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Isis' Message of the Day -
The Universe is right on schedule - everything is happening as it should. The Divine Plan is being manifested.
~ Isis ~
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- You Do Your Best in All Things

The present moment is more than the moment in which you are aware of yourself in your reality, it is also the total of all moments before it and the beginning of the next moment. In each moment you bring in the energies of all lifetimes, the knowing of all experiences and the highest energetic vibration that you can be at in that moment. In each moment you are the best that you can be, you do the most that you are capable of and you are at the only energetic vibration you can be at. When you feel you can do more, it is because you have connected with a different vibration whose potential is inviting you to step into transformation. 
This does not make any part of your reality wrong, it simply means that you have completed your learning at that vibration, all understanding has been achieved and the experiences it holds for you have been fulfilled. The doorway to new realities often opens before the one to your existing reality has closed. So a new vibrational awareness becomes available before you have left the one you are in. Being in two different energetic levels is confusing as each pulls you in a different direction. The old energy pulls you into the past, which is known and predictable, the new one compels you to explore an unknown future. Which will you choose? 
At any level of energetic vibration, what you do is what you are capable of because each level has its own lessons and learning, experience, potential, possibilities and realities. You bring all of your learning into each vibrational experience and this allows you to become the fulfillment of that experience, according to your soul's desire for healing. The divine perfection of each experience is related to your individual perfection, which is aligned with your learning, healing and transformation. There is no other path available to you. This is your experience, you do your best as you accomplish your own learning and healing. Seeking to copy others or achieve their results is not possible because your best is all you can do. 
The best you can do is between you and Source; there is no expectation or desired result, all learning is done in accordance with your soul's contract, the healing path you have chosen in each lifetime and the total of all lifetime experiences. Transformation is simply a step into a new vibrational energy, a step into either the direction of karma or creation, in which you embrace past or future, according to your abilities. The potential of each moment awaits you as you choose according to your abilities and knowing. See each moment as a doorway that invites you to experience your divinity and as you embrace new potentials, an opportunity to move farther into your own heaven on earth.
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SaLuSa: Everything is Set for Really Fast Moving Experiences and Changes
Through Mike Quinsey
December 30, 2011
At a time when you are finding that you have the ability to bring unconditional love into your life, and we send that energy to all souls of the Earth. We have a commitment to give you every help to achieve a state of being that is going to prepare you for Ascension. "Your part" is to be aware and receptive to such energies, and to put them into use in your everyday life. "It requires a new mindset" as most lives are presently controlled by the ego, that works in your self-interest. It is the final challenge that is the hardest to overcome but you can do it, and will feel elated that you are in total control.
The dark Ones are gradually becoming resigned to their defeat, and lose more power as each day passes. They see the worldwide movements for peace as more and more people realize the value of coming together, and that by sheer numbers they are achieving their aims. The dark Ones have always feared the day people would wake up to their true selves, and the power that they hold. Fear is no longer the powerful weapon that it was, and the Light is carrying people through periods of uncertainty and giving them the strength to overcome it. Events that are about to occur and are essential to your progress, are moving into a stage of readiness for the next step to take place. It means that the year 2012 will not take long to get under way and will almost be a procession of changes, one after another.
It is you who are instrumental in bringing the changes into your lives and as we see it, you will not in the least way be disappointed. You have waited long for the return journey to the higher dimensions to commence, and hardly noticed that it has already started. However, in this coming year the changes will speed up quite dramatically and particularly where your consciousness levels are concerned. It will bring an acceptance of each other that sees beyond race or cultural differences, and that will also help bring you together. Humans are in essence benign Beings and are naturally peaceful by nature.
We of the Galactic Federation are very active now as we become more directly involved in matters taking place on Earth. It is ensuring that our allies proceed at a pace that is necessary to bring the first major changes into being. We otherwise keep up our cleansing activities of the atmosphere, and keep a strict control on any action intended to start another war. By banishing nuclear wars we have commenced a period of peaceful existence, that shall eventually bring about the removal and destruction of all weapons of war. There is no place for such things in the higher dimensions, and neither thoughts of any kind of aggression.
The demand for peace is uppermost in so many peoples minds, and that powerful energy is instrumental in bringing it into being. As we see your Earth it becomes apparent that the "Light Grids" are exceptionally strong now and lifting Earth up into the higher vibrations, as like attracts like. The process of Ascension marches onwards and the dark Ones can no longer hold it back. Their day has finished and little remains but to round them up, and keep them where their power and influence has no way of interfering with you. Their dream of world domination, has now been replaced by one of world peace as a result of the vision projected by you.
There will be periods of difficulty and inconvenience to you as the web of control put in place by the dark Ones is dismantled. It will be particularly relevant to the financial and monetary changes, but be assured we have our allies fully briefed and ready to act at short notice. The governmental changes will not cause many problems, as there will be continuity and control whilst they are taking place. Disclosure as an announcement will naturally result in great discussion, and bring about many revelations to reveal what has been hidden from you for at least the last century. These will in turn result in far reaching changes by introducing benefits and new technologies that you should have already been using. Once we can work openly with you, we shall give you the advantage of our advanced monitoring of your Earth where physical changes are concerned.
Bear in mind that the main changes will not take place until after Ascension, when those of the higher consciousness will take their places as the new Galactic Beings. You will eventually become as we are and enjoy the same opportunities, and experience complete happiness. Whatever experiences you have to go through until you ascend, keep focusing on the future and it will not seem as difficult. Those of you who are well informed will be the vanguard of Lightworkers who will help others to understand what is taking place. Once the media is able to be speaking free from censorship and other controls, you may be sure that it will be your principle source of information.
So everything is set for really fast moving experiences and changes, that will bring you to a point you should have already reached. Thus you will reach the new levels in stages, and be well prepared for the next big step forward that is Ascension. It will be something of a whirlwind ride once it gets started, but exciting if you look at it from an informed point of view. Many souls who are only just awakening will be utterly confused and understandably fearful. That is to be expected when you are suddenly taken out of your normal surroundings into the unknown. However, people will soon understand that we of the Galactic Federation are assigned to the task of seeing you safely through the changes. Naturally some souls will have elected to leave the Earth prior to Ascension, but are not denied the opportunity to ascend and can do so directly from the Astral Realms.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and although we do not work to your linear time, we nevertheless understand the way you rely on this method of calculation. We sense a sigh of relief amongst you as you are about to step into the year 2012, with every expectation of the promises materializing that were made to you. If there was ever a certainty that events would proceed as expected, then you are right as far as the year 2012 is concerned. We are pleased for you all as we want you to be lifted in spirit and go forward full of hope and joy. May your dreams come true and your path be full of Love and Light.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

Mother Mary: Lighting the World with Love
Ashtar Teleconference 12-13-11
Given through Susan Leland
Greetings Beloved Family, I Am Mother Mary, and I have asked to come forward to greet you and to bring you Love, that together we may bring Love to this World, which, even though it is lighting so much brighter now, is still much in need. And I stand with my Family of Kumara – Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Ashtar, and all of the 144,000 who came when it seemed as though there would be no Light on Planet Earth, and that was eons ago.
And we have kept the promise, Beloved Ones, and so have you. You promised to return to the Light and you are. And we are here with you with such Joy, and we are here to say, 'Let us begin in this moment to be all that we came here to be, all that we could possibly be and then more, because, we are talking about Love!'
Now I am seen as a symbol worldwide of Love and there have been stories told, and legends, and yes there have been even misusages and misinterpretations, but you see, it is alright. It has all served, it is all forgiven, it is all without judgment, and it is really all about you wondrous beings finding your way home. And so let us join together, My Beloved Children. You are My Children, all of you.
And let us join together now and let the Light of Love lift us all up, encircled, joined. We can hold hands, and let us fly just above the Planet of Earth, and let us look down and let us identify places. Let us look at the Children who live in the countries torn by war, let us look at the Children who live in the countries where there is not enough food, let us look at the Children whose parents are not with them for one reason or another – no judgment, it just is.
And let us feel what these Children feel, just for a moment, and yet let us know that, even as they feel that they might be in some kind of pain or suffering, that they have the Light within them. Ask them to share their feelings just for a moment, that we may measure how they feel. And while we are doing that, we are also engaging our focus on the other part of the world, that part that you call the grown-up world. And let us see that there are people suffering everywhere, whether it is an inner or outer circumstance, or both; whether it is that the place they live in is torn by war, whether it is that they are victims of war in the sense that they have been injured or lost family and friends; whether it is that they have lost their homes because they were suddenly put into circumstance that they had no control over, not really. What if it is that they are out of balance in their physical selves, they have disease, they have impairments, injuries.
And if we look at this World we can see that it’s not all Light and bright, this is true. So now let’s look closer and let’s see the sparks of Light - some of them might be very faint, hardly glowing at all. And let us take all of this, all of this picture, the whole entire World, now that we have seen it and felt it and we know that there is more to do. And let us not forget the animals and the plant and the mineral kingdoms. They aren’t always in such ease and comfort either. And that is the way things have been and that is where the World might seem to be at this moment.
Alright, we’ve done our measuring, now let’s do our Joyful Exercise and let us bring that Love Light down! Call it forth from the Universe. Here come all your Guides and Angels and all of the Masters and all of the ones from the kingdoms beyond 3(D). And let us welcome them! Now we are infinite in size, and yes the ships are here, and all this Light and all this Love is here and all we have to so is simply focus it and beam it right down.
Now, be sure that you light up every place where you see darkness or dimness and let us light this up together. And this is Love, Beloved Ones, this is our greeting, our expression of unconditional, compassionate and, yes, forgiving Love. The most difficult thing to teach, My Wonderful Children, is to be in Forgiveness. And it is because it is so difficult for my Wonderful Children to understand that they are Love, Lights of Love, and they need no Forgiveness, not really - they need to stop judging themselves, in other words. And when Children fly free from guilt and all those other kinds of fears, they truly are able to recognize themselves and thus extend Forgiveness to all.
This is what we are here to create, My Children. It is to love each other even as we love the World, it is to forgive within ourselves and each other all that there is to forgive, even as we forgive the World; it is to say 'Welcome Home, this is it, the Great Homecoming,' and this is the time of Planet Earth to come Home to Love and to understand in every living being that it’s all Love, it’s all Joy and we are here to heal, and to heal each other with Love, Compassion and Forgiveness.
And now it is the time for Thanks. And let us thank the World for allowing us to come and help and heal. Look, see the one who could not walk is now standing and walking, the one who was so lonely is now surrounded with loving beings. Even the Ones - the Children, the Precious Children - you lit that spark within them and they know that they are more than just a body, that they are indeed Divine and Love!
So now let us measure, Beloved Ones, let us measure and feel, feel the radiance coming back to us now, echoing back to us, as it were, all this Love, all this Joy, and along with this comes awakening and remembering. Hug the World, Beloved Ones. Let your beautiful Hearts connect with all of the Hearts of all of the kingdoms and feel the Oneness, feel the Joy. One Heart beating, One Light of Love, that is truly Who We Are. That is why the Kumaras came, to keep that Light glowing even when the World was wanting to blow out that one candle of Love. And now the Love We Are is shining forth as it was in the very, very, very beginning and We Are Coming Home to each other!!!
And even as it has been said that I have been seen with the Children in the places of Planet Earth where the most unhappiness has been, I am here for all of My Children, each and every one of you, Beloved Ones. My Love for you has no limits and it has only to go on and on forever and infinitely. I hug you all and I say to all of you, you are so beautiful and you are so thanked for being One in this great Light that We Are. And so we have a bit farther on our road, Beloved Ones, but I am here, I always have been, and I’m here with each and every one of you!
And so when you feel that you’d like a special kind of hug, and arms around you of the nurturing mother, know that you deserve it, always know that you deserve it, call upon me and I shall come. And I shall hold you as a mother holds her child and I shall simply love you as you are. And so it is, Beloved Children, and so it is. Namaste!"


Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, every day you have the opportunity to live as the innocent holy Child, the divine energy going forth with no restrictions, flowing freely as the love that you are, enjoying the life that you have gifted to yourself with this incarnation. For truly, how would you be here if you were not a master?