Earth Changes R Saving Us

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Communication with the Federation Of Light
3.)  The Earth Changes are Saving Us
4.)  At a Picnic with God
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  You Seek To Reunite With What You Are

Isis' Message of the Day -
New found freedom I'm leaving the past behind. 
When I walk I walk with confidence.
I've got a positive sense Of who I am inside.
New found Freedom Let the Light live in my life.
New found Freedom Let the Light be my life.
New found freedom Starting down a new road.
New found freedom Gonna spread my wings and fly.
(excerpted from: Lyrics Written by Taylor Hicks/Simon Climie/Dennis Morgan
from Taylor Hicks CD "Going The Distance" * )
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones, We wish to assist you in raising your vibrations. Do you remember what it feels like when you stood outside and you raised your face to the sun? Do you remember the feel of the warmth on your face, and how it then radiates to the rest of your body? You know how good that feels. Now imagine you are standing tall with arms outstretched to your sides and your face is turned up. As you stand this way, allow the Grace of God to descend upon you and fill you with light. Now bask in that light! Rejoice! Be At Peace and Bless Your Heart.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *   

Communication with the Federation Of Light
Received by Blossom Goodchild
March 16, 2011
Good afternoon my friends. It seems so long since we chatted, but in the big scheme of things ... not really. A lot has taken place on our planet in that time. I have pondered upon these events and what would be appropriate to discuss with you , and I have come to the conclusion that I shall just see how the conversation flows. In my eyes, in my heart, I know that you know what is best for us to hear at any given time so I shall leave it in your capable hands if I may?

We are thankful for your consideration. In times such as these upon your planet ... there are possibilities that can occur and as to whether or not they do .... can not be controlled by us and nor indeed would we desire to do so. However may we state , that unless there is to be a peaceful outcome to all that your Earth is having to endure in these present circumstances ... we feel that we have no choice but to intervene at a juncture that we see fitting. There are rules and regulations that must be abided by throughout the Universe. This Universe that we all frequent . There is of course free choice ... free will ... and yet there are boundaries that simply cannot be crossed. When they are ... how would we address this ... the Creator sees to it that such matters are dealt with in a manner that is fair and just.
So are you saying that certain boundaries have been crossed?
We are. That which is known upon your planet, so much of which you consider to be borderline is far from the legitimacy of our call.
In my naivety, I do not really understand that last statement. Could you break it down for me please?
We have been able to express to you over our communications the reasonings behind many of our actions or 'lack of actions'. We choose, because of our sovereignty, to specify only subjects which we feel will enhance the vibrational frequency of those dwelling upon your planet, and we feel that in this fashion we are carrying out our dutiful and necessary commitments to your race as a whole. In saying this , we are also aware that there are matters that many feel the need to be addressed and we have chosen to 'steer clear of' due to the vibrational pull of any given matter and we choose to keep the vibration of our contact with you above a certain frequency. For when matters are discussed that are of a hugely negative frequency , it is natural for the entire level to be brought down to the vibration to which any given matter resides within. Are you following us?
Yes. I have grown to understand this . I accept and appreciate it. So, what do you mean by 'the legitimacy of our call?'
We are explaining to you that certain incidents have arisen over these last weeks that do not serve and although we are of the nature not to interfere with the race of human kind and to 'oversee' how they evolve, there are limitations as to what we feel can be 'gotten away with'. Because of these incredible times that we are all experiencing we have to make sure that the Divine plan is to remain on track, and it can not be that certain powerful forces who believe themselves to be rulers of the world can interfere beyond a certain point and send this Divine course ... off course.
OK ... here I have to bring up something that obviously you know I have been thinking about. I have read that the latest disaster in Japan was not caused by Mother Nature .. and that it was created by the dark forces ... I have also read to the contrary that it is to do with the poles shifting. To be honest , you ask us to listen to our hearts and get our Truthful answer from there, but the answer isn't being given to me. At least at this point, not in a way that I understand. I am simply confused as to what is the Truth about all this. My heart/head 'wants' the Truth to be that it is the poles shifting. That's' a more pleasant Truth if you like. Yet there seems to be much evidence that an organization who controls the weather etc has set this off. Is this in fact what your conversation is leaning toward? I am not convinced one way or the other and I was quite apprehensive to begin this channell with you because of this very matter. Yet it does seem that you are saying that the dark forces were at work here ...
We are merely stressing the importance of staying in your Light and your Truth no matter what or who may have caused such cataclysmic events.
Not wishing to be rude ... but can you not just give a simple yes or no?
Is that what you would Truly wish ?
Then to honour your inquiry we would say NO.
Which leaves me totally confused! What exactly then are you referring to in your earlier statements ? And also ... are you saying that the Japan earthquake was to do with the magnetic pole shift?
Throughout that which you refer to as history much has been discussed regarding these days that you are actually now living in. There have been mysteries unsolved ... there have been great debates on what is and what is not to take place ... and yet, here you all are , with the greatest of respect ... awakening every morning in your world and continuing on with another day. That day is made up of moments and one can only BE in the moment of now. Right now in this moment you are writing this chat between us. It is happening NOW for you and for us ... yet it will be a different moment of NOW when others get to read this conversation. Just because it is a different moment of now does not mean that anything has changed ... and yet many NOW moments between this moment of writing and that moment of reading will have passed.
Your point being? I am getting so lost in all this , but I'll press on ...
Our point being ... that within each given moment one experiences something ... anything ... depending on the place within their journey that they are in ... how they choose to 'interpret' that given moment ... be it something they have heard , something they have physically encountered ... will determine how they live in their next moment of now. It can be a drastic turn of events that is to befall one , or the most beautiful next phase of their pathway , entirely depending on how they bring their heart into alignment with any given moment.
So ... what has all this got to do with the Truth of the earthquake and what you were talking about re the legitimacy of your call. Talk about going around and about the houses. You KNOW ... you can FEEL , I am not frustrated , I am just wondering where you/we are traveling with all of this?
We understand your need to find your answers. When we chat with you on a more 'linear scale' ... we will be able to give you many ah ha moments. For now we have to leave you agog as you would say.
Sorry chaps, but that's not really on ... not from my point of view. If there are matters that have crossed the line, and have to be dealt with and you say that it is not regarding man interfering with the recent earthquake ... then at least give us some idea of what you are talking about, otherwise what is the point of even mentioning it? Do you see where I am coming from? In my eyes I would feel unsatisfied leaving it like that . Actually , I think I need to just take a break here and read back on what we have put down today , I feel I need to realign this whole conversation.
OK , I read it ... took a break ... did some chores and thought it over. I 'tuned in' again , and as always I ask White Cloud to be my gatekeeper. I asked him to show me something to help as clearly I am struggling a little today. He showed me a black board full to the brim of equations and such like and then all of it being erased and written up was 1+1 =2 . So I took this to mean 'lets go back to the basics.'
OK chaps ... at the beginning of this communication it seems that you were talking about boundaries being overstepped and there are those who want to rule the world and have simply crossed the borderline. You then quite categorically state that it was not this same 'govern' that had created the earthquake and its following tsunami. This is where I got confused. Rather than go over it all again , can you put today's conversation with you into perspective for me?
We are aware that we have alerted you to something that your mind became lost within. We would never wish to upset or confuse and yet perhaps there are times when we realize that there is a greater barrier between your world and ours and that we undermine your position and perhaps too ... we get a little carried away with what we presume is known. For indeed there is much known by us that as yet is unheard of ... or even created as a thought in your earthly domain.
And I have to admit too, to being apprehensive as I said before I began ... as to how this would go ... considering all that has taken place. So I shouldn't think I have helped much regarding letting you say your piece ... try as I might.
I had one of those 'Just stick with the acting Bloss ' moments ... This position I find myself in with you can bring out ones vulnerability and isn't always plain sailing! Above all , you know I TRUST you. As you say this 'barrier' between worlds is probably far greater than those of us in the earthly vibration realize.
Would you care for us to continue a little more?
As long as it flows well and we don't go round and round the mulberry bush. I have had enough of that for one session! I will clear my thoughts and just let you say what ever it is you feel is most valuable at this juncture.
We do not desire that you imagine us to 'pussyfoot' around on any given matter. Yet we choose to be very particular regarding that which we feel is appropriate to be presented to you at any given time. We, as you may well be aware of, have knowledge to a degree that is way beyond your comprehension due to your location within the universe and the form that you are residing in. This is not to say that 'elsewhere' or other aspects of yourself ' know differently.'
There is much on your world that is designed to propagate fear. Therefore, we feel it greatly beneficial to counteract that action by concentrating on that which is of purest Divine thoughts of Love. We understand your position. We fully appreciate the need for you and those of Earth to receive answers from us regarding serious disruptions upon your Earth plane ... and yet with all respect ... we still feel we have the upper hand in recognizing the bigger picture. The 'need to know' policy that is adhered to by we ... The Federation of Light ... is in place for a specific purpose. If certain knowledge was to be delivered to your inquisitive minds before its time, pandemonium would be let lose ... and much of the effort on all of our parts to keep this transformation under control ... would simply get out of hand. We must consider the safety of the whole as opposed to the wanting to KNOW NOW ... when it simply isn't within the plan to KNOW NOW.
This too, we feel ... can answer your confusion that is spoken of this day. It is not correct to delve more deeply into the matter and yet you asked us to speak freely on what we felt appropriate to speak of. May we say too dearest Blossom ... that due to what YOU 'think' we may be addressing ... this is where the confusion can set in. Naturally your train of thought may wander down a particular track and it may not be the track that we are wandering down ... at all. This unfortunately can cause the 'disruption' between our communication and yet we accept that these dilemma's may sometimes occur and cannot always be avoided.
Yes, how easy it would be if you could just call my mobile ... or send me a fax and I'd print it out for you. Yet I often consider how far we have come as friends and communicators over the years. There was no teacher for me to explain 'how to communicate with ET's' we just had to TRUST each other and it is only now and then, like today when things go a little off track. I am not an A student yet , but I am willing to keep on going ... because I feel that you have taught us so very much ... and because of these teachings and many of this nature ... we are changing our world. We are so very grateful ... and no matter what occurs I will continue our treasured friendship. Funny, I feel it's time to close and yet I don't really feel we have said anything of note for 'your fans' to assimilate.
You would be surprised.
Thing is ... I know I shall post this, as I post all communications with you. Yet I have to say ... I don't feel it is one of the more 'revelationary ' get together's. Maybe I expected too much because of what has been going on.
Maybe you underestimate that which has been said.
Maybe I need a cup of coffee!
Remain heartstrong. What is to come will lift your feelings and bring with it your vibrational upliftment also. These times are known to bring much melancholy and yet there is to be the contrast to let you KNOW that all is well. All is indeed very well.
Okidokey. Many thanks to you ... through it all. In Love and Light also. I DO LOVE YOU, you know!
Our feelings feel this Love ... in the same way that your feelings feel ours.
Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. *  *      

The Earth Changes are Saving Us
by Dana Mrkich
March 15, 2011
With the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami happening so close after the Christchurch quake, a lot of people have been quick to take this as proof that Mother Earth is not happy. Another way to look at it is, she is a Living Being, a Living Planet that goes through her cycles just like we humans do. She has been here for billions of years, long before we came, and will be here long after. It is typical of humans to ignore natural cycles, and it is especially historically typical to disregard and dishonour feminine cycles. Oh yes, Earth is not only a Living Being, she is a Feminine Being. Have you ever heard her being called Father Earth? I don't think so.
As a Feminine Being, Mother Earth goes through very specific cycles - some we see regularly in our Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter and Spring. Others we only get to see every 5000 or 126000 years, and how lucky are we, we get to be here for one of those Great Cycle Transitions! Yep, we are receiving the gift of being on Mother Earth while she is moving from one transitional stage to another as one cycle ends and a new world is born. As with any change or birth, it doesn't happen without ...ummmm...change!!! Enter...the Earth Changes phase. And guess what, just like any woman, this comes with labour, and contractions, and waters breaking! I don't know about you, but I don't think a woman in labour is going to appreciate being told to 'calm down'! I don't think a woman in labour is going to appreciate us saying "Could you please stop shaking and screaming, I'm trying to get some sleep over here!"  Because guess what, this isn't about you or me! This is about a planet going through an amazing rebirth process, and by some amazing synchronicity there happen to be billions of humans on her for the first time ever, and so by default WE GET TO BE REBIRTHED WITH HER!!! Yes Humanity are going to benefit from this amazing event.  Further if Mother Earth wasn't going through these changes right now, we would not have a planet to live on much longer. We have been terrible tenants and I'm surprised she didn't evict us a long time ago. But she didn't because hard as it may be to believe, she loves us. She kept taking care of us just like any Mother does, even if we have treated her quite abysmally. These Earth Changes are allowing her to rebirth herself, and revive herself. And guess what? The very Earth Changes that we feared are going to be the end of us, are going to be the very events that we will look back on and realise: those Changes SAVED us. They saved the Earth, they saved us from continuing to destroy her, they saved us from destroying ourselves.
As Earth aligns with the Galactic Equator and Centre she is turning this way and that accessing as much high vibrational Light as possible. Will this set off more earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami's and cyclones? There's no easy way to say this but yes. However she isn't doing this to harm us or hurt us, it is part of the process. It is rebalancing and cleansing her. It is providing us with essentially a new planet on which to live (and I hope we treat Earth version 5.0 a lot better than previous versions!). It's not her fault we happen to have houses and buildings that are falling down because of all the action. Gosh this sounds so heartless in black and white, but it is not meant to be. It is just a request to look at it from another perspective - that of Mother Earth, and that of our future survival vs our present and old needs.
As turbulent and traumatic as events appear, ultimately we are going to be a better humanity out the other side. But not if we spend the whole labour process crying about how WE are being affected, crying about what WE are losing. We have to pull ourselves together and let go of the old world. The old world is going. No electricity? Well guess what we have a big SUN in the sky that has been trying to get our attention for years. It's called free Solar Power. Look up here, somebody anybody, helloo?? No oil? Free energy. No money? Free energy. Need something? We will remember that Mother Earth truly has all we need, and we will remember our ability to create all we need in a good way without harming her.
To all those who are mourning the loss of life, please know that as souls we continue to live. Please know that all souls leaving now pre-contracted to do so, and are helping us through this process from a higher realm. It is so hard to live physically without a loved one once they have passed I know, they aren't there to hug or to call or to share your daily joys and struggles. But they are with us. They are living on another dimension. They are watching over us. They are helping us. You can talk to them. And if you close your eyes and allow it, you can feel them and hear them, if not through words then with your heart. We are ALL in this together - those who have passed, those who will yet choose to pass, and those of us choosing to stay.  When my mum passed she told us not to hold onto her with our grief 'because then I won't get my wings and I won't be able to fly and do what I have to do." So too, we have to honour those who are choosing to pass on during these Changes. They have to get their wings and they have to fly, because they have so much to do to help us through this. Honour their lives and their passing by seeing them free, flying with their wings, doing their soul's next purpose.
March 9 2011 - Oct 28 2011 marks the final wave of the Mayan Calendar. Think final wave of a woman's contractions. Yes it is going to be turbulent, but within that turbulence there will be miracles, there will be joy, there will be tears, there will be beauty. There will be the sounds of a life falling away that will no longer be, and the sounds of a new life emerging that we cannot yet even imagine.
(c) Dana Mrkich 2011 Dana is committed to humanity’s conscious evolution, and the merging of consciousness with action, in all aspects of social and global life.  She has travelled to over 35 countries, visiting sacred sites all over the world, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications majoring in Social Inquiry & Media Production and Journalism.  *   *        

HEAVEN #3765
At a Picnic with God
March 17, 2011
God said:
Let Us have a picnic today. I have prepared it. I spread out a blanket called Earth, and I placed all manner of wonderful things on this blanket, and I have invited you to come. You do not have to bring anything to Our picnic except for yourself and your willingness. With willingness, you will taste everything, nibble on it, put some back, eat more of one thing than another, and just keep moving along the line of wonderful foods I have prepared for you.
If there are ants at our picnic, well, then, there are ants. We are at a picnic together. Let the ants be. They wanted to come too.
If one food is all gone, there will be something more for you to taste. When you come around again, another tray of your favorite delicacy may be placed before you. Meanwhile, you keep tasting. Some foods surprise you with their deliciousness. Others may be so familiar to you that you overlook their tastiness. And some foods you hastily put down.
All the time, be aware that you are at a picnic I have set before you.
You come as My guest. You bring yourself. You may have prepared a delicacy for the picnic as well. It may be a hit. Nevertheless, the best thing you bring to Our picnic is yourself, your willing self, eager to taste and eager to enjoy every morsel.
Who would come to the picnic I offer and be disgruntled? Who would turn away from Our picnic? Who would say to Me, “Sorry, God, I don’t like this food. I am going to go home and sulk.”
Who wouldn’t be good-natured and take the picnic as it is in this moment? Everyone knows that life in the world changes in every moment. Think of the good foods that are waiting for you further up the line. Think of the blanket you are privileged to sit on. Think of the joy you can engender.
What if I made a picnic for you every day? That would be something to be grateful for. If it rained on today’s picnic, the sun will shine on tomorrow’s. And must rain spoil Our picnic? Think of it, you are at a picnic with Me on this many-textured blanket where We sit together and break bread. We are at a picnic together, and here We are. What can spoil Our picnic but an attitude?
Attitudes can change.
Be children at a picnic who enjoy it all regardless of rain and mud and ants. Alive, you would choose to enjoy. Vibrant, you enjoy the idea of picnic, and you enjoy the actuality. Rained on or not, you were invited to a picnic I prepared for you. I suppose you had to attend. At least, you find yourself here at the picnic, even when you don’t know how you got here. And yet you have choice. You have choice to attend with grace. Really and truly, you don’t have another choice.
Rather I should say you have tried other choices, and found them all wanting. Just showing up hasn’t worked well. Showing up unwillingly works not at all. Petulance can spoil a picnic more than rain and ants. Probably the best thing for you to do at a picnic is to help Me serve. Perhaps you will take the trays around and offer My provisions. Perhaps you can offer more than sustenance. Perhaps you can offer joy of living and joy of loving whatever and whomever is presented to you. No matter what you find in your life, perhaps you can give someone else a lovely interlude. Perhaps the picnic can be as it is and you have only to change your tune.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, if you wake up on a day and you're feeling not that great about yourself, take two Optimism pills. You cannot overdose. Even three. If you need another one at lunchtime, take another one a lunchtime, and again, make sure it goes all the way down. Really swallow it.
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You Seek To Reunite With What You Are
As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The opulence, the prosperity, the role of Creator-ship that you so seek is within the cellular structure of your being.  It is not housed in a thought, it is not housed in a mediation, it is not housed in a way of life, but it resides within all potential tapped and untapped within the multi-dimensional structure that you exist within.  When you sense a lack within your life, you immediately move your presence into that place. you are re-united within that structure of lack – not as a punishment, but as a learning.  When you have a need within your life, move into it with a knowing. You house all potential. 
When you place yourself in a place of deserving, then you become magnetic to all possibilities that exist beyond the limitations of your dimensional perception.  You seek to reunite with what you are.  You seek to learn. You seek to become blessed.  You seek to become love. And yet all of these qualities are inherent within your creational field.  It is by the poignant understanding of embracing what you think you need to be, need to receive, need to know --- that you will fully walk upon the not so distant land that holds these truths. In being human, you embrace the island of division. You sit upon one slice of the human pie and you think that is the world – not realizing that you are surrounded on all sides by everything that you do not find within your self. 
The mechanics of manifestation, the mechanics of creating is being re-defined.  The words 'want and need' will no longer describe who you are.  The words “have, create, deserve receive” will be where you land as you are flown through this universal understanding of who in truth you really are. 
We exist in consciousness beyond a Gate of Time.  That Gate of Time has just recently been seen by your world.  As we are seen visually – then we are able to be heard energetically.  We do not come to conquer your thoughts, your world, your crops, or your children for we are beyond form as are you internally at the core of your being.  We exist as you exist – in a multi- evolutionary sequence in many different dimensions and worlds. 
There are places that you exist as pure undivided molecular structure.  There are places that you exist as color.  There are places that you exist as bacteria and viruses.  Some places you are only sound.  Some places you only exist in the dreamtime and not in a real world as you would say, at all.  You come to a time space continuum within your planetary expression of stardom that asks you to acknowledge the part of you that flies, the part of you that swims in water without breathing.  The part of you that is an amethyst on a moon that orbits a planet 3 galaxies away, the part of you that exists as a doe on a mountainside or an aardvark in an inner world.  For you are all of these. 
Ask your human component, your mind, your brain – to expand into the possibilities that you are all of these things your consciousness equally exists in all of these places.  You are all that you believe yourself to be. When you embrace the complexity of your all-ness, then there is nothing that you need or want.  All is created with a thought as was originally intended.
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan| PO box 217| Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217|  | |      

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