Enlightenment Is GOD-Given

God said:

Although there is often a fine line between unselfishness and discounting yourself, you are to be unselfish. You do not erase yourself, and yet you do not always put yourself first. You don't make fusses. You don't always have to assert yourself. Asserting yourself is often taking the low road. Take the high road, and your personal preferences subside. Your personal rights no longer have the importance they once had.

You grow to be more present for others. Not from appeasement, not to win points, but from your service to Me. A true leader serves. He does not serve himself so much. He does not serve himself first. A true leader can sit on the side lines. He sees needs, and he fills them. At the very least, he acknowledges others' needs. He serves, and yet he is not subservient.

All your lessons in life bring you to the point where your personal needs are not so overwhelming as they once were. Their urgency is less. Balance takes over. You do not diminish yourself. You rise higher, that's all.

You become more rather than less. You make different choices. You assert love over your rights. You are no longer so eager to be recognized. Reaction does not dominate. You act more and react less. You no longer have to assert yourself. You are strong enough within yourself that you can listen. You can set yourself aside more because you are stronger within yourself.

You do not erase yourself. You simply are less ego-driven. You relegate ego to a back seat. The more important you become to the Universe, the less important your self-importance is. Seeing from on high, your vision is vaster. You become vaster. There has been a shift in you.

When you see differently, you simply see differently. It wasn't an attainment. You simply rose to a bigger perspective, and you welcomed it.

No longer do you want to hold on to a lesser vision. No longer can you. Just as when your body grows to six feet, your former clothes no longer fit. You cast them off for clothes that fit. It is not that you take great credit for your growth. Your growth was inevitable. No matter how much you may have desired it, it comes on its own.

So is your inner growth. It arises, and you are risen. You may have desired it, and yet you didn't make it happen. It comes when it comes.

You may desire enlightenment. You can try everything to make it happen. You can take course after course. Ultimately, the best you can do is receive enlightenment. You can notice your growth and be glad. But never is enlightenment your doing. Enlightenment is not meant to be an ego-booster. It is a gift. It belongs to you, and yet it is God-given.

Desire to be more understanding. Desire to be a giver. Desire to be My messenger. Desire to receive My messages. Desire to be an exponent of My Will. Desire to come from a higher place. Desire to contribute to the world. Desire peace in the world and peace in your heart. Desire to be humble. Desire My desires. Desire to see. Desire to love. Desire to know when to speak and when to be silent. Desire to be evidence of My love. Desire to be a granter of My wishes. Desire to be a holder of peace. Desire to bless the world. Desire to herald Heaven. Desire to make the world all it has long wanted to be. Desire that the world be filled with love.