Enjoy The View

God said:

Look into My eyes. This is to say: Give Me your attention. This is to say: Bathe your face in My light. This is to say: I love Myself. This is to say: Now love yourself.

When you truly love yourself, love yourself more than you criticize yourself, then the world will reflect your love of yourself and sail straight to the shore of My heart and My Will. My heart and My Will are One. My Will does not depart from My love. It doesn't take a different course. My love and My Will have always been One, for I am Oneness.

I never debate with Myself. I am never uncertain. And My love and My Will are unchanging. Beloveds, it is your thinking that may need to change, not Mine, never Mine. Your perception of Me may need to change. Now, you cannot change your perception by dint of your will. It doesn't work that way. It happens naturally.

Consider your will to love like the weather. Weather changes. You do not say: "Weather, change." You welcome new weather. You welcome sun after rain, or rain after sun. So you welcome the change of weather in your heart and mind. You cannot be a drill sergeant with your heart and mind. You can, however, tell your mind and heart: "Mind and heart of mine, you are doing well. We have come closer to God together. I appreciate how you steer me closer to God. I ride in your car, and you transport me. Sometimes you veer or take a mistaken turn, and yet you always get back on course. Thank you for driving me in the direction I want to go which is straight to God's love and God's love in me. Heart and mind and will, we are on a beautiful journey, and we keep getting closer."

Meanwhile, you do not delay. You are on a road trip to Me. Even though I ride in the car with you, you hurtle through the world to Me. And, so, all of life on Earth is illusion. All is illusion except love, that is. What this amounts to is that you are taking a ride from illusion to Reality, and so your perception grows until it catches up with Reality and knows nothing else.

You are driving to your Self-Realization. Along the way, enjoy the view. You are not chasing Me. You are not conducting a race. You are finding Me along the way until you come to see that there is no way! You are on a course, yet you are not studying a course. No one can give you a map. How you come to the full realization of Me is by coming to Me.

All attention on Me is good, and, yet, no one can serve Me to you. Ultimately, you fly solo, beloveds. You stroll to Me accompanied by Me. No one can take you. No one can give you a magic potion. The way to God is God.

Of course, you would like someone to take you by the hand and deliver you to Me. The only hand than can do that is Mine. I extend My hand to you now. Take it. Feel it. I put your hand on My heart. After a length of world time, suddenly, you will feel yourself pulled into My heart. It will seem sudden, and yet you have spent your whole life riding to Me. Never mind. Suddenly, you will be inside My heart, and inside My eyes, and you will know Me and know Me as your Self.