Divine Changemakers {Channeled}

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  The Council of 12: Divine Changemakers Face the Unknowable
3.)  Mother Mary: What Kind Of Ascended Master Would You Be?
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  A Quota of Worry
6.)  The Masters of Light: Our Solar System

Isis' Message of the Day -
"Go and learn from your teachers and your religions until you are bored. Then seek the answer that feels right within your soul. When the truth feels right, that is your soul rejoicing, because the grandest truth is unlimited freedom - whatever allows you to experience any truth you desire." ~ Ramtha ~
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. We are grateful to being able to communicate with you regularly. We honor those who heed our words. We honor those who do not heed our words. We ask you to be in a state of grace as much as you are able. In this, the time that is coming can go smoother. We love you. We care for you. We honor your choices and your wishes. We ask that in your state of grace, you intend that which is for the highest good of humanity. We bless you. We love you. Teach only love.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
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The Council of 12: Divine Changemakers Face the Unknowable
Channeled by Selacia
August 2011
Right now you stand at the edge of massive changes, facing countless unknowable things. Each day you have reminders of instability and conflict, showing up in your personal life, in the lives of your loved ones, and on the world stage. 
Financial markets this week demonstrated global shakiness in a very tangible way - with the United States receiving its first debt downgrade in history. While there are many reasons for this U.S. credit rating demotion, a key underlying factor is power mongering. This is one of the most recent examples of the playing out of opposites - with power-hungry politicians bickering rather than governing. 
How do you, as a concerned citizen and divine changemaker, respond to what is happening? 
First, it's important that you educate yourself about the big picture. You may not care about economics and you may even dislike balancing your checkbook. You can, however, learn about the interconnectedness of world economies and about how a situation with one superpower like the United States can have a ripple effect across the planet. 
The Engine of Fear
Fear is the engine behind the bickering occurring in country capitals. When people are in fear, there is a tendency to seek power over others. The person demonstrating the power - whether it's a politician, a boss, or a landlord - will often use manipulation and other forms of aggression. When these energies dominate, there is less possibility of compromise and cooperation. 
You can have a big impact on this overall picture. How? You contribute each day to the present and future state of the planet - your energy and actions adding either love or fear to humanity's situation. 
As an example, this week you probably noticed the panic reported on the news as financial markets responded to the political decisions made in Washington. When things like this happen, you can generate a helpful remedy by staying positive. 
During these times of planetary reconfiguration, there will be many dire situations to address. Humans have a learned tendency to approach problems with pessimism. This is the exact opposite of what you want to do. 
Pessimism will create more to be pessimistic about. 
On one level, you naturally may not feel optimistic about what's in your bank account but if you change the channel inside your mind and focus on creating abundance and living in an abundant world, you benefit yourself and humanity. Experiment with this and notice a shift in what you experience. 
Over the past three months, you have been on a roller coaster ride. On some days, you may feel as though you are shedding an entire skin. When you look at yourself or at others, you may feel disorientation. 
Indeed, you now sit in a brand-new place. In just three months, the world as you knew it was turned upside down, and a massive rebalancing took place. It may be a few months before you can tangibly sense just how much has shifted. Know, however, that the changes are significant. 
Morphing of Society 
Most likely you have felt the chaos of society's morphing. At times you may have felt displaced, as though you recognized the general terrain of your life, but many things seemed unfamiliar.
So what's going on to make you feel like this? 
First, know that you aren't imagining all this. There really is a morphing going on. It's been happening for a while, too, but in the past the effects were felt in a more subtle way. The pace of changes has amplified, though, and your senses are intensified also. 
Second, the evolutionary dance of change has gone into a new phase.
Evolution as you knew it before involved a lot of unconscious chance - with people unaware that they could impact their own evolution by conscious choices. 
You are now in a new chapter - the start of the first cycle of conscious evolution.
People are now waking up to the idea that their choices will determine what happens next. 
This is a huge leap - especially when this awareness is coupled with wisdom about how to make choices that will support a light-filled existence. 
Each day you are learning more about how to master this new way of being. You are an architect of change - and for this reason you are a divine changemaker. 
Your task as a divine changemaker is to access the wisdom of enlightened beings who walked the Earth before - and then bring the template they left up to date to be practical today. 
Your approach will need to be a balance between spiritual ideals and grounded application to work in your current reality. 
You are learning to adjust your energies rapidly and frequently - your inner wisdom knowing that as your reality shifts, your approach needs to be updated. 
While this may sound like a big task - for you as a divine changemaker it is something that you are encoded to do. 
Your DNA Encodements 
The encodements within your DNA will be triggering your questions, your new directions, and your changes in responding to life. 
Approaches that worked last year may no longer be applicable. Some will need to be rewritten within you on an energy level. Others will need to be discarded and replaced with something brand new. 
To grow spiritually, it's necessary to learn to be in a state of willingness and allowing. That's no small feat, to be sure, but the rewards are beyond description. The process involves being awaketo what needs adjusting and willing to change things when it's in your highest good to do so. 
Every person has dreams of something wonderful he or she would like to create. Yours might be a relationship, establishing a healing center, producing a film that uplifts consciousness, or finding your perfect work. To succeed in creating your dream, you must integrate spirit into your life. 
Bringing heaven to earth is the key to creating your light-filled earth. 
You do it by merging spirit with your physicality - not by vacating or wishing you could be on some other world. You are alive now to remember how this is done and to be at the forefront of doing it for your planet and all of humanity. 
As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.
We are The Council of 12
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About the Author: Selacia is an internationally acclaimed writer, intuitive healer, and guide to others on the path of spiritual awakening. A former foreign correspondent with The Wall Street Journal and other media, she has decades of experience in the areas of world politics, social change, healing, consciousness, and spiritual transformation. In her journalism career, Selacia covered the White House, U.S. Congress, G8 meetings, economic summits, and world trade talks. In her global healing work, she has addressed the United Nations (SEAT). Her writings are read in sixty-four countries. She is a pioneer in DNA intuitive healing, serving people everywhere who desire wholeness and a heart-centered life. Selacia has dedicated her life to spirit, and to opening the way for others to progress on their path of enlightenment.
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Mother Mary: What Kind Of Ascended Master Would You Be?
Channelled through Natalie Glasson 08-08-11
My dear beloved ones upon the Earth, I have come forward to you with my expansive and ever flowing love. Upon my wave of love I send one question to you which I hope will allow your mind to expand further and enlightenment to pour like a golden liquid into your awareness. Enlightenment is akin to a healing balm, the more we can become aware of our energies, habits, attitudes and being the easier it is for us to heal ourselves completely and become one with the Creator. It is my greatest wish for the souls presently in manifestations upon the Earth to achieve complete and absolute healing within all area's levels and aspects of their beings. This is possible and healing is taking place right now. Believe and know that it is true and you will acknowledge the results of this healing process.
The question I wish to put to you is, 'What kind of ascended master would you be?' this is asimple question although I feel it is not one that is asked very often. It is as if I am asking you to create a cartoon or film character for yourself. This character would be an ascended master and can be male or female, of any age or energy. The character would have a name and even a colour of light. The ascended master would also be well known for the qualities that they express as well as their spiritual abilities and service to the Earth. The ascended master would also have a being upon the inner planes that guided their spiritual development and oversaw their growth, anchoring the energy of the mentor into the ascended master.
You may be asking me why I am encouraging you to create an ascended master character for an imaginary film or cartoon, there are many reasons and many lessons in this one question which I have presented you.
Firstly you are all ascended masters upon the Earth, time is only an illusion created to bring order to the world, so the past, present and future exist simultaneously therefore you are all that you desire to be spiritually and can link into the energies to bring it into fruition. When you are ascending or growing spiritually, all that you are doing is tapping into your true energy or complete connection with the Creator. You as an ascended master already exist and so in order to become this energy and awareness you simply must accept it, after all to be an ascended master is simply an awareness of self, the Creator and the Earth which is aligned with the truth of the Creator. If you understood or was even able to view yourself as an ascended master you would be able to identify the pathway to becoming an ascended master. While it is possible to view yourself as an ascended master and you can ask your guides or soul to demonstrate this to you in meditation, many people are not given this privilege as it would be too much for them to accept or comprehend.  Another reason would be that they themselves limited themselves from connecting with the information.
Through the practice of imagining yourself as an ascended master you can begin to build a picture of the energies you wish to hold, the wisdom you wish to comprehend and the practices you wish to be able to achieve. By creating purely with your intuition and imagination an ascended master character for yourself you will begin to understand so much about your current level of spiritual growth, where lessons still need attentions and even in what direction you need to lead yourself. Through this practice you can understand whether the ego is still present or whether your awareness is focused upon the pure energies of the Creator. Would your character be full of glamour where everyone adored and praised you or would you be devoted to your services to the Earth and ascension in an invisible way? The type of ascended master character you create tells you a lot about your spiritual growth because you can begin to give your character a form and question it in many ways. Why does it hold a certain colour? Why doesn't it wish to be known to others? Why does it choose to spread light or accept certain abilities? If your character is quiet, question why, if your character is powerful, question this also.
You are actually questioning yourself because the character that you have created is a form of your being.
What you will actually create is a form that holds some of your truth and true ascended master self, some energies which manifest because of your current level of awareness while another part of your character will be from your imagination. With this in mind you can begin to decipher what is the truth, what is a product of your earth experiences and what is your imagination. You can realise energies that are good holding onto them and others that need to be released. You can also begin to question whether you would wish to become this character or how you could take a few steps closer to becoming an ascended master. There are endless possibilities of discovery through this simple process of wondering what type of ascended master you would wish to become. It is valuable to ask this question to other like minded people around you, let them meditate upon it; you may find that the results you gain are very similar or very different, leaving you with something to contemplate.
It also allows us to beg the question, does an ascended master have a character, or is this a manmade concept? Are ascended masters just a consciousness and energy or are they in living form in a similar way to you are a human being upon the Earth?
Every soul wishes to ascend from the Earth and be united with the Creator whether they are aware of it or not, therefore if you begin to understand what ascension means to you or what you would manifest as, then you are a step closer to realising yourself as an ascended master.
For fun, let us imagine some ascended master characters so that you can see the type of questions you can begin to ask.
The first character could be of male energies, holding a vibrant red light which denotes power, active energy and passion. We will name this ascended master character Master Ben. Master Ben is a renowned healer, he is known by every soul on the earth as one who cures all negative energy and aligns souls with the Creator's soul. He is extremely humble and does not wish for fame or glory but simply holds a great joy in sharing light and removing negativity.  We could ask Master Ben, if he has dissolved his ego? Why he become a renowned healer? In which way does he heal? Why are the qualities he holds so active and potent? Are there any qualities of energies that Master Ben would need to progress along his spiritual path?
Essential this is a game that I wish for you to indulge in, but life in itself can be seen as a game, when we inject energies of joy, happiness and laughter into our realities we begin to understand the real process or growth that is occurring on the Earth and our realities.
Let us for fun imagine another ascended master character,
We will call our character, Lady Ammra, she is a being of pure light, gentleness, kindness, compassion. She works with crystals to heal the Earth and receives much wisdom from the animal kingdom, even codes which can be places in crystals upon the Earth. Her colour is of a sky blue and her guide is Mary Magdalene. She tells every one of her work and how it places much strain on her energy but that she is happy to do it. If this was your character what questions would you ask her? Maybe how did she build her connection with the animals and crystal kingdom? Has she let go of her ego? Why her energies are under stress, is it to do with wanting attention or does she need to adopt certain qualities?
Essentially by creating your ascended master character you are acknowledging what you desire for yourself in the future, in your spiritual growth and ascension. Every soul can ascend and still exist on the Earth so think of your character in this way. When you have created an impression of your ascended master self you can connect and link into its energy allowing yourself to become this energy, manifesting it in your own energy.
So in meditation or times of quiet thought let yourself hold the question in your mind of 'what ascended master would you become?' It is a question that opens up many possibilities to you and allows you to think outside of the lines of limitations that you create for yourself. 
I extend such tremendous blessings and love to you,
We are connected as one,
Mother Mary
May you walk in the love and light always,

Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her websitewww.wisdomofthelight.com  she shares the channeled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channeled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, you do a most miraculous feat in believing yourself to be just one body, just one personality living one life in this time. It is a miracle that you do to focus so intently upon just the one self—lower case “s”—to the exclusion of knowing the whole Self—capital “S.” And yet there is coming a time when you will not need to know just focus upon one self.
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HEAVEN #3910
A Quota of Worry
August 9, 2011
God said:
The cause of worry is worry. You have worry, and you attach a cause to it. You fill up on worry the same way as when you fill up your gas tank. You have set yourself a quota of worry, and you will find a way to fill it.
You have thought that worry attacks you, but now you know that you take it along with you. When you are on the worry track, you are on it. You have taken worry with you with some extra for good measure.
On occasion, you get diverted from worry. Usually it doesn't last long. Admit this. Confess. You have made worry a lifelong companion. You can drop worry off along the road when you decide you are not obligated to worry but rather are obligated to a sunny truth.
The opposite of worry is not foolishness. As a matter of fact, it is foolish to worry.
Worry says, "Impending doom. Watch out. Impending doom."
You have known people who carry on like that. Worry emulates them, or they emulate worry. It is for you to seek a higher ground.
Worry is a pitfall.
If you have fallen into it, pull yourself out.
Worry is a nag, a self-imposed nag. You have given worry some rights that do not belong to it, not rightfully.
Your vision can undermine worry. Consider worry a hobby you are getting tired of. Of course, worry is a hole you have dug for yourself. Climb out.
You are not dependent upon worry. Where does your help come from? Not from worry.
With or without worry, what comes will come. Worry is not a preventive. Worry does not serve you. Worry is like getting hit before you are hit.
You will say that you have plenty to worry about. Anything could happen. That is true that anything could happen. Wait until it happens before you yell. Worry does not circumvent the flow of life. Worry does not protect you. It consumes you.
Worry is rampant, and it is self-fulfilling. You can even worry about worry.
If worry is a sore tooth, pull it out. If worry is a marauder, turn away from it. If worry scares your horse, calm the horse down. Walk away from worry. The world is filled with many things much better than worry. Worry is not the maker of you. Worry has hung on too long. It is time you are done with it. You will be much more carefree without worry. Worry has clung to you. That is what worry does. Worry is a hanger-on, and you are to be free of worry. Be worry-free today. Abandon worry. Incubate joy. Grow it under the sun. Kick worry away so that you have plenty of room for joy.
You have been unaware of how often worry, the interloper, chases you down, rides on your back, enters your pores, worms its way into your heart. Laugh at worry now. It has no right to you. It has no rights. Worry is a ne'er do well that would hang onto your coat and go for a ride at your expense.
Did you really think that worry was a protector? Worry has nothing to give you but worry. There is not a fair trade here -- your peace in exchange for worry.
Let worry be gone. Let it stomp off into the woods somewhere. Let it disappear from where it has intruded in your heart. Be worry-free. You do not need that town crier called worry. You need to dispense with it, get it off your back.
How much more congenial life is without the habit of worry. Really, worry is too worrisome.
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The Masters of Light: Our Solar System
As Received by Ruth Ryden
August 2011
Question: Dear Masters, there has been an upswing of concerns regarding the planet that has come near the Earth, with channelers all over the world receiving information that this Planet “X” or “Nibiru” will be causing electromagnetic disruptions on Earth this coming December. Also, that a comet coming between the Earth and the Sun in September will be causing quakes and emotional turbulence around the world.

I recognize that the spiritual world of higher intelligence is in constant communication with those who are open to this communication, but it is difficult to find a common ground of information that agrees with the many different sources. Perhaps those who are seeking sensational information in order to receive public attention have some impact on that information. On the other hand, we don’t really want to hear about world-wide calamities reaching us from outer space. Is the biblical quote “ye shall not know the time or place” correct for our world today? Mayan and Hopi predictors worked out actual dates for these disasters long ago and they are being studied by millions in order to survive what they think may actually occur. Will Higher Intelligence (God, Spirit, etc.) give us adequate and timely warnings of actual global events to happen that would impact our civilization?

Masters: In your Solar System there are many bodies that react with each other, sometimes pulling near with similar gravitational reactions, sometimes affecting each other by their magnetic frequencies. It is interesting to the spiritual beings who monitor the Earth fields to watch these interactions and transmit information to the empowered channels . In times past, warnings have been given that were accurate to those who would listen. The story of Noah and the Ark was a demonstration of the wisdom of listening to the inner warnings being given. It was a story that was repeated many times in many centuries of human occupation of the planet. Today, the knowledge of outer space and the movements of planets and comets is closely observed by your scientists, and there are actually few surprises of planetary collisions or meteors striking the planet that are not observed by your astronomers. The present movements of the planets in your Solar System have been predicted by the ancients who were given the intelligence to observe the cyclic movements of the planets and stars and who were able to give a pretty accurate prediction of the galactic alignment now being experienced. Still, because of the millions of possibilities of galactic movements and changing frequencies, it is still impossible to pin down a specific date by earth standards of any possible earthquake, volcanic eruption, meteor strike, etc.. This should be obvious by now as the many predictions of specific dates have come and gone, without too much comment or attention. The biblical quotation tried to explain this. We have tried, in these many newsletters, to explain that each incarnated human being is connected to everything there is – all frequencies, all knowledge, all creative motives. When there is danger looming in the general location of the person, that inner connection gives warning through the thoughts, the body, the emotional and electrical fields of the nervous system. When the person tunes in to these intuitive feelings, he/she will be aware something is wrong or is about to happen and wisely pays attention.

Nibiru and the comet will pass through the Solar System on their normal precession in space – there will be slight magnetic disruptions here and there over Planet Earth, but certainly nothing as dangerous or life-threatening as the disruption of society on your world today. It is fine to have a lot of interest in these movements in space, but do not let anyone toss fear at you like a wet wash cloth to give you an unwelcome failure of your sense of well-being. Be aware, but beware of unintentional and well-meaning predictions that go nowhere as time passes them by. You have your own built-in warning system. Listen to it.
Ruth Ryden
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