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     The ego is created with hate, enmity, struggle. If you want to drop
the ego, you will have to create more love feelings. When you love, ego
disappears. If you love tremendously and you love unconditionally and
you love all, then the ego cannot exist. The ego is the most stupid thing
that can happen to a man or to a woman. Once it has happened it is
very difficult even to see it because it clouds your eyes.
    Once the ego has happened it goes on collecting from
everywhere--sense, nonsense--but it goes on feeling itself impor-
tant. In love you say, "You are also important, not only I." When you
love somebody, what are you saying? You may be speaking or not, but
what is really deep in your heart? You are saying, whether in words
or in silence, "You are also important, as much as I am." If love grows
deeper, you will say, "You are even more important than me. If there
arises a situation where only one can survive, I would die for you,
and I would want you to survive." The other has become more im-
portant; you are even ready to sacrifice yourself for the one you love.
And if this goes on spreading, as it goes on spreading in Maitri Bha-
vana, then by and by you start disappearing. Many moments will
come when you will not be there--absolutely silent, not any ego at
all, no center, just pure space. Buddha says, "When this is attained
permanently, and you have become integrated to this pure space,
then you are enlightened."
    When the ego is lost completely you are enlightened; when you
have become so egoless that you cannot even say "I am," you cannot
even say that "I am a self." The word Buddha uses for that state is
anatta: no-being, non-being, no-self. You cannot even utter the word
"I," the very word becomes profane. In deep love, "I" disappears.
You are de-structured.
    When the child is born he comes without any "I." He simply
is--a blank sheet, nothing is written on him. Now the society will
start writing, and will start narrowing down his consciousness. The
society will, by and by, fix a role for him--"This is your role; this is
you"--and he will stick to that role. That role will never allow him
to be happy because happiness is possible only when you are infinite.
When you are narrow, you cannot be happy. Happiness is not a func-
tion of narrowness; happiness is a function of infinite space. When
you are so spacious that the whole can enter into you, then only can
you be happy.
Maitri Bhavana can be a tremendous help. {Maitri Bhavana is a
Buddhist meditation.}
The blind cannot help the blind. Those who are groping in dark-
ness cannot lead others to light. Those who don't know im-
mortality cannot help others to drop the fear of death. Those
who are not living totally and intensely, whose song is not yet
of the heart, whose smile is only a painted smile on the lips,
cannot help others to be authentic and sincere. Those who
are hypocrites, pretenders, cannot help others to be honest.
Those who are not yet themselves, who know nothing about
themselves, have no idea of their individuality--those who are
still lost in their personality, which is fake and created by the
society--cannot help anybody else to attain individuality.
Even with all good intentions, it is simply not possible. If your
flame of life is not burning, how can you make the unlit lamps
of others aflame? You have to be aflame;
 only then can you put others on fire. You have to be rebellious, then
 you can spread rebellion all around you. If you are on fire, aflame, you
 can create a wildfire that goes far beyond your vision. But first you
 have to be aflame.
      The blind man leading another blind man ... the mystic Kabir
 says both fall into the well. His original words are: Andha andham the-
 lia dono koop padant: "The blind led the blind, and both have fallen
 into the well."
      You have to have eyes to lead the blind to a physician--there is
 no other way You can only share with others that which you have.
 If you are miserable, you will share your misery. And when two mis-
 erable persons are together the misery is not only doubled, it is mul-
 tiplied. The same is true about your blissfulness, the same is true
 about your rebelliousness, the same is true about all experiences.
     Whatever you want the world to be, you will have to be a model
 first. You have to pass through a fire test to prove your philosophy of
 life by your example. You cannot just go on arguing about it. Rea-
 soning and argument will not help; only your experience can give to
 others the taste of love, of meditation, of silence, of religiousness.
     Before you have experienced, never try to help anybody--because
you will simply mess up the other person more. They are messed up
already. Centuries of heritage have been messing up everybody. It will
be very kind of you not to help, because it is going to be dangerous;
your help will be very risky for the other person.
     First travel the path, know perfectly well where it leads--only
then can you hold the hands of others and take them on the path.
     It is very difficult in this world to communicate. You have to
learn how to communicate your experiences so that what reaches
others is exactly what you want to say; otherwise you may be think-
ing of sharing nectar and it can turn into poison in their lives. They
are poisoned enough already!
     It is better to first cleanse yourself, make your eyes more transpar-
ent so that you can see better. Perhaps--then too, only perhaps--you
may be able to help others. The desire is good, but good does not
happen just from good desires.
     The ancient saying is that the way to hell is paved with good in-
tentions. There are millions of people who are helping with good in-
tentions, advising others--not even bothering about the simple fact
that they don't follow their own advice. But just the joy of advising is
so much . . . who cares whether I follow my own advice or not?
     The joy of advising others is a very subtle, egoistic joy. The person
you are advising becomes ignorant; you become knowledgeable. Ad-
vice is the only thing in the worid which everybody gives and nobody
takes; and it is good that nobody takes it because it is given by people
who know nothing--although there is no bad intention behind it.
     Remember, in the very nature of things, if you want to change
the world you have to change yourself first. The revolution must
come to you first. Only then can you radiate it into others' hearts.
First the dance must happen to you, and then you will see a miracle--
others have started dancing, too.
    The dance is contagious; so is love, so is gratitude, so is religious-
ness, so is rebellion--they are all contagious. But first you must have
the flame that you want to see in others' eyes.
Compassion is the ultimate flowering of consciousness. It is passion
released of all darkness, it is passion freed from all bondage, it is pas-
sion purified of all poison. Passion becomes compassion. Passion is
the seed, compassion is the flowering of it.

{To be continued, please check back}
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Many humans believe that this third dimension reality is all that there is. Most are born, live and die totally unaware of the multitude of realities that they move through each day.
 Life is a hologame. The experience you have while in your physical body is only one aspect of who you are. This aspect is important because it offers the opportunity to experience duality, positive and negative. Duality is generated from ego. In the illusion of separation, it is duality which acts as anchor to this illusionary reality. Duality creates the struggle, and the struggle keeps the individual in a level of denseness, in which the ego rules.
Imagine that your ego is only your manager – not the owner, just the manager. However, like most managers, after years of caring for and making all the decisions based on duality your manager/ego believes it is in charge. Now the owner (your divine awareness) returns and wants to run the business (your life), but the ego does not want to lose its control.
Many individuals struggle between the ego self and the higher aware self. This might be the entire experience of their lifetime – this power struggle between the two. The higher aware self is gently, lovingly, merging with the aspect you call ego. This is the evolution taking place on your planet, the total merging of the aware multidimensional self fully embodied in physical form, aware of anchoring total balance in the field of duality.
It is in the energy field of balance within that you can become aware of the numerous realities and dimensions in which your travel and dwell. This life is only one of them.
Most of your time is spent in the struggle of duality and all the emotional, mental, and physical aspects that this belief creates. This is busy work, it is polishing the stone. It is the learning.
There comes a time in your growth, your development, your evolution in which you realize it is you and you alone create the belief in struggle. When that awareness come to you, the shift, the transformation, and the growth is tremendous.