Eternal Connection - Channeled

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Heavenletter #4211 Eternal Connection, June 5, 2012
God said:
It is as if We are extensions of each other. We are an Eternal Connection. In one sense, We are wireless. In another sense, We are mainframe, and there is only One in the whole Universe. We are definitely something, aren't We now?
Tap, tap, tap go Our messages. Constant revelation. Constant reception of ingoing and outgoing messages although they are instant, ingoing and outgoing have no meaning. There is reception, and there are messages that echo through Us. It is as if One speaks, and it is the Same One who hears, so close is the connection.
In the depth of Our connection, Our Oneness connection, there is nothing to say. We are telepathic. Whose thoughts are they?
"Gimme that," is a human thought, perhaps about a piece of cake. "Let's split it," is more of a God message, or, "Here, have it all. I want you to have it." And, yet, all these thoughts are human. I, God, have provided the cake, and you serve yourselves.
You don't have to become a saint, although some of you are or will be. Yet you do not achieve sainthood by always giving your cake to someone else. Sainthood is not sought nor achieved. Besides, who wants to be glorified as a saint? What kind of ambition is that? A better ambit is to come to Me closer and closer. You are not looking for results. You are looking to serve.
The Great Spiritual Ones, Godliness themselves, were real people, only they saw more as I see. They were not withdrawn from life. They were of life, and, by dint of their consciousness, they contributed to the lives of many.
Consciousness is all.
Ego is nothing.
When one knows the Self, really knows the Self, one does not see a need for selfishness. No need is seen. Wisdom arises out of a common soil. Wisdom is not just for one or two or three. It is for all.
Love, as the Great Ones lived it, was not saccharine. There was no mush. There was Truth, and there was focus, and they came from the intent of love. Were there halos over their heads as shown in the paintings? Perhaps. And, yet, with the eyes to see, there is a halo over your head as well. Halo is not proof of holiness. No picture is.
What do you desire? What is there to desire? Desire to come closer to Me in your awareness. You do not give up anything to come to Me. It is joy to come to Me. Coming to Me doesn't mean giving up anything. You are beyond the point of giving up. You don't give up anything, but you do let go. The Great Ones did not give up anything. They had exactly what they wanted, and they were right where they wanted to be, and that was with Me. Sacrifice is not to be glorified. The Great Ones left a lot behind them that they did not take with them, yet that is not what made them great.
We could say that they sacrificed ignorance. They burned it in the fire of consciousness.
Their consciousness made them great. They were who they were. They were not anything but what they were. They did not think of themselves as special. Their thoughts were not on themselves. Their thoughts simply were not on themselves. They were working for Me.
But, no, they never said they were saints. They were men who lived and breathed and rose higher without admiring themselves and without assigning themselves names and titles.