Depression & Despair

Energetic Influences on Depression and Despair
by Julie Redstone
March 2012
Many who have led relatively stable and comfortable lives are today being cast headlong into what is often called a “dark night of the soul,” but which is, in reality, the upsurge of internal energies of negation that are seeking release...
It is a time of great upheaval and change, both inner and outer.  On the outer level the existing structure of societies is being called into question where these are not based on democratic values and on the freedom of the individual.  On an inner level, those aspects of emotional life that have kept one separated from knowledge of one’s inner Divine core are being brought to the light of day.  At the same time, these are often being influenced and amplified by external energies that seek to maintain the state of separation. In the presence of hopelessness, in the presence of despair, it becomes even more important, then, to view these increasing or intensifying feelings to be not part of the self, but to be part of the energetic legacy that has lain dormant within the self that now must be released.  This releasing process is taking place as the emotions become conscious.
Many who have led relatively stable and comfortable lives are today being cast headlong into what is often called a “dark night of the soul,” but which is, in reality, the upsurge of internal energies of negation that are seeking release, combined with the effect of other energies that are amplifying what has lived within the self.  This becomes a desperately painful situation for those who do not know what is happening and who do not see a way out of or even through the emotional situation that is developing. The definition of the situation in terms of its spiritual import is key.  For the world and each embodied being is being affected by the greater light present on the Earth which is purifying all souls, their emotions, their minds, their bodies.  It is bringing into consciousness what could not have been permitted before, in order to release it forever.
This energetic picture of the emotions of despair, depression, and hopelessness in particular, must be combined with an understanding of how to remain aligned with the forces of light which are at the core of each being, no matter how depressed the outer self may feel.  No matter how depressed, anxious, or hopeless the outer self may feel, light is always present at the core, for this light is of the soul and the soul holds it eternally as part of its own Divine identity.
Attunement to the light within can be difficult when energies of darkness enshroud the mind and emotions, and may be greatly aided by the spiritual Practice of Alignment, by words of truth that resonate within the deeper self and encourage the innate light-force that lives within to come forth.  It is also aided by an understanding that the experience of awakening for many souls that have carried light within themselves and who desire to serve God may itself call forth the deeper and more accelerated purification of negative emotions so that the service to God and light may take place in its fullness.
Forces of light are everywhere on the planet today and live within each embodied being within their deepest heart and soul.  Forces of darkness are also present whose aim is to constrict and contract the movement toward expansion and to maintain the status quo.  Many would prefer a different explanation to account for the upheavals that are taking place so prominently in life, yet the Earth herself is in the state of new birth – a birth that will take her into a new level of being as a planet of light.  As a result, all who inhabit the planet at this time, whether spiritually conscious or not, are part of this transition.
Support from the Realms of Light is present to all who seek it, as is support from the inner Divine Presence.  Seeking such support in the presence of the covering of darkness may be difficult, yet is essential. Knowing that what one carries as depression, despair, fear, or hopelessness is not the deepest truth is also of great importance.
Regular prayer for the highest light of God to be with oneself at this time will enable an active current of energy to enter the emotional and energetic picture.  This prayer will help greatly to further the process of purification and to shift the balance of energies so that greater light can be felt.
It is a time of great change and great upheaval, but within every embodied being is a source of light and of strength that is equal to the challenges of this time.  May all beings be blessed by this knowledge.  May all be held within the greater light of God which lives everywhere, both within and without.  May all prayers be for the highest light to manifest on the Earth for the benefit of all beings. *

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