Essence Of Love Sustains Universe {Channeled}


Examine everything in life and say " This is nothing" and what remains is Love, and that is everything
- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

 Cedomil Vugrincic, M.D, Ph.D.


Cedomil Vugrincic
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Chicago U S of A, January, 12, 2012. 
Teacher Prolotheos
Subject: “Love’s Demand & Supply.”
Received by Valdir Soares.
Prolotheos: “Lately you have been worried about why you are not more loved by people around you.  It seems strange that human beings often feel unloved, and wish they could be loved more.  It seems strange because love is the essence of the Universe and it is true; love is everywhere.  The presence of evil, imperfections and injustice in your world should not blind you for all the manifestation of love that is all around.  Love’s demand is great, indeed, but its supply is even greater.  The problem with this equation is not that the supply of love is not enough – because it is – the problem is with humans’ perception, reception and distribution of love.
“Nobody can get love satisfaction beyond one’s thirst for it, and nobody can give what he or she doesn’t have.  It means that the thirstier you are for love, the more love you will be able to get and consequently, more love you will be able to give.  Granted, the love supply on your planet, coming from human beings, is hardly enough to satiate the thirst of each human living on Urantia.  However, that is so because most people are very poor in their personal love supply.  If more people would believe that love is all around, and open their hearts to it, more people would enlarge in great measure their capacity for love.
“And so, if you want to experience more love from people, start with loving people more, because love is contagious.  The words of your Creator Son, when on Urantia, “Give and you will be given back, even increased” – perfectly applies to this in particular.  Let love be something more than good intentions, and beautiful words; make it attitude, action, decisions, and choices that really will impact upon people and will change situations.  Mirror yourself in God’s love and make His love the criterion for your actions.  God’s love is universal, unconditional, always with you in its infinite power.  However, we experience it only to the degree of our love capacity, and certainly it will take the whole of eternity for any creature to comprehend all this love coming from the Universal Father.
“Do not worry, my pupil, if sometimes you think people don’t love you enough.  Happiness doesn’t come by fulfilling your wants, but by bestowing the love of God that is in you upon others.  Do not concern yourself with the response you will get from loving others – it unfailingly will come to you, both in this life and in the one to come, unlike all other demand and supply situations.  Whereas any supplier tries to meet demand, and may well fail, love supply in the universe is unimaginably greater than its demand, because love infinitely springs from God himself, Who is love.
“This is Prolotheos, your spiritual tutor.  I am glad you found your way back to receiving my messages.  My love is with you, as always, and so is that of the entire universe.  God is our Sheppard; we need not want – may His love satisfy us, now and always.  Peace be with you.”
The 11:11 Progress Group. 
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