Dark Night Of The Soul


The Dark Night of the Soul
by Jennifer Hoffman
Every hero's tale includes a dark night of the soul, a time of trials and challenges whose purpose is to allow the hero to know whether they can succeed and overcome the obstacle, or be destroyed by it. These challenges will bring the hero to the brink of death and reveal all of her doubts, fears and weaknesses. Does she have the courage to succeed and overcome, not as a victim to then spend the rest of her life bemoaning her fate but as a hero who has been empowered by this journey? 
Our lives are often a journey through the darkness and we have many dark nights of the soul. Whether we are betrayed by someone we thought loved us, mistreated by someone we thought would be more respectful, abandoned by someone we wanted to accept us, our life path can challenge us in ways that push us into the dark abyss of hopelessness, despair and sadness. Why are others treating us this way and what happened to the peace, love and abundance that we should be enjoying? Where is the light that is supposed to be supporting us? 
When we look at our life from the perspective of the hero's journey our dark nights of the soul take on new meaning. The story is not about what has happened to us but what we do in spite of the challenges. Too often we stop at the story and become its victim, the collateral damage of our trials and forget that there is a lesson in this story, one whose purpose is to help us connect with our inner hero. And we find ourselves when we realize that the darkness is a tool for the light. 
It doesn't matter what happens on the hero's journey because we do eventually succeed. Whether we learn that this time the challenge was too much for us, in which case we will have another one at a later time, or we do overcome it, the journey is about us. The purpose of our dark night of the soul is for us to learn that we are powerful, deserving, lovable and loved, and that we have everything within us, all of the time, to succeed and to become the hero of our story.
Article Copyright 2010 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel.  Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of www.urielheals.com, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel.  Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email healing@urielheals.com for information.   * Enlightening Life  www.enlighteninglife.com  *  email: Support@enlighteninglife.com *