Effortless Action

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Effortless Action
by Owen Waters
There is a flow to events; a timing that, when understood, makes tasks much easier to achieve. The key to gaining this information is to tune into your inner, soul consciousness.
This inner work need not be a one-way street of receiving inside information. You can also take the initiative by using the principle of effortless action. Instead of trying to make something happen by the usual efforts of planning, willpower and determination, you begin by going within and seeing the action as accomplished.
When you begin by seeing the action as completed, and creating a feeling of completion, something very different happens. The action doesn’t mysteriously become accomplished by magic or by non-effort, but you experience a state of flow which enables you to move through the task with ease, grace and incredible efficiency.
The easiest way to invoke a state of flow is to go within, attune with your inner being and the intended task. Then, come out into the world of action and follow your intuitive guidance every step of the way until the task becomes physically completed.
This is how synchronicity happens and you notice coincidences becoming commonplace in your life. People, ideas and resources all come together at the exact right time and in the right place because flow is an orchestration of the many, not just the one.
Like water finding the shortest and easiest path down a slope, your intuition will reveal the shortest and easiest route to the successful completion of any task.

This was an excerpt from Owen Waters’ new book, Spirituality Made Simple, which is available now as an e-book or paperback: