It is simple to have attachments, it is simple to attract clinging
attachments, this is not connectiveness, and it is an important
distinction to understand. There is only one true connectiveness that
offers you complete nourishment, complete energetic feeding, complete
flow. It is Connectiveness with the understanding of limitless,
boundless joy of the Divine. This is true connectivity.
Yet, in the truth of this many hold onto their connections. They claim
connection to material things, persons, events or beliefs. What must be
clearly recognized is that they are not connected at all, they are attached!
Know that all attachments can be removed.
            The Difference Between
      Connectivity and Attachments
Connectiveness is spacious. When one is connected, one has the ex-
pansiveness necessary to experience expansion. One is in the Divine
relationship of connectivity. This relationship offers giving and receiving
simultaneously. It is without judgment, without fear, and in complete
trust and love. This is very different than attachment, and a vital
distinction; the difference between connectiveness and attachment.
Attachment can be simply cut away. Attachment is a manipulator as
it is manipulated. Attachment has rules, and attachment has caveats.
Attachments have all of the necessary strings that hold us captive in
our thoughts, captive in our patterns, captive in our habits, and captive
without the freedom of connectivity.
You might ask, "How do I know? How do I know the difference be-
tween connectivity and attachment, and how can I possibly understand
that difference?"
Connectivity creates a spaciousness of energy that is physically com-
fortable. It completely encompasses you as a pure crystalline bubble. It
nourishes you. Connectivity offers the spaciousness of a peaceful mind,
 an open heart, and giving hands. It has no judgment and fills you.
You are nourished with the love of God or the universe.
Attachments.. .you feel them in chakras, and you feel them in the
emotional body, (thoughts), especially. Many have extensive attach-
ments in their sixth and seventh chakras, many more than they are
 aware of, because they are so comfortable being attached. When one
 has these attachments in the sixth and seventh chakras, they are also
 blind to them. This is the intent of the attachment, it is meant to hold
you in a specific space. That is another difference between connectivity
 and attachment.
You can be held or you can be free.
                   What About Fear?
      Fear results when you separate from Source. Fear is a dense
 and powerful energy that has been woven into our basic orienta-
 non toward life. We fear death, change, animals, strangers, aliens,
 foreigners, getting old, getting hurt, getting sick, losing our money,
losing our beauty, losing our lover.... Fear is everywhere.
      False understandings are always the basis of fear, always. The
antidote to fear is connection to Source, aligning with your authentic
energy, your soul. No amount of skill development or training will
eliminate fear from your life. Only true Divine alignment heals the
roots of fear.
      Galactic energy that is flowing onto our planet is contributing
to the energetic upliftment of all inhabitants on Earth. This energy
is accelerating our sense of time and stimulating greater polarity on
the planet. The energy will fuel all levels of consciousness. That
means fear is being accelerated as well.
     Fear is a potent fuel that will rapidly support further contamina-
tion of consciousness. We define "contamination" as anything that
is unlike love. If one is in fear and holding an expectation about the
behavior of others who subsequently fail to meet that expectation,
then the result is anger.
     For example, losing your job suddenly will trigger anger if
you were holding a conscious or unconscious expectation of job
security. Similarly, if you receive a life-threatening diagnosis from
the doctor, you may feel fear and anger just like the person who
suddenly lost their job.
     The Fear-Anger Loop is a typical Event-Response that is per
petuated throughout society. Anger is an action emotion, usually
out-focused. Thus, once felt, your ego will likely propel you to take
some form of action. Typically that action is motivated by a desire
to feel reassured that you are safe or acceptable. Anger seeks to bring
control back to the individual who experienced sudden fear.
     If your motivation is to feel emotional joy, then the Fear-Anger
cycle will perpetuate. This is because emotional joy is an ego need,
and as such it is externally oriented. That is, your emotional joy is
dependant upon another. Your peace is dependant upon a job, good
health, a lottery win, a new lover, etc. Thus, the Fear-Anger Loop
will always be available just below the surface of consciousness
waiting for the next event trigger.
     Watching global events will demonstrate the Fear-Anger Loop
in action, especially in political confrontations. When the fear and
the anger are not quickly dissipated, then hatred emerges.

      It is a simple formula: FEAR + ANGER = HATRED

      It doesn't take much fear or anger to produce hatred, it just
requires that both energies be present. Within group situations,
not every member of the group has to hold both emotions. Some
could be in fear, some could be angry, and other members will act
out in hatred.
      Hatred cannot be resolved through negotiation. You cannot
resolve hatred through contracts, guarantees, or military balance.
Unless the parties are able to walk into their fear and resolve the
fear, peace is not possible.
      Fear is the foundation of the discontent. On a personal level,
 fear must be faced. You must make friends with your own shadow
 and integrate the experience of fear into the wholeness of you.
 Integrating the shadow is a homecoming of sorts, for it opens you
 to disowned energies. To face your fears by stepping into them
 means they will be resolved permanently! This is how you find
      We cannot expect countries to behave any differently than the
 consciousness of their citizens. Fear is a habit. Fear and anger are
 tools used by control-oriented beings to influence outcomes. Political
 conditions around our globe uncover many examples.
    How Do We Resolve the Fear-Anger Loop?
      Gratitude will immediately disarm the egoic drama. By choos-
 ing to be grateful for an event that stimulated anger, you are calling
 forth your empowerment to recognize the gift before you. The
 event brought to your attention unconscious fear. The event made
 you aware of an automatic anger response. The event therefore has
 given you a wondrous "wake-up call."
      Can you accept the gift?  It is in that moment that you can em-
 brace yourself as a Conscious being who is thankful for the experi-
 ence. You are gifting yourself by accepting that you were unaware of
 your attachment to fear-inducing belief patterns. Through attentive
 gratitude, your energy will immediately expand, and you will learn
 how insidious your ego is. Through gratitude your ego will learn that
 it is safe to show up without being damned, and through gratitude
 you will expand beyond the ego's responses. You will generate an
 energy of trust and love to all those around you and through that
 emanation you will cause those people to become more aware of
 their automatic Event-Response Loops.
      Awareness without judgment heals. That is the quality we call
 Presence, an awareness grounded in love.
True freedom comes from connectivity to the oneness at all times,
or what you call bliss.

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