Daily Life In A New Reality

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Every Thought is Priceless
3.)  The Essence of You
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Daily Life in the New Multidimensional Reality
6.)  The Weather of Life

Isis' Message of the Day -
Love can build a bridge between God's world and ours.
Don't you think it's time?
Because when we stand together it is our finest hour
to create anything if we keep believing in the power
of the bridge between God's world and ours."
~ from the Song "Love Can build a Bridge" ~
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Blessings to all. Many of you are stressed. You are running around. You nerves are strung tight. Your muscles are tight. Your breathing is shallow. When you take the moment out of time to relax, breathe in God and Breathe out God, you slowly let go of all the "hassles" of the day. As you fill yourself up with the light from Source you do not feel so weighted down. Connecting to the Divinity within is a simple blessing you can give to yourself. Taking to the time to connect with all of your focus instead of your mind being on the laundry, will refresh you. Know that there is much for you here. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *  www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   * 

Every Thought is Priceless
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Time has shifted in accordance with new laws that have not even been enforced as of yet. In average human 24 hour day there is 86,400 seconds.  The speed of thought is faster than a nanosecond.  So in an average day see yourself having approximately 86,400 thoughts at the speed of the light.  If you were given a penny for every thought on an average day, you would accrue $864 per day.  Multiply that by seven days and you will accrue, per penny, per thought, $6048 per week.  Multiply that by 4 weeks and in a month you will have accrued $24,192 just by having a penny for your thoughts.  Now expand that and multiply it by twelve months.  In one year, just by a penny per thought, you will accrue $290,304 just by believing you will receive a penny per thought.  
Within this thought is a vast abyss of possibility. As we all truly know time has sped up as we move closer to Galactic center in our milky way it is a necessity to spend your time and thoughts wisely. To increase the value of time as it loses more and more of itself every day. Humanity equates time with money and so shall we. Is $290,304 enough for you to live on in one year’s linear time?  Does that seem like a lot or not enough? Every thought forms itself into what you believe – it is a living pulsing frequency that obeys your perception and creation of what should be.  Hold this powerful thought that has just been birthed and receive it in the fullness of time. 
Receive it into a place of deserving that surmounts any other limited thought of poverty creation.  Each day you have a choice to create in a positive pole or a negative pole.  Each thought moves to the South or the North of your thinking to abundance, to lack, to having enough to having not enough. Your day your abundance follows your lead into the land of plenty or the valley of not enough. Earth is like a big day care center you can play with all the toys but you cannot take them home. Allow yourself to receive financial blessings, allow your self to receive unexpected miracles of money.  Allow yourself to spend the abundance of the Universe with pleasure and with wisdom because that is your divine right and destiny. You and all life on earth were birthed from the stars. You are chemically and biologically part of all things.
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The Essence of You
by Christina Lunden
September 2010
If we took away the outer layers of your persona, what would be left?  Stripping away the mom/dad in your responsibilities and behavior and the oldest/middle/youngest child feelings of growing up, who are you?  What is left after removing extroverted/introverted, strong/weak and healthy/sick and physical age from your life? Who would you be if you were no longer employed, have a place to call home or have money in the bank? 
That part of you that has nothing of this Earth experience is called your Soul; your essence; the real you.
Who are you?  Are you determining your worth based on what you have and what you represent here on Earth? The things in this life are temporary.  We use them to learn our Soul lessons while we are here.  The Angels say that most of us are learning lessons in this lifetime about loving ourselves.  Not the egotistical, "I love the way I look today love." But the real love of, "No matter what I do, what I achieve, how I look, I AM love and loved completely today. There is nothing I can do to weaken or strengthen that love because it is constant and ever flowing and here for me now."
You are the essence of love. It has always been there but hidden from us by ego. Ego has served its purpose in our lives and it is time to put the ego to bed. It is time for us to take our power and accept what our Souls knew before we were born into this life; that we are perfect, whole and complete. Once we start believing that, we will see the results of that love in our lives.
Speak love into being for your body, your personality, your money, your work, etc. Speak the love that you are worthy today of accepting and sharing.  You deserve all that love to flow into your conscious experience right now. It is there just waiting for you.
I believe you are only love. Are you ready to believe?
I love,
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Walking the Higher Path
by Christina Lunden
It seems like I am hearing every day about someone going through a blown up family situation.  The energy we are carefully walking through is volatile for those walking closer to the Earthplane.  So the Angels wanted to give you the heads up, if you haven't experienced this yet in your family and if you have, give you some suggestions on how to avoid having the volcano of energy spewing directly at you. 
What is important to remember is that if you are living a consciously spiritual life, then these family situations that are getting blown up at this time are not your stuff.  Not yours, unless you agree to bring it into your experience.  There is a choice here.  You can either stand on the sidelines and watch and listen to what is going on or you can be one of the players.  I am choosing to watch.  I've been in the family situations before and it can get ugly!  So it's wonderful to know we now have a choice on whether we want to participate or not. 
If you want to be on the sidelines, this means you mostly listen and don't voice an opinion.  Sometimes this can be hard.  Understanding that all is in divine order and that each Soul always knows what is going on and directing things, makes it easier.  The conscious part of the Soul can make things harder than they have to be but the Soul ultimately keeps the person on the path.  Breathing deep, reminding yourself to listen and telling yourself not to judge the person are things that will help you stay on the sidelines.
If you are involved already and want to get out of the middle of a family mess, the highest and best thing to do is "forgive."  Forgive everyone and everything about the situation.  Ultimately, does it matter to your Soul's path what the outcome of the situation is? If it is about money, isn't easier to release the money and pray to be blessed from another source? Is it worth the heartache and frustration and the constant need for balancing your energy to stay involved in whatever is going on?  If not, then forgive and let go.  Let everyone live their own lives and walk their own path, which will make it easier for you to stay on your higher, blessed path.
None of us are in a position to know everything about a Soul's conscious path and what it needs to learn while on Earth.  It is important for us to remember that we delve into ego when we think we do know best.  A lot of us have already conquered ego and this is a reminder not to go down that slippery slope while family members are hooking into this chaotic energy.  Your loved ones may still have something they need to learn before they move on to accepting the Ascension energy.  The quicker they go through it, the faster they can move into the higher energy.  The hope is that you won't let their situations stop you from walking the higher path.
I am walking beside you on the higher path,
Copyright  2010 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator, Inc. All rights reserved. 
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Lo, I am with you always. “Lo, I am with me,” as you will say to yourself, “always.” You cannot escape who you are. For eons of time you have tried, and the divinity of you has allowed you to play in realities that have said that you are less than what you truly are. But you are growing tired of those realities, and the brothers and sisters are growing tired of that reality as well. They are waiting for ones such as you who will say, “I am joy, freedom, happiness. I am the Christ. Lo, I am with me always. This is the day that I have made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.”
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Daily Life in the New Multidimensional Reality
by Julie Redstone
Dearest Friends,

As the physical planes of Earth are becoming more joined with spiritual reality, you are likely noticing these changes, especially in the past few months. One of the most noticeable changes physically for many is that transformational or light body symptoms that manifest, appear more quickly, and also may stay longer, and be less affected by conventional medical treatments.
This is especially true of skin conditions, many of which can mirror common chronic skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea or hives. Conventional treatments may not relieve the symptoms, which are caused by a movement of light within the body that opens energy channels and may release energies that cause symptoms.
Another change many are experiencing is that of a more multi-dimensional framework for the physical body, and also for daily life. What would seem to be a simple process for example, such as finding a treatment for a body symptom, becomes more complicated. A treatment that worked yesterday may not work today, and your body may react differently on any given day to treatments that may require days or weeks of consistent application.
Also, the presence of higher dimensions of light can affect caregivers and health practitioners that you may see for help with body symptoms, which in some cases can open their intuition and create more possibility for assisting you, but in other situations may catalyze their own purification process or otherwise cause a clouding of judgment that limits their ability to help.
The way to manage this constantly changing, multidimensional reality that is emerging is to center yourself in the present moment, and to release attachment to specific outcomes or plans. This may seem impractical, however in the realm of healing is necessary right now in the shifting sands of the large scale vibrational transformation process that is affecting everyone.
The new levels of light you are carrying in your own body are also having a greater impact on the people around you, and also your environments. Being present to what is happening in the moment, and to what your body, mind and heart are experiencing, can help you to maintain love and light, and to manage the complex situations that can arise in daily life.
Beloved ones, your own consciousness is also changing, and for some this is a more noticeable experience that can create disorientation or even fear. As you are freed from the bonds of an older identity, there may be a lag time before you find yourself securely grounded in the new.
At this time, emotions are also more multimensional, sometimes emerging from the human embodied self and personality, and sometimes emerging from the very depths of the soul as it makes contact in a new way with the embodied self. Memories, thoughts and feelings may emerge that are not from this lifetime, which can create confusion especially in relationships.
New revelations are possible now, making possible a greater depth of love, light and healing, and also creating more safety to face within ones self those emotions or energies that were previously unbearable. More is possible now to allow you to pass through the fires of purification with trust and the intention to be free. Negative energies can clear more quickly now, because there is greater light in the energy body of the Earth to assist with the spiritual process of healing.
At this time dearest Ones, remember your divine true Self which is light and which resonates with light, no matter what intensity or challenge may be present in your daily life. New supports are now available as the light is stronger and so you may find that situations that previously were not able to be supportive can now flourish with new life and vigor as the renewal and healing of planet Earth progresses.
With all love and blessings, may God's light continue to bless you each day.
New Light Body  *  P.O. Box 8741  *  Bend, Oregon 97708  *  USA  *  (541) 388-4692  * 

HEAVEN #3592
The Weather of Life
September 25, 2010
God said:
Sophistication is for naught. Seek simplicity rather than sophistication. Simplicity is streamlined. Sophistication is a maneuver. Or let’s say it this way: True sophistication is simplicity. True sophistication does not look at itself. It does not label itself. It does not adorn itself.
Simplicity is the shortest distance between two points. Simplicity isn’t clever. It isn’t fancy. It is simple straightforward simplicity. It is uncomplicated.
Sophistication is being wise in the ways of the world. Sophistication is a sleek hairdo and a tux or a gown. Sophistication calls attention to itself. Simplicity slips through unnoticed. And yet it is from simplicity that joy comes. The cleverness of sophistication doesn’t quite do it. Cleverness is fingernail enamel. Cleverness poses and takes its own picture. Sophistication plays jokes on itself.
Living life is living life. It is being awake to this moment and not the consensus of it. Living life is not thoughts about living life. It is not production. Living life is a simple greeting.
We come back again to innocence. Innocence is like a natural ice skater who glides and has so much fun. Sophistication, on the other hand, has moves in mind and performs them elegantly, perhaps a little stylized.
Innocence is spontaneous whereas sophistication is canned. Innocence is truly your best shot.
Life isn’t always slow but steady. Life is not a measured step. It may be fast. It may be tripping the light fantastic. It may be a twirl or a whirlwind, or it may be an afternoon nap. Cannot life be what it is and you go along for the ride? Life is not for you to speed up nor slow down. Can you not be as you are?
Life is not a planned activity. Life is what it is when it is. Life doesn’t have to be one way or another. It has to be what it is. Is life better with long stretches than with short? Is the fast lane better than the country lane? Cannot life, like the weather, be welcomed as it is? You are not the sayer or naysayer of the weather nor of life. It is not for you to say: “Rain, rain, go away and come back another day.”
Life is to be embraced now, not later. You can look forward to life, and, yet, you can’t quite embrace it ahead of time. Life can be embraced only in its own time.
If the weather is too cold for your liking, put on a sweater. And if it is too hot, take off your sweater. And if it is still too hot, then be hot until the weather cools of its own accord. Let life have its day.
Life is about more than your creature comforts. Life is much more than about you and your preferences. When life does not please you, change your interpretation of it.
And if there is no snow and you cannot ski, then engage in another sport.
On occasion, I have heard you say that a day is ruined. Your expectation wasn’t met. Then meet your day half-way. Don’t kick the stones in your path. Whichever path you take, whatever the debris in your way, whatever the pitfalls, make your walk merry. This is life We are talking about. This is your life. Whatever its twists and turns, it is yours to make the most of. It is not yours to complain about. Would you like life to complain about you all the time?
If your suit of life is not always pressed, why, then, enjoy the wrinkles. You can love a pug dog as easily as you can love a poodle. It is not the surface of life that qualifies it.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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