+*+ "EDUCATION" +*+ > {Social Engineering}
The 'prolonged' education indispensable to the
progress of society is 'NOT NATURAL' to mankind.
> Winston Churchill >>>
> Supreme Court Acknowledges Amish Ways -
- The goal of Amish schools is to prepare
children for usefulness by preparing them for
eternity. The Amish concept of an ideal school
is one where children's God-given talents are
encouraged to increase and their intelligence
- Amish objection to formal education beyond the
eighth grade is firmly grounded in central
religious beliefs. They object to the high school
and higher education generally because the values
it teaches are in marked variance with Amish
values and the Amish way of life. The high school
tends to emphasize intellectual and scientific
accomplishments, self-distinction,
competitiveness, worldly success, and social life
with other students. Amish society emphasizes
informal learning-through-doing, a life of
'goodness,' rather than a life of intellect;
wisdom, rather than technical knowledge;
community welfare, rather than competition; and
separation, rather than integration with
contemporary worldly society. --- +++
- We are faced with the paradox that education
has become one of the chief obstacles to
intelligence and freedom of thought.
> Bertrand Russell
- Socrates gave no diplomas or degrees and would
have subjected any disciple who demanded one to a
disconcerting catechism on the nature of
true knowledge. --- +++
- Imitation is a way of crippling people,
paralyzing people, cutting their roots. From the
kindergarten to the university that's what we are
doing. We call it education. It is not education
at all, it is just the opposite of education. The
very word "education" means drawing something out
that is inside the person, bringing his center to
the surface, to the circumference, bringing his
being into a form of manifestation - it is latent,
unmanifest, it is dormant - making it active,
dynamic. That's what education is.
But this is not happening in the name of
education. In the name of education just the
opposite is happening: they are stuffing
everybody with ideas. Nothing is being drawn out
of the well; the waters of the well are not being
drawn, instead rocks are being thrown into the
well. Soon the waters will disappear; the well
will be full of rocks. And that's who you call a
scholar, a pundit, a professor. They are nothing
but 'stuffed' people. The whole effort in the
so-called educational institutions is to stuff
people with more and more knowledge, because
knowledge will help them to do more and do more
efficiently, and if they can do things more
efficiently, they will have more things.Business
and government need and create your education to
fill their slots,for their profit. This is
what you call education ? This is not real
education. Hence the seeker of truth has to leave
behind all that he knows, all knowledge as such,
because it consists only of theories, assumptions,
beliefs, inferences, hypotheses, philosophies.
It consists of all that is borrowed from others,
and you cannot know truth unless you are totally
free from all that has been taken from others.
That is a hindrance. It does not allow you
innocence, it does not allow you clarity,
perceptiveness, transparency.
So put aside all that is borrowed, be utterly
nude, naked like a small child, knowing nothing.
From that point the real journey begins. Wisdom
is not far away from a state of not-knowing; in
fact half the journey is already complete. The
negative part you have already done, you have
removed all the rocks. Now you can wait, and the
spring will start flowing. It was hindered; now
there is no hindrance it will start flowing.
Man can do only the negative part, the positive
happens of its own accord. You put aside
knowledge and wisdom wells up. +++++
- The society prevents you from going inwards.
Man is being hypnotized from the very moment he
is born. He is being hypnotized to believe that
the society exists in his favor, for his good.
That is utterly wrong ...
The society is interested only in your body -
your body can be put to use - your soul is
A man of soul is always dangerous because a man
of soul is a free man. He cannot be reduced to
slavery. A man who has an immortal soul in him
has a deeper commitment to existence itself, to
God himself. He does not care a bit about the
man-made structures of society, civilization and
culture; these are prison cells for him. He
cannot be part of a crowd. He exists as an
The body is part of the crowd, your soul is not.
Your soul is deeply individual. Its flavor is
that of freedom.
But your soul cannot be put to any use in the
marketplace.The society needs only your body. And
it is very dangerous for the society if you start
striving for the soul, because then your interest
changes. You turn from being an extrovert into an
introvert; you start moving inwards. The society
is outside, the society wants you to remain an
extrovert, interested in money, power, prestige,
and all that, so your energy goes on moving
outwards. If you start moving inwards, that means
you have become a dropout, you are no part of the
game that is being played on the outside. You
don't belong to it. You start diving deep within
your own being. And there is the source of
Live in a totally different way. Ler your energy
move in a different gestalt; let the river move
inwards. When you start moving inwards naturally,
simply, spontaneously, then that is where and
when your education begins --- +++++

Trade Secret
- The Religious & Social Abusers have destroyed people's
respect for themselves, and they have created guilt in
everybody. And you can create guilt for anything, but
once guilt is created, the religious or social abuser has become
powerful. The person who 'creates' guilt in you
becomes powerful over you - because then only he or
she can redeem you of guilt . Then you'll have to go to then,- then you can be
used by them --- +

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The inner revolution brings freedom and the only way to make
go through the inner revolution is meditation. Meditation simply
learning to forget all that you have learned. It is a process of
deconditioning, a process of dehypnosis.

The society has burdened everybody with thousands of
Meditation simply helps you to come out of that world of
thoughts, into
a state of silence. It is a process of cleaning your slate
completely, it is
emptying all that has been forced and stuffed inside you.

Once you are empty, spacious, silent, clean, the revolution has
happened, the sun has risen; then you live in its light! And to
live in the
light of your inner sun is to live rightly. In fact that is the only
way to
live. Others are only dying, just dying slowly, moving in a
queue goes on
becoming shorter and shorter every moment, and any moment
you may
be the first in the queue. In fact everybody is trying to be first in
queue; a great desire to be the first everywhere.

The ordinary life is only called life - it is not. It is only so-called
life. It is
a process of gradual death or to be more accurate, a process of

The moment you become silent and aware and clear and your
inner sky
is full of delight, you know the first taste of true life. One can
call it
god, one can call it enlightenment, one can call it liberation; the
experience of truth, love, freedom, bliss - different names but the

phenomenon is the same.