Dog Disaster


Eggs in Gelatin, a Dog and Disaster
by Jennifer Hoffman
Have you ever been in a situation that you thought was really funny, and maybe it was, but the person it was happening to didn't think it was funny and in fact, found it to be very painful? While you see the situation from your perspective and just see the humor, for them it's personal and means something entirely different. I remember when I was about twelve my mother had spent several days preparing food for a dinner my parents were hosting for some important guests. She spent hours on one of the appetizers, eggs in gelatin, and was so proud of it. A few hours before the dinner we set the table and got the appetizers ready to serve. Then my mother went to get dressed.
Now we had a sneaky dog who loved people food and you can imagine what happened next. He got into the kitchen and only ate one thing, the dish my mother had worked so hard on. When she walked into the kitchen to make a final check of the appetizers we heard her scream, the dog ran out of the kitchen and we all ran in. There was her beautiful masterpiece with big bites in it. My mother was furious and ready to get rid of the dog but that would not bring the dish back, she would have to replace it with something else. We didn't dare laugh because she was so angry but it was very funny. And we were secretly glad the dog at that particular dish because it was eggs in gelatin, which we didn't like. 
But it wasn't about the dog eating the food, this meant other things to my mother and she saw it as a failure. When we talk about it today she always says something about 'that darned dog' and still doesn't think it's funny because it to her it was about how life doesn't work out, being let down and disappointed and how her success was affected by things that were out of her control. And whenever she did her best, something happened to ruin it. In this case it was our dog but this was not the first time that this kind of situation had happened to her.
Whenever I'm in a situation where I don't know whether to laugh or be sympathetic, I try to see what it means to the other person because it's often highly personal and there are meanings that I am not aware of. They can't see the humor in a situation which reminds them that success is always one step beyond them and no matter how they try, they don't succeed. For them, these 'funny' incidents are reasons to be sad and disappointed and when we laugh they are angry and think we are being inconsiderate. What can we do to help them feel powerful? Trying to show them a different perspective might help but if not, we can acknowledge their disappointment without feeling the obligation to fix it, let them express their anger and disappointment and then help them see a more powerful alternative for the next time. And we can laugh about it in private.
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