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2.)  Resting Is Not Doing Nothing
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Isis' Message of the Day -
"To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it"
~ Mother Teresa ~
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Uriel's Message -- You Are Always In Love
Love surrounds you, it is all around you, permeating everything in the Universe. You are love, it is you and you are always in love. This is not the emotional love your ego seeks, which it needs as a constant reminder that it is worthy of love. This is love's highest octave, the love that is and can only be felt in the highest heart chakra, the love that heals and does not need healing, the love that loves and does not need loving, the love that is joyful but does not need joy. It is the love you are always in, no matter what your situation or circumstance, it surrounds you at all times because it is the fiber of the Universe. 
This love does not involve partners, relationships or the emotions surrounding them. What you experience as love in those situations is a reflection of your need for validation of spiritual love on the material plane. You seek love from the ego and ignore the love that is around you because you do not have another person in your life who reflects love to you. In the human journey for love, you know you have love and are loved when another loves you. In the spiritual journey of love, you know you are loved because you are love, love is all around you and you are always in the energy of love. 
Being loved and being in love are different aspects of this principle. The state of being in love is how you acknowledge that you are always in the energy of love. There are two aspects to being in love, one is spiritual and energy based, the other is material and emotional. Being in love from your spirit simply requires that you acknowledge the love that is around you, this is the love that you are from and that is within you as your divine light. Being in love from the ego means that the world must prove that you are loved, whether that means having a loving relationship, being loved by friends and family, or being valued and appreciated for who you are and what you do. All of these share one characteristic, they are part of your outer world and all it can do is mirror your inner state of being in love back to you. 
When you look to the outer world to validate your inner needs, you are often dissatisfied with the results because the outer reality cannot be more than the inner being. Whatever you are on the inside is always reflected in your reality, in the people and situations that are part of your inner journey. Facing the world each day, knowing that you are love and are always in love creates the resonance that will allow love to unfold for you, in every relationship, with each step of your journey. To be love is to know love; to be in love is to have love and to be living within the presence and comfort of unconditional love is to know heaven on earth.
Article Copyright ©2011 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.   * Enlightening Life  * *        

Resting Is Not Doing Nothing
by Meredith Murphy
September 2011
This morning I was very inspired by an observation Nancy Ward made in her monthly Soul Transitions Vibe Report for September.  I didn't even read the whole message, because once I read the first few paragraphs, I knew that the message for me was held therein.  Nancy writes:
I’ve noticed in myself – and heard reports from other people – that there’s a feeling of ennui that many are experiencing. Feeling unmotivated, as if we’re swirling around in an eddy of energy, not going anywhere, just spinning in the same spot. To move out of this, I am receiving messages to do what is fun, what makes me feel good.
Yes!  I thought.  I feel it.  That's what I'm noddling over and prodding within myself--attempting to get a firm glimpse of this morning.
I was grateful for this mirror of my experience which tuned me in further to my own current.  I reminded myself that an eddy is not stagnant water.  When we find ourselves there we're not really doing nothing.
Looking for a photo of an eddy, I found this description on a site about kayaking:
An eddy is part of a river where there is no water flow (or in some cases there is a tiny whirlpool where the water spins in a circle). They are generally set off to the side and created by a small creek flowing into the main river in the opposite direction or there could be a blockage that forces the main flow of the water in a different direction – like a massive rock or downed tree.
A river eddy can be a lifesaver for a paddler. They offer a place to rest, relax and scout the perfect line ahead. When you’re in an eddy you shouldn’t have to paddle at all, or at least, very little because there is no water flow.
What a great reminder of the purpose of this energy I am in!
I felt this energy in August too.
There is a profound sense of some kind of groundwork being underway.  Things being set in order, arranged.  I myself often feeling I'm stretching and warming up for re-entry into the flow of things, and sense the river will have expanded when I do so.  That what I'll enter will be the current of aliveness which flows from the leading edge of me, informed, accelerated and expanded by this time of seemingly doing very little.  It also feels like things I see and vision in my life will unfold with ease...and yet right now, there is often big-time-quiet in my inner landscape...and if I'm not appreciative of what's taking place, I can slip out of relaxation and ease and into self-judgment, feel irritated or impatient.
Oh that desire to be DOING is so strong when one is in a human body!
I am so appreciative of being shown again, how much I can blunder into a perspective where I measure and evaluate ME with a sense of how much I am doing.  I am grateful to release even more of this and embrace myself and my life with unconditional appreciation.
Then I find leisure and joyous effortlessness open up even more fully.  After all, when we envision paradise, doesn't it certainly include lots of free time, a relaxing pace and the ability to flow as we like?
I love that life is teaching me the ways of the new earth.
I have to let go and let a new vision continually expand and arise to realize what life in paradise might actually be like.  I think there is a reason sometimes people win the lottery and then don't know what to do with themselves.  Getting all that freedom requires us to enlarge our sense of what's possible and to really listen to what will give us joy!
To let go of doing and working toward this all the time--which we're SO steeped in--and shift to allowing ourselves to receive the gift of expanding freedom which we're creating and allow ourselves and our life to change.
In my life I see more and more the invitation to give myself MORE FUN.  To allow play and seemingly "un-productive" aspects of life to expand.  To see once more the straightforwardness of claiming my own divinity, and being gifted with abundant time and space as a pathway to bliss.
One of the things you don't know until it's yours, is HOW all this time and space, and ease will feel to you.  After the initial awe wore off, I find myself surprised at how often I realize I am not sure what I want or what would be the most fun.  I am being invited to continually up the ante in terms of clarifying and learning what gives me joy, and choosing that moment to moment for myself.  I am also realizing that to remove all limits to my sense of what's possible is a progressive process.  I gradually discover ways I scale down on my largest vision of joy and remove those limits.  Cultivating a new expectation which knows I can create anything I desire. 
I am also being invited to deepen my trust in the moments of not-doing, in the moments of stillness, and to lean back into the energy of life allowing my patterns of being to be as dynamic as they need to be to harmonize with the flow within me.  Some months I channel and write and teach a lot.  Some months I am very quiet in this way.  I am learning that I'm always able to continue to live well and that there is always what I need day to day, moment to moment--regardless of my activity level.  My level of experience is not dependent on my activity--it's created by my expectations. This is fun and invigorating, as well as for me takes some practice.  As my basic wonderful needs get met with reliability...a doorway of possibility opens and I find myself sometimes a bit bored, and wondering, "What my dear Meredith one, would have you soaring and open you to even greater aliveness and self-expression?"  It pulls me out of old patterns and can be answered with the simplest of things--like lying in the front yard enjoying the sunshine--to remembering how much I liked water skiing and contemplating do I want to create this in my life once more?  This endless eternal powerful creator stuff of life, calls forth a fullness of dynamic experience of permission, creativity and stillness in ways that I am still learning to spread out into, to takefull advantage of.
It's interesting to deepen my abilities to create in collaboration with Gaia.  To feel the patterns and cycles of our planet and water--the pervasive and common element of our experience--and take clues from them as to what is also going on within me and allow myself to do so.  To know that all of life is ONE and that wherever I find myself is really deeply perfect.  To know this in a practical way--like in terms of how much money I make this month--not to separate this from my life.  Like my spiritual life is one thing and my practical worldly life is another. They are one and the same.
The more deeply I allow myself to lean into this, the more spacious life becomes.  Then the more my old paradigm distrust of this surfaces for release and I find myself being even more awed and delighted by the newness of life that is MOST obviously being created.
Water, clearly is reshaping things.  It's the avenue that Gaia can use to alter landmasses.  In collaboration with the lunar sentience to create rhythms and cycles that are our life pulse.  With intention and choice we can replicate energy forms, or qualities of energy in water.  (As Masuro Emoto reminds us.)
This weekend I was speaking to a friend who lives in the Pacific Northwest, and she shared with me the way the abundant water there affects her--how she often feels as though she IS the water and flowing, moving, peaceful.  And yet--she finds it hard to tap into motivation to do things.
Later in the weekend, I remembered my own hindsight observation after living in Seattle in the mid 80's.  I recalled the sense I had that had I stayed there I would have been happy, but I would likely have never accomplished anything.
What IS this about water that had this effect on me, and perhaps my friend? Or more accurately, why was I so concerned about this?  Isn't happiness the point?  Apparently for me then, it wasn't--I had gotten my priorities out of order a bit.  I cared more about doing certain things then being happy.  I think this happens more then we may realize.
Nancy shares in her post that water is rearranging us, inside and out.  I agree.  I can see now, that it is teaching us to un-learn all of the old paradigm ways of effort.  I am being guided to let go of that internal alarm which goes off and my inner voice that says, "hello there--you're not really being very productive lately."  I am getting used to just smiling at this and instead of worrying I re-assure myself that I create using my focus.  I do something fun and let the current to carry me into a convergence with my life and to trust and enjoy the spinning and languid lull of those times when I'm seemingly out of the main stream.  Recognizing the gift of these times, rather then resisting them with impatience and self-criticism.
Years ago, I was hiking in the Canadian Rockies and one day visited Johnston's Canyon in Banff.  Rushing water carves through limestone, creating amazing landforms in the relentless powerful way, only water can.
We were walking through the canyon reading the trail signs and laughing at the repetition.  The signs kept saying, "water carving rock, rock carving water."  Over and over again throughout the trail was this refrain, "water carving rock, rock carving water."  Whoever wrote this was wise and humble.  Wise to realize it's this persistent humble quality of water which is able to cut through rock, and humble to tell the story like it is and trust us to notice the truth in the repetition, not read it as a limited ability to narrate our hike.
I see that I missed this a bit before.   Water actually IS a huge part of the life force within ME.  Relentlessly eternal.  Love filled and persistent.  Clearing, clearing, clearing.  Making way.  Opening.  This water flowing through the Bow River Valley, formed this canyon over thousands of years.  It's actually even called a "creek."  A pretty soft term for something that altered the landscape and rock, so significantly.  I am not nearly so hard as rock, imagine the effect it might have on me, especially if I yield and go with the flow.
Water is closely related to Turtle energy; slow and steady.  Turtles in Native American teaching are the oldest symbols for the planet Earth.  Turtle perspective reminds us to flow harmoniously with our situation, to not push things and to allow things to ripen.  That is the message I was reminded of by Nancy's post today.
The Turtle buries its eggs in the sand and allows the sun to hatch them.  It reminds us of the allies we have in the Sun and the Earth, and the water.
I am thankful for my confusion this morning about what was happening within me.  I love that I seek understanding when I am confused, and am appreciative of discovering more to release of the old paradigm that associates doing with happy outcomes.
I know happiness is a fundamental.  It's not dependent on anything.  It, like love, just IS.  It's everywhere and available always.  And as resting is not doing nothing.  Things are not always what they seem.  More and more I see beyond the old paradigm collective beliefs and past the veil of the illusion, is a slowly materializing memory of paradise, and an evolving vision of my own new, modern paradise.  Life at the Ideafrontier!  Expect wonderful.
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Your Life's Assignment
by Neale Donald Walsch
September 16, 2011
Hello my wonderful friends...
Conversations with God has taught me that what is going on in my life is not simply a journey from nowhere to nowhere. This is a process. Life is a process. It is a process with purpose and meaning. It is a function of the Universe. It is the Present Action of an Eternal Activity. I am not an infinitesimal spec of dust on the cosmic floor, unworthy to even be seen, much less celebrated. I am a big and important, and yes, an even glorious part of an Ever Ongoing Expression of Divinity.
Conversations with God also taught me that God forgives me completely and utterly for my "offenses" -- which God sees as merely "mistakes," "misunderstandings," and simple "errors," holding me in the cradle of Her love, embracing me in the warmth of His compassion and deep understanding, encouraging me now and giving me the strength to move forward with my purpose in this life: to know myself as Who I Really Am, and to experience that.
In this way, God experiences IT-self...and it is the only way God can.
Each of us, I have come to see, embraces a mission. That is, there is a singular "assignment" (if I could use the word) that we give ourselves in each lifetime. (Oh, yes, we have multiple lifetimes. An infinite number, in fact.) Each assignment allows us to express and experience additional aspects of Divinity.
My assignment is this lifetime, it has become clear, is plain and it is simple: to give people back to themselves, and to change the world's mind about God. In a very large sense, this is the mission of all of us, and each of us is playing it out in the way that is natural and perfect for us in every incarnation.
We are given the gift of God's joy and God's peace in our heart, and offered an invitation to share it with everyone whose life we touch--regardless of exterior appearances that sometimes seem to make it impossible to do so.
I have come to see that all of life's circumstances, conditions, events, and experiences have been sent to me as opportunities to do that. Each moment-- even (and especially) the worst among them--is a gift, creating a Contextual Field within which I might choose how I wish to experience myself, and decide what part of that interior experience I shall express in physical form. And so I thank God for each and every manifestation of life now producing that Contextual Field. I shall judge not, and neither condemn.
This living without judgment is the hardest part for me, but it is the beginning of the Holy Experience, and as I have looked at the depth of my life it has been made clear to me that so many people would have to live without judgment of ME in order for me to feel the love that is all around me. And so the least I can do in exchange for this unspeakable blessing is to offer the same in return, and to live without judgment of others. For who among us shall cast the first stone?
I have been invigorated in my life morning by this freedom-giving thought: I am forgiven, by God and by all those who love me. I choose now to forgive myself as well, thus to dwell in the joyful place of enlivened creation. For nothing good is created from guilt, and all things wonderful emerge from joy.
What a joy this life is, with all its sadness and pain, its strife and travail, its tests and its obstacles. What a joy to be alive and experiencing all of it, and to be able to choose which part of it to internalize and call my own. Having this choice, and exercising it, is the Holy Experience.

Hugs and Love,

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Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. * ( * Blog: *  *
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, when you take to heart that you are free to be that which you are, totally free to be the divine holy extension of the one Creator, totally and completely free to be, just to be, then all of the shackles of the world fall off. They have to. No longer do you need certain pieces to fall into place to make you happy. No longer do you need a relationship that is perfect to make you happy. No longer do you have to have the perfect body. You are totally and completely free in the power of the Now, the power of the moment, to know that you are free; totally free.
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HEAVEN #3953
The Best Is Yet to Come
September 21, 2011
God said:
You are a rich tapestry. You weave in and out. You are not just one way. You are many ways. You are more than meets the eye. In the relative world, there is always more to find out and to find out about yourself. You find out more about yourself when you are alone, and you find out more about yourself when you are with others.
In life in the world, you find out more and more about yourself and what you find is not always what you would like to find. This is one aspect of being a human being on Earth. Certainly, you grow without looking, and sometimes life has to point something out to you from which you grow further.
It is not always easy for you to see room for growth within yourself and still love yourself. Love yourself then for growing. Love yourself for expanding beyond earlier limits. Love yourself that you are growing closer and closer to Me. Little by little, you come closer to Me, and sometimes all at once. Fast or slow, simply be glad that you are coming closer to Me. You can't race to Me by your volition, and yet, sometimes, you seem to speed to Me. Sometimes it is easy, and sometimes it is hard. Your progress toward Me is available always, for I am a magnet that pulls you.
In life in the world, too, you are drawn to those with higher consciousness. You are drawn even when it is not always clear what higher consciousness is. And there have been times when you were drawn to those with a lesser state of consciousness. Some of what you spend your time on is where you used to be and not where you are now. I do want you to rise higher.
It is a good idea to desire to rise high and to leave behind all that holds you back from rising high. The best is yet to come.
Consider that in life you are taking flight instruction. You sit in the cockpit. You observe, and you learn. You learn to fly higher. You learn to fly solo. In every moment on Earth, you are learning, learning, learning. And also you yearn. Perhaps these are two steps of progress. Yearn and learn.
Without desire, what is the impetus for you to move forward? What is the impetus for you to learn to fly? And to come fly with Me.
You are finding a way in the world to appreciate yourself at the same time as you leap higher. How do you see yourself, see room for growth, and still know what a beautiful being you are. Perhaps you are beautiful because you have room to grow.
It takes courage to be a human being on Earth. It takes courage to see ways to grow and still know that you are a perfect human being as you are, just as you are, perhaps unshaven, perhaps in an old bathrobe, perhaps twiddling your thumbs. You are assembling yourself. Give yourself credit.
To love yourself means to love yourself. To love others is to love yourself. And when you cannot love another, wish them well on their journey and love them from afar.
Part of letting go in life is letting go of people who are not uplifting for you and you do not feel good to be around them. Consider this as an allergy. Do not make a big thing of it, and yet love yourself and, when you must, stay away from what makes you sneeze.
So life on Earth is full of hellos and full of goodbyes. Life is full of everything.
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