul within your reality.
It is my wish to share with you an invocation that allows you to begin the process of becoming aware of the influence of your soul in your reality. This invocation helps you to hold the intention of recognising your soul’s influence. By holding this intention you will allow yourself to manifest the reality where you are completely aware of the influence of your soul and the guidance that it constantly shares with you.
‘I invoke the beloved presence of Lady Nada, my community of guides and the Creator to lend me your energies in order to create a loving, supportive and protective energy for me to exist within now. As I breathe in your light I activate my soul and align on a deeper level with the light, love, consciousness and vibration of my soul. I allow my soul to radiate with freedom, expansively into my entire being and surroundings. I anchor the consciousness and light of my soul into my reality and now ask to become aware of my soul’s divine influence and guidance within my daily life. Assist me in becoming sensitive to the presence of my soul and alert to the guidance of my soul. I am ready to realise how my soul works positively within my reality to lead me forward, to create the reality that I desire and to aid my spiritual development and alignment with the Creator. I now notice with ease the presence, influence and guidance of my soul within my reality. I am one with my soul. Thank you.’
Stating this invocation each day will assist you in manifesting the intention of becoming aware of your soul’s presence in numerous aspects of your physical and spiritual reality. It is important to realise that this is an ongoing process of discovery and realisation for you as you journey to discover the key energies and qualities of your soul and become a keeper of your own soul’s keys.
It is always important to communicate with your soul as this will encourage embodiment of your soul. Speaking to your soul during meditation each day will allow you the space and time to ask your soul to guide you as to the next step in your physical reality. This is essential as it will assist you in walking along the spiritual path that your soul has created for you. Asking your soul if there is anything that you need to achieve on each new day will give focus to your reality and allow your soul to act as your spiritual teacher. You may also speak with your soul asking whether your soul has manifested certain experiences in your reality or whether these have been projected from your mind. This is a wonderful way of bringing clarity to your mind and reality and instigating mastery of your being. Again this is a practice that will develop with divine timing but when you hold the intention of achieve any practice it will always manifest at an accelerated rate, according to the divine will of the Creator.
I hope that you have gained some illumination and inspiration from my communications encouraging you to discover and explore your soul. Please remember that you can always call upon my energy to assist and guide you. I will always share my support and guidance with you openly.
With sacred Christed blessings,
I am Lady Nada
May you walk in the love and light always,

Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website www.wisdomofthelight.com  she shares the channelled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you take your power by understanding who you are. You take your power by saying, “I am the deep breath of peace. I love mySelf—capital “S”—I love mySelf because I am the extension of all divinity, come forth to experience and to express, to play.
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Overcoming the Fear of Death
by Leonard Jacobson
Question: I have been a spiritual seeker almost all my life. I have had many wonderful experiences and feel I have grown and evolved immensely. However, there is still one area which I feel has not changed much and that is my fear of dying. How can I overcome this fear of death?
Leonard’s answer: If you are not present, and you are functioning mostly from within the mind, then death is always approaching, and it creates fear in two ways. The first is that we are afraid of the unknown, and generally what happens after death is unknown, and so we are afraid of it. To the extent that you are afraid of death, you will miss life, simply because the fear of death keeps you in the future, and life is only truly experienced in the present.
Fear of death also arises because of our attachments. The more attached we are to people or things, the more we will fear losing those things and so the more we will fear death.
To overcome the fear of death, you will have to become more present.
When you are present, you are in the unknown in the sense that the remembered past or the imagined future is not with you. All you know is this moment, not because you understand it or know it with your mind, but because you are experiencing it, moment to moment. It is very peaceful, and the more present you are, the more you will trust the unknown and the more relaxed and accepting you will be.
If you are truly present, there is no such thing as death.
One moment, you are here, alive. The next moment you are here, alive. If you remain present, then at the point of passing all you will experience is a moment of transition as you leave the body. Prior to that moment of transition, if you are present, you will experience peace, love, gratitude, acceptance and compassion. During that moment of passing, if you are present, you will experience peace, love, gratitude, acceptance and compassion. After that moment of passing, you will experience peace, love, gratitude, acceptance and compassion.
You will also experience a lot of light as you are returned to the dimension of the soul. Before this incarnation, you existed as a soul within the soul dimension. After leaving the body, you will be returned to that dimension, but your experience there will be radically transformed by the level of Presence and Oneness realized in this lifetime. Future incarnations will be radically affected by the level of Presence and Oneness realized in this lifetime.
To be fully present, you will also have to surrender your attachments. You accomplish this by bringing everything that you are attached to into consciousness. Own your attachments. Acknowledge them and confess them. Your attachments keep you imprisoned in the past or future. Your attachments keep you out of Oneness and in separation. Realize that you came into this world alone, and you will leave this world alone. You cannot take anything or anyone with you, but you can take your sense of attachment with you. This will create fear and it will contribute to the soul’s sense of separateness and loss.
In truth, you are the champion of the soul and it is through your awakening into Oneness through Presence in this lifetime that your soul will be restored to immortality. The more present you are in your day-to-day life, the more present you will be in that moment of transition. If you are present, it is truly a moment of great inspiration for those who love you. It is a moment worthy not of grief, but of great celebration.
Leonard Jacobson
Leonard Jacobson is a spiritual teacher, mystic and gifted healer, who is deeply committed to helping others break through to the joyous experience of living in the NOW. He has a remarkable ability to tune into each person's needs and gently guide them into the present moment which leads to wholeness, integration and the awakened state of Being.
He lives in Santa Cruz, California and offers evening teaching sessions, weekend workshops, and longer residential retreats in the United States, Europe, and Australia.
He is the founder of The Conscious Living Foundation, a registered non-profit organization. In 2005, he was awarded the Peace Prize by Religious Science International, although he is not affiliated or associated with any religion or church. His teaching is both inclusive of and transcendent of all religions and spiritual traditions. It is for all those genuinely seeking to awaken, and for all those who do not yet realize that they are genuinely seeking to awaken.
He is the author of four books, Words from Silence, Embracing the Present, and Bridging Heaven & Earth and his latest book, Journey into Now.
Copyright Leonard Jacobson. For more info visit http://www.leonardjacobson.com or email to: info@leonardjacobson.com   *    

HEAVEN #3471
A Golden Chariot of Thought
May 27, 2010
God said:
You are the completion of My thought. I cognized you, and you came into Being. I had a thought of you, and you appeared. I am directing My words now to everyone who reads My words or hears My words and to everyone who does not read them or hear them.
You are My soul's longing for Myself. You are My heart's call. You are the song I sing. You are the words that fell from My lips. You are My dream recalled and replayed.
Creation is the carpet you walk on. You walk in the world. You have a surface to put your feet on. Yet, you, who are My creation, are also my radio to the world. You play the radio, you listen, and your thoughts are broadcast.
You can believe how lovingly I created an iris, a rose, an arbor, a vine, a playful kitten, brown eyes, blue eyes, and seasons to arise, and a horizon to see beyond. Will you also believe how lovingly I created you as servant of My love? If you do not like the word servant, then simply consider yourself My love itself serving Me on a tray to all, near or far. If you prefer to consider yourself a messenger, that also applies. You are a messenger of My love. This is what angels are.
You might as well know that you are an angel on Earth. Earth is filled with angels. Of course, you are an angel. You are an angel I sent to Earth. We made an oath that you will carry Me on a Golden Chariot of thought and deed and desire and will. We agreed that you would deliver Me from Heaven to the world. We further agreed that you would lift up the world and carry it to Me in your arms of love. We concurred that you would return Earth to Heaven where it came from and to where it now returns.
Beloveds, bring back the world to Heaven. Help the world to breathe. Bring My breath to the world. Bring My light to the world, and the world will be carried on your wings right to Me. How happy We shall be.
A flight of angels is rising to Heaven and bringing the world to Me on wings of light. You are happy to. You are in process of restoring Eden on Earth, an Eden that you are just beginning to grasp, to understand, to like. Eden is not the way you have previously thought. It is much more wonderful than that. Your Father's Kingdom has many mansions. And your Father's Kingdom has gardens to suit every taste. Eden is not one-dimensional. Nor is it two-dimensional, or three, or four, or five. Eden is beyond dimensions. It is far more than you ever dreamed of, as am I, as are you.
Your heart's longing is for Me because I am the revelation of you. Call Me a mirror, if you like. In any case, My eyes gaze into yours. I am Christ-like in that way. And you are Christ-like. You are God-like. Roll over in joy.
Be like a joyous red cardinal and hop into My arms and come travel with Me right into the center of your heart which is Heaven on Earth, which is Earth in Heaven, which is Heaven to the right and Heaven to the left, which is Heaven every which way. You will, dear ones, find Me in your heart where I have always been eager to be found. And from your heart and from My eagerness, you will strew Me everywhere on Earth. I have desired to be strewn everywhere on Earth for all to find and return themselves to Me through the ticket of love that you gave in My name.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  * 
www.godwriting.org/world-peace/freedom-illegal-aliens.htm  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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