Divine Synchronicity

Divine Synchronicity

I have talked with countless people trying to…be in the moment…of their own lives. People that do not see their ‘signs’ even when they are happening all around us each and everyday. I was asked by Pam to help put into words the moment that you realize that you are in tune with all and seeing the Divine Synchronicity of how all things are connected. I have sat several times trying to get the words to come for a simple explaination of this. Words are for me are lost to describe the feeling of knowing that you are truly connected. Each person will relate to this experience in a different way and come into their own awareness in their own time just as it is supposed to happen for them.

As one door closes another begins to open, as we walk thru this life. Are you seeing the doors or do you think that life is one huge coincidence?

My husband has really got the hang of manifestation lately; it is amazing to see what he puts out and how quickly it returns to him. One day he decided that he needed a large quantity of mulch…the black mulch is his favorite.

I arrived home from work early that day to find out we were on our way to pick up this mulch manifestation. Someone had bought too much and wanted it gone…just come get it. Ron knew that there were others on the way and was trying to rush me out the door…to be the first one there. I kept lagging behind…feeling like I was forgetting something. I walked back into the house several times wondering why it was I could not leave. I walked thru the house several times. Checking everything under the sun to see why it was that I just could not leave.

Outside the horn begins to honk and I knew his patience was wearing very thin on my slow pace. I finally locked the door and said oh well…I guess I will figure it out later.

Standing at the gate trying to lock it…the lock would not work. I stood there for at lest two minutes trying to get it to close. Mind you I have asked several times for him to oil it because it has been getting harder and harder each time I use it. Needless to say the task had not been completed and it was wearing my patience thin.

These extra few minutes that we were held up at the gate threw him over the top. I got to hear…Do you realize what a difference one minute can make? Someone else could be there and get it all, and then I would have wasted a trip and the gas to go get it. I sat in silence as my thoughts emitted…Everything happens for a reason. I got to hear different versions of these same statements and questions over and over the next 30 minutes.

Upon arrival there was a truck and covered trailer pulling up just a car length ahead of us….Well you can imagine how the blood vessels were popping out in his neck as he repeated…They are going to get the best place to back up and because YOU could not get your shit together to leave, I now have to back this trailer up on the other side.

My husband is usually a very calm and patient man…not on this day…for what ever reason he was releasing. He has actually taught me to have more patience and I love him for it.

I get out of the truck and back him in right over the top of this small hill and of course there were no problems, it was just not the drive way. Once again I got to hear about what a difference one minute can make. Still allowing him to release what ever the root cause of his demeanor was, I was just seeing the symptoms of.

We start to shovel mulch as we did the wind began to blow. I was not really paying attention to it just enjoying the breeze…I had worked up a sweat. When I did look up the other couple was leaving…

As they left Ron began to tell me that we were dusting them out. The wind was throwing the mulch dust all over them and they left because of that. At that moment I looked up and said….See what a difference one minute can make…Had we been here one minute earlier, we would have been eating all that dust. Silence fell as he looked at me and heard his own words ring in his ears. At that moment he shifted. Had he not found that mulch, when he did and it happen just as it happened; the shift he took would not have happened.

The best thing we can do for each other is allow. BTW he oiled the lock when we got home that day :} Some call them random events...I call it Divine Synchronicity of all things. The lock was not oiled till he learned his lesson :}

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