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David Icke - You Don`t Want to Know about this - Shut Up!!

By David Icke

Oct 27, 2010 - 2:51:19 AM


We have a system called money: Which is based on money that has never, does not and will never EXIST... We have become so divorced from the world that we live in that most people never ask the simple question: WHAT IS MONEY? Because the same people that have controlled the politicians and the governments, control the banks; legislation's been passed that allows banks to lend at least ten times, and my god it's at least ten times, what they have on deposit... What a bank can create out of nothing and charge interest on to the population ... from a hundred dollars or whatever the figure is, is fantastic. and we don't ask questions. I've talked to economists ...  what is money: they can't tell ya. They've never thought about it. It's just there... [money] is the DNA of this society which holds this society, in so many ways, on a physical level, in servitude. Money created out of nothing, called DEBT, credit; which we then spend the rest of our lives paying back. But don't look at that. Don't let em know that.

Silent weapons for a quiet war:

Keep people in fear. Keep people in states of stress. Keep them in a state of surviving. Because while they are doing that they will be in a state of focus on survival rather than looking at the big picture of what's going on...We do it to protect ourselves.

Thanks to Jay4louise for this 15 minute video clip: