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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: Everything is Coming to a Head
3.)  Sananda: You Are On Your Way Home
4.)  Message from the Ashtar Command 5/16/12
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  To Your Heart's Content
7.)  You Are The Wizards And Handmaidens of The Light
Isis' Message of the Day -
You see, we are The Beloved and, Dear Ones, so are you.  And when we find ourselves knowing this, knowing that we are love, that it is just our presence to be love, that is when Reunion occurs.  Not only for ourselves but when we begin to experience others as love as well, then we know we are in Union with our Self.
~  Team Beloved ~
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I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
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Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. You who stand before us are a reflection of God Almighty. You reflect the light of All That Is. You are a Being of light in human form. You are an aspect of God/Creator’s love. Your breath is filled with the love of God/Source. Know that every cell of your body vibrates with the love and breath of God/Creator/Source. Allow this knowing into your being. See the Light of God/Creator reflected in every person’s eyes you come in contact with. Be at Peace. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
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SaLuSa: Everything is Coming to a Head
Through Mike Quinsey
May 18, 2012
We know that some of you wonder why it seems to have taken so long to get events started. Firstly we must tell you that the activities we are involved in are ongoing, and we have been fully occupied even if you are not aware of what we have carried out. Preparing for these end times is no mean task, and of course circumstances change which we have to adapt to. Plus the dark Ones have been more difficult to remove than we anticipated. However, now that we have been given the authority to take direct action against them, our presence is being felt and our results rewarding.
We have all but stopped the dark Ones in their tracks, and we will not allow them any scope to return to their previous tricks. We must lastly commend you for handling your side of the activities in a most positive manner, so much so that you have carried the battle to the dark Ones very successfully. It has enabled us to give you more responsibility, as we do encourage you to take matters forward yourselves. This is because you have to take responsibility for the situations you have allowed to occur. It does not mean you have to do it all, and that is far from it as we of the Galactic Federation have a most important role to play. We are here to ensure you safely reach Ascension, and introduce you to your Space Family and the many advantages that have been kept from you.
You now know that everything is coming to a head, and that something is going to break very shortly that you will get to know about in some detail. By now you will have realized that for many reasons, we have been unable to give you much in the way of specific information where dates are concerned. Sometimes even we are not sure when to act, as when we do circumstances must be exactly right for us to be successful. Not least of all, to co-ordinate anything with our allies requires a lot of planning, and we have to bear in mind the risks they take. For example you now have a number of whistle-blowers that are prepared to stand up and reveal the truth to you. Naturally we will protect them, but they and their families are under threat and it is an unpleasant feeling.
Dear Ones, the clean up is well under way and it will continue until the main trouble makers are removed. There is so much at stake to take risks, and we clearly have to mount a determined and continuous onslaught to finish the job quickly. To put people at ease there will be announcements to acquaint them with what is happening, as we do not want the wrong interpretation put on our actions. It will be the start of a program of enlightenment that will carry you all the way to Ascension. There will be break-downs all round as the old reality breaks up, shedding itself of all that has no place in your future. It will be a difficult time, but we are involved and the changes themselves will not take as long as you might imagination. So be patient and understand that the outcome will be to your advantage.
Ascension is a process that comes to all souls eventually, many times if necessary. The fact is that you will not want to remain in the lower dimensions forever. It has its attractions, but once you have conquered it and overcome the low vibration you will want to move on. Regardless of whether you have it now or not, you have an inner drive that is always urging you onwards. The dark powers would prefer that you do not become aware of it, and go to great pains to keep you in the dark. However, many are coming into the Light, and because of them others are also awakening and so it gathers pace. You help each other and once it is accepted that you are All One, and you remove religious differences and beliefs that are not aligned to the truth, you will blossom and find your true path.
Things are always changing and so are you all of the time, and you are subject to many energies that surround you. Most are natural but others are man-made and not necessarily beneficial to you. In fact some are dangerous to your health, yet you continue to allow yourselves to be exposed to them. It is not always your fault, but you tend to ignore warnings when the source such as cell phones is involved. Your greatest threat as you well know is nuclear radiation, but in the future such sources of energy will be clean and safe. Free energy is all around you and will be used to service all of your needs. Many such devices already exist but like much that has been kept from you, has not been released and instead deliberately hidden.
The dream is coming true and you will be lifted out of the daily challenges to survive, into a heavenly abode. It is a gift from God but one you have earnt through your determination to overcome duality. You chose your experiences and have evolved as a result, and will rightly join us in the higher dimensions. We eagerly await your coming and shall first meet you on Earth, and light the way to the next phase of your experiences. From thereon it will be a pleasure to be alive and exciting to plan your own adventures, that will take you around the Galaxy to observe and take part in the many wonders that exist.
Take each day as it comes and do not be fearful of anything. As we so often tell you, all is progressing well, and we and your Inner Earth brethren are so close to openly meeting you. It must however be safe for such meetings, as you will no doubt understand. We have all come a long way to make this finale a most wonderful experience for you, and you will enjoy the days soon to come. Once you are released from the dark Ones, the relief will lift you up immediately. The feeling around you will bring out much happiness, and great expectations for the future which will be fully explained before you ascend.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that your natural existence is not to live in sorrow or suffer hardships, and without the means to have a fulfilling life. Even in your present dimension it could have been so different, but for the greed and avarice of those who sought gain only for themselves at the expense of others. You are beautiful Beings of such loving intent if only you are allowed to be your true selves. The time to show your true colors is just around the corner, so get ready to rejoice and celebrate your greatest achievement for millennia of time.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *   
Sananda: You Are On Your Way Home
Channeled Through Fran Zepeda
May 16, 2012
Dear beloveds, Ascension is becoming a much more palpable reality. It is becoming clearer that you are in the throes of it whether you realize it fully or not. Whether you understand it or not, it is something that is becoming more and more real to you.
However, of course, you must still be aware that it is your choice, but once you have made that choice, there is no turning back and the changes will become more and more apparent as time goes on.
You Lightworkers are more aware of all this, of course, and as you sift through the changes, you are better able to help others who haven’t a clue what is happening to them, regardless of the fact that they made the choice long ago to embark on this journey and now it is upon them to get on the train or not.
It is the subject of those who are not aware of their mission that I would like to address today, and I speak to those who are aware enough to help them. This is what you have prepared for. As you encounter all the changes that you are undergoing, this puts you in a much better position to help others awaken. You can speak from experience and knowledge that is intrinsic and therefore believable to them. They trust you and so they can relate your experiences to their own and bring light to what they may not be aware of but is just below the surface.
Please look at who around you may be struggling with the new energies and be of whatever service you can be.  This may just entail being in your center and calmness and integrity and just shining your Light for all to see. It may entail being an example for others who are sensing something is different and looking to you for assurance that all is well. You will know how much and what to tell them, and you always have our guidance in the Spiritual Realm when you are unsure.
By now, many of you are thoroughly committed to ascending and are managing the waves of change that the intense energies are bringing much better than before. It is time now to look around you for people and places that need doses of the Light you are assimilating as we speak.
Please do not let anything sway you from this purpose. There will always be naysayers, but that only requires you to look inside and rediscover the truth, what you know is the Truth deep down in your heart. Get in touch with the joy that all this change is bringing you.
You are indeed on your way home and with it brings newfound talents and gifts and perspectives that have only been buried up to now. Flaunt and distribute those gifts for all to see. You are now at the threshold of holding and maintaining and offering those gifts as an integral part of you.
It is somewhat like a snake that has shed its skin and the new skin is exposed. There is no need to hold on to that old skin, but instead to get used to the new one. Likewise, whatever feels new and tentative in your life will soon feel normal and real and an innate part of you. It is like you have been reassembled and after a little getting used to, you feel more ready to embark on your journey equipped with abilities more suited to the New World you are creating.
There is no right or wrong way of doing this. You must trust that by following your Higher Self, you will navigate the turns and hills of your journey. Staying in your Now Moment and feeling Heart Center will help this, as well as knowing that you always have access to your Higher Self if you just stop and check into it. You will soon see that it is more and more accessible and becoming more and more integrated with you. You will find that you are disabling the connection with your ego, or lesser self, and it will impede you less and less.
By all means feel the joy that comes with this exalted remembering of your True Self, of your God-Self, of your Divinity. It is becoming more and more apparent to you that this is your True Essence and it will guide you home.
I am Sananda and I am at your service always.
Thank you to Sananda
Fran Zepeda
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 Message from the Ashtar Command 5/16/12
Some of this universe is in a state of disrepair and collapse and will not withstand even another traverse around the cosmos. This is where we come in, the Ashtar Command. We identify these problems and weak links in the chain that is this ever connected and grand universe, and we utilize our gifts to assist these worlds rebuild themselves and repair the damage that has been done to them. Your planet is one of these planets that is in a state of great disrepair, and this state must be rectified if your people wish to call her home for another lap around this universe.
Each people of this universe are given a planet in which they can call their home. It is up to each people to care for and to nurture their home, to keep it clean, to keep it safe, to keep it operating and functioning the way it was designed and the way it was created to take care of and nurture its people. This is a very delicate give and take, where one cannot take too much from the other if a harmonious balance is to be maintained. Here in your world at this period in your history one is taking too much from the other, and if this imbalance is not corrected your planet will no longer be able to maintain her orbit around her galaxy. This is the way this universe has been designed, and it was designed in such a way as to teach the inhabitants of a planet how to safely and properly preserve their mother planet, as well as the consequences when they choose to allow her to fall into decay from neglect and abuse.
Here in your world today you have a serious problem. There are those of your people who are currently in power, and have been for quite some time, who care not for one moment about your mother planet or about you. They care only for themselves and their greedy desires for more fabulous wealth and their agenda for absolute power. These individuals must be removed from their seats of power and administration to allow to take their place those who do have the best interest of your mother planet in mind and will do all that they can to see her thrive and see her repaired to a state of ecological balance.
We are here to assist those of your world who are qualified and who have earned the right to take the reins of leadership here in your world. We are here in offers of our assistance to remove the soon-to-be former power-brokers of your world, and we do this by decree of the glorious power that created you and created us as well. We are not here by our own decree and on our own accord, but are here in service to our Creator and in service to you, our brothers and sisters of the human family and to your planet, a living, breathing, conscious being who we call Gaia.
Whether you agree or not collectively to accept our assistance and right your ship that is listing badly and taking on great amounts of water is a matter for you to decide for yourselves as we cannot push you to accept our help. The consequences of your choice not to accept our assistance would see to the deterioration of your magnetic and tectonic structures around and within your earth. We have the knowledge, the experience and the tools to get the job done to reinstate your planet to her original pristine condition. We have the ability to remove those of your dark cabal who are until this very day set on the destruction of your world and the enslavement of your entire human race.
If more of you, our brothers and sisters, could see this and understand this, many obstacles would be removed from our path to assist you in so many vital ways. This is where you come in. You may refer to yourself as a Lightworker or you may not, as this is not important, but what is important is that you recognize and understand how you can assist your planet and your people in this, their time of need. It is upon you to do whatever it is you have to do and that you can do to share the knowledge that you have been enriched with about the cabal, what they are doing to your planet and what they plan to do with you. The more of your people who understand this, then the more we can openly assist you and the sooner we can, together with you, begin to tackle these mounting problems one by one, day by day.
This is the point that we stand before today. We stand at the ready, prepared to begin working with you on the many projects that are vital to the healthy survival of your world and your planet. Each and every day we do see gains in the amount of individuals who begin to learn of the existence and the detrimental impact of your ruling class we refer to as the cabal and of our presence here in your world and why we are here. We wish more of you can learn of these facts on a daily basis, and we look to increase this productivity. The tools necessary to complete this job satisfactorily have been furnished to you. One of your greatest tools sits before you at this very moment, as it was designed and seeded into your world to allow great numbers to connect and almost instantly share information.
We say to you to utilize this gift for you to its greatest potential, as it is perhaps your greatest ally at this time where allies are what you need more than anything else. We are your allies, and we can be utilized to your greatest potential as well, and we again advise you to utilize the tools that sit before you at this very moment to help open the door for the gifts that we bring you to help bring down this criminal cabal and their dastardly agenda and help you help yourselves restore  your mother planet to her beautiful and undamaged state, which will once again allow her and your people to prosper and to thrive and to continue together your journey around your galaxy and your universe.
Laying the groundwork for such an historical meeting between beings from different worlds is a great task which presents many great challenges. We clearly understood how great a challenge this would be here on this planet, and so we enlisted the assistance of many qualified and talented beings from throughout the cosmos to incarnate here, to become one with the people of this world and to one day awaken and respond to their mission to bring to this world a new way of being. We say to you today that we proudly see so many of our Lightworkers, our Starseeds, responding to their call of duty, and we wish to see so many more of you awaken to your true identity and your purpose for being here at this period in time. We ask those of you who have awakened to this divine purpose to do whatever it is you have to do to awaken your brothers and sisters who are also here, but are yet in a deep slumber.
Many more Lightworkers have journeyed here than was needed for this project, to allow us to be absolutely certain enough would awaken and respond to their call to accomplish each task that needs to be done. There are so many more of you than have so far responded to their call, and we see it as important that many more awaken. Again, you have the tools at your disposal that have been provided by intelligences far more advanced than here in your world, no matter who currently gets the credit for these. Recognition is not important to us in the least. What is of importance is the safety and well-being of your host planet and you, our dearly loved brothers and sisters of our universe.
We wish to see at this time each and every one of you that has awakened and that understands the importance of your roles here in this world to utilize the gifts provided you and begin to gently awaken as many as you can to their higher purpose and the important matters that need to be dealt with here in your world. Once sufficient numbers are reached we will go ahead with the stages of operation that will bring to your world the great changes that are necessary and will allow your planet and your people to thrive beyond anything that has been imagined by any of you. Let us together begin and you will reap the rewards that you have earned and that are provided to you by our Creator. This is our promise to you, our brothers and sisters of the human family.
We are you Family of Light from the stars.
Received by Greg Giles
I am a Starseed, incarnate of the Indigo Ray and channel for the Galactic Federation and my Star Family from the Ashtar Command, an 11th dimensional Osequeq collective from the Star System Tauri C; Amanda, Arisa, Rona, Jella, Morgana, Sophia, Germana, Capella, Jackie, Romana, Angela, Patricia, Anthony, Gifta, Maria, Mercula, Pierca, Ramulete, Augusta, Chevron, Thomas. I have incarnated at this time on assignment to advance my education and assist this planet and its people in their time of ascension to a higher dimensional existence.  http://ascensionearth2012.blogspot.com  *  

 Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, your story has a happy ending, for in the last moments of life, what you will remember is the love of loved ones, of family, of friends, of caretakers, whoever is with you, either with body or definitely with spirit. And the next thing you will experience is the light, the light of understanding that, “I am and always will be.”
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Heavenletter #4193
To Your Heart's Content
May 18, 2012
God said:
Your heart is opening and opening. You are setting your heart free. Once upon a time, you had braked your heart. You went way less than the speed limit. You may have cut your heart, your beautiful heart, in two, packed half in reserve, the other half for view or perhaps show. Now you are pulling the restrained half of your heart out of storage and restoring wholeheartedness to its rightful place. You are beginning to make sense. How happy your heart is. And how happily your heart pulls the world forward.
No more hidden hearts. Now, only hearts of boldness, hearts that get right out there, declare themselves, don't care who knows that you have a heart of love that stops at nothing. Well, actually, what it is is that your heart stops everywhere. Never too busy for showing up. Never so focused on other things that it can't stop for one more. No longer do you carry a heavy segregated heart that is allowed love only so far and no further.
Now you are giving your heart the freedom it always was made for. You are giving your heart all kinds of signals, like telling it, "Have a go. Have a run for your money." Where is your heart's love going to take you? Why, love is going to take you everywhere! Your heart is coming out of hiding! That means you are too.
You are going to be on the front page of your life now. No longer are you in small print at the back of the newspaper. You are circulating yourself. You are circulating love. You are making love known, and you do this without ceremony, and yet you do this fulsomely. Love is having a rebirth. This is a debut for your love. This is a coming-out party, and everyone is invited. Now love leads the parade. Now the drum roll is for love. Now the tuba plays a love call. Yes, you are in the midst of a call for love.
Love is certainly called for. Love is in style now. It is safe to love now. As with fishing in a river, you just throw your lines out. You enjoy fishing whether you catch something or not. You enjoy throwing your line out.
You sit letting the stars know how much you love them, or you sit letting the sun know. You let the Universe know. You spill love out from your heart, and you let your love fall where it may. You don't secularize your love. Once given, it is given. You don't call for it back. There is no small print, no disclaimers or claims, just love freely given. And where it lands, it lands. You don't keep an accounting.
You fish at a stream, or you walk the world, and you hand out love right and left. You are love walking across the world. You are not collecting. You are giving. You are giving love out.
You don't call attention to yourself. You call attention to the existence of love in every heart. Love calls to all hearts, and all hearts answer the call to love.
The beat of your heart, the gait of your walk, the look in your eye, all say, "Love is here. Love is here for the asking, and love is here for the giving. All glory to love, for this is the Year of Love all have been waiting for. Love has arrived but not in a golden coach. Love has arrived on foot, and love acknowledges all in its path. Love deploys itself and covers the territory of hearts. It covers the world. It reaches to Heaven. Love has arrived, and love is splendid, and love is mine."
What can you do with love but give it and give it generously? You are a harbinger of love now. To your heart's content, you give love. You give a love potion to the world that can use more of it, and so you give. You have nothing better in the world to do now but scatter love to the winds.
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 You Are The Wizards And Handmaidens of The Light
As received by Gillian Macbeth-Louthan
So many are still hanging on for dear life to what was and what should have been what could have been. Lets face it dear ones the tide lines have shifted and you can no longer sunbath upon the shores of the past.  You are the wizards and handmaidens of the light.  You alone hold the magic of ever changing possibility.
The outcome of all actions is innumerable and cannot be counted upon.  In these times of change many have lost sight of the shore and thrash about drowning in a tidal pool. When the winds of change blow you can ride them soaring to new heights in delight or allow them to keep your tired and exhausted always fighting the force. You now come to a place of struggle or release. The struggle tightens the grip, the release relaxes what binds us, and we are freed from the snare that entraps us  We have been flying against strong winds for far to long we have forgotten that we can change direction in flight, and let the aft winds support us. That which has been against us now supports us.
Don’t subscribe to that which does not know itself. Subscribe to that which houses all knowledge without the limits of time.  The presence of magic is alive and lives in the light. It is seeing God with a child like wonder in all things and all outcomes. It is believing in that which is not seen but can be felt in the heart. Recapture what was once a given.  The universe leaves secret instructs at every turn of your day. Become investigative in nature; seek to see what lies in plain sight. Communicate with a deeper face of nature. She calls to you blindly to share her experience, as she changes costumes and acts.
A natural rhythm needs to be established as you walk the sacred path of life not as a stranger but a partner. See the magical qualities of life and step back from that which overwhelms you. Nature is a great healer, look at life from a different angle, and make your choices accordingly. When you see beneath the surface you see with the eyes of God. See with a great hope and a deep knowing. Become a seer of what is invisible to the human eye but not the human heart.
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