Don't B An Old Dog

God said:

To what do I owe this pleasure? This pleasure of having you before Me, the pleasure of your reading My words, the pleasure of your giving Me your attention, the pleasure of your listening to Me at least with half an ear?

You want everything wonderful, and yet My children have a tendency to want to keep their thoughts as they have been. Beloveds, keep the thoughts that further you along, and let go of those that keep you stuck in the same place and serve you not at all.

In order for life to change, the thoughts you think have to change. What is this determination to hold onto old ways of thinking regardless of the cost? If you would like to move forward, then it behooves you to find forward-moving thoughts, adventurous thoughts. Let's call your thoughts ideas. Have new ones. Replace the old ones. Get on with it.

Your thinking needs a tune-up. Your thinking may well need refurbishment. You might want to consider your mind an attic where you have too much stuff stored. Clean out that attic. How good that will feel to have clear space.

That which you feel you cannot part with may be just what you need to part with. You do want to be rejuvenated, don't you?

You want a young mind. You want a pioneer mind. Think some thoughts you have never thought before. Engage in life. Take life by the hand and give your utmost. Be open, and you will give your utmost. Branch out. Take a chance on life. What do you have to lose? Only an old way of seeing the world and living in it.

What was new last year is no longer new. Are you afraid of change?

Life will change before your eyes regardless. With or without your cooperation, life will have its way. It has been said that you can't walk in the same stream twice, but, ah, beloveds, you have often walked in the same puddle. Make way for growth. Be open to it. Call it to you. Enter newness.

That's the thing about love. Love is alive right this minute. Love is fresh like a lily of the valley. Dried flowers just aren't the same. So it is with old ways of thinking. You want to have fresh ones. If your mind is a vase, you want to change the water and the flowers of your mind.

There is no old thought so precious that you must hang on to it. It is not so that there is nothing new under the sun. Today is new under the sun, and you are new under the sun, and you can change your mind. You can open the windows and pull back the blinds, and you can see a vaster view, and you can meet life from a running stance. Renew your life with bolder thoughts. Drop off old ones. New wares for old.

Expand. You are not an old dog, and you can learn new tricks. You can harvest a new crop of thoughts. Just because you have carried certain views of the world for your lifetime doesn't mean you have to carry them now. Old baggage is old baggage.

There are eternal Truths. Old and eternal are not the same.

If you would like more oomph in your life, picture what your life would look like. Want it for yourself for good reason, not someone else's reasoning, not because it's popular, but because your soul yearns for it. What does your soul yearn for? And why not have it right now? Why not?



  That in which you have faith, do not make it an object of knowing. Faith is the nature of undivided mind, undivided consciousness. We have faith in God, do not try to know God. We have faith in Self, do not try to know Self. You can't have faith in that which you make an object of knowing. A thing to know is an object of knowing. You have made it into an object of knowing. Whatever you have faith in, you do not need to know about it. Do not make that something you have faith in, an object of knowing. Like you have faith in God, you cannot make God an object of knowing; like you have faith in yourself, you can't make the Self an object of knowing.

Q. Are faith and belief the same?
Guruji: Belief is a little diluted, faith is little strong, more concrete. Our beliefs can change, faith is firm. Faith is yogurt, belief is buttermilk. (Laughter....)

Like a child has faith in the mother, the child does not make the mother into an object of knowing. The child does not try to know the mother, it simply has faith in the mother. When you have faith, what is the need to know it? You cannot make love an object of knowing, if you try to make love an object of knowing, if you try to know it, it will disappear.

In the same way you cannot make Self, or God an object of knowing. God, love, sleep, and Self are beyond knowing. If you try to analyze, doubt comes in and faith will disappear. So whatever you want to have faith in, do not want to know it or analyze it. The moment you make something an object of knowing then analysis starts and then doubt follows. Analysis creates a distance, synthesis brings it together. Faith is synthesis, knowing is analysis.

Barbara: Can you have faith without being aware of it?
Guruji: Yes. You have faith. Consciousness cannot exist without faith. Faith is a relaxed, stable, quality of consciousness. It is like the flame of a candle. The nature of consciousness is faith.

Theologians analyze too much. They study 5 to 6 years and then they lose their faith.

A story: Jyoti once met an officer in-charge of religious affairs. The minister was so sure that no one can have spiritual experiences. She gave him a short talk on spirituality and she concluded by saying, "I believe in what I experience." His comment was, "I am glad to hear that you too are an
atheist!" Another ANALYSIS by a theologian has recently concluded that Jesus never existed.

Nick: Does God have faith in us?
Guruji: I don't know?!! (Laughter - very non-analytical!!) To know whether God has faith or not, you have to analyze. If you ask whether God has faith in us then you give God also a mind, which is not true.