Do U Need A Guru ?

Your questions.. Sri Sri answers..{ClickMe}


Your questions.. Sri Sri answers..

Q: What is Guru? Why we need Guru in life?

Sri: Now you are stuck! If I answer the question, you have already
taken the answer (laughs). In English Guide comes from the root Guru
(teacher). In life you didn't learn ABCD when you were born, you learnt
from father, mother, teacher at school. When I answer this question,
what's happening, you listen to the answer, you have already taken the
guidance. If you didn't need it, this question is not needed at all.
Are you getting what I'm saying?

When you ask someone directions, you are asking because you want to know an ans. Who ever answers is a Guru.

Krishnamurthy, philosopher says there is no need for a Guru, but he was
giving advice all the time. Like saying "I'll give you Medicine but
don't call me doctor". Guru simply means one who gives knowledge,
guidance and one with whom you can talk and unload all your burdens.
Guru is one who doesn't judge you at all. Relationship with Guru, don't
worry about it at all, what is your relationship with yourself, same
feeling of oneness, you feel with everyone in the world. There is a
song in Hindi, let Love be Love don't give it a name "Pyar ko Pyar hi
rehne do".

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Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: God Is A Thorough Businessman


The Divine has given you all the small pleasures in the world, but has kept the bliss to Himself. To get the highest bliss you have to go to Him and Him alone.

Don't be too smart with the Divine and try to fool Him. Most of your prayers and rituals are just attempts to trick the Divine. You try to give the least and get the maximum out of the Divine and He knows. He's an astute businessman; He will trick you even more. If you go underneath the carpet, He will go underneath the floor.

Be sincere in your attempts. Do not try to outsmart the Divine. Once you get the bliss, then everything else is joyful. Without the bliss, joy in anything in the world will not stay.

- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||