Facing Difficulty {Channeled}

Source: Facing Difficulty
Received by Michelle
The question of meaning, purpose, or why we are here is one we've all surely asked at one time or another. Given that physical death (and maybe taxes) is the only certainty of this incarnation it is a question without answer in a purely materialistic framework.
Instead we must seek a solution through Spirituality. If we accept that at essence we are immortal Spirit temporarily journeying the earth plane in a body of atoms and molecules then clearly it is in the Spiritual journey that our true purpose lies.
Of course the very fact that we even bother to contemplate such questions is evidence in itself of or Spiritual nature. Accidentally formed lumps of matter would neither know nor care of such things.
We are each of us born into unique and imperfect circumstances. Some are born into wealth and privilege, some are born with particular talents, others are simply born "lucky." However much we may meddle with the divine plan there is no equal opportunity policy of incarnation. But we all have our own particular qualities and weaknesses for nothing is all good or all bad. And, because of our uniqueness, we are all very special.
In addition to the unique package of advantages and handicaps we begin with we all inevitably encounter numerous problems and challenges along the way. But however hard done by we may feel there are always plenty of others far worse off than ourselves.
No matter what we achieve or acquire on the earth plane, our current finite adventure ends with the cessation of bodily life. It's true that our contributions may form a legacy for future generations, but our Spiritual essence is ultimately liberated from such concerns.
So given that earthly achievements are at best a short-term comfort, what is our raison d'etre? It is surely to learn and grow through the lessons of experience.
Once we accept this, the reasons why life doesn't always flow smoothly become blindingly obvious.
For most of us when life is relatively problem free we tend to drift along somewhat aimlessly on auto-pilot. We are not forced to stretch our Spiritual muscle and we do not therefore grow Spiritually. On reflection most of us realize that our times of greatest growth have been spawned by the necessity of facing challenge.
We, as a unique part of Spirit, chose the particular lessons we wished to learn on our current incarnation. Though we have free will, we shall find opportunities to master our lessons are presented throughout our time here. But remember also we will never be presented with any challenge that is more than we can handle.
These realizations should influence how we face the challenges of the present and future. Instead of wasting valuable energy on self-pity or resentment we should embrace life's challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Rather than throwing futile questions of "why me" into the void we should take stock and consider instead our options and the likely implications of each. We can then plot a course of action on the basis of our considered reflections and pursue it to the best of our ability in the knowledge that we are doing the best we possibly can under the circumstances.
Some "problems" arise from our inability to accept the unceasing flow of physical time. Constant change is an essential part of physical reality. The ability to let go is to avoid the creation of problems that wouldn't otherwise exist.
A positive attitude is essential in making the best of life's journey. Being positive is recognizing the good that may come from every challenge and thus ensuring we devote our full capacity to its successful resolution. Negativity is failure to even try, the abdication of self-responsibility. In short, if we are positive we do our best, and even if the best possible outcome is not reached some good will have been done. By contrast, if we are negative we don't try, or give less than 100%, and that which might have been goes unrealized.
Stop seeking the unobstructed path. Utopia does not exist in this world. Instead begin to accept the rough with the smooth as inevitable parts of life's incredible jigsaw.