Destiny & Desire

How Does A Desire Arise?
1. A desire arises with the memory of a pleasant experience and past impressions.
2. A desire might arise through listening.
3. A desire can be triggered through the association of certain people and a place.
4. Someone else's need or desire may manifest in you as your own desire, e.g. when someone is hungry, you get a desire to feed them or someone wants to talk to you and you get a desire to talk to them.
5. The destiny or a happening in which you have a part to play may trigger a desire of which you have no idea. For example, a gentleman in Quebec, Canada kept making roads and working on a farm for 30 years, not knowing for what -- for it was destined to become our Canadian Ashram.
- Sri Sri
Desire For Truth
Buddha said that desire is the cause of all misery. If your desire does
not get fulfilled, it leads to frustration and causes misery. Even if it
does get fulfilled, it leaves you empty.
Vashishhtha said that desire is the cause of pleasure. You get pleasure
from an object or a person only when you desire them. When you do not
desire an object, you do not get pleasure from it. For example, when a
person is hot and thirsty, a sip of cold water gives him pleasure; but not
if he is not thirsty. Whatever gives you pleasure binds you and bondage is
Sri Sri says when you desire for truth, all other desires drop off. You
always desire for something that is not there. But, truth is always there!
Desire for truth removes all other desires and it itself dissolves. And
what remains is bliss.