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1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Master Kuthumi: Discussion Concerning Guides
3.)  The Collective speaks: Hall of Mirrors
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  The Way to the Soul
6.)  The Queen of God's Heart

Isis' Message of the Day -
The action of dreaming is soul travel in the realm of consciousness.  There are many who travel together in these dreams whereby they commute from place to place with one another.  When you dream your soul travels outward from the body to that which is called the inner plane. When entering into the inner planes you enter one of the spiritual levels within consciousness. Within consciousness there are many sub-planes and many different divisions of each of these planes, and within these are many rooms or areas.  As it has been said; "In my Father's house are many mansions." The Father's house is consciousness.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. What a lovely day. This is such a simple statement. Look at the word lovely. Do you see the word imbedded in it? Love. What a day to love. How does one love a day unconditionally? Today the sun is out, so it is easy. A week from now it could be raining. A rainy day could be easy to love since the plants are dying of thirst. Rain will bring out their aliveness. Can it bring it out in you also? Have you walked in the rain? There is a vitality that happens when rain meets the skin. Your scientists talk about the extra oxygen that is in the air from rain and lightning. If you were to do an experiment with watering plants with only rainwater and another set of plants from another source only, you would find the plants do better with the rainwater. Taking this analogy further, what if rain soaking into your skin provides you with a vitality that is an ingredient for health. Wouldn’t you then get excited about it being a rainy day? Would then a rainy day be lovely?
Let us now look at a sunny day. A plant cannot survive without the sunlight. People get depressed if they have not been exposed to sunlight in awhile. So, there is a vitality that is gleamed from the sun. We are not saying to be out in the sun until one gets sunburned. It is better to get more consistent sunlight over a period of time than to take one day and be in it too long. Begin taking advantage of the benefits one can get from getting out into the day. We have talked about getting out in nature more. It is not just for the beauty, it is for the benefits one receives to the body and soul. Now go get out into the day and bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *  www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   *    

Master Kuthumi: Discussion Concerning Guides
Channelled through Natalie Glasson
The love of your guides can be present and powerfully supportive in your life or it can be absent from your conscious awareness, this doesn't mean that you are not loved completely and absolutely by your guides. Whether you believe you have guides or not and connect with them daily or never, your guides are present and by your side always. They never leave you and are always observant of your life, experiences and existence on the Earth. Their mission and devotion is to love you always and to steer you as much as they are able to through your spiritual journey on the Earth. There are many light workers who do not believe in guides or their significance on their spiritual paths, their belief is that there is only one energy to connect with and this is the light of the Creator, all other energies or souls on the inner planes are simply distractions from the truth. There is some truth in this belief. As a light worker on the Earth it is your purpose and need to connect with the light of the Creator, to embody and work with the vibration of the Creator in your physical reality. In truth there is nothing that is more important than this, to feel the light of the Creator around you and within you brings great comfort but with practice it allows you to exist as your truth on the Earth.
When we speak of guides we are not speaking of distractions but of gathering different aspects and qualities of the Creator around you. Your guides have a consciousness that is purer than your current consciousness; their energy is currently higher, quicker and finer. Your guides are able to see through boundaries and limitations that baffle you in your life to perceive the larger picture of your experiences on the Earth. They are friends who are there to support and guide you whenever you need assistance, to energise and enhance your abilities and manifestations. They are friends who are always positive, loving and generous with their energies and wisdom, whatever you do or say your guides will never turn their backs on you and will never leave you alone. As light workers on the Earth seeking ascension, a oneness with the Creator and a manifestation of the truth, love and sacred abilities of your soul, your path can at times feel lonely and difficult as you strive to achieve something that at some times can feel impossible to your physical mind. Your guides are there to make your journey easier to assist and enhance your alignment with the Creator and to love you unconditionally. When we are growing spiritually, discovering our inner energies and dissolving the darkness within us, to be loved unconditionally and to feel love around you is essential as it allows you to remain focused upon your goals. When you become aware of the love that surrounds you then this becomes extremely powerful in your reality and spiritual development as it allows you to feel the network or platform of support that surrounds you and is cheering you on to achieve your goals.
Your guides are energies that you can speak with in your mind or out loud, who you can share your deepest feelings with, most importantly you can ask of them anything and they will assist you in the most appropriate way as long as it abides by the will of the Creator and aids your spiritual development.
When we think of our guides we must realise that they are manifestations of the Creator, they are connections and bridges to the Creator's light. The most important realisation to hold is that you are linked as one with the Creator and therefore your guides. There are no separations or differences between you and your guides and this is the same between you and the Creator. You are the Creator as are your guides. To link with and embody the energy of your guides not only supports and advises you tremendously in your reality but permits you to accept a new higher vibration of the Creator's soul. It is important to dissolve the thought that your guides distract you from the Creator and to accept that your guides bind you on a deeper level with the Creator. Whether you work with your guides or not they will be there for you so it may be appropriate to begin to build a bond with your guides, being aware of any subtle changes this brings to your reality and experiences on the Earth. When you work with your guides you are bringing the energy of the Creator onto and into your path with greater intensity.
I, Master Kuthumi, act as a guide to many on the Earth; it is a delight and a privilege to openly and completely love so many souls with their acceptance of my presence and the Creator soul I wish to share with them. I wish to offer you a simple technique to improve the presence of your guides within your reality and to anchor greater Creator light, consciousness and awareness into your being to support the growth of your soul. This technique can be completed each day and by any person whether they work extensively with their guides or wish to begin.
I ask that you sit peacefully and focus on your breathing, allowing yourself to accept a deep meditative state of existence and mind, indulging in a deeper silence and stillness with every new moment.
First ask that your personal guides draw their energies closer to your being with the intention of protecting you completely in love and making you aware of their pure and devoted presence.
Be aware of your body, feelings and any sensations that occur.
Take a few deep breaths and release, as you exhale, any fears or blockages that you may be holding concerning connecting with your guides. It is important to practice this even if you are accustomed to connecting with your guides as it may enhance your connection.
Ask your guides to pour a crystal clear white energy into your entire being through your crown chakra at the top of your head. Feel the energy particularly flowing into your mind clearing all thoughts and allowing your mind to rest in peace with a simple practice of observing your experiences.
Ask that your soul aligns itself completely with the light and soul of the Creator. Ask your guides to increase this alignment by ensuring that every aspect of your being is linked with the soul of the Creator and that the Creator's light flows with ease, power and precision into your entire being. Hold within your mind the ability of observing the whole process.
When you are ready ask that your guides to merge their energies of the most appropriate vibration and qualities with you. This may result in a feeling of energy or light flowing into your being. Their energies are merging with your energies as your energies are integrating with theirs. This is a process where all are equal beacons of light sharing their energy to become and experience a greater oneness with the Creator. You may be aware of colours, visions, words or feels, simply observe these. Allow this process of integration to complete and then sit in the energies for a while to allow the light to settle and anchor within you.
The purpose of this practice is to aid your connection with your guides, to dissolve any barriers, to boost your light quotient and to allow you to learn to communicate with your guides, releasing their presence around you.
When you are sitting embodying the complete energy of your community of guides you can then begin to ask for their help in your reality and spiritual growth, speaking to them from your heart, holding faith that they will assist, support and aid you. When you ask them for their help and guidance they are always listening, but with a strong and powerful integration with their energy your requests will hold greater power and their ability to assist you will be greater also. Then simply be aware of any changes or experiences in your reality and hold faith that you are loved completely by your guides and the Creator. This practice will allow you to voice your feelings and desires as well as helping you to have more confidence in yourself and connections.
Remember that in order to receive you must first ask, in order to ask you must understand your desire, when the desire comes from the truth within you then you will always be granted the abundance of the Creator. You must then be open to receiving. Your guides will teach you that the energy of the Creator is all around and within you and that you are one with everything. Separation is an illusion; integration is the process of accepting your true existence as the Creator. Allow yourself to accept this process of integration viewing it as a stepping stone closer to the Creator's light emerging from within you.
With sacred bliss,
I am Master Kuthumi
May you walk in the love and light always,

Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website www.wisdomofthelight.com  she shares the channelled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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The Collective speaks: Hall of Mirrors
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Welcome into every place and every thought, and every energy that you stand at this very moment in time; for you are an intersection of all that you have ever been and all that you ever choose to be.  Within the walls of your heart  -- you entertain the past, you entertain the now, and you entertain the future.  Within the walls of your heart resides all hope and wants for the future. Within the walls of your heart you hold all levels of the universe that have not come into physical manifestation, they still hold the embryo of possible creation. 
You each stand at the gates of yourself, holding your breath, waiting for all of life to show you in which direction you are to walk, in which direction you are to love, in which direction you are to look.  You all stand at these gates waiting for a signal from something of heaven, from something of earth, from something of life.  Yet you still see not that all of the signs, the signals, the energies – reside within the compounds and confines of your own being. 
You stand on the apex of who you knew yourself once to be and you are asked to leap to the next mountain top, to leap into a place of consciousness and understanding that you have not landed upon in eons.  You are asked to go beyond your abilities to manifest, to go beyond your abilities to create, to go beyond your abilities to love.  You are asked to surpass all that you have known yourself to be, to finally land within the sphere of knowledge that awaits you. 
There are many levels of your light that you are about to embrace, as there are many new levels of your humanness that you have been afraid to embrace.  Announce to yourself the receiving of all levels of love – whether it is love that has pained you in the past, love that is unrequited in the now, love that turns its head and walks away from you.  Announce love to yourself, for the next level of your ascension and awakening can only be accessed through the human heart, through the love that you know as a human being.  Look in your life – look at your past, your parents, your spouse, your children – and see how much you have loved them and how much you still have not embraced them fully. 
In order for you to rise to this next level of ascension, of light, and enlightenment – you must do it through the loves of your past. Not the loves of your future – but the loves that seem somewhat tainted and shadowed from times gone by.   The Energies between now and the end of the year will escort you in this clearly defined thought process.  You will be asked to go back – to walk back into your remembrance.  To shuffle through and to pick through the remnants of the past to find the shininess of love that once was, to find the goodness within those that you did not like, did not love, and would rather not have been involved with.  It is through this doorway of past loves that you will then walk into the newest of love that you will wear as a golden garment of light. 
For all of you that sit within this sphere will walk into a higher love, but you must take several steps backward and you must pick up what you have dropped by the wayside so knowingly and so easily.  Caress it, shine it up, and place it in your heart.  For in the time of the eclipses, there will be a total eclipse of your human heart as you remember how you have gotten to this place of thinking that you now reside.  There will be a time that you walk into your human heart and you will want to stay there in all aloneness.  You will want to back away from those who reach their hands out as a she crab upon a sandy beach. You will go deep within the shell of self and  lick the wounds of the past, of the injustices, of the hurts.  Like all species of animal on earth – the salvia that you lick your wounds with – will be healing for you. It will be your own love and your own nurturing that you give to what your heart and soul so desire.
You have side-stepped– what your heart yearns to be.  You have side-stepped– where your heart yearns to be.  You have side-stepped your future and you have lain comfortable in the quagmire of what appears to be.  It is this frequency of side-stepping that you must now walk straight into. In walking straight ahead – you will meet all levels of you. You will experience reflection after reflection after reflection as you go into the 'Hall of Mirrors' of who you have always been, who you are intending to be, and who the universe has scribed for you to become. 
In this journey of the heart, you will be hesitant in moving forward.  Most people of earth are afraid of love.  They are afraid of the very thing that will set them free from the bounds and limitations of their earthly domain.  They do not realize that love is the 'ladder of ascension' – it is Jacob’s ladder, it is a ladder of Light, it is a stairway to heaven.  In order to access this ladder of ascension you must always through your own heart and not through the heart of another.  The heart of another will only lead you back to your own heart.  No other heart will fulfill you as you need fulfilled.  They can nurture you, they can polish you, they can buff you, and they can love you – but first you must receive what you have been given.  You all stand on the seashores of the past and you look out to sea to see what you may see.  And what do you see? -- you see all the hurts, the wounds, the injustices.  How many of the blessings have you forgotten?  How easily the darkness arises to your memory and how easily your human memory forgets the blessings, the grace, the good tidings that you have received and given to so many. 
You are on the very porch of your next level of light.  You must open the door and go in.  And in there you will see your past.  You will see everything that once  hurt.  You will see everything that brought a smile to your face.   You will see a panoramic life review as you look at it all and say -- thank you for allowing me to be who I am.  For every individual that crossed your life has contributed to the recipe of your soul, the ingredients of love that you hold.  Be open to this doorway.  Ask to receive in fullness higher levels of love.  Ask the universe to show you how to love more, to show you how to receive love, and to show you how to radiate love. 
You each hold such a large sphere of light.  Every place you enter into, you change the vibration of.  Do it with a knowingness.  Do it with love.  When you find yourself in anger – immediately shift to love.  Practice this over and over again in your day.  For everything that makes you angry, is asking for your love.  Each level of love that you walk into as a warrior will take you closer to an Ascension level of your own heart and into your higher light. 
We are the Collective.  We vibrate upon the morphogenetic grid that surrounds earth.  We are within every thought through all time and all space.  We gather around your energy fields as we gather around the earth.  All truths that you seek are within your grasp.  To access them you must 'believe with a knowing' and 'know it with believing'.  The proof will come – but only after the pudding has been served and eaten.  At this time we bow to your light, we bow to your hearts.     
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, relationships are just a way of giving you opportunity to love; to love another person, yes, as they are calling out for love, but to love yourself; to love yourself, to know your own divinity, your own wholeness, and to know that you don’t need another person to make you whole.
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The Way to the Soul
by Neal Donald Walsch
My dear friends...
We are in Phoenix this weekend offering presentations of the Conversations with God message at the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Phoenix. I'll be offering programs both Saturday and Sunday afternoon at this event, and if you live in the area there is still time for you to hop over and share time with me there.
If you'd like more information on Celebrate Your Life (many other wonderful teachers will be there), please check the info listing found at the end of this Weekly Bulletin.
Conversations with God tells us that we are three-part beings, made up of Body, Mind, and Soul. In the weeks ahead here in the Bulletin, I would like to explore together the pathway to the Soul, because I get many questions about the Soul, and how to "get there."
I'll begin by asserting that the way to the Soul is the way out of the Mind. The Soul and the Mind do not exist in the same place. They can move hand-in-hand, so to speak; they can operate co-jointly---but they do not occupy the same space. They are not one and the same, nor should they be thought of as identical. The Mind is one thing, the Soul is quite another. Both have a purpose and a function in the human experience.
The problem with Life is that we do not understand it. And that it why it has become so problematical.
Very little in Life is working the way it should be working, do you know that? I mean, it wasn't meant to be this disruptive, this disjointed, this disappointing. It was never intended to be this difficult or this injurious or this challenging.
That having been said, all of Life is challenging at the outset, for every emerging species, because all species spend all of their early developmental moments trying to figure things out, trying to "get" what's going on, trying to understand what it does not understand...the understanding of which would change everything.
We humans, however, have spent far too much time on this part of the evolutionary process. And when a species spends too much time in its earliest developmental phase, it runs the danger of never moving beyond that stage---for the principal reason that, operating from that extremely limited level of awareness, the species simply extinguishes itself by virtue of its own behaviors.
It does itself in. It extinguishes its particular Life Form. Not Life Itself, but Life in that specific form.
This is the danger facing us. We humans are an emerging species, let's make no mistake about that. Let's have no misunderstanding around this. Anyone who thinks that the Homo sapien is a highly evolved species need only look at our collective behaviors. They will be quickly disabused of that notion.
So let's be clear. We are in the earliest moments of our development, of our evolution. We are still trying to figure things out, still trying to understand what's going on here. And we are making one huge mistake as we search for answers: we are using our Mind as our principle investigative tool.
This is a huge mistake because the answers we seek will not be, and can never be, found in our Mind. What is tantalizing is that we can almost get there. We can almost understand. But we cannot fully perceive what we need to perceive in order to move the evolutionary process forward at anything other than the slowest pace.
And so we find ourselves at a virtual standstill. We have not made any major evolutionary advance now for several thousand years.
We still think we are separate from each other and from everything else.
We still think there is "not enough", and that we have to struggle with each other in order to get "enough."
We still think we have to kill each other if we can't get "enough" by struggling with each other.
We still think, even after we get "enough," that we don't have "enough."
These are the thoughts of a beginning species, of a very primitive race. And these are the very thoughts that drive the engine of humanity's present experience---of our economics, of our politics, of our social systems of every kind, and yes, even of our religions.
These are the thoughts that we tell our offspring in the stories that we call "education." And the problem is that these are just that..."thoughts."
So long as we stick with our "thoughts" and call them "truth," we will remain a primitive species. So long as we insist on using our Mind as the chief tool of our investigations, we will be lost in the labyrinth, unable to find our way out of our own constructions. We will remain in a prison of our own devise.
What we need now is what philosopher/author Alan Sasha Lithman calls "a mutation of consciousness." And we'll talk more about that, and how we can achieve it, next week in this space.

Love and Hugs,
Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. * (http://www.cwg.org) * 
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HEAVEN #3637
The Queen of God's Heart
November 9, 2010
God said:
I hear you. I know what’s going on with you. I know the turmoil you tend to find yourself in. I also know you don’t have to have suffering. You feel you do have to have it. You tend to feel that, that life is about suffering, fear of suffering beforehand, regret of suffering afterward, suffering, suffering, suffering.
You own nothing, beloveds. You don’t even own suffering. It doesn’t belong to you.
Your heart suffers, your beautiful loving heart. It suffers from its love being turned off. You turn your heart off, and you call that suffering. A constricted heart holds on to suffering. Unconstrict your heart, and you will not hold suffering to you. You will not squeeze suffering dry. You will free your beautiful heart from suffering.
In your efforts to protect your heart, you imprison it. Protect your heart from the imprisonment of your protection. In your very desire to protect your heart from suffering, you make it suffer. An unconstricted heart does not feel broken. Only a hardened heart can break. No longer harden your heart. Do not make it rigid. Free your heart from conditions you have imposed upon it. Do not propagate coldness, for, in so doing, you make your heart weep. Allow your heart to be the warm voluble heart it was meant for.
Open that heart of yours, and close it not even once more.
You know what I mean. You know what closing your heart feels like. Freeze your heart no longer. Not even once more. Let nothing affront your heart. Let your heart be the sun, and let your heart shine.
The yellow sun needs no protection, nor does your heart, the Queen of My Heart. Change your allegiance from suffering to love. Let your heart love anyway. No matter what, let your heart beat. Let your heartbeat be Mine. Let it be right out there. Let it be hurt then, and you will prevent hurt from accumulating as in the past of even a moment ago.
You have a thought, and you perpetuate suffering upon your heart. Your heart is not made for suffering. It is made for joy. If you can recall thoughts that cause your heart to flinch, you can recall thoughts that open your heart and let it suffer no more. A closed heart is a suffering heart. It is a heart handcuffed. Let go of the heart police. A stiff-backed heart is no heart at all. An upright heart suffers. Let your heart be free to love no matter what. You can keep your arms by your side, but not your heart. Your heart must be allowed freedom. Do not tell your heart that it has been bold or foolish. Do not tell your heart anything. Let your heart be mobile. Let your heart be itself.
Through thick and thin, let your heart be. Take cues from your heart, and not impose on your heart. Do not tell your heart that it has been victimized. Don’t tell your heart that there is danger. Encourage your heart to beat. A rigid heart gets hurt. A soft heart doesn’t get injured, except as you say it does. A softened heart rolls with the punches. Put your fists down, beloveds. What you fight is your heart’s love.
Someone doesn’t love you any longer? What does that have to do with the state of your heart except as you say it does? Give the hearts of those who no longer love you -- or never did -- their freedom. Do not enclose hearts. Let your heart be free, and let all hearts be free. Another’s heart will roam, or another’s heart will stay. In any case, let your heart be happy. Choose not suffering. You have My love without cease. Have a heart for your heart and do not hamper it because of this or that.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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