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Heavenletter #4178 Come, Do This Now, May 3, 2012
God said:
When your heart feels hurt, and it does again and again, why must it undermine your honor of yourself? You are truly upset but not truly because someone offended you. You lost confidence in yourself because you based your belief in yourself on what someone else thinks of you. When someone else shows a lack of appreciation for you, you take this as confirmation that you are not worth much. Beloveds, let the whole world think poorly of you, and that does not take anything away from your worth.
If you would take what I say as seriously as you take someone’s remarks, you would feel a lot better about yourself than you presently do. Yet let anyone detract from you, and you take what they say to heart. You take their displeasure with you as proof of unworthiness
Don’t do that anymore. Don’t let anyone else, no matter how dear to you, shove your heart aside. It’s okay if someone doesn’t think highly of you always as you wish. They don’t have to, but you, My beloved, you have to think highly of yourself. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of even strangers.
If you had as much faith in yourself as you have in others’ opinions, you would not fall prey to hurt.
Love others, but do not set your heart by them. Others are not thermometers of your worth. Your worth is inviolable. Will you take to heart what I tell you? I set your worth, and I set your worth high.
Let others mean something to you, but not everything to you. Let their ups and downs not be the merit of you.
You are a wonderful human being. You are doing everything in your power to give good service to Me and the world. You are doing everything you know to incur good will. Beloveds, appreciation and discouragement both mean too much to you.
You do not base your worth on the weather. The weather has its course to take. Yet you tend to base your worth on what someone else may feel at one moment or another.
Your worth is not in question. Your self-belief is. Your confidence in yourself is. Your need for never-ending support is in question.
Be a self-blooming flower. Be a beautiful flower who looks to the sun. If a passerby does not think a flower is beautiful, what does that have to do with the blossoming of the flower? The flower does not look to left or right. The flower looks to the sun, and the flower grows according to the sun. The rain gives the flower water to drink, and the flower’s roots drink deeply of the rain.
If you have not planted your roots firmly in My awareness of you, then start now.
Do not go up and down according to what goes on around you. What does that make you? It makes you susceptible to others’ opinions or even their moods. Others cannot be responsible for how you feel about yourself.
When you were a child, perhaps there was not enough sun or enough rain. That may be so. But now you are grown-up, and the sun shines, and the sun is for your choosing. There is plenty around for you to drink, and there is plenty of reason now why you are to love yourself and not be so dependent upon what others make of you at a given moment.
You may feel that you have devoted your whole life to Me. If you have defined yourself according to others’ assessments, you have not. Beloved, devote yourself to Me, and you won’t make so much of others’ thoughts of you. Others’ thoughts are not to be the making of you. Love Me, and love yourself.
Come, do this now.